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ANDREA BOCELLI lyrics - Cieli Di Toscana


Original and similar lyrics
Melodramma Questa mia canzone Inno dell'amore Te la canto adesso Con il mio dolor Così forte, così grande che mi trafigge il cuor. Ma limpido è il mattino tra i campi odor di vino Io ti sognavo e adesso Ti vedo ancora lì Ah, quanta nostalgia Affresco di collina Io pìango che pazzia Fu andarsene poi via. Questa melodia Inno dell'amore Te la canto e sento Tutto il mio dolor Così forte, così grande che mi trafigge il cuor. Ma limpido è il mattino tra i campi un gran mulino lì è nato il mio destino amaro senza te… amaro senza te. E questo core canta Un dolce melodramma È l'inno dell'amor Che canterò per te È un melodramma che Che canto senza te. This song of mine hymn of love I sing to you now with my pain so strong so great it stabs my heart But the morning is clear among the fields the scent of wine I dreamt of you and now I see you still there Ah, what memories fresco of hills I cry what madness it was to leave and go This melody hymn of love I sing to you and feel all my pain so strong, so great it stabs my heart. But the morning is clear among the fields a windmill rises there my destiny was born Bitter without you… bitter without you And this heart sings a sweet melodrama it's the hymn of love I'll sing for you It's a melodrama I sing without you

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

RUSH "Moving Pictures"
I. Prelude When our weary world was young The struggle of the ancients first began. The gods of Love and Reason Sought alone to rule the fate of Man. They battled through the ages, But still neither force would yield. The people were divided, Every soul a battlefield. II. Apollo/Dionysus Apollo: Bringer of Wisdom I bring truth and understanding, I bring wit and wisdom fair, Precious gifts beyond compare. We can build a world of wonder, I can make you all aware. I will find you food and shelter, Show you fire to keep you warm Through the endless winter storm. You can live in grace and comfort In the world that you transform. The people were delighted Coming forth to claim their prize They ran to build their cities And converse among the wise. But one day the streets fell silent, Yet they knew not what was wrong. The urge to build these fine things Seemed not to be so strong. The wise men were consulted, And the Bridge of Death was crossed In quest of Dionysus To find out what they had lost. Dionysus: Bringer of Love I bring love to give you solace In the darkness of the night, In the Heart's eternal light. You need only trust your feelings; Only love can steer you right. I bring laughter, I bring music, I bring joy and I bring tears. I will soothe your primal fears. Throw off those chains of reason And your prison disappears. The cities were abandoned, And the forests echoed song. They danced and lived as brothers; They knew love could not be wrong. Food and wine they had aplenty And they slept beneath the stars. The people were contented And the gods watched from afar. But the winter fell upon them And it caught them unprepared, Bringing wolves and cold starvation, And the hearts of men despaired. III. Armageddon: The Battle of Heart and Mind The universe divided As the Heart and Mind collided, With the people left unguided For so many troubled years. In a cloud of doubts and fears, Their world was torn asunder into hollow Hemispheres. Some fought themselves, some fought each other, Most just followed one another Lost and aimless like their brothers For their hearts were so unclear And the truth could not appear Their spirits were divided into blinded Hemispheres. Some who did not fight Brought tales of old to light. My Rocinante sailed by night On her final flight. To the heart of Cygnus' fearsome force We set our course Spiralled through that timeless space To this immortal place. IV. Cygnus: Bringer of Balance I have memory and awareness, But I have no shape or form. As a disembodied spirit, I am dead and yet unborn. I have passed into Olympus As was told in tales of old, To the city of Immortals, Marble white and purest gold... I see the gods in battle rage on high... Thunderbolts across the sky... I cannot move, I cannot hide... I feel a silent scream begin inside... Then all at once the chaos ceased A stillness fell, a sudden peace The warriors felt my silent cry And stayed their struggle, mystified. Apollo was atonished; Dionysus thought me mad. But they heard my story further And they wondered, and were sad. Looking down from Olympus On a world of doubt and fear, Its surface splintered Into sorry Hemispheres. They sat a while in silence, Then they turned at last to me: We will call you Cygnus, The god of Balance you shall be. V.The Sphere: A Kind of Dream We can walk our road together If our goals are all the same. We can run alone and free If we pursue a different aim. Let the Truth of Love be lighted, Let the Love of Truth shine clear. Sensibility, Armed with sense and liberty, With the Heart and Mind united in a single Perfect Sphere.

