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ANTHONY EVANS lyrics - Letting Go

Good Enough

Original and similar lyrics
Hold on you got the wrong guy And I'm wondering why you don't seem to see The job at hand needs a better man But for some crazy reason you're calling me Overwhelmed and underprepared It's written on my face I'm scared But I then I hear you call out to me. [Chorus:] You don't have to be Good enough This love is for free And it's more than enough I will be your strength In all you say In all you do My love will make you good enough. You don't have to be capable Just be available to follow where I lead Whatever, whenever, wherever Oh, you'll never believe all the things you can do through me So when the big world makes you feel small Hold your head up high and walk tall 'cause this is where the good news begins. [Chorus] Blessed are the poor They will inherit the earth And the weak, in him you'll find your true worth He says come all you weary Come get closer to me You don't have to be good enough. [Chorus]

If You Choose

JONATHAN THULIN "The Anatomy Of A Heartflow"
It's the point of no return, You made your choice and now it burns, We see the future up ahead, Where does it end, where does it end? It's a momentary lapse, Just a glimpse into your past, You try to right your every wrong, Where does that lead, where does it lead? Does it hurt to say your wrong? To be weak instead of strong? If you just don't have enough, Well then, receive and let go. There is love enough for you, Just hold on. You can make it if you choose, If you choose. You've been giving up your chance, Sitting down when you should dance. Every door is open wide, But you won't go through, You won't go through. If you want to live, then run, Through the battle t'wards the sun. Every colour will arise, And you'll call it home, You'll call it home. You can rise out of this mess, Come alive with nothing left, You can fall out of the nest, Just let the wind do the rest, And let go... There is love enough for you, Just hold on. You can make it if you choose, If you choose. There's a table, That has been prepared for you, If you only open up your heart, You will find love. You will find love, And let go... There is love enough for you, Just hold on. You can make it if you choose, If you choose.

With Pen In Hand

Eddy Arnold "Country World"
(Bobby Goldsboro) With pen in hand you signed your name Today at five I'll be on that train And you'll be free and I will be alone So alone, If you think we can't find the love we once knew If you think I can't make everything up to you Then I'll be gone and you'll be on your own You'll be on your own. Can you take good care of Johnny can you take him to school everyday Can you teach him how to catch a fish and keep all those bullys away, hear what I say Can you teach him how to whistle a tune Can you tell him about the man on the moon If you can do these things then maybe he won't miss me Maybe he won't miss me. And tonight as you lay in that big lonely bed And you look at the pillow where I laid my head With your heart on fire will you have no desire to kiss me and to hold me And if you can forget the good times we had If you don't think the good times won't outweigh the bad Then sign your name and I'll be on my way I'll be on my way. hmm hmm...

A Song Of Faith

You can't let it get you down No no no no no No no no no no No no oh no no Don't let it get you down Just when everything seems to be going alright Some unexpected misery enters your life Then you ask your self how could this be wondering why I've been there You see your whole world come crashing down All at one time Your bodies weak from all the worrying And so is you mind Your walking down that rocky road But things will get better Cause trouble won't last forever You can't let it get you down Not now You've come to far to turn around You gotta walk with your head up high Believing you can reach the sky You can't let it get you down Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all The person that you care about the most just broke your heart Just to be in the same room with them You can't stand the thought I've been there You don't know if your relationship is worth holding on How much longer can you take being treated so wrong You're confused on what to do But no matter what you do You're gonna make it through Oh, take it from me The only thing you need is a little faith The size of a mustard seed You may cry through the night but hold on Cause joy comes in the morning In the morning Joy comes in the morning Have a little faith Just a little faith And you can make it So don't you give up Don't you let nobody turn you around Don't you let nobody tuen you around Keep your head up to the sky Believe in yourself

Without You

JESSE MCCARTNEY "Beautiful Soul"
I like when you whisper softly Things only I should hear That lead me on I like the way that you smile at me And make me feel like nothin' Can go wrong Tell me this will last forever Dont you ever leave [Chorus] I dont wanna be without u dream without u walk without u talk without u baby Never take a chance without u Dance without u Nothing is the same without U baby I could never deal witout u Heal without u Begin without u End without u Baby, Im in need I can't breathe No, I don't wanna be... Without u I love when your eyes wash over me With a look only I can tell Whats on your mind I love the way that you find me Whenever I've lost my way You're just in time Baby we've got something started Say we'll never stop [Repeat Chorus] I'll lock up my heart and throw away the key if thats what it takes To keep your love with me You open the door To all thats good in me I cant deny the truth That I could never be without u [Repeat Chorus]

Secret Handshakes

ATARIS "Welcome The Night"
Marble stairs in this cathedral Built by these hands five hundred years before We will make good men better We will make good men better Draw the right hand across the neck Drop the arm down to your side. I hear the voices calling in the night. Thirty-three degrees Accepted right of hypocrisy From this bitter cup we all shall drink Here I am awake, it's 2AM; it's getting late All I know is something isn't right. We will make good men better How can you make good men better? Draw the right hand across the neck Drop the arm down to your side. I hear the shadows calling in the night. Get up, get up, get out The fire's burning now Our bodies burned to ashes They'll be scattered to the four winds of heaven. Does it ever even faze you That your father's involvement with a cult Nearly killed your first born child?

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