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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - These R The Tales


Original and similar lyrics
You used to like my style, I used to like your smile I said I'll stay a sec, you said stay a while You started sippin whine, said I was on your mind I said I'm thinking of you too girl your hella fine We hit the night time, for a late date And everyday after that, for 8 months straight We would roll tight, we had small fights You shoulda seen how we are you done the street lights I couldn't see your tears, from the pouring rain You shoulda seen my body shake, when she said my name She said I'm not the same, Andre ya changed I said baby its pain from the rap game We went our separate ways, man I was hurt for days Man I didn't even call, I went through withdrawal Flashbacks of her face hit me sometime And I be wonderin man does she think of mine I think of Rose [Chorus] Love is down through the hardest times Sometimes I put Al Green on and think of Rose Being with you is just a state of mind Girl, thinking about you all the time I saw her at a club, she was with a thug She thought I would say hi, but I didn't show no love The homey blazin bud, and now its getting live But I knew that she knew, that I'd protect my pride I see her watchful eye, from across the joint And then she knew how I feel, if I heard her voice And some ladies talked, and other ladies walked But when it came to you girl, man there was a spark Your whole anatomy man was like poetry The very smell of your hair was like luxary It was because of me, when the days was bright I would come through with my silent nights Man I think of Rose [Chorus x2]

Lonely Daze

GINUWINE "Ginuwine...The Bachelor"
Oh Oh.... Can We Try... Oh... [Chorus (2x)] Can we try to make up for the Lonely daze I love you baby come what may Tonight I'm gonna make you stay Listen.... Sit back relax your mind your dinner is waiting The more I see you girl my heart beat is pacing New lovers mentally we knew what we were thinking No waiting all night long let's start the love making Can we try.... [Chorus (2x)] (Cause I love you) (I'm gonna make you stay) (Can we try) One chance is all I need to have you forever I'll wait forever girl until the 12th of never If I could do it all I'd carry your baby...nine months long But I'm a man no doubt Darlin' And you are my lady [Chorus (2x)] (Can we try) (To make up for the lonely daze) (I'm gonna make you stay) (all the things I wanna do to you baby) I'm tryin to figure out what this love thing is all about Can we be as one Help me to know your so fine baby be mine I wanna tell you girl It's you love I only seek It's the one that's meant for G' Baby I'm sorry please stay don't you leave (Stay don't u leave me) [Chorus (2x)] (Cause i want u baby) (Anything i've done i'm sorry) (I'll climb a moutain,Swim a shore) (Anything you want from me) (i'll give you that & much much more) (Yes i will baby) (Come on) (If you want I'll kiss the ground that you walk on) (Cause that's just how much I love you) (All I ever wanted to do is make you happy baby) (Tonight I want you by my side)

I'll Make It Up To You

JAE MILLZ "Property Of Potentness 2"
I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you [Verse 1:] Dodging cops and police stations Never home paper chasing But baby girl I promise (I'll make it up to you) You put up with all my BS You deserve that double VS around your finger You see every king need a queen With you I'll shall share my dreams And I might not beat it up now (I'll make it up to you) God blessed me when God made you That's why I take chances and I make moves So a better life we can engrade too Going hard is our order But I'm barely seeing my daughters So this is what I said last time I saw her (I'll make it up to you) Ye, daddy's little girl always And daddy love his little girl all day Every day you don't ever play with my fam And these next few bars for my fans And know it's like I faded off the land But all my life (I'll make it up to you) Ye... (I'll make it up to you) [Verse 2:] All in no days off Lord knows I hope it all pays off I was made for the top like stake sauce Go hard like I already made soft Poke shit I create that Cream on my mind like an azak Bout mind don't mistake that My girl barber she straight bad My team bad, my team up My team good that's an A plus We smoke loud, we stunt loud But we don't say shit, make sense? Loyalty over royalty The foundation that's the sort of me Say don't bite the hand that feed you Say I respect who employed me That's the end of that story I tell my mom I gotta say I hate for us to miss holidays But (I'll make it up to you) Forever love you with my all Spring summer winter fall If I ain't there I'm just a call, a call away I call my dates I run the long scene in the go, just play (I'll make it up to you) Directed by the most high I'm so enwind to my so fly If I owe you one just know I (I'll make it up to you) (I'll make it up to you)

