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ANDREA BOCELLI lyrics - Aria: The Opera Album

Recondita Armonia

Original and similar lyrics
Recondita armonia di bellezze diverse! È bruna Floria, l’ardente amante mia, e te, beltade ignota cinta di chiome bionde! Tu azzurro hai l’occhio Tosca ha l’occhio nero! L'arte nel suo mistero le diverse bellezze insiem confonde: ma nel ritrar costei il mio solo pensiero, ah! il mio sol pensier sei tu! Tosca, sei tu! [Translation: What subtle harmony] What subtle harmony of different beauties! Floria, my passionate lover is a brunette and you, unknown beauty, are framed by fair hair you have blue eyes Tosca has dark eyes the mysterious art mixes the different beauties together: but while I paint her I only think Ah! I only think of you Tosca, of you!


AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
Don't fool with his cool I turn a staff to a snake and back, evade crack Shake a 5150 in shades and a fake stache Dirtbike made of 5 worse bikes, uphill Tabletop frames on dutch tilt, crush kill MakerBot coin-op arcade punk Talkin' arcane science, dark age pulp Four eyes card face, bark Aes iron on [?] Pork rinds orange age, Jarred brains die alone No Mulligans, crow bars bird cage Cold, colonize Mars on Earth day And surface from the cellar door like worms into the petrichor Messenger, better get a vessel for a Tetris score Zilch, cowabunga homies call me "press ignore" Devastating energy exploding off his Tesla coil Farm baited breath and tempermental tremors That taught a man to wave with 10 percent of his fingers And I never lost tic tac toe to a live chicken For the footage, I'm off cam dynamite fishin' For diamondback rattles in his holy grail Evoke colony collapse via gross betrayal 3 wolf moon shirt, two shoes one sock Wore the same hoodie everyday like Mumm-Ra Buh-dum-bum, follow the regenerated rebel flesh [?] Out of sorts, out of water, suicidal tetra fish Who stood by the conviction in his we should be together less forevermore Before we are the severed heads of civil war And basing [?] radio ricochet off the silver foil Trash can fire looking for a kill to grill or spoil Quickly, purveyors of fine hijinks I know, this is why we can't have nice things I prefer to skip the pleasantries Flip the diner table, dip in time for final jeopardy No shit Oh and don't fool with his cool Ma, can we get a pool? ... Is that a no? Okay, magpies, Hoarders, and allied forces Who lick zig-zags being dragged by horses Transcribe stories in patterns of pins dropping Skinned boars and exaggerated limb-lopping Slow Mozart, no I've never heard a knocking Might've burst in on it, splits or skin popping [?] Opt out, sober on the eve of no saints day Locate and aim for the token propane tank Bang! Followed from a pulling of hair To a homecoming sullied by a skull on a spear It spun a human resources issue to public affair Reciprocity is a pestilent compulsion to bear And ultimately unfulfilling, concurrently that rigid upper lipping grudge or crippling [?] The wonder twins are bitching Armchair hater, I wouldn't piss on your coffin But when I see your picture I draw dicks on it The ozone breakaway tux Holds chicken wire ribs and paper mache guts Pipe cleaner mustache, fork hands, google eyes Macaroni gas face, no plan to humanize You are now rockin' with the worst Nothing up his sleeve, nothing here is what it seems Paranormal weather, mysteriously disappearing bees Not to mention the collateral delirium it breeds Jeez, forgive him and he dicey past He from a tiny town called Deaths Icy Grasp And he don't get out much but when he do it's beetlemania Do not be asleep at the feet of his feelers radius Too charitable, offerin' the average joe some real estate Between the big mouth billy bass and jackalope Cozy in a moment of bliss Snatch the food off your plate, snatch a goat off a bridge No shit

