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Ant Banks lyrics

Streets Of Oakland

Original and similar lyrics
Lets do know fresh hoe shit... For 94 shit, bitch...That Ant Banks shit... No, you can't fade it doe...Lets do this shit, Banks! Let these hoes know... A nigga smooth hit a lick And shit i came up quick With some bumpin' ass beats And a gang of dick for the hoes Ant Banks just lay that shit And for the way I hit it You gotta pay me to quit, hoe Cause I'm all about the cashflow Sittin' back on somethin' phat I know your ass know Nigga comin' kinda tight for 94 Eyes on the prize, leavin' marks behind me, yo I'm still kickin' it, rollin' in my Benzo Fly day at mall and a boatload of endo Just tossin' in the town with the Badass! Hey, baby! What's up? Not you, bitch, with your fat ass! Bumpin' bitches with my loced out tactics Straight pimpgame is all that I practice You can find me on the strip Just actin' a fool I got love in the town cause I'm so damn cool I make the hoes wanna kick it And drop'em drawls And throw'em jaws all on my balls I run some drama on your mama Make her think I'm a square Knowin' goddamn well hat i'm a mothafuckin' player bitch! You betta do your home work Cause the nigga Ant Banks Is known for doin' dirt So any hoes wanna swing that ass: you can bring that ass and get nuts by the... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... I'm havin' so many hoes, I don't know what to do... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... So just fire up the dank and pass the brew... The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! Bitch! You can get a fat dick in your mouth... Makin' funky beats is my thang you know And my lane to fame is just a gang of dough And to kick it in the hood and hang with the hustlers Spit game to the hoes and bust after busters Bring a gat to your lap, do it just like that With the strap I pack, I lay you flat on your back So don't front on a nigga, just because I'm rappin' I put a crome to your dome You never knew what happen, nigga Uuuuh! You can't fade the Big Badass nigga cause you might get sprayed! See cause everybody knows the banksta The big dick gangsta who's fuckin' wit dank And clockin' the bank But wait I had to let the dank go Shit so damn poky I couldn't keep up with my bankroll So now I drink drank till I'm drunk Drip drag on these bitches till my dick gets suckin' With the game I spit I'm rulin', my brotha Game so damn tight, I have'em doin' each other, yo Just ask any bitch who's the badass And she'll tell you ass, nigga... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... I'm havin' so many hoes, I don't know what to do... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... So just fire up the dank and pass the brew... The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! Bitch! You can get a fat dick in your mouth... All I got is nuts for sluts who think they all that Hit me on a beep, bitch, I bet I won't call back Cause my mack is too strong and my dick is too long for your ass to shit on so little bitch get on! And don't trip, I do you like my nigga Blink Fuck you in a cog And won't stop till your shit don't stink And you'd think I'm a mothafucka, bitch? That's right, fuckin' mamas so tight And do the shit all night The Big Badass, I'ma foolin' this Nigga so damn cold, shit I think I'm the coolest, yo You know what i'm sayin'?

This Bitch By My Side

JUICY J "Blue Dream & Lean"
I got a main bitch, I got a new hoe Love my AK and I bought a 44 She so seductive when she takes them clothes off Nigga get wrong then that bitch is going off It's her birthday so I bought that bitch a bean She my inspiration so I let her sing Had a let her go 'cause she wasn't working right Had to pull my side bitch 'cause she was working right Why you mad at me she the one taking yo life Taking your money, taking your jewelry But these niggas on ice She fine she mine Ask what size she wear, she'll tell u 9 [Hook: x2] This bitch on my side all she like to do is licks This bitch on my side she a take a nigga bricks This bitch on my side, on my side err night Anybody get wrong she gon get they ass right If I pull up on my hip you know I'm bout to squeeze If you see me with my girl then you know you'd better leave Just bout the extender you can't find a better weave Better watch what you say 'cause the drama you don't need Dress her ass up and now watch make that ass clap [clap 8x] All the rapping that you're doing that shit over bro Is a rap rap rap rap rap I got goons I don't call em if I got a problem My old lady solve em spot a hater then off em Take your money like offer all this money I'm profit See a snitch then off em put that nigga in a coffin [Hook x2]


