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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - These R The Tales

Smoke Dope & Rap Live

Original and similar lyrics
I smoke chewy like a mother fucking nut You got a grab bag hit the zags and roll her up Cause a nigga like me, can't fake it when I'm high Get the visine for the tight red eyes Jumped in the Cutlass with the niggas from the set The blunt went out, but we ain't done yet Get another one blaze like it's barbeque beef It ain't nuttin like a blunt for the funk in ya teeth Yea, I'm a skinny 6'5" motherfucker If u didn't know me, you would think I was a clucker But I'm not a clucker I'm a dodger and a ducker Come a lil closer I'm a show u I'm a punch ya And if I can't beat u get my gun and I'm a buck ya Turn u over like a bitch pull out my dick and I'm a fuck ya Like a fiend for the weed I'll tweak 4 15's in your trunk that's beat Proper ass amps abco, alpine Put the coke on the dash roll a dolla do a line Pump RBL's maybe 1 2 3 Or the funky shit by the I.M.P Now I'm high like a motherfucking jet Fuck a 9 to 5 I'm a juke on the set Slang these thangs and fuck these hoes, One line at a time goes up a niggas nose The shit clean my sinuses just like a shower Indo or tide blend it in with the powder Now I'm chewy high with a hard ass dick Ooh there goes my pager could it be a trick bitch Oooh it's Janine, she licked my dick clean Cum right away bring a dime bag of weed Like a nigga that's sick, caught up in the groove Kill the pussy bust a nut and like a vet stick and move Out of that house a quickie I know she got mad Because I killed it and I didn't bring the weed I did bring the weed but I left in the my Cutty Did you really think I would smoke some dank with you dummy? (yeah) No, Dre Dog won't die See my nigga Cougnut nigga let's get high He said I got the drank and you got the dank He said my nigga Dre Dog Frisco is the place For me to get high and you to get drunk We smoke dope we rap and these hoes we fuck Ooh I'm high as hell from snorting that girl Rush Mr. Cee so I could tie me up a curl Out that shop hoes do jock See my Cutty in a rag I will drop top See the freak on the block I think her name was Kim Just stole her in the Cutty like Iceberg Slim I said how you doin, my name is Dre Dog You give me your number I'll give you a call She said my hair looked proper as it blew in the wind But I can't have her number cause I fucked her best friend It's a pity I'm a nigga that just don't care Except for my dope my money and hair Cause everywhere I go it's the same damn song Nigga smoke more dope than Cheech and Chong I love to tell the truth but I'm such a good liar The Dre Dog nigga smoke more than Richard Pryor I'm true to the dope that I smoke no joke Check me right now there's a gram in my coat Cocaine blunts (what?) and hip hop tapes (what?) Rubber car keys and ID that's fake And rhymes do pay so my pockets do grow I snort so much snow that they should call me Dre Blow Cause I don't drink beer I don't drink gin Bust the freak hit the pussy then I try to fuck her friends Dre Dog don't laugh ain't a damn thing funny When niggas talk to freaks who ain't got no money I done smoke enough blunts fool to fill my brain Chewy boy do me raw cut cocaine And niggas get pumped when they smell dank-a-roma When they smell dank-a-roma then they know I'm on the corner They offer me drank but I don't get drunk I smoke dope I rap and these hoes I fuck

Ain't Nuthin' Changed (Everyday Thang Part 2)

