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ANDREA BOCELLI lyrics - Sentimento

Sogno D'Amore

Original and similar lyrics
Vorrei ancora un attimo soltanto per il sogno mio d’amor, Ed io saprei rapirti con il canto dolcissimo del mio cuor. Ma tu non senti questo mio grido e forse non ricordi quando mi stringevi e fra i baci mi sussurravi: "Io no potrò dimenticarlo mai!" Amore mio, sapessi com’è amaro! Qui tutto mi parla ancora di te, Io piango e rido e grido e parlo e tremo, e spero, per non morir! Ma intanto brucia l’anima vibrante nello spasimo, vibrante nello spasimo, e tutto s’accende un sogno d’amor: carezze, baci, estasi che non rivivrò. O bocca amata, o mani che adorai, mai più potrò amar così! O voce cara, o cuor che a me si aprì, perchè, perchè l’amor fini? Amor, amor, amor! [Dream Of Love] I should like just one moment more for my dream of love, and I would be able to captivate you with the sweetest song from my heart. But do you not hear my cry and perhaps have forgotten when you held me tight and, amid kisses, whispered to me: "I shall never forget you!" My love, if you knew how bitter it is! Everything here still speaks to me of you I weep and laugh and cry and speak and tremble, and hope, so as not to die! But meanwhile my tremulous soul resonates with agony, resonates with agony, and a dream of love sparks into life: caresses, kisses, ecstasy I shall never know again! O beloved lips, o hands I adored, I shall never be able to love like that again! O dear voice, o heart which opened to me, why, why did love come to an end?

Don't Let Me Down

AMEL LARRIEUX "Ice Cream Everyday"
I watch your lips moving I see the words taking shape But love's like a language I cannot translate I can't afford to be careless And let you in I turn my head for one minute And lose everything Wish I had someone whom I could lean Cause everybody's always counting on me With my hands held real tight Always ready to fight For the few pieces of joy I have now You have turned on a light And I've lost my sight But my heart still remembers the sound Of a dream of a love one day found Of a dream of a love one day found So don't let me down Your past it may be rocky But your present is clear My present situation Is the sum of all my fears I take responsibility for the few things I done right But I got so much on my plate I'm scared to take another bite Wish I had someone on whom I could lean Still I don't want no one's charity With my hands held real tight Always ready to fight For the few pieces of joy I have now You have turned on a light And I've lost my sight But my heart still remembers the sound Of a dream of a love one day found Heartbreak and bullets can try To steal any good from my life Fathers and lovers have lied Rivers have flowed from my eyes Never seen love face to face Just seen it walking away Why would you think I would recognize Something that's never been mine You have turned on a light And I've lost my sight But my heart still remembers the sound Of a dream of a love one day found You're the dream of a love one day found And the freedom from what kept me bound And a promise of staying around My eyes may not work for me now But my heart sure remembers the sound So if you saying it Please say it loud And don't let me down

O Soave Fanciulla

MICHAEL BOLTON "My Secret Passion"
(from Puccini's 'La Boheme') [Mimi and Rodolfo are getting acquainted fast. Outside, Rodolfo's friends call him to join them. He would rather stay with Mimi, but she shyly suggests they all go out together. 'Tell me you love me,' he pleads. She hold back, at first, but as this duet ends, they sing together for the first time and their first word is 'Love.'] Rodolfo: O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar, in te ravviso il sogno ch'io vorrei sempre sognar! Mimi: (Ah, tu sol comandi, amor!) Roldolfo: Fremon nell'anima dolcezze esteme, (ecc) Nel baccio freme amor! Mimi: (Oh come dolci scendono le sue lusinghe al cor... Tu sol comandi, amor!) M: No per pieta! R: Sei mia! M: V'asepttan gli amici... R: Gia mi mandi via? M: Vorrei dir... ma non osso. M: Se venissi con voi? R: Che? Mimi! Sarebbe cosi dolce restar qui. C'e freddo fuori. M: Vi staro vicina! R: E al ritorno? M: Curioso! R: Dammi il braccio, o mia piccina... M: Obbedisco, signor! R: Che m'ami...di... M: lo t'amo. Rodolfo E Mimi: Amor! Amor! Amor! [Translation:] Oh Sweet Little Lady Rodolfo: Oh! sweet little lady! Oh sweetest vision, with moonlight bathing your pretty face! The dream that I see in you is the dream I'll always dream! Mimi: (Oh, you rule alone, Love!) Rodolfo: Deep in my soul trembles the deepest of passions, etc. Our kisses shudder with love! Mimi: (How gently now his words of praise make their way into my heart... You rule alone, oh love!) M: No, I beg you! R: You're mine now! M: Your friends are still waiting. R: So soon must I leave you? M: I would like...I can't say it... R: Speak! M: What if I went along? R: What? Mimi! How sweet instead to stay behind here. It's freezing outside. M: I'd be right beside you! R: What about later? M: Who knows, sir? R: Take my arm, my dear young lady... M: As you say, my dear sir... R: Do you love me, say! M: I certainly do. Rodolfo & Mimi: Love! Love! Love!


