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ANDY MINEO lyrics - Formerly Known

Fools Gold

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] You need something real, baby that ain't never gon last That's just fool's gold that ain't treasure that's trash And I - I know it look nice, I know it look nice But that's a rip off for that price That ain't treasure that's trash 'cause it ain't never gon last [Sho-Baraka] You spend your time tryna get your claws on That stuff when we get to heaven we gon walk on A problem baby our heart is never satisfied Clothed to righteousness and still have a naked eye I struggle my heart always wants more The only Christ they see on me is Christian Dior I was a slave to fashion, see my chains Ralph Lauren and Ed Hardy were my masters' names Washed by the Father stay clean I can still be tight without the skinny jeans I got eternal swag that's the new fashion I see clearly now through my Son-glasses I know some sisters who stay shining You can ask pearl or ask diamond The real treasure I'm filled with I know it's deep I hope you can dig this [Chorus] You need something real baby that ain't never gon last That's just fool's gold that ain't treasure that's trash And I - I know it look nice I know it look nice But that's a rip off for that price That ain't treasure that's trash cause it ain't never gon last [Swoope] You say it's Louis on my two feet It's ooh ee when I'm through the streets The cuties say "cute sneaks" and them shoes sweet when the dudes speak Nothing under a hundred stutting on 'em mean nothing I'm frontin' but oh they love it I'm ahead of my class and passing Got a passion for flashing satisfactions and fashion Yeah homie I'm a tag popper Makin' you sick call a swag doctor These threads is concealing my flaws For I am fulfilled by applause I guess pride is my idol now What Imma do when these items go out of style? This ain't treasure it's trash I know this pleasure won't last I need that real [Chorus] You need something real baby that ain't never gon last That's just fool's gold that ain't treasure that's trash And I - I know it look nice I know it look nice But that's a rip off for that price That ain't treasure that's trash cause it ain't never gon I know it looks nice but that won't last [Andy Mineo] I can't front I like nice kicks and new clothes I like givin' old school records new flows I like money that I make when I do shows But when I abuse those they fool's gold Now now let me tell you what I mean I could make something good a God thing Turn all my wants into needs Holdin' on to perishing means as supreme It seems, people want pleasure for a season Instead of seeking the God who's eternally pleasing For some reason I thought that I wouldn't be lonely If I had women all on me I couldn't buy joy with the paper My good deeds never bought God's favor Find my currency faulty I'm so glad that the Christ came and bought me Livin' that [Chorus] You need something real baby that ain't never gon last That's just fool's gold that ain't treasure that's trash And I - I know it look nice I know it look nice But that's a rip off for that price That ain't treasure that's trash cause it ain't never gon last I know it looks nice but that won't last


JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Pigs with the heads of men, spat acid That lasered my third eye closed, like lasik A midget in a casket like a baby in a bonnet with a bottle and a basset Horn playin the theme song from children of the corn Oh I must be dreamin A lady in a night gown puffing kush dreamin Signaled me over "psst you with the waves I seen you from the catholic church steeple diggin graves, I got your number sonny, So ain't no use in fightin yellin or running from me" I never ran mam Well then you ain't a clever man sam Listen, the two faced king from britain and rome Had a baby in the bush on the grassy knoll Where the peeled back the orange head peel of a gnome He said he mc, I know you like killin them You terrorize the skies for twenty-five milleniums Now you settin fire to land You the lion you the savior the messiah the lamb You need backup he movin on the youth at dawn Call badu and get tyrone on the megaphone Tell em I sent you and your codename is megatron If trouble come use your brain like a telephone Hell take you to the chocolate city Where two face and the prince of darkness have they commitee of snakes Drill em, let the skin peel off the reveal them Then spray em with them rhymes you like spillin Hit em up real real good but don't kill em We only wanna burn em to the point that they willin To give the location of the blank faced villian Who split atoms and gives mushrooms to civilians Hiroshima never recovered And all the evidence was smothered Under a thick cloud of rubble The pope is his brother The hillsides is his mother The statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover Shes a harlet who stood still like time while new york turned scarlet And the levee monster sucked up new orleans While they was playin man vs man in afganhistan With they mind of iran, iraq and sudan Let em recruit you He will try to use his powers to seduce you Just let him think that the feelin is mutual Cause if he finds out that you already knew The atom had a positive a negative and a neutral Hell probably salute you Then wait til you turn your back like a coward and shoot you Man this is shit is crucial, You from the thirrd ward right, Very treacherous, Play where they kidnap assassins and bury specialists

