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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - These R The Tales

These R The Tales

Original and similar lyrics
I was riding in my chariot, with this freak named Harriet She said my stick was ??, so she knew just where to bury it This girl named Sequoia, she was from Illinois-a I had to stuff her mouth with her teddy bear, cuz she made hella noise-a This freak named Nikita Brown, I rode her like a merry-go-round She got to telling all her friends, that it's a new king in town I was on my way to Las Vegas when I bumped into Tessy She said her nickname was Marvin, cuz when she had sex it got messy This freak named Jenny Marquais, so you know I called her Butter Cuz when it came to summer sundresses, she had ass like no other The steak was always smothered, she was a freak under the covers You should have seen my expression, lil' pimpin, when I got hit on by her mother This young lady named Chanelle, she was fine as hell But she was 26, and her son was already twelve I was at this little assembly, when I chopped it up with Kimberly Hit it, split it, man that freak said she'd love me for infinity You should have seen the chemistry, I changed that freak's identity Seen her at the movies with her man, and the bitch didn't wanna remember me This girl named Chamere, she put diamonds in my ears But she also tried to put these niggas on me when I slapped her at the pier This girl named Cheryl Lynn, she had hella friends So when I brought my friends and all her friends, then that's when the party began This girl named Savannah, she used to love to pout But I used to say "Don't even trip, just stick this in your mouth" This freak named Miranda, she thought I couldn't stand her But yeah, I can stand ya, since I got your ass on camera I was riding hard, like Humphrey Bogart, with this freak named Leah Even though she was in the dark, no one could see her, get it? This freak named Raquela, she worked at Pac Bell-a She gave me the number to the pager, home, and cellular She had a lovely smell-a, ass like ?? I was wet like a scuba diver from the sex, homeboy let me tell ya Chrysler ??, with this chick named Darren I was at the mall trying to buy some clothes, and she just kept on starin And then came the flarin, she said she hated sharin I said "I'm not your man, little freak, so I'm not really carin" This gangsta's name was Dallion, she wore gold medallions Every other month we'd take a flight, out to Staten Island She kept a 9 on the dresser cuz she had dreams of hell Even though we in the penthouse suite of a 5-star hotel I rock and I rock well, that's what I told Gail She's a conceited little fraternity freak, up there at Yale Young tender named Divine, I bump in her Alpine She was the type that looked so good, it was a motherfuckin crime Took her from behind, led her to the ride Baby didn't make it home till the sun was 'bout to rise Kickin in with Corvette, baby had a Corvette She used to come and get young Nickatina from off of the set We strikes to the checks, she pick up her Lex We hit Hotel Nico, you know what came next I was payin my bill for cable, when I met up with Sable Green eyes, it was a CEO, of a record label But I didn't get to hit it, because I met with Bridget She was Sable's secretary, that gave me head and digits In the parking lot of a club one night, I ran into Kirby Freak worked at a beauty shop, said some gangsta's tryin to serve me Freak you ain't worthy, your gossip column is through And if some cats is after me, I'm right here mackin on you Had to pop the collar on my coat, rev up the vogue smoke Looked her in the eyes and said "Yeah bitch, you're broke!" This girl named ??, Lord she was dreamy Met her at a pool party, should have seen her bikini This lady's name was Val, her husband was my pal She offered me to put in why he stressed the ?rikers out? Gave the freak a smile, said "It ain't my style" I've known the homie for a while yo, and that would be foul Fired up the weed, me and Saint Jean We first had locked eyes yo, when we were thirteen Kissed at 15, sexed at sixteen That's why she's with me right now in the Beam, Tiga


ICE-T "Rhyme Pays"
Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoon's alright Ain't a man on earth,that can stay alive Without a drive Sex [x4] I was in a contest to rock the world First prize was a virgin young girl For four days I was up on the mic All sucker MC's were on the bite Bittin' my rhymes,stealin' my style I rocked so hard,it wasn't true I won the virgin girl,and her MAMA too Sex [x4] When I'm upon the microphone All the fly young ladies want a take me home When the party's over,take me to their house Throw me in the bed,know what we're talkin' about Then they say,'Ice-T you are the best I love your eyes Your things,your chest You put all my lovers to shame I can't remember my boyfriends name You made me feel all hot and wet The way you move I can't forget I came,I came,I came again it felt so good I told my friends You can have my cars,my jewels,my wealth I love you more than I love myself After tonight fulfilled I'll be No hundred men could match ICE-T Sex [x4] Then she turn out the lights,throw back the sheets And then our two hot bodies meet And all at once she felt the thrill The caress of the best,the Ice-T chill Start with her tongue upon the back of my leg She didn't stop till I hollered screamed and begged Then she rolled me over,took me to the stage Like in the nasty book where you tore out the page Sex [x4] I put it in their blouse In their brain their little panties that their boyfriend saw I put it in their mini skirt and up their thigh Deep,deep girls,I wanna make you cry I move it in and out,know what I'm talkin' about Then around your neck until you show respect Then on your cheek until I reach my peak Then in your mouth girl,no joke,I'll take it out Don't want to see you choke I'll run it down your back,might cause a heart attack I'll put it in your butt until I get enough And then I'll take it out and put it in my pants 'Cause I fuck with the beat,the only way to dance Sex [x4]