The Substance

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
Four rooms, a ceiling and a floor but there's more: (close to insanity) A desk with a subtle light, a window, and a door; (close to insanity) One bottle of the bluest inks your iris ever saw; (close to insanity) One child prodigy with a vision in his core. (close to insanity) (yeah, yo) I'm frost bitten, slippin' away in titanic burden nurses Where the anti-hero clergy purge their value burning service And warped was I, huddled beneath the influence of fresh, Meshed with impressions that appear to shrink before my very breath. (Breath) These tides of woe and malice and mirth initiate a wave crash, Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth, it's looking bleak. Malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow; I'm shook in a freak side show! OK, I strobe effects projective when I blink So I design this chorus line. When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall. With what I sing, I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim the wattage, Then see the wide-eyed dry grays, and supplied fiery Colossus. Well, I am a hostage. Guiding, yet, pushed beneath the crazes' climate. Hiding behind the levy while the stubborn rivers rise and feel this. I wish heavenly brevity centered hate pedigrees instead of dead serenity. God damn. Must have remembered me. It clinched me, it wrenched me, tempted me to employ it, Apprehended me, and rendered me suspended in its voyage. How these tables have turned! Hand to the bottle with the skull and crossbones scribbled off the label, Sip the ladle. Drank the burn. Begging for dead! Concerns off with a zephyr tread and leg in a web, Caught triple-six couriers; beckon, they fled. OK, OK, I get it... Let 'em shake a little, then release 'em, Like, as if ghostly hysterics would leech on band aid completion. Odium, patience ran his anti-death commando Just a litigant stretchin' to touch tranquil, but couldn't quite catch the angle. I'm trained as cornerstone famine trooper So my tray within a heart of hearts still belly up and parched, come on... (yeah, yeah, check it) I'm a sideline observer alerted not yet retreating. (close to insanity) The climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing. (close to insanity) Now everybody in the populace awaited my reply: (close to insanity) I spit a billion tiny brilliant white lights into the sky (close to insanity) Undeniably amused by the way the fuse burn, By the way the clues churn in front of my eyes... To fertilize germination of concern for me, for we, For he who's sucked into the trench, fully dug. I don't wanna pull the plug... Hug on my canteen like in a dream, Centipede leader speedin' through a meaty greed league, I can tell by the way the needs bleed from a seed, If the breed should have ever been bred. 'Nuff said... Whether compared to caterpillar and cocoon, To emerge, or a spark's soon to bloom to a surge, All I need is the nourishment, the courage and the burn To ascend from a number, to brave Blade Runner. Hunter, cleric, swordsman, king... More like I'm walking with a broken mood ring. Mood swingin' from the mezzanine level, Here to bevel the edge. My team's settled on the ledge to pledge. It's like that. In the summer it rains buckets of hunger pains. In the winter it's the same, with an added climate change. The remaining two quadrants balance the polar values equally for midrange, Yet the songs of thirst remain the same. You could turn the whole cold reservoir to liquor, Hell, split the ocean on its seams if it boosts your esteem. I never lend span of attention lest my brethren signal fresh, So do your magic, miracle worker, or I'll remain unimpressed. For the flux, the fix, the famine, For the fact that little Billy up the block obtained a lovely hand cannon, I'd examined auto-pilot (right) when filibuster won... (yeah) Concluded the few we're tuned with were now targets of his movement... (oh shit) It's intriguing. Yet, I guess, I knew somewhere, something was leaking. Now I honor instinct, delinquent. Bring settler runaways, frayed boogie bastard clicks To bypass glass stature, walking graff characters... Militant dance split the sun and sip the filament... Tracer. Vivisection is to lab rat primes; They try to grace these sacred lips with his maze or a dirty wine. He knew. He brewed the substance just to mock the lesser budgets, Then sought off all trickery, bought off the public, and screamed victory! Tunnel through the mite infested grillage and the rig As fast as Aesop and his ten little fatigued fingers could dig, trigger revenge, tip the goblet in the dirt, review my words, spit in the puddle. Peace to fame, struggle the fuck out, and duck out. (yeah, check, huh, uh) Now, all hail defenders of the trash talk. (close to insanity) I was hidden, yet I slid in just to rip the mask off. (close to insanity) I'm seventy-six inches of all the purest sounds (close to insanity) So y'all could dig me six feet deep my eyes would still be over ground! (close to insanity) (It's like that)