If It Ain't Free

AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
Ladies and gentlemen, homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites I am your platter spinnin' poppa, your woofer whopper Your G-mosavé from the mohavé Sellin' weed out the alley of the anti-dope valley Rollin' like a tumbleweed through Pimpville, Pimpafornia I'm the Hungry Hustler, Afro mutha' fuckin' Givin' a shout out to all these parasites (Parasites? You understand me?) These mosquitos (Mosquitos) Mosquite ho's Swarmin' around my water tryin' to suck me dry But money come to hard to give it all to a broad (I know that's right, hell, yeah) We all do stupid things payin' too much for pussy Don't have to be one of em' So fellas, don't get pussy-whoopped (Say what?) Whoop that pussy (While yer bullshuttin' looky here boy) And we ain't talkin' bout all women But if the maxipad fits, go ahead and wear it bitch (Henh do you undersmell me?) (Check this out loco) Babay, you are the woman of my dreams (Yes you go on an do your thang) And I really want to put a woman like you somewhere on my team You have a sense of humor you sexy and you smart (You so intelligent) But when you tried to take my money, honey You broke my fuckin' heart (C'mon 'cuz where you at loco? You broke my fuckin' heart) I said baby, yeah, I need you to step on out my car (Step on out my car don't forget your panties and your bra) 'Cuz now I know exactly what you are (Ladies and gentlemen, fresh off parole the Quarterpiece Quartet) You gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (What you say baby? You need some what? You need some money?) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (You know you fucked up, don't ya? you know you fucked up Don't ya? don't ya?) You's a gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (N-n-no you'd you better not skip this song, you better Not skip this song) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me (I'll be sittin' up there) Baby (Watchin' them male bashers Ricky Lake and Queen Latifah So listen to this shit, biotch) See, I finally figured out why these ho's be hoin' Pussy is the only thing a bitch got goin' It must be Sunday, 'cuz you got no class With the G-string goin' up the crack o'yer ass (Crack o'yer ass) Yo, you didn't speak back when I spoke to you (Spoke to you) Why? Do I look broke to you? You put your head down, baby, then you pass me (Pass me) You hit the dance floor and started dancin' nasty (Nasty) And it's a trip when a stripper start to strip All the home boys feel obligated to tip Baby, even though I love the way you grease your thighs I'm savin' my money for some chile cheese fries Please, don't make me laugh ho Take yo gold diggin' hands off my Afro (Afro) Give you money for dancin'? Come on, boo I wouldn't give it to you, if you let me come on you Ooh, I never found a gold diggin' woman arousin' I'm a stingy black boy from the year two thousand Payin' a broad is preposterous Unless you stick your dick down her esophagus And even if you did that, you still a trick (Still a trick) You need to make the woman pay for your dick (You know) You the one huffin', you the one puffin' She the one layin' there, ain't doin' nuthin' And I bet you ate the pussy hopin' for good luck Nine times outta ten you didn't get your dick sucked Bitch too busy, thinkin' 'bout Takin' all the money out yer bank account So get out my Cadillac, real slow And go back home to your dil-do If you're lookin' for a trick, Miss Gold Digger You need to go talk to a old nigga You gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (All these little undercover prostitutes, 'cuz) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (Get to the house and the bitch stick out her hand and shit) You's a gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (You know I ain't tryin' to be too niggerish on the microphone You know what I'm sayin' cuz?) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (Hey, let's flip it with finesse, for the ladies) (Honey) Man, this girl walked up to me the other day (You can't have my money) I ain't even fuckin' her she want me to jeopardize my life Take her to the wrong neighborhood way across town (Honey) And got mad at me when I asked her for some Money for some gas in my Cadillac (You can't have my money) I told her like this eyea, bitch, I ain't playin' It ain't like you my woman you know what I'm sayin'? Talkin' 'bout a man s'posed to take care of a woman I told her like sugar free, I said now wait a minute baby, hold on (Hold on) That's drama naw, naw, that's some shit you got from your mama Now I ain't fixin' to break nary fingernail goin' oops upside yo head Talkin' 'bout take me shopping I told her like be legit check this shit out, I say, hey man I said hit me when your welfare check is comin' And maybe we can go to the mall, or sumpin' punk bitch (Hey what's Nate Dogg tell them bitches man? Hey let me concentrate and say) 'Cuz I-I-I have never met a girl (Whay you playin' me hey come on y'all) That I love, in the whole wide world (What Ice Cube say, hey check it out, he say) Last night she sucked my dick Now she kissin' Little Man Won't he suck my dick and let's cut out the Middleman, man, man, man, man, man, man, man

I'm Real (Murda Mix)

