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ANDREA BOCELLI lyrics - Aria: The Opera Album

Addio, Fiorito Asil

Original and similar lyrics
Addio, fiorito asil di letizia e d’amor! Sempre il mite tuo sembiante con strazio atroce vedrò Addio, fiorito asil, non reggo al tuo squallor. Ah, non reggo al tuo squallor. Fuggo, fuggo, ah, son vil! Addio, non reggo al tuo squallor, Ah! son vil, ah! son vil!

Non Rimane Che Un Addio

JULIO IGLESIAS "Da "Manuela" A "Pensami""
La sera che mi disse addio Piangevo io ma non lei. E chi lo sa se a quell'amor, A quell'addio, non pensa mai. Non rimane che un addio A un amore che non c'è, Comandare ad un cuor non si può. Passa il tempo e sono qui A pensare a ciò chè fu, A carezze che finirono così, All'addio che sussurrò, All'addio che separò La realtà dai sogni miei e dall'amor. C'è dentro me qual cosa che Mi fa tremare di paura, Se penso che l'amavo io, Volevo lei che non mi amava. Non rimane che un addio A un amore che non c'è, Comandare ad un cuor non si può.

L'Ora Dell'Addio

JOSH GROBAN "Illuminations"
Ora di andarmene Ill momentoche Questo cuore teme È difficile Un coltello che Ti lacera Credimi Fa più male dentro Il dover andarsene Sapere che Tu soffri come soffro Quando è l'ora dell'addio Se a votlte pensi che La mia scelta sia Segno che nonti amo Non odiarmi mai Vado per la tua Felicità Credimi Fa più male dentro Il dover andarsene Sapere che Tu soffri come soffro Quando è l'ora dell'addio Com'èdifficile ignorare le memorie di una vita Tutto mi ricorda come sei parte di me

Battle Cry

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
How many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none. No magazine's top ten cause I'm negative one. So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk Cause I'm a always be in first like the clutch broke I'm from where the cut-throats cut coke Cause school ain't cut it, they cut out the puff smoke And guess what? That's who I hang with, so when you speak INDUSTRY - I don't know the language But play the beat and I'll show you why I'm head honcho Ya'll gettin' away with murder like the white bronco Bunch of trash inbetween hooks Bars too cute to be gettin' all these mean looks Put the hottest rappers all on one stage together See who'll hold their arm up like Che Guevera I rhyme hotter and I say it better I'm a winter cold war I'm a product of the Regan Era Day thinkin till the page inkin' My 16 free ya'll I'm hip-hop's Abe Lincoln. Fam I don't know what they thinkin These niggas got me fucked up like I spent all day drinkin I'm a boss not a loss yet You're little lemons in a race with a souped up corvette I'm so hot I could stand still and pour sweat in the North Pole fully naked with my balls wet I'm a monster, these other niggas small pets Claim they sick but they get cured by your dog's vet I'm thorough from my Yank' to my gourtex You're bluffin, I play Poker I'm callin all bets Local boy, when's the last time you all left? I don't even know where the FUCK I'm goin' on tour next Last month Canada, before that? Europe I had Waffles out in Belguim, you ain't had Syrup Every time I write it's another flight Another whore with my kids on her underbite Another "YAOWA!" chant when I touch the Mic Another Magazine spread, yeah you fuckin right I'm on my grind like a pair of in-line skates Get on tracks and go banana's like a Primate Baboon, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, I'm Wild Ape King Kong under your skin, I'm bout to Sky-Scrape But the sky ain't the limit I could teleport through my mind any minute Take you to a place where the Lions go "ribbit" All the frogs "roar" and the fire is frigid I'm outta this world - don't belong here What heir'ing the thrown if I taught you from a small chair? Family, you niggas got it twisted Flow out of the box, yours chicken and a biscuit Gave me chicken pox when I listen, I be itchin' to cripple your career like a ligament is missin Dawg I'm on a mission like an intimate position When I swing it's Knock Out's I ain't gettin' a decision From here on it's locked ya'll a prisoner to spittin Can't escape my bars no visitor's permitted Welcome to Hell where Joell holds a pitch-fork And you burn in eternal flames for your bitch talk Dick in my hand I'm pissed off But I ain't bucklin', 'Everyday I'm Hustlin' - Rick Ross One day the whole globe will know I'm Clark Kent Underneath the shades on a Project park bench Superman when I grip the Mic The only way I'm slowin down is if I blow a pound of Kryptonite From now on I'm a bully I'm a pick the fight Let them pick you up off the ground when I check ya bite You'll become a little memory, gigabyte Me and these beats got married, I'm Mr. Right Little man you spit aight, I'm on fire You gotta little buzz - Miller Lite Man there's so many words runnin' round my brain If I don't put them on a track I would go insane Maybe that's why everything I say is crazy And everyday I wake up, with a naked lady With a V.I.P. band on my right wrist Pants on the flow, J.D. with a slight sip Left in the bottle tele-key on the night stand I go to the bathroom to pee and then I scram I live the life of a rock-star They ain't wanna let me through so I became a Cop Car Put the Sirens on every time I touch a pen Everybody move like dope - that's a fuckin '10' My peers know I'm gonna win. This music's like my first crush, for years I wanted in I'm here. Oh boy will you taste the wrath I'm a make it ugly like what's underneath Jason's mask I listen to alot of mixtapes and laugh All Ya'll nigga do is whine like Jamaican ass Every night I celebrate, we take a glass of Champagne to the brain Sometimes we take a bath Victory feels far better Than Defeat, you niggas weak, Solar's Letter I'm harder than a fonz-lebber My worst rhyme's 30 times rougher than your hottest bars ever I could front like a car fender Cause everything I'm on DJ's pull up like the bar tenders New York I'm the answer to your prayers Head Nod music, leave the dancin over there Project Shit, ain't no Mansion over here Just Murder on the strings, Charles Manson on the Snare I'm hungry the game's like a Food Court I just gave ya'll a loose hundred, Newports. Chea Joell Ortiz Who feel they... Who feel they better?

