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ANITA BAKER lyrics - Compositions

Love You To The Letter

Original and similar lyrics
Life is always changing Constant rearranging But nothing changes with you You never do I go to different places See a million faces, but None as fine as you Baby I have the honor To love someone kind and true I thank my lucky stars For bringing me here to you Like water flows down from a hill And yellow grows on daffodils I'm gonna learn to love you better To the letter, baby Like morning dew on southern pines And honey that bees leave behind I'm gonna love you sweet to the letter You'll find no better Baby baby love me so Oh won't you love me so The look that's in your eyes Gets me my courage My strength I draw from you You know I do, babe The depth inside your soul Fills my well of fantasies I fill my cup with you Baby I have the honor To love someone kind and true I thank my lucky stars For bringing me here to you Like water flows down from a hill And yellow grows on daffodils I'm gonna learn to love you better, baby To the letter, baby Like morning dew on southern pines And honey that bees leave behind I'm gonna love you sweet to the letter You'll find no better Babe, ya love me so Oooh I know you love me Baby I got the honor To love someone kind and true Thank my lucky stars For bringing me here to you Like water flows down from a hill And yellow grows on daffodils I'm gonna learn to love you better To the letter Like morning dew on southern pines Honey that bees leave behind I'm gonna love you sweet to the letter You'll find no better Oooh, you love you me so Baby you love me so [Scatting]

Then I Got Change

[Pastor Troy talking] Down South Georgia Girls I love y'all Pastor Troy representing for them Down South Georgia Girls Y'all know what it is, D.S.G.G. [Verse 1:] Excuse me baby let me holla at ya right quick I see ya sitting by ya self, can I sit Been watching you since I jumped out the red six It's Pastor Troy little mama, I run shit I was just thinking if you got a minute for a nigga We grab a bite to eat, maybe let me kick it with ya I'ma be cool If ya wanna we can hit the pool, all at the house I know ya think this nigga is a fool I'm from the south if ya got a minute we can chill Do what ya like if ya don't baby keep it real What's up tonite I know ya like I ain't even told this boy my name But I love the way he kicking his game Then I got changed [Pastor Troy talking to woman] [Verse 2:] How many folks ya know will open up yo car do' You wanna smoke baby [inhaling smoke] its hydro I'm looking at ya cause it's cute how you inhale I think you gone fall in love with the ATL I got my hand in the middle of the console You know I wanna hold ya hand You gone tell me no If so, I'ma roll me up another beam You done smoked all my weed now you acting mean I'm coming clean Looking at her like I'm innocent So what's yo hobby how you feel about getting intimate We hit the lobby checking in to the Radisson Give me a suit now we chilling in the whirlpool Let's go to sleep we can freak on the next trip I know you drained I ain't coming on the sex tip I'm shooting game everything was to get to know ya Now if you'll excuse me I'll be rolling over And I still got changed [Pastor Troy talking to woman] [Verse 3:] I left that muthafucking ho on the top flo' I kissed on her forehead boo I got to go I'm making moves 22 fuck a real job All I think about is money I'm in a mob Hit the crib matching car with the outfit What should I do if she see me with the chrome kit The navy blue look at who got 'em turning heads And then every dime legit so who is the feds My eyes red cause I'm matched down cascade A little fine red girl said she wanna play I'm on the cell phone tripping baby where you stay This how we do it down here in the letter A And then I got changed [Pastor Troy with shoutouts to D.S.G.G.]