For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me

Watery eyes of the last sighing seconds, blue reflections mute and dim beckon tearful child of wonder to repentance of the sin. And the blind and lusty lovers of the great eternal lie go on believing nothing since something has to die. And the ape's curiosity -- money power wins, and the yellow soft mountains move under him. I'm with you L.E.M. though it's a shame that it had to be you. The mother ship is just a blip from your trip made for two. I'm with you boys, so please employ just a little extra care. It's on my mind I'm left behind when I should have been there. Walking with you. And the limp face hungry viewers fight to fasten with their eyes like the man hung from the trapeze -- whose fall will satisfy. And congratulate each other on their rare and wondrous deed That their begrudged money bought to sow the monkey's seed. And the yellow soft mountains they grow very still witness as intrusion the humanoid thrill.


ALL THAT REMAINS "This Darkened Heart"
[Solo: Herbert] every word that falls from my lips falls on deaf ears and I suffocate now righteousness cast aside thrown to the ground I close my eyes and I see you there but my eyes deceive me every other sense says I'm alone now waking hours melt to sleepness nights and all fear has left me if I could learn from my past I'd posess the strength to walk away let your sweet taste fall from my lips but it resonates and now I hold this so dear to let it fade would tear me apart if I now left this all behind simply turned and walked away would the dawns light fall upon my face to end this tragedy still deep in the long black behind the shimmering blue I'd swear that I have seen the last soul that I care to so this is passion and it crawls upon my skin and it sinks into my bones and I am whole again and I feel it filling me and I pray it will never end now it burns within my veins and I am writing in ecstasy

Me & Ms Pain

AB-SOUL "Long Term"
[Chorus:] The Pain Is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates but my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] A minute ago, I was riding bicycles And I can buy you Now & Laters with 5 nickels When it was washing dishes and homework, cable and bullshit I hit the block and never left It was exciting watching life bring light to what I'm writing about like A lamp in a cave, while I'm trapped in this maze But Frankie Beverly wouldn't walk in my all-stars for a day I watched kids play and think ignorance is bliss Then I watched Kid-N-Play on House Party And wished I was them See you can say I'm brainwashed Cause I came from an era where niggas don't care about nothing And you're judged by how much your J's cost But me being the rebel I am, I never gave a damn Leave it to Beaver and the rest of you suckas I'm complex like the magazine say I'm abstract Like a trigonometry quiz and science lab rats If I wasn't odd, you could see the pain in my eyes I watched brothers kill brothers over system of legal tender Deteriorating my loins with liquor looking for joy I put my soul on a platter of joy I do this for the regular people who out the ink route Make it popular to be unpopular Because if we all came together, ain't no stopping us And it hurts me so, to think how they divided us Like an island in the road Just take control if you ain't know And yo Lock my body can't trap my mind I got two decades of experience on my resume Say I don't qualify and I'll call you a lie I'm on a whole another plateau, you still tryna be fly And that goes for the narrow minded who's ancestor was the pharaoh He went from Number 1 to Zero Let's Take it back [Chorus:] The Pain is gone! [Punch:] Nah she still on me She stalking my innermost thoughts, I guess she want me Because he primary fear is to die lonely I got, no disdain for Ms. Pain She leaves me love letters sealed with a kiss Lipstick stains on the mirror She helps me see things a little clearer Couldn't experience joy if she wasn't near us I remember throwing shots back til' I collapsed Waking up hung over in the effort to give her the cold shoulder It never worked As soon as I sobered up, I couldn't avoid her tender touch Like when Izakaya died I couldn't look his mama in the eyes Feeling like I contributed to his demise Guilt stricken, heart victimized Postpartum Syndrome, I'm blacking out She's wishing it was me, she cried Each tear was like a symphony orchestra Beethoven over the organs, she snapping a tremendous proportion Take this recording as the truth distorted Through the eyes of a man who reaped the fruits of her courtship And no fortune could ever overturn the misfortunes I absorbed in The pain made me impure like foreskin, more that I can bargain Fool, still I love her forever more [Chorus:] The Pain is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates, But my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] And even when I die, she's going to follow my kids

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