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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - These R The Tales


Original and similar lyrics
You know I laugh like a fat king And when I rap it's like the sound when a gat sings Undercover, yea you know like butter Stretch like rubber I make sure payments like the ultimate cutter I stand like a statue in the church I feel cold Trapped like a cat with a boat full of coke Tigas know I lie Cherrybananapumpkinpie This is how I run my life Razor sharp just like the knives Mics get hit from buller flavor I spit Chambers and clips can't offer me shit I get high as f**k when them MC's come But from dawn to dusk man I breaks em up Like booyah! What ya do now!? I can hear them freaks screamin Hoocha! From head to head Dread to dread Lead to Lead Spread to spread Niggas be trippin when the endos gone Niggas be trippin when they womans gone Niggas be trippin when the moneys gone That's why I rappin on the microphone What up, razor sharp Crack Raider Time to build my juice back up Like the curl of a banger in a compton cut How many niggas do I have to kill Before I go to the top of the hill Don't need to be alarmed because my game is tight You know I do it for the gods when I rock the mic You know I'm really wheel spinnin and my hammer keep bustin You be a fool and these cats I'm trustin Cold as ice he must be cold as steel I'm gon bury yo ass at the top of the hill come on Razor sharp Rap Raider razor Raider sharp Rap raider razor raider sharp A tiga like me can't hit the block Sucka mc's is like microphone cops Niggas know Nicky got a brain for glocks So when I think niggas come at they usual spots Nose stay red like the 1st reindeer Don't know where you goin but ya can't stay here Gotta hit the scene all stars and jeans Slip through the scene like vaseline cream Supreme being one man team The king diamonds with the heart of his queen No matter the ride check it I'm gon lean With a hook that niggas ain't seen since kareem I'm a fugitive gotta watch my step Suckas wanna kno where the rhymes is kept Check this out playboy hold ya breath I'm on the bay bridge they ain't caught me yet Goin ninetyyyy on the freeway chokin Ain't no mystery to the weed we smokin Andre nickatina said show me some styles And check this out freak I'm a be right back I hate to be a whore but the worlds a pimp I'm tryin to tell my tigas man don't y'all simp Comin like a mack truck Miss me if ya foul skunk Represent the blunt when ya get tossed up Microphone flow like the caddy will rip And this sugar hill gang got me doin this so Razor sharp, rap raider razor sharp Rap razor raider razor sharp... sharp

Introducing Shaunta

[Montell] Dis here's a Mo Swang production So check it out as we rip it up The way only we know how to do baby Straight up, for your neighborhood In South Central, yeah To my niggas in Compton, yeah What up, off in Inglewood And to my brothas in Watts, yeah Where you at in Jordan Downs? yeah And to the ghettos everywhere, uh, yeah We're gonna do it to ya And it go a little somethin' like dis Check it out I'm bouts to get buck-wicked, buck-wild on ya right here Wild style R and B, Hip-Hop And all that other gangsta shit So check it out as I rizip it up for ya I made somethin for the radio and Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz Somethin for my neighborhood that made a little money Now Monty is my name, and you know I gets to it Because I'm kinda fluid, so the Simmons to the Stewart Now Stewart got the cash, I went and got equipment I made some funky shit that you niggas can't get wit 'Now Monty, why'd you do it? You're an R and B singer' For real, stop, a real style is what I had to bring-uh I'm not a gang banger and I don't buck buck If niggas get to shootin', I'm the nigga that duck I don't smoke indo, that's all because I'm more than happy wit my contact buzz Now this is how we do it, that's why I say I did it my way So just check it as I wreck it And ya know that I'm bound I'm comin' straight, (strigity-)straight from the underground Yeah And I'm straight rippin' this shit But check it I'm introducin' my mothafucka Her name is Shaunta So check it out as she rips shit Yo, girl Where you at love? [Shaunta] What I flex is that shit that you wanna hear next is The way I get busy, then I bring erections And BOOM wit no car crash BANG wit yo' ass fast like Miss Flash Sufferin' sucka-tash I got you niggas fo' yo' cash flow And yes, I'm bashtro, UH! But don't make an ass... Of your crew And what that bitch gonna do? Monty enslave that nigga, then I take the otha two smotha you Not to your gravy, but to your ? When I was young, I couldn't drive a BM ? You niggas crave me You must be crazy The last ho who jumped wrong got a clip, feelin' dazy You can't fade me, it's the dash On to get paid and round up any competition, stomp her For all you ?rambling flexity rip? Check it out Monty grips 'Cause me and Montell wrecks shit Yeah [Montell] Yo, yo, yo, this goin' out to all my niggas out there Wassup P-Double? Yeah, straight up to No Mercy Percy The nigga that give me the righteous fades in South Central To all my niggas on Crenshaw, straight off in the hood Everywhere in the United States and overseas Japan and all that bullshit Wherever, this mothafucka's goin' down This one's for you baby (DJ West) [Shaunta] Yeah, nigga Did you guys record that? (Outro-lude) Montell, you big sexy You go You dressed like Big Bird though Look like one of them old construction workers But the boy can sing though Good thing he can sing!


Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Inspectah Deck] Yo the bare facts make 'em take Flight like Air Max Hyperdermix raps share it and you'll both have tracks Dope man supply fire to wax push your wigs back Hit ya like a tall cat make ya relapse Never before have ya ever heard this level of raw My metaphors touch down like the hammer of Thor Knee deep into the war sirens and gats roar Livin life ragin bull life's the matador I soar, above the law, branded illegal They still rush my door cuz I'm power to the people Sharp as an eagle's claw, certified lethal Keanu Reaves can't match the Speed I exceed to Crash the party, make 'em jump like KenEvil I take cash in advance and blast off on retrieval Check the bangin sounds that I invent, marvelous... Check--check, marvelous... Check the bangin--the bangin sounds that I invent - Ghostface Killah [Inspectah Deck] Yo, yo I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison For those on the streets, rock ir in your system One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin Representin all those who ain't got a pot to piss in Went from small timer to a top position I'm not kiddin, so what? Radio's not mixin While shots whistlin, niggas on my block listen to the Uncontrolled, mentally hold you P.O.W. Comin through, ain't no good, ain't no love for you Cameleons play the wrong side of the fence Switchin like Clark Kent when the drama commence Ladies and gent's, my poetry's beyond intense Find me in the trench, while you hold your spot on the bench Best invest in me, favored heavenly I.N.S., address me, as your excellency Successfully defendin my belt with first rounders Where close friends get treated the same as out-of-towners Check--check--check--check the bangin sounds that I invent... Check--check--check--check--check--check... Check the bangin--the bangin--the bangin... The bangin sounds--sounds that I invent - Ghostface Killah [Inspectah Deck] Jurrasic insides, I rise above the norm' Urban icon, ridin on the eye of the storm Veteran form, spaz like memories of 'nam Duckin bombs on the rendezvous with Miss Saigon Calm assassin, showin my face so they can know When on Beatstreet, I paint a picture like Raymo On the lay-low, makin dough, aimin to blow Got away to go, so I'm just takin it slow From the Shao' borough, throwin the thoroughbred flow Echoin in the ghetto, throughout the metro 'Bout to let it go, give me some room to elbow Watch bitches stick to a nigga like velcro Yo, the plan is to grap what I can within my reach Expand like the crystal white sands that fill the beach With my hand on the piece, one eye is on the beast Through the rhyme I teach history class and move the mass .. I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison For those on the streets, rock ir in your system One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin *echo* I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison For those on the streets, rock ir in your system One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin *echo*