You And Me

LL COOL J "G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)"
(feat. Kelly Price) [LL Cool J] [Kelly Price harmonizes in background] Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, word up (Take me away, baby) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back streets for me to scoop up in the Bentley drop Long as God hold me down you know I had to stop What the deal ma You wanna use my cell You runnin solo This block foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on me He mad jealous even though he be cheatin on me Mmm, I said miss, let me tell you somethin bout who's makin major moves and who's frontin Huh, who's talkin loud but ain't sayin nuttin And those who get the one they want but keep frontin He don't appreciate the well til it run dry Love is blind, it's hard to say goodbye {goodbye} But smart birds choose to fly cause we livin in the hood girlfriend, it's do or die Here's my definition, of love everlasting I would trade all my cash in, for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions to hear happiness is mine for the askin Every day on my knees I pray that I would run into someone that make me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L Some things are meant to be baby, you never can tell {I wanna ride, with you baby} [Chorus: Kelly Price] Every night, every day I just sit and dream about you You and me.. you and me.. Hold me tight, ecstasy Makin love til ever after Baby you and me, yeah.. you and me.. [LL Cool J] Now we dippin on the FDR It's one of them lucky nights when you can peep out the stars We speak without talkin and the world is ours When I glance over at ya I can feel your power You schemin, L want a one-night stand I'm schemin, she probably in love with her man But we keep on rollin, hopin there's somethin more Dreamin about tomorrow and what life got in store Livin, no drama, we can chill, relax Sex all night in the morn' count stacks Sip Grand Marnier and maybe puff a dime sack but only in moderation, we ain't livin like that, y'know We jetted up the tavern on the green to talk about love cause the game's extreme Domestic abuse and everything in between Cause I want you to think of me when you need a shoulder to lean on I'm from Queens, I'ma rep to the fullest but I'd rather chill with you, 'stead of dodgin bullets Glock in the stash I don't really wanna pull it on some so-called thug cat, that's faker than acryllics He said your fam be ridin your nerves And you hate him for never givin you the life you deserve Remember, the one who hold a grudge is foul And everything you ever wanted is in front of you now Whassup [Chorus] [LL Cool J] I promise you, dreams do come true There's trials and tribulations that we all go through When your heart's bleedin, how could the sky seem blue But listen up shorty, this is what I wanna do Be there for you, baby care for you When my dogs stare at you never sharin you And to my ex-girlfriend, never comparin you And do the things that your ex never dared to do Time to bounce baby, I'm takin you home Look at the moonlight sparkle on the 20 inch chrome The rocks on my hand got a life of they own plus the blend tape's bumpin and it's settin the tone Should I jet to the hotel, is now the right time or should I be patient and explore your mind You said you grew up in the ghetto and it hurt your heart Tried to live smart but your dreams fell apart You dated hustlers and brought 'em customers They totally destroyed whatever trust their was Now you hate men and everything they stand for cause you wanna be treated like a queen, not a whore Close your eyes, don't be afraid to dream Open your heart to this cat from Queens Whatever you wanna do, however you wanna do it Back to back baby, we can get each other through it [Chorus 3X] [LL talks over the 3X] Knahmean Word up Yeah, yeah C'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Yeah.. I just want you to think about that, y'knahmsayin Late at night when you layin there and you feel like the whole world is fallin around you Remember these words that I said There's somebody out there for you baby Might be me, you never know, ahahah Word up, stay strong shorty Keep your eyes up to the sky, knahmsayin Don't let nobody tell you you can't make it And don't let nobody around you tell you that it ain't possible to make your dreams come true Word up, uhh Knahmean That's real Queens represent, rock on [Chorus (to fade, with Kelly Price ad libs)]

Maybe Someday

BOB DYLAN "Knocked Out Loaded"
Maybe someday you'll be satisfied When you've lost everything you'll have nothing left to hide When you're through running over things like you're walking across the tracks Maybe someday you'll beg me like a dog to take you back Maybe someday you'll find out everybody's some body's fool Maybe someday you'll realize what it would have taken to keep me cool Maybe someday when you are by yourself alone You'll know the love that I had for you was never my own. Maybe someday you'll have no where to turn You'll look back and wonder about the bridges you have burned You'll look back sometime when the light grow dim And you'll see you look much better with me than you do with him Through hostile cities and unfriendly towns Thirty pieces of silver no money down Maybe someday you'll understand That something for nothing is everybody's plan. Maybe someday you'll remember what you felt When there was blood on the moon in the cotton belt When both of us baby were going through some kind of test Neither one of us could do what we do best I should have known better baby I should have called your bluff I guess I was too off the handle not sentimental enough Maybe someday you'll believe me when I say That I wanted you baby in every kind of way. Maybe someday you'll hear a voice from on high Saying for whose sake did you live for whose sake did you die Forgive me baby for what I didn't do For not breaking down no bedroom door to get at you Always was a sucker for the right cross Never wanted to go home till the last cent was lost Maybe someday you will look back and see That I made it so easy for you to follow me. Maybe someday there'll be nothing to tell I'm just as happy as you baby I just can't say it so well Never slumbered or slept or waited for lightning to strike There's no excuse for you to say that we don't think alike You said you were going to 'Frisco' stay a couple of months I always liked San Francisco I was there for a party once Maybe someday you'll see that it's true There was no greater love than what I had for you.