DMX "The Great Depression"
Uh, uh, uh Niggaz gettin trampled on, what's all the fuss about Suckin my dick so hard, I'm bustin in they mouth And then I snuff em out, four to the mid', fuck what I did With no regard for a bid, ripped you up, while you wit your kid Slid into the shadows, cause I'm dark like that I bark like that, jet black, but I spark like that Where ARE they at, when I get thirsty, shit Ain't a nigga strong enough to stand the worst it gets Bits, and pieces are all thats that left Niggaz so scared to death, they hold they motherfuckin breath til I pass, cause they asked/assed, and I smelled em The S-P-E-L-L-E-D T-H-E-M, I spelled em To make me have to swell one, eye up, lump up one head Catch a body with the shottie, pump up one dead Red alert, niggaz is about to get hurt, do work to skirts, like a jag on the merk, ARF Night time is the right time for creepin Vandalize your crib, rape your wife while she's sleepin I been off the deep end, since I was semen That's why now, I'm such a motherfuckin demon! SCREAMIN, my bloody head off, shit on my mind I gotsta get off Can't even hold a joint, lest I let off a couple of rounds, from the big three pound, seven That's about eleven hundred as of now How-can-one-man-kill-so-many-and the-sin-be-plenty-before-the-age-of-20 *sing-song like Nice and Smooth* Life ain't worth a penny in, my book faggot That's why I took faggot shit, I'm a crook faggot Fat loops leather jackets, I bag it, along with the jewels smackin tools out the hands of fools On the strength that they don't know what they holdin Niggaz caught me tail end cause the weight that I be sewin shit up cause I get up, off my ass and SKATE Makin more moves than U-Haul, from state to state I speak the GREAT, and if a nigga tells you different You turn around you ask the nigga, 'The FUCK is you be sniffin' Cause when it come to riffin, I am the riff raffin Gots to say nuttin, niggaz know they get had Motherfucker, Funk Flex, volume three, the final chapter Ruff Ryders, Irv Gotti, Def Jam.. Right here, where my dogs at Got them all for you baby I got them all I gots them all..

No 1 Can Compare

Amil "All Money Is Legal"
No 1 Can Compare Remember when we met like a year ago? When I was milkin' out trix like cereal Fuck a Chon Don Nectar Imperial Treat me right I'll show you wifey material Never would of thought we'd get down like this Said you never been this happy til you found this bitch At the Ritz countin' stacks like pounds was flipped In the morning go shoppin let me bounce the 6 Get a kiss on the lips when I'm around your clique Get the feeling one day you'll be crownin this You inspire me to lace all the nouns I spit Compared to you them other cats don't amount to shit Always kept it wet like Bangladesh Turned me out like mesh when you spank the flesh Got me rotten tricken 50% and bank the rest Your name chipped out on my tennis anklet Chorus: You treat me right You make me smile I know you care No one could compare You show me love You got my back You always here No one could compare Ain't no nigga like the one I got my nigga And that's from the heart my nigga Cuz you brought me from the slums to the top my nigga Show these bitches what you got done to my watch my nigga Ain't a millionaire who could take your place Got me screamin out your name when we shake and bake Who dat on the other line nigga? make em wait Everybody told me don't fuck wit you But despite all the rumors I'm in love with you Nothing's ever too little or too much for you If you ever leave I wouldn't know what to do Shit you for me open like the bank accounts Started screenin calls, stopped hangin out Everything about you got me blankin out You keep satisfied plus franklyned out Repeat chorus You think you was the first to ever make me nut Be callin you daddy like you raised me up Maybe one day we'll have a lil baby us Growin up listenin to jay-z and stuff Cuz what we are- is a perfect combo We done come too far- to let this go It ain't gotta be a star- to be in my show When my man needs me I run to it When my man calls me I jump to it Give up everything if it come to it Got a ring on my left hand with lumps through it You my best friend, confidon, other hand Up in the bubble bath, makin each other laugh I doubt,- if I could ever give anotha the ass Ya'll mad- cuz this ain't what most lovers have Repeat chorus

Two Gats Up

GP Wu "Don't Go Against the Grain"
Forty individuals Keep it on the low? Keep it on the low, aiiight Yo, yo, yo, uh, uh, uh, word up [Rubberbands] Yo with your departure let's start the execution Seems like everybody rappin's robbin and shootin Talkin real cheap I got a record deal just to get away from the streets Niggas stuck up shit's creek with no way to escape When we bombard niggas get stomped hard like wine grapes What the fuck you thought, G.P. connects when Majority of these rap cats don't even get a grin Never paid dues, actin like they vets on my set Til they get a reality check, niggas still wet Behind the ears in this rap shit Get blown off the face of the Earth by the G.P. click [Down Low Recka] Whoever wrote the book on hip hop we revised it Now adapt to the Shaolin chapter The non-fiction, number one bestseller Project award winner (Two gats up) Yeah, it's obvious you the sloppiest Got a glass forehead so you're bad when you copy this You could say we live for the winter Ain't no shorts taken, veterans, no beginners Constant winner, a born sinner Make you think your style is thinner You're too pary to carry A microphone across stage knowin that I'm on the other side Ready to conquer and divide Holdin mine comes natural Formin rhymes outta thoughts with smoke and nails A real nigga never tells Real niggas know that fake niggas gel Get bugged, don't blow, perishable MCs got blinders on Leadin themselves into the storm It's the power of God, PG, Parental Guidance G.P., unmistakably the finest [June Luva] Non-commercial, universal, hip hop assassinator Track killer, premeditated murder May the force be with you When you go up against this record sellin burglar Darth Vader Hit you up somethin terror And I make you wish you never heard of a Gladiator Secret spies tryin to steal Grain data Hit em up with the steel, get the jackulator [Pop The Brown Hornet] Ill fanatic, leave em con beat and battered They all look at R, another hip hop star Brown Hornet, I got MCs cornered like a rat I hit a homerun everytime up to bat You could read about it, talk about it, ain't no doubt about it I get amped when shows are crowded So come support me hold down the fort I score everytime I touch a hip hop court Watch me dunk on em, then hit a three on em Yo he a punk, I knock him out and then I pee on him Verbal gymnastic master tactics Niggas styles is softer than a sixty dollar mattress But I refuse to bend, I intend to explore the top ten Don't try to analyze or comprehend Accept it, G.P. connected Niggas run for the bomb but Shaolin style's intercepted it Have no fear the foundation's here Lettin party-goers know that we truly do care It's not all guns and violence, we like to fuck to try to act conservative We love when Johnny buck-buck [Rubberbands] Lyrical combat better watch your ass son I shines pretty like a double four Magnum The impact from the gat goes boom So when I'm speakin I appreciate the room My character erupt like a nigga I'm stressed, baby and I'm down on my last trigger One in the chamber, nothin's gonna change the Infrared dot to your skull meaning danger Duck, boom-pow, it's too late you're caught What, raise up and act like you want it I didn't think so nigga, you're fuckin with a major Even X-Men couldn't save ya Yup I'm a new bad boy New York stalker Crash MCs, they need therapy, then a walker Fast talker, do the knowledge I lost ya Justice prevailed, fucked around and who crossed ya [June Luva] This is not a test Hip hop is in a real state of emergency If this had been a test you would not be bearing witness to the hip hop saviors June Luva, Pop The Brown Hornet, Rubberbands and Down Low Recka We now advise you to pump this loud As we return to our regularly scheduled programmin