125 Part 1 (The Bio)

JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro:] Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the most feared up and coming emcee of them all [Verse:] Joell ortiz what they call you crazy that kid has been nothing but short of awesome lately His mixtape recieved 4 stars in the u.k Toured s.o.b's down several tuesdays Valet it up on hot 9 with kay slay He on nba live 05 Cuz ea sponsored the rap battle last year that he won A flight from l.a headed back to where he from 6 Hours so he copped a little somethin to read son Source mag page 66 was a regun He got unsigned hype the reckonightion had begun Very next monday was double x l's chairmans choice Recently the p.r prray got to hear his voice Now he back in xxl this time show and prove Cuz he writtin hit records and his shows improved He's the dude you need to worrie about 3 More mixtapes done he fin to put those out Thats how he laugh at doubt If i was you i would clear his path Cuz everything about him says you really wanna feel his wrath He turned down 3 deals this last month Labels playing tug a war with his name he who they want He signin over there "Nope" He signin over here "Nope" The both of ya'll wrong he grindin over there In a city near you tryin to strengthen his fan base Layin down cuts like a band-aid He know how many dudes this man paid the list is endless He carry big crates just to get into the club And when he got into the club he gave out his mixtape His work ethic is great his drives like t-mac You let him go share a poster RELAX He's back give him room to breathe All those that hated will all soon believe All those who made it will all soon just leave Once the fans get a whif of mister ortiz He spits raw please dont confuse him with these other cats He's a full workout they 3 jumping jacks Front to back he's an obstacle to overcome I mean you know nothings impossible but dont be dumb He grew up in cooper projects so you know he's slum The only child homie wild he the only one i ever heard nick named the peoples champ Under-dog all his life earned his stripes doin things he aint like Like igniting the fifth all night huggin the strip servin a pregnant bitch hard white He happy his mom's never sucked a glass pipe She use to sniff gettin her off that shit was a fight Why the fuck you think homeboy go hard when he writes Tryin to make his future bright cuz his past got him tight His cash might be lite pockets empty kid But same time next year its mtv cribs His put his life on it twice on it To make sure he cant ask ? His crib must gon' have a nice price on it Chandaliers with the ice on it, Persian rugs with no mice on it Huge tv screens with classics episodes of miami vice on it Indoor pool and the floor got a mic on it Plaques all over the wall with his name engraved nice on it Man listen his ambition gonna have the game locked like the box in san quentin Fin to win his race cuz he ran different In through the no's out through the mouth Not worryin bout his competition radio clout Look straight same pace let them nigga's be out They true colors gonna show later on when they breathin all heavy and they legs is worn Duke gone from havin an ill buzz in the streets To yo dont nobody give a fuck when he speak I know it could happen in a couple of weeks Lifes a bitch aint it? But me i love every picture that this kid painted He's the difference between artists and rappers Artists draw hits rappers take flicks Other rappers trey sick man these nigga's aint shit Everythings basic they should claim the same clique Thats why everything he give hip hop game sick Like the syringe in the vein of an aids patient C'aint spit on this b.k bemis take that The kid is go sign by the dudes who made rap Face facts g-rap told mike he got a problem on his hands Mike is joe's a & r just so y'all understand Krs responded with one word "damn" The cyphers complete once he shake rakim hand He a one man movement General coronel seargent major private and them youngin's on the front lines shootin Gun high troopin through this war with his music And he aint gonna stop till he drop get use to it He speak english fluent his spanish pequeno So doin regeaton a slight problemo plus he sound moreno They aint know he was spanish till he transformed so quick and got his goverment established but none of this matters if you nice you nice You could be ethiopian rhymin for rice You could be hatian tryin to rhyme for your rights You could be south african writtin rhymes for ice You could be cuban rhymin to cop you a nice little boulder to make it to us coast over night It is what it is in this buiss you live When you die thats when your records sales sky high He tryin to rep while he alive his heart still beatin Brain still sumbin his nerves still tweakin Stomach still growlin cuz what he's eatin Aint enough bring the twelve gauge out its duck season give him one reason your carreer is gone Say his name on a song he'll put yours on a tombstone Not a pizza either im talkin everybody blacked down cryin to the wrods of a speakin preacher He's a deep believer and what goes around comes around and whats comin around is dope And what went around is his name and the strength of his flow His ill show his radio apperances and more Some things is maybe's and some things for sure Some niggas is crazy and some nigga's m.o some nigga's is lazy and some nigga's just wont stop workin till they get what they deserve ya know That nigga is joe e double l o r tiz pa' please you one match in the snow He's like a crib on the sun sittin next to the fireplace with the heat on a million and one This young man is hot he'll sun tan your block He gon' keep firing your gun jam alot Heat rise expect to see this man on the top [Outro:] Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the most feared up and coming emcee of them all Joell ortiz what they call you crazy that kid has been nothing but short of awesome lately