Sang F

Yo wyclef its time that i confess, to all the girls, to all the girls ive loved before, to all the girls i cheated on before, to all the girls ive loved before, to all the girls i cheated on before, i tip my hat like willie nelson, ya got pressa take a hit of the swanson, heres what happened, it wasent my intentions, to fall into subduction while playin in temptations, (cmon) thought i had it figured out but games dont last, the hour glass ran out, i got sprayed with the tear gas, big men dont cry hold my feeling inside, stress brings me ulsar, i gotta hold my pride when i see you with another guy jealous thoughts of homocide, call me selfish when i say abraham has many wives, you said dis is the ninties, is it gonna be me or her, i found myself in a blur, lookin into the clouds thinkin out loud im in love with two women who is it gonna be now? CHORUS to all the girls i cheated on before, its a new year, ive got a new change in gear, i swear, i can see clear now the clouds dissapear, you forgive but never forget, so the past reappear, to all the girls i cheated on before, its a new year, ive got a new change in gear, i swear, i can see clear now the clouds dissapear, you forgive but you still think that im a ho second verse gonna hurt based on a true life story, i got married at 24 in new jersey, you know the feelin start of nature take its course, 2 years later clef get a divorse, when i had the cold feet i shoulndta walked the altar, went to dion warwick she couldnt predict my future, went with my feelings even though it wasent right, creepin with my secret lover in the middle of the night, back home break of dawn, dinners on the table thin line between love and hate is on cable, im lookin at my self thinkin out loud im in LOVE with two women who is it gonna be now CHORUS break it down right here, one love you lucky to have one love a sound bug drinkin wine from the same jug, one heart one mind one soul she aint a gold digger she dont care about your bank roll, keep ya money she make her own cheddar all she wants from me is respect like aretha, cook me lasagna, stay in for the winter shield till the summer now im gone till november have you seen her i think i did but what i did wrong was take her love for granted, cuz first comes trust dont rush into lust easier said then done i lust and i bust passion is a must but then we start cus we was just makin love now we tearin up eachothers gut like species she called me and animal so feel the tounge or the warm blooded mammal

Cold Rock A Party

MC LYTE "Bad As I Wanna B"
Keep On, Keepin' On MC Lyte f. Xscape Album: Sunset park soundtrack B-boy, where the f-- you at I've been looking for your ass since a quarter past Hot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supper Before I make you suffer, that's when you had enough'o Can I get hot when you hit the jack pot Surely I can if you're the man I get luscio' n' produce lots of amounts of juice Can you get used to that or do you need a boost Of energy to enter me and get it on You're getting warm I can feel you getting closer Now baby down, that's my mosser You better believe It's time to get the toast of the woman of the decade Too bad to be played, get vexing I'm bound to throw shades all over your body Whose body, your body I can rock a party like nobody Leave in time and take home the loot Choosy about who I let knock my boot Now let me take a sight to your love in a light Life ain't all that 'nless you're doing it right 1-Keep on keep-keepin' on Cause you came and you changed my world Your love's so brand new Keep on keep-keepin' on Doing it right right right Beware of the stare when I step in the piece I'm coming peace, but I got shit in need to be released Now who from the chosen shall I choose Yeah, now you wish you was in his shoes I found me a new nigger this year that knows how to handle this here Now I look forward to going home at night Brother does me right under the candlelight Racks upon my back, can I handle all of that Oh yes, I can, can I, why not if I wanna, yes I can can More honey than a Bumble bee-hop Pulling sixty nine ways out my o-cop Sweet like liqour and sugar from my burger Juicy like Hassey or Vernassee I got the shit to make your ass right at back, check Cause like I said I ain't afraid of the sweat Beat on my drum if you feel the need to As I proceed to open up and feed you I got along and I put you way you wanna be ven aqui and I get rid of all company (repeat 1) Many have tried to strict regulations lazy motherf-- get put on probation Those that didn't perform well, they gets no ends when they ringa-ring my bell You're playing with my time Trying to jerk me, hurt me then desert me You better work me while you got the opportunity To be in the mist of the L-Y-T-E Only the strong survive, only the wise excel Went sad bummer born in hell Only the lonely die slowly Left all alone trying to control me Eazy-duz-it never asked how was it Never speak my info of my sheet in the street Cause that ain't cool and that ain't cute To talk about who knocked a boot on a video shoot But it's all good though You gotta get it when you're born inside You pray, make your moving Hype up on it, it's natural Never be ashamed, f-- the fame get the name and kick the game (rpt 1, 1, 1..)

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