La Cigarra

Linda Rondstadt "Canciones de mi Padre"
Ya no me cantes cigarra Que acabe tu sonsonete Que tu canto aqu¬¤¡© en el alma Como un pu¬ãal se me mete Sabiendo que cuando cantas Pregonado vas tu muerte. Marinero marinero Dime si es verdad que sabas Porque distinguir no puedo Si en el fondo de los mares Hay otro color m¬¤¢®s negro Que el color de mis pesares. Un palomito al volar Que llevaba el pecho herido Ya casi para llorar Me dijo muy afligido. Ya me canso de buscar Un amor correspondido. Bajo la sombra de un ¬¤¢®rbol Y al comp¬¤¢®s de mi guitarra Canto alegre este huapango Porque la vida se acaba Y quiero morir cantando Como muere la cigarra. This huapango was written by Ray Perez y Soto. It was recorded in the 1940's by Jorge Negrete when he sang with the Trio Calaveras, and more recently by Lola Beltran, who is, in my opinion, the greatest voice to ever come out of Mexico. The image of the wounded dove in the third verse is a popular symbol; it is a messenger of afflicted love. L.R. The Cicada Don't sing to me anymore, cicada Let your singsong end For your song, here in the soul Stabs me like a dagger Knowing that when you sing You are proclaiming that you are going to your death Sailor, sailor Tell me if it is true that you know Because I cannot distinguish If in the depth of the seas There is another color blacker Than the color of my sorrows. A little dove upon flying Bearing a wounded breast Was about to cry And told me very afflicted I'm tired of searching for A mutual love. Under the shade of a tree And to the beat of my guitar I sing this huapango happily Because my life is ending And I want to die singing Like the cicada dies.

Sing Like Bilal (Remix)

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Intro: Sample Of Lil' Fame] Sing Like Bilal! [Joell Ortiz (Sheek Louch) {Sample Of Lil' Fame}] Uh! Uh! Street mix! Y-Y-Y (Aiyyo yo Joell Ortiz whattup family!) YAOOOWWWWW! (D-BLOCK) {Sing-Sing like Bilal!} [Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] Uh! I'm the boy that got the block in a squeeze Ortiz my name hot like I shoot at the D's Twelve twelve flow I'm what they rock in the P's Cheese I'm on a roll like pastrami and cheese It adds up why I'm a gift to this breed I'm a addict even when my adlibs mean Every radio station should add this Preem Plus add my address and you have sixteen (WOO) Seven One Eight I'm reppin the state Of the Eighty Six Mets and the consecutive Yanks Sixty Nine Jets and the catch on the face That put the undefeated Bill Bellicheck in his place (Get outta here!) It's so safe when you nice with the ink All my beef come with french fries and a drink Nobody want it can you blame 'em though? When you see me scream W-A after the Y-A-O YAOWA! [Chorus: DJ Premier scratching (Sheek Louch) {Sample Of Lil' Fame}] You love my style this is not what you used to (Yeah!) You-you-you-you love-love-l-l-love my style Sing-Sing like Bilal! [Verse 2: Sheek Louch] Waddup, yo I gotchu! Yo, waddup Joell-ah, Donnie wavy like a cell-ar I heard a lotta rappers, but none of them are realer than me Who's he? Donnie G. Still popu-lar, rooftop one binocul-ar Watchin over my state, 45 featherweight Watchin over my plate, Audemar and the fast cars causin men hate Who's the hottest now? That's an easy debate Either way like 6 o'clock, Donnie's straight I can easily go back to that Mary and Kate White girl and be outside, very late Nope! - I got a mill-ion of stash Got a dream that Barack told me to take it out in cash Bake's about to crash, shades on my eyes 'Cause I mixed it up with hash, hah yeah! Witness greatness, take a flick I run New York and it's not on a heating stick Ha ha! NEW YORK KNICKS, BITCH! [Chorus: DJ Premier scratching] You-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You love my style Y-Y-You-lo-lo-love-m-my-my-st-sty-style-ca-cause-I'm-n-not what you used to

Come Thou Fount

JIMMY NEEDHAM "The Hymns Sessions - Vol. 1"
Come, Thou Fount of every blessing 
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace Streams of mercy, never ceasing 
Call for songs of loudest praise Teach me some melodious sonnet Sung by flaming tongues above Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it Mount of Thy redeeming love Here I raise my Ebenezer Here by Thy great help I’ve come And I hope, by Thy good pleasure Safely to arrive at home Jesus sought me when a stranger Wandering from the fold of God 
He, to rescue me from danger Interposed His precious blood O to grace how great a debtor 
Daily I’m constrained to be!
 Let Thy goodness, like a fetter Bind my wandering heart to Thee Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it Prone to leave the God I love Here’s my heart, O take and seal it 
Seal it for Thy courts above O that day when freed from sinning I shall see Thy lovely face Clothèd then in blood washed linen
 How I’ll sing Thy sovereign grace 
Come, my Lord, no longer tarry Take my ransomed soul away 
Send thine angels now to carry 
Me to realms of endless day


MICK JAGGER "Goddess In The Doorway"
Oh joy love you bring Oh joy make my heart sing And I drove across the desert I was in my four wheel drive I was looking for the Buddha And I saw Jesus Christ He smiled and shrugged his shoulder And lit a cigarette Said jump for joy Make some noise Remember what I said My soul is a like a ruby And I threw it in the earth But now my hands are bleeding From scrabbling in the dirt And I look up to the heavens And a light is on my face I never never never Thought I'd find a state of grace Hey joy Love you bring Oh joy Make my heart sing Oh joy Joy in everything Joy joy joy oh joy Joy joy joy oh joy I was drowning in the darkness As I drove down to the sea Joy joy joy oh joy And I looked up to the mountain And the light burst over me Joy joy joy oh oh joy You make me sing Joy [cont] Oh joy The love you bring You make me sing Oh joy In everything In everything Everything Jump for joy Jump for joy Jump for joy

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