Happy Mess

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
[Verse 1] Remember that time that I made you so mad Last week right ha ha you know that It's not like it's all that rare So put it here and let me cherish the embarrassment I realize I've been a dick head yes And I respect how you question your investments I take the plane but it ain't to be impressive It feels like a cop out to label it lessons I've been though the rain but I've put other people through a hurricane just to work the game Some time I swim through so much shame I think my little man's blessed that he didn't get my last name And here you are right in front of me offering it all like tell me what you want from me I wanna love you today and forever Let me clear my through and rub my wings together [Chorus X2] It goes: I'm not perfect but I'm this that and this My hands are dirty and I'm this that and this You've been searching for this that and this Let's break the surface and make a little happy mess [Verse 2] Whoo girl, you're the most beautiful thing I've seen Enticing, exciting Even the sound of your voice gotta nice ring Ya seem like the type that might help me tighten up my pipe dreams We can keep digging through this dirt Team up, you and I against the universe Think about it, What cha say to yourself You can wear my cape and I can play with your belt The truth is there now Stand with me, look into that mirror now And tell me you don't see the same image Gonna be a brand name babe once the rain is finished [Chorus X2] [Verse 3] I can't believe she got me on a ball and chain It's not a complaint, I appreciate it For all the dumb mistakes I make I'm surprised baby girl ain't threw me away I never meant to hurt no one I just want to stay productive till the work is done I dance to a sertain drum but when I fell off beat you didn't turn and run, no You see me at my lowest moments You gave me sight when I had broken focus With a smile that opens up like a rose does Even when it all seemed so fucking hopeless And here you are, right in front of me Offering it all like 'tell me what you want from me' I want to thank you today and forever Let's make a little happy mess together You know [Chorus X2]

Restless Farewell

BOB DYLAN "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
Oh all the money that in my whole life I did spend Be it mine right or wrongfully I let it slip gladly to my friends To tie up the time most forcefully But the bottles are done We've killed each one And the table's full and overflowed And the corner sign Says it's closing time So I'll bid farewell and be down the road. Oh ev'ry girl that ever I've touched I did not do it harmfully And ev'ry girl that even I've hurt I did not do it knowin'ly But to remain as friends we need the time And make demands and stay behind And since my feet are now fast And point away from the past I'll bid farewell and be down the line. Oh ev'ry foe that ever I faced The cause was there before we came And ev'ry cause that ever I fought I fought it full without regret or shame But the dark does die As the curtain is drawn and somebody's eyes Must meet the dawn And if I see the day I'd only have to stay So I'll bid farewell in the night and be gone. Oh ev'ry thought that's strung a knot in my mind I might go insane if it couldn't be sprung But it's not to stand naked under unknowin' eyes It's for myself and my friends my stories are sung But the time ain't tall Yet on time you depend and no word is possessed By no special friend And though the line is cut It ain't quite the end I'll just bid farewell till we meet again. Oh a false clock tries to tick out my time To disgrace, distract, and bother me And the dirt of gossip blows into my face And the dust of rumors covers me But if the arrow is straight And the point is slick It can pierce through dust no matter how thick So I'll make my stand And remain as I am And bid farewell and not give a damn.