(Chorus) Sit back, and let this thugshit, Clog Up Yo' Mind (x3) [Krayzie] Now, I'm ah nigga ta keep ta myself, and don't fuck wit' nobody I'm quiet, I'm thuggin'. Why are y'all so fast? Ain't time ta take ta quicken put to derail my thugs Well I might be Krayzie, civilized, I cruize in my Mercedes as ah bye-bye, nigga feel tha Bone, now spray, hey especially foe tha police, man. I'm ah nigga wit' thugshit cause I'm runnin' wit' tha niggaz in tha hood and that's how we play Wanna feel ah my spray-pump hit yo' chest, and finally realize who you're fuck with, fuckin with them niggaz in Cleveland ya do whateva like he say Then flip again, in the Land, got tha upperhand cause I got tha gripping good delay If you niggaz can dash, wit' tha lethal mass and then pass wit' tha very blast It ain't innocent, you should never been there in tha first place, fall, you got yo' curse today, hah Willin' die-hard nigga, wanna give up fakin nut devotion just do what you want So bitch, Krayzie Bone, real it now, and when did they lose? You'll feel the vibe, nigga Killin cause I'm Krayzie, nigga, cause I got to get the money get the platinum fund to pay But I'm ah be ah thinkin bout my niggaz when I got ta do sum flippin', if ah nigga ain't got my back (Chorus) [Layzie] Foe tha love of tha money, I keep spenidin' yo Just sum pap low shit, gotta let 'em hang low Swangin' lead from my 44 magnum though Wit' ah nuttin' indo smoke, when my thugs be sure, sure Hope ya know, I rip heartz, it's on, jackin' move then ya betta figure again, and quit plottin Takin' over this everyday, stoppin' to tha tough Double Glock and it's not forgotten Bitchez drop in Tha Clair It's tha Bone Thugs, in this shit wit' Eazy E and we made it and ah nigga wanna hate me 'cause I'm famous I'd still leave 'em in tha streetz, you can't blame us (lady luv) cause when they catch me without my heat, and I'm thuggin in tha streetz and I'm rollin Thuggin by the deadliest G's, you can't fuck wit us to the pressure out of pressure, I'm loadin, blow you up Y'all know we don't worship sin, it's tha heartz of men and we'd tested stress, wanna be blessed consists of tha sin in tha wayz of tha sin, to be dead. (Chorus) [Bizzy] And I promised, that all tha soulz would last til the dayz of tha livez of tomorrow and if you'd follow, tha end of the world should ah come ah so soon, so I just follow, I know I know, hey, how ta get down foe my thang enemiez fold ya, lettin' me soulz, gonna catch ya flossin' all tha way Welcome to Tha Land, where all my chemicalz unfold it goez, around up in slow-mo Been tickin', and I land down to Newport I'm alone, yes, but I may not rest Police will see me silenced stressin Nigga was steppin' up in ah, when I catched them thievin and I got 'em and there, gotta learn their lesson Blastin', no more, no I'm not havin' it Breakin' apart foe neva my daddy Lil' Ripsta defeat go pathless, so I get crazy and I face now's nasty blastin For tha Bone, For tha Bone, hit 'em up, and lesson up tha violence Screamin' on ah my murda mo, bullets get niggaz, let's begin ah new riot, hittin, and buckin them down to tha pave Cause I'm in tha new sense of me grave Couldn't you hataz, wouldn't be saved, hate 'em Hate ta shook, and put ah pen up in dem Foe tha love of money makin' go crazy and Benjamin Franklin pleaze come save me Hit tha weed, and y'all in, rollin yo finga but spot ya Bam em, yam em, fiend foe tha greenm see everybody sweatin foe tha scenez, still in ah myst wit' tha clich an unpropable way of ah trial 'cause it's tha funk, sing (Chorus) [Wish] (Now give it to 'em) Ya, gotta sit back, smoke and choke, meditate, mental state wit' tha Bone, B-ONE. We steadily grieve on, givin' you what you need man, clone Bone, shock 'em, drop 'em, pop 'em let 'em know Bone in tha fukkin' war (no, no) you hataz make feellike, you wanna feel my motherfuckin 44 But I gotta stay clean, it's cool, then unless he freein I'm mean sum cheeze, me and my niggaz, and this Mo' Thug, Mo' Thug cavalry, on tha streetz Ready ta ride, when it's time ta ride, ready ta kill when it's time ta kill, you gon' die, you' gon' die I've been tryin if you really wanna ride on down wit' Bone then come on, come on. If ya really wanna ride, get down but get stuff, but ya come on, come on (Chorus)

A Tale Of 2 Citiez Freestyle

You been watching this nigga waiting on him to slip Just wanna make the light my nigga In the building why you creeping in the black crow Pull up to the curve my nigga He been out here bomming and his family broke as shit You think he give a fuck my nigga Look in there had a nigga down the barrel of your gun Now look into his eyes my nigga Will he die, will her live Will he beg like a bitch Or will he testify my nigga Will the clip jam Guess this nigga hold it Who go catch it first Somebody bout to die my nigga Fingers itching, gripping on that cap Think am run the chains on his neck Jesus face with the diamonds Ice in his mouth Fuck that nigga smile Cause he know if you don't let the choppers fly We know somebody go kill him on the other side He know somebody waiting all up in his mamma house He know somebody fucking his baby mamma now It's time for the come up Nigga this it Got 19-15 in the clip It's up to you and God my nigga Another day, another dollar He's spitting on the car my nigga Living fast fuck the law You ain't worry bout the cops my nigga Your last hoe call you a fag You thought to get a job my nigga You just bough a new bird The last one was hot my nigga Everyone showing love in the streets You will hustle everyday Everybody knows that you the claw You that nigga that they wanna be But somebody waiting on you my nigga Don't sleep It's a black bag with a black mag In the black crown feat Creeping on you But you don't give a fuck when you out in these streets Dollars in you chain nigga your the hoods dream Hit the corner store for some lic See you nigga in the rear view You close your eyes when you about to die One of these nigga's sound like you

