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ANDROIDS lyrics - Androids

Do It With Madonna

Original and similar lyrics
You know Christina's got the body She really likes to spin and twirl But when she's flirting with the camera You know she's just a little girl Now Pink is cute but still a baby And she talks with attitude She has some spunks for a young lady But what I'd really like to do I'd rather do it with Madonna She's what a woman's supposed to be Oh Madonna won't you do it with me? When Britney sings it sounds amazing I like her belly and her butt But how would you like to be with her? She's always hanging with her mum. I'd rather do it with Madonna She's what a woman's supposed to be The only girl I'll ever need Madonna do it with me I'd rather do it with Madonna She's really got me on my knees The only girl I'll ever need Madonna, do it with me Oh Madonna Ooooo Ooooo Oooooo Madonna, I'd really like to be with Kylie I think she's really really hott I wonder if I could get Kylie To wanna do it with Madonna I'd rather do it with Madonna She's really got me on my knees Oh Madonna won't you do it with me? I'd rather do it with Madonna She's what a woman's supposed to be Oh Madonna come and do it with me I'd rather do it with Madonna She's really got me Have you seen that film clip where she's wearing the cowboy hat and she's kicking the dirt I wanna do it with Oooo Madonna [till fade]


JOE "Joe Thomas, New Man"
I messed up I'm sorry baby Just one minute [VERSE 1:] In the middle of the night girl I hear you cryin' And it's all my fault, ain't no denyin' Said I cut you so deep with my words And it pains me to see when your hurt Let me run my fingers through your hair baby Hold you close to my body, whisper sorry softly Mmm, girl it aint important anymore Whatever point I was tryin' to prove is out the door Cuz you, yeah [CHORUS:] You are the only thing I can't afford to lose You're so valuable, said your feelings are like gold to me Oh baby you, you are the woman That makes my dreams come true My life for, for all that it's worth I just wanna tell you I'm Sorry [VERSE 2:] Most of these niggas don't really understand (understand) To truly love a woman, it takes a real man (You gotta) hold her, (you gotta) show her (That your her) best friend, (not just her) lover No time to waste playing with my pride Just cut to the chase and apologize Cuz baby, you're like an extension of me And when you're hurt, it makes it hard to breathe Oh baby you... [CHORUS:] [VERSE 3:] (Baby I know) Baby I know that your mad at me And I can't say I blame you (You) I was trippin' and I lost control (Try to prove something) actin' like a damn fool (I see the pain in your eyes, I see the pain in your eyes) And I know I let you down (let you down) Oooh and I wanna make it up to you Some how, baby you... [CHORUS:]


JOE JACKSON "Heaven & Hell"
Here's a young one Hey, Rufus How's the rain on the rhubarb? You wanna go out with me? (Yeah, I know we're out It's, like, a figure of speech) All you need is a real girl guide Give it up and come inside Slip the leash Shake it loose Bit the peach Suck the juice . . . what did you call me? (Angel . . . ) What was that again? (Angel . . . ) Ave gloriosa virginum regina Vitis generosa, vite medicina Clemencie resina Ave copiosa gracie piscina Carnis maculosa mund' illum sentina Mundicie cortina (Hail, glorious queen of virgins, noble vine, elixir of life, resin of mercy. Hail, abundant pool of grace, cleanse him of the filthy dregs of the flesh in the basin of putrification) Hey chicken Is that your girl? Bet she lays like a lump What's your poison - lemonade? Velveteen or a razor blade? You wanna walk in the dark with me To a place where no-one sees? Kiss the glove Pretty please You wanna pray? On your knees . . . . . . what did you call me? (Angel . . . ) Say it again (Angel . . . ) Claritate radiosa, stella matutina, Brevitate legis glossa, perte lex divina Irradiat doctrina Venustate vernans rosa, sine culpe spina Caritate viscerosa aurem buc inclina, Serves ill'a a ruina (Morning star, radiant in brigtness, yourself a gloss on the bervity of the law, through you the Divine Law illuminates with its teaching, O rose blooming with lovliness, having no thorn of sin, with inward love incline your ear hither and save him from destruction) Hey sailor How's the steam in the stovepipe?

