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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Tears Of A Clown

The Rap Gods

Original and similar lyrics
I'm still standin... This for the rap gods... I tried to earn wings but, I think I grew horns And maybe that's why mc's rock me like porn Flowin like the water in the mississippi river I suppose it grows in the hennessey sipper, thank me To do a show, and we tryin to do a palace, like a midnight jet, My soul roams off to dallas, It's somethin like cream when we hustle on the scene Other mc's and freaks wanna join the team Dealers would fly, ride the engines of pimps The colors were candy coated, incredible rims And my dreams of what people sayin, don't get a job I realize now it was all the rap gods I slither through the streets like a boa constricter On my car dashboard got the gangsta pictures Sportin leather and energy, could that be me? Smokin weed listenin to run DMC? My repute wass a rap child, emotions of steel Represent with no crew man, your life is sealed Add a two's of all kinds, with gun zippers in em' See notes don't last long, we can't wait to spin em' Oh cars, and bars, weed, greed, and clothes Maintain my women, clown the rest of these hoes Man, my festive up braid the truth of a rhyme After restin on jeopardy to my lifetime grind I'm like an angel that's high smoken' weed up in heaven We're as crooked as reverends, b-ball playground legends Triangle, some say sinsanati bang goes, stars fangle Hand cold as chris krango, we break hearts And crack rib praps, take trips far Shop at the gap, ten by the rap gods Shoot the git, so I blessed it with some weed, bacon, eggs and grits I can block the sun, like a solar-eclipse My homie said he had a yaght but I don't mess with ships The freak, said she hated dope dealers, they clock they ends, I said which is why your payin this rapper then Nickatina, I'm something like simbad the sailor Dress in red and black, the true signs of a raider

Tears Of Blood

Biohazard "No Holds Barred-Live In Europe"
Your cards were dealt when You drove through the night As a man in dark clothes came into your sight The barrel tapped the glass You reached the window lock Get the fuck out the car And leave it in the crosswalk He climbed into your seat And dropped a vial of crack Pissin' down your leg, you're a victim of carjack Feel the cold steel as I pull the hammer back Bang! You're fuckin' dead 'cause it's like that Society, pushed him down and out Soul provider what's it all about Religion, faith can we do without Social pressure we're too strung out Another bad hand the cards have been dealt Kid of fourteen, high aspirations held To get ahead and run shit with his powerful will Told by his role model, you're old enough to kill See my ride, my bitches and my loot If ya wanna survive be prepared to shoot Stay hard like me, you're bound to do well A waste of precious life, twenty five and an L I'll put a bullet in your head for the colour of your skin This is my neighborhood who the fuck let you in I'll stick with mine stay with your own kind The virus of hate infects the ignorant mind

I Could

TWIZTID "The Cryptic Collection"
Ya see I could make a mill, and don't have to sell drugs I could smoke a roach, and do have to light bugs I could pack a bowl, but I'm not Cheech and Chong Not Cypress Hill, but I like hittin' bongs I can be fat, and don't have to gain weight I can be a legend, and don't have to be great I don't have to take a plane to fly high I don't wanna live my life just to die I can be a DJ, and don't have to scratch I could spark my cigarette with a lighter or match I can have a gun, and I don't have to shoot I can get a job, and try to earn a little loot I could be a bum and live in a box I could move to your neighborhood, stayin' on your block I can like tricks, but I'm not a silly rabbit I can't stop smokin' because I can't kick the habit What is a jam if you don't come smooth What is a beat if you don't have a groove I could be the President, and legalize weed I could grow a field of bud with a hand full of seeds Damn

Lords Of The New Church

Archer Tasmin
here's the man whose voice speaks for everyone and whose actions touch the lives of us all he rose with energy and style shake my hand, kiss my child sway us all with your smile he readily accepts acclaim but soon forgets that he came from the back streets like them so we pray to the east we pray to the west and we see the gods of the new church as they undertake their vow tell me who can save us now? save us from the lords of the new church don't say no here's the man some believe is a visionary here's the man who is driven by greed he made a fortune overnight in a deal that he knew was too good to be true as he bends the rules of play becomes obsessed with the game has to go all the way they feast and they fly while we pay the real price but what price do we place on life?

Cortez The Killer

He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace in the sun. On the shore lay Montezuma With his coca leaves and pearls In his halls he often wondered With the secrets of the worlds. And his subjects gathered 'round him Like the leaves around a tree In their clothes of many colors For the angry gods to see. And the women all were beautiful And the men stood straight and strong They offered life in sacrifice So that others could go on. Hate was just a legend And war was never known The people worked together And they lifted many stones. They carried them to the flatlands And they died along the way But they built up with their bare hands What we still can't do today. And I know she's living there And she loves me to this day I still can't remember when Or how I lost my way. He came dancing across the water Cortez, Cortez What a killer.


Darkthrone "Goatlord"
Engulfed in frost I sailed our dreams gloomy inner landscapes come to life I am the wolf in the darkest scene Phantasms sweep my role I am Lucifer, I bring you light and pride Three steps for the white A journey for the black No flags for the tens lines (but) I'll shoot you full of signs In other dimensions My visions grew black wings

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