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
It goes welcome the pop off, some pop soft. We bang b-bang b-bang bang out loud. Ready on the left with a face full of death. We slanged out fang mouth bang out now. This is a never dug disco, Zoo York tycoon, memorandum bonanza banter clamp crunk out the fish bowl. Gorgeous how struggling gills wriggle out water, ain't it? Same scape as the walls crawling with paranoia's plaintiffs. The robo-komodo promo Zen patience a-alike to this jittery drooling mess. Bitterly unruly on mud hugger alert, he usher dirt to the kick circus. Deflected labor ethic questions peeled at the field workers. Is it raw? Please... does a priest need a ten-foot pole to baptize little Linus minus the lap ride and tease? Evolution is a leader depleter, seeker needy sheep idol feeder beware, once complete you might not want to be there. Dead straw to gold bar spin fiber. Lost and fond in a smitten kitten's incisors. They Aphrodite all over the burgle of a purple heart compartment. Marched a burgundy carpet alarmed and far to parched to bark it. Lil' Abner. A real firecracker. Grows to throw 'bows with vehicular hijackers. To eavesdrop plots cops hired a wire tapper. That's a whipper snapper trapped beneath my grip on the fire ladder. Took drums over to deril' to once over the line tones. Punch toothy ticks 'til they find homes like three ruby clicks. The roof is on fire where snoopy sits right now. You should have shot yourself in the foot when it was in your mouth. [CHORUS] Thieves in the strobe deep freeze your pose. For the disease that grows underneath your toes holds up a reason y'alls gold never seems to glow. Now we can all breath slow once the fiend's exposed. It goes heave ho. You never got the grit right. Bark fame but you never put the grit down. Hawk styles but you never got the grit right. Put the grit down. Grit right. Get down. This is a never dug disco defamation of dog and pony grappled out chincey, chipping Leo Da Vinci phonies pushing kill of hill bloated. Nobody got you. While biggest brother's watching bigger brother watching big brother watch you. Nothing says circus fun quite like nuclear holocaust over breakfast on the terrace. Hash browns and peril. Old ironsides or good ship lolli-popper, Davy Jones still got a locker, ak, the opera's more than docs and soccer moms. Now before you kick your feet up, I married and divorced mother nature after sweet-talking that old hag out of a pre-nup. This information's neither braggadocio nor secret, just know as of now the world is technically not yours, peanut. It's a day in the life of the carnie dog-faced boy escapist. Living large, watching Springer, smoking beedies wrapped in bacon. At night his get busy disease leakage peaketh. Merk the he say/she say, BK Jesus turn peg legs to Adidas on the down stroke. And they like 'what's up with the name?' I tell'em y'all made Bazooka Tooth I's about to ask the same. But before you curfew the city and shut down every block, I'd like to say I still Aesop the fuck out of the Rock [CHORUS] This is a never dug disco. Spread feelers. Tonka zonk Gepetto bred beezers. Jeepers, gee wilikers, goshes galoshes, Christ, god almighty. They tore his limbs off kilter, still the hostage moshes slightly. Hung off the balcony by the skin off his doctor's psyche. He hopes it holds but knows the locusts kamikaze nightly. He woke, corroded buggy facial, insect chopper biting. He's only bones by the time the ungodly body's sighted. He saw the puddle, full color hideous monster Viking. He used to survey if the vermin dined on others like him. He found the fucks indigenous to him and awfully feisty. He grew old awkward grinch and settled into bonkers nicely. I alert vital spider works to cultivate grit, ship the bulk rate shit. Herbie the love bug drugs pulsate whips. Tie in spite for commoner idiocy and good old-fashioned biblical plague. We move units off your pagan escapade. And it's pits to the peg legged. Megas eclipse cripples so that pimp limp's wheel chair basketball when 15 minutes fizzles. Your flimsy frame marks hip-hop's second most tragic event and will 'til Jam Master Jay's resurrection and second death. [CHORUS]

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