Chain Swang

GOODIE MOB "World Party"
[Gipp] Yup, yup, yeah.. uhh.. Yeah.. All night like a corner store, twenty-four seven Hood hanger; we gets hot like a wok in the Chinese kitchen, switchin up on my shoe wear How we get down, we blew down, nigga big bank style Sit and chill a while, wait a minute yo we blows big nigga Sip on bottles with funny names, holla holla Deep in this thang, keep it simple and plain and watch my chain hang, watch my chain hang [Cee-Lo] Listen here -- I got a book that you should read It's about me, and I suggest that to any nigga who doubt me it will correct you, affect you, it will make shit clear Now switch to the next nigga with that bullshit here Keep readin -- it will also say that if you, disrespect, anything up in this way that will guaran-tay an awesome array of gunplay, okay This is Carlito's Way, all day [T-Mo] Shake it shake it shake it shake it hang out all night and don't stop until the DJ quit spinnin what's right Everybody sweatin gettin closer and closer, be shoulder to shoulder Bouncin, bouncin, we tipsy, danceflo' is slippery But we groovin, keepin this bitch movin Provin, we bang in this game watch my chain hang [Khujo] Back and forth, back, and forth style, whatchu know bout ridin out from the Kroger parking lot to the Paramount and Birmingham then back, punk is spittin his jack When the leaves turn ur-ange, and you see your breath uhh, fifteen eleven colossal I'm weighing in at a Knighton If you don't know nuthin else believe that it is some ol' real niggaz Chorus: Cee-Lo (repeat 2X) Whether you slang 'caine, or you gang-bang or work a nine to five, just tryin to maintain, mayne Do your thang, mayne, it's all the same, mayne and let your chain swang, and let your chain hang [T-Mo] Lyric assassin while mashin they blastin come fast and scatter from every rational imaginal International region, under my seeds and, over these airwaves Manipulate the rhyme with my mind so it's good to grind through your speaker, this one's a keeper Like Ebenezer, it was his decision, to live his life through a tunnel vision, followed by the reaper who knows your past deeper, don't let him creep ya, from behind [Khujo] Before I was rudely interrupted, house fallin down but we straight, you should save yourself It's rainin suckers cause they greed sickens me Poverty stricken, hand pickin, in the corner cleansin Lights out poor, slip and you nails hell Everythang for sale, be eat with they plastic Let's enhance it, I'll be good til Saturday Thick volume gravity [Gipp] We bout to mix and mingle, meet a match for the next single Money stashed away in jars like Pringles Keep it hard for the Tunnel, we make it bump for the 5 5 nina skull-cap boot-wearin renegade motherfuckers Throw yo' hands up, you give it up we give it back Yo, this is how we act when it's packed from the back Lady don't snatch, let my chain hang Everythang is everythang boo [Cee-Lo] Behold, the stolen soul, the ancient scroll The game of control, roll the Swisher swoll Open the gate away, lay to lay, I getcha gotcha greaterly Even when you hate me, you educate me So try to trill, I will take ya to the battlefield Crack your motherfuckin, windshield you better yield cause I got the right of way, night or day, alright okay This is Carlito's Way Chorus 2X