Exhibit C

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
When I was sleeping on the train Sleeping on Meserole Ave out in the rain Without even a single slice of pizza to my name Too proud to beg for change masterin' the pain When New York niggas was calling southern rappers lame But then jackin' our slang I used to get dizzy spells, hear a little ring The voice of a angel tellin' me my name Tellin' me that one day I'm a be a great man Transformin' with the MegatronDon spittin' out flames Eatin' wack rappers alive shittin' out chains I ain't believe it then, nigga I was homeless Fightin', shootin' dice, smokin' weed on the corners Tryna find the meaning of life in a Corona Till the Five Percenters rolled up on a nigga and informed him "You either build or destroy, where you come from?" "The Magnolia projects in the 3rd Ward slum" "Hmm, it's quite amazing that you rhyme how you do And that you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru" Question 14, Muslim lesson 2: Dip diver, civilize a 85er I make the devil hit his knees and say the Our Father Abracadabra! You rockin' with the true and livin' Shout out to Lights Out, Joseph I, Chewy Bivens, Shout out to Baltimore, Baton Rouge, my crew in Richmond While y'all debated who the truth was like Jews and Christians I was on Cecil B, Broad Street, Master, North Philly, South Philly, 23rd, Tasker 6 Mile, 7 Mile, Hartwell, Gratiot Where niggas really would pack a U-Haul truck up Put the high beams on Drive up on the curb at a barbecue and hop up out the back like "what's up" "Kill a nigga, rob a nigga, take a nigga, buss up" That's why when you talk that tough talk I never feel ya You sound real good and you play the part well But the energy you givin' off is so unfamiliar I don't feel ya Nas hit me up on the phone said "what you waitin on" Tip hit me up with a Twit said "what you waitin on" Diddy send a text every hour on the dot sayin "when you gon drop that verse nigga you takin long" So now I'm back spittin that He could pass a polygraph That Reverend Run rockin Addidas out on Hollis Ave That F.O.I., Marcus Garvey, Nikki Tesla I shock you like a eel, electric feel, Jay Electra They call me Jay Electronica Fuck that, call me Jay ElecHannukah Jay ElecYarmulke Jay ElectRamadan Muhammad Asalama'Aleykum Rasul'Allah subhana wa ta'Allah through your monitor My uzi still weigh a ton, check the barometer I'm hotter then the mothafuckin' sun, check the thermometer I'm bringing ancient mathematics back to modern man My momma told me "never throw a stone and hide your hand" I got a lot of family, you got a lot of fans That's why the people got my back like the Verizon man I play the back and fade to black and then devise a plan Out in London, smokin', vibin' while I ride the tram Givin' out that raw food to lions disguised as lambs, And, by the time they get they seats hot, And deploy all they henchmen to come at me from the treetops, I'm chillin' out at Tweetstock, Building by the millions, My light is brilliant

A Fine Day To Die, Aerie Descent

Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse"
Orgy of silence Conspiracy of peace Only the master Of the cold northern breeze Twinsun sink fading Behind the black lake Asleep is the mountains Yet the night is awake Strange is the night Now black stars rise And many moons circle Through silent the night Along the black mountainside scattered By the campfires awaiting the dawn Two times a hundred men in battles Tried by the steel in the arrow axe and the sword By battle worn hunger torn awaitening For the sun to break through the cold haze And for the banners of Ebal to appear On the hill in the sun's first warm rays The elder among the men looked deep into The fire and spoke loud with pride Tomorrow is a fine day to die Now the morning advance from far east Now the sun breaks through dustclouds and haze a forest of spears appears onthe hill the steel shines bright in the sun's first rays

Friend Or Foe

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
check one check two, you know what to do primo, cold crush when i give it to you friend or foe yo, state your biz ya tend to dough, ah , there it is me, i run the show, oh, and these kids don't like nobody commin around here fuckin wit they doe for shit you enterprisin though, and i like it but fuck with the big dogs though, i gotta bite ya, look, its out of my hands and you gettin money round here, its not in the plans so hop yo ass out of that van, head back to kansas i'm sendin niggas back up in campuses chance is slimmer than that chick in calvin klien pantses let me guess, they said it was money round here and the rest is me stoppin you from gettin it, correct sorry to hear that, my guess is you got work at the hotel i'll take care of that , you'll see, now please give me the room key you're twitchin, don't do that, you makin me nervous my crew, well, they do pack, them niggas is murderous so would ya, please put your hand back in sight they don't like to see me nervous you can understand that, right you draw, better be picasso, y'know the best cause if this is not so, ah, god bless you leave me no choice, i leave you no voice believe me son i hate to do it just as bad as you hate to see it done now calm your boys, cause i'm findin it a little hard to concentrate with all the noise get the point, i'll let ya go, before ya leave,i guess i aughta let you know, i need those keys and promise you never, no matter the weather evaevaevaevaevaevaevaevaeva come around here no mo'

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