Inkubus Sukkubus
Spin a scene of ecstasies Unfurl a world to ride your dreams Glide on transient wings to morning Slide beneath the joy machine Turnera, dream-bearer, silent Amor Turnera, love-sharer, thee I adore Golden rays of glorious melting Drown me in my reverie Slip your nectar ‘neath my tongue and Carry us to fantasy Turnera, dream-bearer, silent Amor Turnera, love-sharer, thee I adore Turnera, dream-bearer, chastity's fall Turnera, love-sharer, silent Amor Aphrodisia bittersweet Granter of a worldly joy Turnera, soul-barer Pure and hedonistic toy


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] Check it, More questions, more answers More ci smoke and more cancer More arguing, more resistance Its seems like the closer we get, its more distance More angles, a million different looks Was on the same page, just in different books there's so much i want to say but i got no ground cause we ain’t break up, more like broke down now that’s pain and torture add that with restraining orders then add the soul of my slain daughter none of this is how we planned it to be one big insanity plea shit could never end amicably I miss you trying you probably think don’t think I try too when you stubborn and prideful not much is insightful but God was trying to show me something He ain't think that I knew sometimes shit that doesn’t breathe can die too [Hook: Emanny] Were we just dreamerz? Waiting for our shot to shoot to the moon Were we just dreamerz? Spending our lives trying to see this thing through Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away waiting to fly away [Verse 2: Joe Budden] How we go from thoughts of marriage Thoughts of me copping carrots Talks of what we’d name her while shopping for a carriage But when the dream stopped, who knew you’d see me like a savage That you dreamt of vacations, but only woke up with baggage All you ever did was love me, and look at where it got you And when you wanted more, all I did was say I’m not you I’m selfish not selfless, and I say that with love so in essence you’re asking for what I’m incapable of so now I find I’m going over choices I ain’t even made yet were we clouded by good times of great sex? running fast towards an unknown fate that altered when I introduced you to my unknown traits in your dreams, seems you had me pegged as another man but in mine, only you would understand in our minds we were perfect we witnessed our dream get murdered now reality is on trial and we both awaiting the verdict [Bridge 1: Joe Budden] But you’ll always be close to me though you said this ain’t how it’s supposed to be what we had was so real but you said I don’t care never thought this day would come you said you gave your all and was left with none but we can both be spared but you don’t think that's fair, that's fair [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] You can’t see how you ever began to like a liar you lost track of all the little things that I admired but when the peace left, I knew we might retire thinking man, I live upstairs, I’m something like somaya got memories, but at what point are they lost you say we could work through it, at what point is it forced? we shoulda never rushed cause it’s like now we at a point where you won’t never trust and for me I can't believe that's all we ever was the high’s gone, need a better buzz Cause we sleep in the same bed, but we never touch my solution to every beef is to revisit though we’ll have the same emotions we won’t be so livid won’t be so vivid I think your girl secretly applauded our drama we don’t need those critics we owe it to go over our foundation with a keen eye sad part to say you never have the same dream twice [Bridge 2: Emanny] We let love and all its possibility take us from reality made it hard to see that we were bound together just to cover up the pain I'm wishing the skies were rain and wipe all my thoughts away cause I'm tired of dreaming

Only You And You Alone

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS "Alvin And The Chipmunks: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
Only you can make this world seem right. Only you can make the darkness bright. Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do and fill my heart with love for only you. Only you can make this change in me, for it's true, you are my destiny. When you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do. You're my dream come true, my one and only you. Yeah baby! Oo!! every time she walks by I can't stop starring put on your look for that smile that shes is wearing she looks at me and I dream I can't go on unless is with you girl cuz you are the one. I got. so much to give long as I live your my only one thing I can't stand is the thought of you roaming so open up your eyes realize my love is true. and it's meant for only you! only you and you alone Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do and fill my heart with love for only you. Only Youuuuuuuuuu Yeah!!

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