(Stop That) Bitchin'

Sweeeeeeet! Stop naggin' girl, you just shut-up! Always on my case bout how I spend my dough up. The only reason that I'm here still with u coz' I love u, But why u wanna know what I get up 2? Ever had a girl don't trust what u do, It's the same everyday like a deja vu, C it's easy, if u wanna please me, All u gotta do is keep u'r lips sealed girl, Take it easy. [BRIDGE] Always on about what I did, Where I was at, who I was with... Can I get a remedy? Got a head full of this girl sweatin' me. [CHORUS] U better stop that bitchin', Girl u gotta listen, Coz' I ain't gonna take it no more. U'r on a star just wishing, So babe I'm on a mission, Yo check my definition of love. Well lemme let u that ...u sound like a horse girl, What u expect, of course girl. I'm gonna wanna need a little time, Am I crazy? Damn I used to think u was fine. Now all u do is all day, same old, Tellin' all u'r friends I'm a lame-o. Let's get it right girlfriend from dot, U always sayin' why, I'm sayin' why not? [BRIDGE] [CHORUS] Damn, why u always gotta moan? Even in the studio, when I'm on the phone? U crackin' me up, yo leave me alone! Yo I had about enough now, get u'r ass home. Talk about my car My house, my dog, my mouth... My rhymes , ... damn near everything I do . (Yo what about your friends?) Yeah even them too [GIRL'S CHORUS] Coz I never know who your with Never tell me 'bout what you did Tell me what your waiting for Had enough but I still wanna give you more [CHORUS] Talk about my hair My clothes, my teeth, my toes The PS2 that I play all day ... Well I'm a play it anyway Know what? I ain't gonna lie Your starting to really **** me off man [BRIDGE] [CHORUS x 3]

U Know What's Up

DONELL JONES "Where I Wanna Be"
[Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up [Verse 1] Me and my niggas be rollin' Schemin' on u and your homies The very first day of summer All chromed out in a Hummer, babe Hit the park and parlay Hopin' that u walk this way Do u and your girls wanna ride Play all day and puff on the la [Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up I'm diggin' u and I'm feelin' u U know what's up Said i'm diggin' u and I'm wantin' u So tell me what's up [Verse 2] Peep her thighs and I'm zonin' Right around two in the mornin' Lookin' fly with a sundress on Think I feel a bone comin on Girl u got it wide open Want all day and in hopin' Baby don't front Back seat Jeep, u know what I want [Chorus] [Left-Eye's Rap] So baby tell me what's up Can we ascend to higher heights And when the path gets rough We can give in to brighter nights Breathe with peace, expand by leaps Sow to reap our souls to keep The passions deep and filled with heat Living this life on the hustle I barely get enough time U know me for the Platinum How I stack them and shine U see a lot of contenders They try to end up in my world A reputation known as the untouchable girl I'm movin' on and now I'm tryin' To make a change in my ways Be the best that I can be To last me all of my days Now we can blaze pathways Or just take our time Better hollar if you hear me Cuz Left-Eye gonna shine My eyes don't lie see how They glisten when you pass me by U and I don't need permission to be unified Surely I done seen and heard of many places Then I traveled around the world, seen many faces don't let another one get near me if you wanna be true And show me that nobody else can do it better than you So if you serious, I'm curious to see what you got My love is furious, cuz I believe in blowin' up spots [Chorus]

Caught Up

ADRIAN MARCEL "7 Days Of Weak"
[Verse 1:] My girl keep calling my phone And I don’t even wanna answer right now If she knew what I was doing in this bed She would have a heart attack right now I met a chick up in DOA Say she wanna live here with me Hit the W a quarter past three Showin' me she’s a certified freak [Hook:] It’s crazy how she worked that back The way she worked that back Hey pretty, oh shorty, put it on me like that I be like wait, hollup, still ain't catch your name She moving up from another city [Chorus:] I’m your temptation, give you sensations Nobody has to know Girl I swear you got a nigga caught up, up, up, up You gon' fuck around and get me caught up, up, up, up, up, up Even though I got a girl at the crib When I see you I just wanna get it in Girl, you got me caught up, up, up, up, up, up [Verse 2:] See we been at it for a week by now Matter of fact we in the sheets right now It's too late for me to turn back ‘Cause I’m in too deep right now She got me creeping all late at night How can something so wrong feel right? Booty soft, but her body’s so tight She let me kiss it anywhere I like [Hook] [Chorus] [Phone:] Hello? Wassup baby? Not much, still at home right now [?] I love you [Chorus]

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