Enemy Turf

LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Juvenile] Ah hmmm hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmm [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] When I say I don't give a fuck I mean that yeah brains is getting bust I didn't say that yeah If a shipment was comin in I need a wodie I need a sixty-forty nigga And no chargin' that wodie You done heard about Michael Jackson And shiggidy shit But you ain't never heard about me When i'm flissin a bitch Niggas shoulders gettin knocked Clean off of they head See that red dot comin from Me and my girlfriend Cause I wants mine I needs mine And i'm about to get mine At these times Look lil' daddy You ain't got to worry about none of these other niggas You needs to be worried about when Juvi comin to get ya Look, I make a phone call to the big dog Y'all bitches better handle y'all business before I hit y'all Even though a nigga rich and i rock ice I still bust a nigga head on the block aright [Chorus 2x (Juvenile & Lil' Wayne)] [Juvenile] It's enemy turf that i'm on So i'ma play it how it go Cock the hollow points And tote my black calicoe My lil' brother Weezy [Lil' Wayne] My big brother Juvi Four hit the blocks Strapped up with the Uzis [Verse 2 (Lil' Wayne)] What, What, La Gun for gun Eye for eye Better move yo' wife and son 'Cause i ride or die Cashmoney Hot Boy Bless me when i'm gone But until then load up the chrome cause it's on I been bout it Put a I drop the top and then i flip I hit his cock and make 'em flip And i be full of that trash i be the first one to jump out the jag bust at 'em fast Watch the bullets chop off the head And make 'em fall in the grass One move they all die Lil' Weezy small frie Guerilla when it's war time Y'all better learn When this nigga shoot it'll be all hell Well then let 'em burn Seven churn and i be damn if i let 'em go If i don't get my dough Then hell will be all blowin' 'Till i R.I.P CMR i be I put it down for all my peeps Nigga, i'm HB for real [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] All i know is the streets And how to strap up When it's time shoot it Cock yo' heaters Tie up yo' bags It's time to do it Blaze the blunt Shut off the lights And cut down the music Roll down the windows Turn the corner And let loose with the bbbbrrrrrr If ya don't know now Then ya never will learn You ca play with Lil' Wayne And yo' block get burned You must love to go swimmin Cause tha water gets deeper See i bust you wide open And take 'ya daughter with me Here come the beat boy Shoot out the street lights Time to bring on the heat boy If you ain't really wit it Then you better get back I open yo' chest And make it look just like a wet cat This is a death trap i'ma a guerilla and i mean it leave ya' head still in a beanin' on the semen Calicoe steamin' Red dot beamin' Dressed up suspicious Play with lil' Weezy you'll be for the vicious [Chorus 2x] Enemy Turf Time to strap up What

True Loyalty

50 CENT "The New Breed"
(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo) [50 Cent] Unh, yeah..I like the way this feel right here yo...turn me up in the head phones just a lil' bit yeah.. [50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)] There ain't shit in this world deeper than loyalty and love (Except loyalty and love, between thugs) For you, I pull up in the whip and spray the whole strip (For you, I walk up close and lay a nigga's kin) For you, there ain't a damn thing that I won't do I'm a Thug, this my way I show, my love for you (Nigga for you, I get the coke, I'ma turn it into cash) For you, if we go broke, we gon' rob a nigga ass (For you, if we get knocked, I'ma have to take the weight 'Cause with a record like yours dogg, you ain't stayin' upstate) Nigga for you, I kill a whole God damn crew (Why) 'Cause I know you'd do the same thing too...haha I ride, you ride for me, my enemies your enemies How could you not love a Thug like me [Chorus] Would you ride for me (you ain't even got to ask) Would you die for me (nigga, they blast you, they blast me) Would you cry for me (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me) Nigga, you ride for me (you ain't even got to ask) Would you die for me (nigga, they blast you, they blast me) Would you cry for me (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me) [50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)] (Nigga, I'm the stem, you the crack I'm the clip, you the gat I'm the glock, you the mac I'm the artist, you the trap I'm a pen, you the pad I'm the Dutch, you the bag I'm the knife, you the stab I'm the driver, you the Jag) I'm the ice, you the bezel I'm grimy, you ghetto I'm the bow, you the arrow I'm the shell, you the barrel I'm a pimp, you a player I'm dope, you the hustler I'm a nine, quiet me down, you the muffler [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] You can catch me in public housing, wit' bundles of D Or in the Santa Monica mountains, bundled up to ski Since, time is money, I rhyme on the clock And walk through the strip with a nine in the ox You seen the ice, you know it's top notch And when it comes to dice, I'm seeing' shorty to the shot box Banks stop, guns pop through your tank top And leave you wet up like a sonar range drop When I grind, I wear the same thing tomorrow When you grind, it's Showtime at the Apollo Damn near every rapper gotta hide sixteen Well my flow's like a ho that's sixteen I ran through niggas, dismantled niggas They mad 'cause they see me in Cancun bitches But I'm ghetto, straight from the 'hood my nigga If there's no toothbrush I'ma use my finger I got so many minks, and so many leathers The crib is surrounded by animal protesters I'm a grown man, still livin' like I'm young With the mind of an old man, full of wisdom Here the cops come, task force van Rock so much ice, I'm called Jack Frost man And while we sippin' on cris', you sippin' backwash man Your team got heart, but your heart's in my hand You want sixteen bars, in song format Or sixteen cars on your mom's doormat...wha

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