Don't Let The Money Make You

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
(feat. King Tee, Soopafly) [Intro: An interview with Xzibit] [I] I want to ask you, what is more important to you guys All the money that you guys are talkin' about Or the artform Or, what is more important The Lyrics Or the leather sized stuff [X] I think, what we tryin' to do is device a way that the artform and the money is like on a equal level. You know what I mean, that, that like he said, is a fine line where gotta pleas the crowd or pleas the artists that are listenin' to you. And pleas the real hip-hop underground people that, that, that is looking for that you know, that real shit. It's only a certain way that that you can go up and doin' it [Verse 1: Xzibit] Xzibit keep it on deck Live, vinyl, CD or cassette Whatever you select I keep you bouncin' like a bad cheque See I should have a trigger tattooed on my neck To represent the heat that I repeat Now you can take the highs out of the beat But never take the rucked out of the rhyme Or tribalize, look into the eyes of the emotional Your whole style is promotional A dead giveaway to me is just another business day Xzibit here to stay My life, a tribute to the A.K, you wanna play A situation only one man can walk away from The same way he came When I spit flame, it spits flames like your middlename So why do I say fuck the fame Because it come and go The industry's a pet without refused to be that gigolo I put the dope in, got fo's and tatoos Niggas make ya money But let the money make you [Hook: King T x2] We make, make money, money Take's money to survive The meanin' of life with statted chips is stay alive Cause it's all about the C-notes Gonna be fuckin' when you're rollin' this too Don't let the money make you [Verse 2: Soopafly] It's Soopafly, comin' with that gangsta shit That shit that only gangstas be gettin' gangsta with The pimps, hustlers and the players know the rank I get Never have to get no money from the bank, I get shit I Stomp down your whole compound Takin' all the shots Device from the few I'm rise Let the others drop I elevate Who drop when a dime never got me straight I'm still goin' for broke I push you to the stroke And one man loc and say high Smokin' to keep an open, mind Focus on military time provokin' The G in me, nigga () when he tried to step the Soopafly AZ you are shit Now gettin' down with the Pound Now who can shake it till it break ground Many motherfuckers are greedy There's only one thing needed like E.D.I, Amin / I mean business When it comes to the cash, I'm movin' quick (Xzibit: Any other nigga eat a dick) Fuck type shit Make ya step back Soopafly, hit like crack Life is a jet Maintainin' the top figures deliver The raw, rugged likwidation that be runnin' the river Now, whether if a nigga step up Be prepared to kick your rap up Try to die in line for you cheque, huh nigga [Hook: King T x2] [Verse 3: Xzibit] So when I die, bury me upside-down So the whole world can kiss my ass Live fast Sippin' from my bottomless glass of Hennessy, straight So I catch you () Xzibit comin' down like a saint So prepare for the judgement day Be careful what the fuck you say Rhyme these parts Amadeus and Mozart, the love for the arts and crash Paragraphs to bust niggas in half That's what I fuck with () time to get my duck sit Miss me if you try to make a buck with I mean a quick buck, only got bad luck Black cash every black trash Never relax, never get attached to anything That's not gonna hand so life I come back like Christ Pacific natural ice With Sharif makin' sure R&B, was well done Might live by the gun, but keep livin' through my livin' son [Hook: King T x4] [Outro:] [King T] We make, make, money, money, make, money, money, money [x4] We take money, take money, take money, money, money [x4] [Soopafly] Don't let this money make you

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