In My Sleep

JOE BUDDEN "Padded Room"
[Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Baby girl told me in my sleep I was talkin So it's only natural I asked her what I said? (said) She said she woke up when she heard But she was so damn tired she couldn't make out a word" (out a word) She said she was tryin to see if eventually I would scream the name of a bird (bird) I told her that's absurd ('surd), and then gave her the face like "word?" (word) And then she replied yeah, said it was quite weird, said she was type scared I said "that's a side effect that you get when you trade bad dreams for some great nightmares" ('mares) When I close my eyes (eyes), I escaped the Poltergeist my escape from reality, just what I needed Brings me to a place where shorty never cheated (hey!) And even if she tried and succeeded In this other world I wouldn't even get heated Fuck (fuck) the details, I don't care about why I'm chillin with my grandmother, she ain't die (she ain't die) I was browsing online and seen Mike on a banner That said "you can be like me and beat cancer" Anything I touched, I'd feel (feel) No inspection but it seemed so real (real) Was leavin out the casino with a nympho Yes, Ray it can be so simple (oh) Here's how I arrive a problem with my kin folk Learn how to build me a house with no win-dows And that's when I think I saw a ribbon in the sky but it wasn't from an in-tro 'Cause where I'm at is no rumors or gossip but still got love for Ms. In-fo She said in my sleep I'd be laughin, but shit be funny to me (oh) Look, my ice cream was two hundred degrees if it dripped, I'd get a hole in my dungarees See, my anonymity is my protection (what else?) and me and hip-hop have no connection (what else?) Which got me to reflectin, is that why the mirror won't show my reflection? When I close my eyes, there's no dollars so we can scratch that one as an excuse (or) Or why folks do the things they do (or) or why people act so brand new (let's go) I had wings on flyin out a prison with a ratchet was only there 'cause someone snitched Look (look here), no one's poor but no one's rich just my way of creepin if life's a bitch Took a walk on the ceiling just to get my mind right That was yesterday (so), so in hindsight Since I was able to haul off I took it as God tellin me I'll never fall off (off) Got rid of name brands in the jewelry (why?) most people just use it as medicine Like it take 'em somewhere they ain't never been (but) but here you better off not better than (oh!) Stuck in the room with a elephant Opened the closet and dapped up my skeleton Had a convo with a man with no ears And all of a sudden everything became so clear (clear) Have no fear, I just bought a first class trip to nowhere - everybody goes there But they don't stay the whole year, me? I got three hundred and sixty-five shows there My girl said in my sleep, I'd be walkin (walkin), so I ask baby, where I go? Uh, she said I be walkin slow but she don't ever want to get out of bed, so she don't know I went to see a man walkin on water (and) Asked if he'd ever get things back in order (and) I've been there two years, over a quarter But everytime I open my eyes, it's like torture (torture) He said "please, I gave you a whole 'nother world for you to go do with as you please Just so you appeased, mixed with a couple of signs about real life while you make believe" So I (so I), teleported out of there with a grin Met a bum with a mansion, invited me in Then (then), we politiced, about politics Said somethin about Def Jam, I ain't acknowledge it I went to see a virgin with AIDS, yeah I thought about smashin that (why?) yeah her ass was fat So appealin, tattoo on her inner thigh said "she doin better than she was feelin" (feelin) I think I seen shorty before (like), maybe in a club or somethin Or, maybe in VIP, but wasn't nobody there but me And the club was all red (red) Then she started playin with my head (my head) And then I came Then I asked shorty, "what's her name?" And it was weird 'cause she fucked around, disappeared (uh, 'peared) like what a cruel joke (look) Cig lit but from it was no smoke Flicked in the ash tray and seen Stack's face Flash through a school hallway on a half day Was gettin chased, couldn't tell by who (or) Then a hallway turned into a cliff (what else?) Screamin piff before I was dead Some coward chopped my ass up out that bed Then baby girl told me in my sleep, I was screamin (screamin) so I said that's a lie (that's a lie) She put her right hand in the sky and said "you was, but I don't know why, got to go, goodbye" (goodbye, goodbye ...)

Am I High

N.E.R.D. "In Search Of"
La la la la Listen La la la Hey Didn't you know I can help or hurt you So there's no reason to lie I bet you let those other niggas jerk you Convince you that they are fly I never said I was an angel Said but I ain't like those other guys Listen You're convinced that our experience rearranged you Well maybe you should reexamine How you tried Or [3x] Am I High I think I've loved you since our high school But you only wanted friends of mine So when they replied Her she's cool Only then you gave our friendship time You won't say it but you think I'm changing Is it because the whole world calls me drugs Didn't I say I can help or hurt you You should be paranoid without me and with me feel a buzz Is that cocky or what Or [3x] Am I High It's the kinda high that got me leaning 120 speeding in the rain Meaning of a hydroplane Play both sides of the field See I know pain Keep 'em high like Kurt Cobain Listen I'm known for speaking my mind Known for fleeing from the scene of a crime Eyes redder than the beam of my nine Eyes redder than the scene of that crime All for the love of the lime I'm so high Insinuating you're not that way I see how you look and use your eyes But when I ask you can I jump in Then you start again with the lies But if I dare you you'd blow a kiss to another Though my friends have no idea who you could be Don't worry I would never tell another But I ate your pussy as you layed there beside her yes she was asleep [3x] Am I High Why am I sitting here Peering the sky Is there something inside of me or am I high From when we talk on the phone 'til when we fuck This sounds like deep lust to me But I get high on your love Am I High

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