Sexy Eyes

BABY BASH "Tha Smokin' Nephew"
Sexy Eyes, they're so lovely, Sexy Eyes Make me wanna love ya Sexy Eyes, Girl you're lookin' way cool tonight Oohh Da da da da da, Ya know I got the cognac, Da da da da da, And the phat bomb sack Da da da da da, Your sexy eyes got me hypnotized, Lady come and take a ride with me Shorty do you know the time All I wanna do is vibe Put you on the suga rise Smilin' wit your pearly whites Sexy eyes Sexy waist Sexy each and every day When I put this thang up on ya Sexy mama wanna marry me But hold up now, we just met Let me see how long you keep it wet Hold it steady, already, Baby girl we done did dat It's like a stair way to paradise When I look into your eyes, Mama very nice And we can do all type of thangs Rollin in them whips and I like to swang You know it's nothing to a trilla though Your sexy eyes are so spiritual [Chorus x1] The steelo so kamikaze Shrinin' like Liberachy Spendin like Burberry Me E'Seemiagy It's goin' down like gravity Yo baby daddy mad at me And I throw these things so handley Cop me an assault and battery She still wanna love me like a playboy bunny Lookin' like warm hunny So classy and stunny Faithfully, she waits for me Like the real ones really do So gracefully she's made for me And you know that's on the cool Girl get your shine on like candle in the wind Gotta keep my mind strong When I'm hammerin' within And one look is all it took Incredible thighs And one look is all it took Incredible eyes [Chorus x1] [x2] Time don't wait for love And life don't wait for a break in the weather It's time for me and you to hook up Let's get this thing together [Chorus x2]


[Spoken Marques] Don't say a word Just come over here I got somethin' I gotta do tonight Listen [Verse One] Ain't never been a man wantin' anything much as I want you (you) The sun don't come up til' mornin' so tonight theres no excuse...mmm (mmm) Just like the rain outside I'll make your love come down so baby now it's time (time) Just can't wait no more (just can't wait no more) I'm gon' give you what your body's been cryin' for (cryin' for) [PreChorus One] And if you tell me yes I'll lay you down Girl we ain't gotta rush let's play around We'll do it like we never done before so go and lock that door Baby don't worry cus I'll be gentle [Chorus] Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (ooh come on) Come on babygirl you know I just can't take it (I can't take it no more) Let your panties hit the floor (floor) Let your body steal the show right now (right now) It seems like you're ready So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked (us naked yea) [Verse Two] I know you want this girl I see it in your eyes (eyes) Don't be ashamed of what you got between those thighs oh (oh) You know I'm gon' try not to be so exited But I can't help it feels so good to be invited So baby get ready cus here I go ooh (here I go ooh) [PreChorus Two] Take off your shoes I wanna see them toes Slip off that skirt and that shirt gotta go Come off them draws girl you won't be needin' those Now you're wearin' what I like baby let's go Come on [Chorus] Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (Let's get naked) ooh come on Come on babygirl you know I just can't take it (I can't take it no more) Let your panties hit the floor (floor) Let your body steal the show right now (right now) It seems like you're ready So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked (us naked yea) [Verse Three] Now somethin' 'bout that sexy skin you in Your clothes don't do you justice so come out of them So baby take that off so I can break you off And give you love love love (uh huh oh) Now its time to enjoy yourself If you need assistance babygirl I'm here to help Cus its time for us to start this love makin' (let's make love) But first we gotta get butt naked [Spoken Marques] Damn girl You look so good Won't you come over here Slip off that skirt You know that shirt gotta go baby baby baby You lookin' kinna right Take your time (take your time) Now you know its time Lets get naked If you tell me yes I'll lay you down We'll do it like you never done before If you tell me yes I'll lay you down

Them Jeans

Grandmaster Flash "Da Bop Boom Bang"
Words: L.Dukes, G.Williams Music: G.Williams - 1987 From the Album Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang Walkin' through my neighborhood Her backfield's in motion Clingin' to body smooth as lotion Struttin' that stuff so firm and lean Hey girl,I love the way you look in Them Jeans I was never that crazy about stone-washed denin At least until I saw a girl in 'em They fit so tight but look so rough I'm sayin' uh uh uh now,tha's fine stuff In pastel colors,pink is so hot Why don't you run me over with that truck you got Hey Virginia Slim,don't be so mean 'Cause I love the eay you look in Them Jeans Jordache,Sasson or,huh,Calvin Klein I gotta put on my shades 'cause you're makin' me blind Don't even know her name,but still I can't get enough I'll call her earthquake,'cause I'm all shook-up I followed her across the street and I nearly got killed Your name must be Gloria,Damn you're built Looks like they're comin' apart at the seams But,girl,I love the way you look in Them Jeans I know you must be a damn good lover By the way you look,girl,in those hip-huggers If I was a zipper I'd sneak a peek To see if you were wearing anything undermeath I don't mean to be bold,but I was told That if you took your pants off your butt'll explore Everybody in the house,yo show no shame And shout out the choise of your brand name! Wrangler Levis Paisley Ju Ju Jag Jeans Lee's ya'll Alessio Guess Jeans All the ladies in the house let me hear you scream We love the way we look in our jeans Sittin' on my stoop with my needle and thread Got a stiff from jerkin' my head Bound to hurt somebody by the way she switches Don't shake it too hard or you'll bust them breeches I know you couldn't 've put'em on all by yourself 'Cause they fit so tight you had to have help I watched her walk down the block until she was gone 'Cause her jeans look like they were painted on Next time you walk by me,girl,you better run 'Cause I'm thinkin' 'bout chewin' your bubble gums You use butter,lard and margarine And that was just to get your two legs in You used Crisco and a shoe horn at the same time To get the pants up over your big behind Had to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 'Cause her jeans were so tight,they cut off her circulation I wanna be your King and you be my Queen 'Cause I love the way you look in Them Jeans

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