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
(feat. Jennifer Lopez) [Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (What's my motherfuckin name) R-U-L-E (Blowin back on this Mary Jane, I'm analyzin the game) And the game done chose me (To bring pain to pussy niggaz and pussy hoes, it's one in the same) Ever since you told me (There's only room for two, I've been makin less room for you) Now only God can hold me (Hug me, love me, judge me, the only Man that help is above me, holla) I met so many men and It's like their all the same My appetite for lovin Is now my hunger pain And when I'm feelin sexy Who's gonna come for me My only problem is Their insecurity [1 - Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (Tired of bein alone) Yeah, yeah (Sick of arguin on the phone) Yeah, yeah (Are you tellin all your friends) Yeah, yeah (That your nigga don't understand) My love [2 - Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] Cause I'm real (The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk) Cause I'm real (The way you stare, the way you look, your style, your hair) Cause I'm real (The way you smile, the way you smell, it drives me wild) Cause I'm real And I can't go on without you [Ja Rule] Girl, I've been thinkin bout this relationship And I wanna know is this as good as it gets Cause we've been through the worst times and the best times But it was our time, even if it was part-time Now they been lookin at me, smilin at me, laughin like we wasn't happy But not knowin that we're growin and we're gettin married Hard lovin and straight thuggin Bitch, I ain't doin this shit for nuttin I'm here to get it poppin, hoppin, let's ride up in the Benz Hair blowin in the wind, sun glistenin off my skin, hey I'm nasty, heh, you know me But you still don't fuck with your baby [Repeat 2] [Jennifer Lopez] Now people lovin me and hatin me, treatin me ungratefully But not knowin that they ain't makin or breakin me My life I live it to the limit and I love it Now I can breathe again, baby, now I can breathe again Now people screamin what the deal with you and so and so I tell them niggas, mind their biz, but they don't hear me though Cause I live my life to the limit and I love it Now I could breathe again, baby, now I could breathe again [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2 till end]

This Is 4 Her

JAE MILLZ "Property Of Potentness"
[Intro:] This is for her. Yea. Millzie. [Verse 1: Jae Millz] Hair like Pocahontas, heart solid gold She been with' me since day one, that's how a nigga know Chanel shoulder bag, matching open toes No shimmering lotion on, she still got that glow I remember them days ordering chicken and broccoli Not even two orders, we shared one proudly You ain't never leave me when the money got low So I'm a make sure our condo on the top flo' Can't nobody break this bond that we got, and that I know We both got a past but that don't matter though Trying to tell me something about my lady please don't Because even if this money disappeared, she won't [Hook:] When she stressed out, I bring the calm out her We been alright, so you can't tell me nothing wrong bout' her If she left, don't know how far I'd make it along without her Love her so much I took the time to write a song about her Yea that's my baby, and I'm hers too I was out, yea, and she was too But that's my baby, and I'm her's too I was reckless and her heart still let love through [Verse 2: Jae Millz] Eyes like Kimora, heart solid gold She been with me since day one, that's how a nigga know Critiqued all my songs fresh out the studio Even kept it real and told me when something wasn't a go Even helped me put my outfits together before my shows No, I don't just love her, I love her so damn much I could see myself one day in a tux' Baby brother and my homies dressed up I pray the Lord bless us And never let this lime-light separate us And VH1, sorry, ya'll can never tape us I'll be damned if a reality show, Show my breakup or be the reason we breakup, uh uh [Hook] [Verse 3: Jae Millz] Face like the sunset, heart solid gold She been with me since day one, that's how a nigga know She my number one fan And if she was a singer, I'd wanna be in her band Just so you understand This is no ordinary love Sade on repeat, I'm running water in the tub Using shampoo for bubbles, But I bet when she walk through the door, just the thought take away her troubles [Hook] [Outro:] True story. A hundred percent. Millzie, yo yo Grown man talk

Cool Guy 4

ADAM SANDLER "Stan And Judy's Kid"
[Sean on the phone with a call-girl.] [SEAN:] What's your name, baby? [GIRL #4:] Desiree. [SEAN:] Ohh, what a nice name for a nice girl, such as your self. [GIRL #4:] What's your name? [Sean presses 'play' button on tape player] [SEAN:] My name's Sean, I want to get it on. [GIRL #4:] Ooh. [SEAN:] You know what I'm talking about, honey, I want to drop some serious loving on you, mama. [GIRL #4:] Oh Sean, you sound so strong, like you really know what you want. [SEAN:] Yeah baby, I'm strong as a bear, I want to wrap my big arm around you... [GIRL #4:] Oh my. [SEAN:] You want to be spinning around for some more lovin' I got for you? [GIRL #4:] That's sounds nice, sean. [SEAN:] You know what else sounds nice, the sound of your clothes slidding off and hitting the floor. that's music to my ears. [GIRL #4:] I'm already naked, how about you? [SEAN:] Well, I'm half way there, baby, just let me slip out of these silky boxer shorts of mine. [GIRL #4:] You must look good you stud, are you hard? [SEAN:] Baby, my tally-whacker's all revved up and ready to go. [GIRL #4:] ..."Tally-whacker"? [SEAN:] No, no, no... I said the sweet-meat. [GIRL #4:] Oh my god. [SEAN:] What? [GIRL #4: {To other call girl}] I just heard some fucking idiot call it a tally-whacker. [Sean groans] [CALL GIRL #2: {To Girl #4}] Your kidding? [GIRL #4: {To other call girl}] And his sweet-meat. [CALL GIRL #2: {To Girl #4}] That's so gross. [she hangs up] [SEAN:] No. She did not just fucking hang up on me for 4 dollars a fucking minute. [hangs up] what the fuck is happening [weeping] ... I'm horny, goddamn it. Oh, shit. Fucking, this is so un-chill.

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