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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Tears Of A Clown

Shaggy's 15s

Original and similar lyrics
Scottie, scottie Scottie, scottie [Andre Nickatina:] Put the phone on ya but it's the booty call And I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll And I'm out Half a blunt hangin' out my mouth Speedin' like a demon on 101 south I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut Ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up It's Andre Nickatina tiger comin' out the cuts Maximum speed drivin' I don't give a fuck Garcia blunt fully hunt down the cat These bitches on the street muthafucka were you at Dippin' on swayze with my niggas from tha set The blunt went out but we ain't done yet Get another one blaze Bitch get paid A welfare that check every 15 days I remember highschool lowfuel and bushy Cuttin' that muthafucka go gettin' pussy Caught up in the madness This freak was the baddest I seen her baggy jeans and her ass was the fattest Ooh it's jenine She licked my dick clean Come right away she got a twomp sac of weed Nigga I'm sippin My potna's got the tay' stay sippin' Talkin about money, hoes, hustlin' and pimpin' I'm over Doja like this fine bitch Shinin' like a car or my news stands smith Cut the fade Hoes get wet from the wave Dancin' in a cage with ass for days It's like this I didn't know you smoke chewy bitch Now bring the yale too so we can fire up a spliff About six My pager's talkin' to me sayin' "shit The battery's low in this son of a bitch" Yeah 15's pound like this 15's screamin' out bitch 15's bumpin' gangsta shit Mind on a muthafuckin' grip [Shag Nasty:] A nigga graped his coat when I heard them 15"s With a new 9 in the waistline of them jeans when I them 15"s Heard them 15's Grab my weed to get keyed when I heard them 15's Fresh out the house about to pop my p's My niggas done swoop me up about twelve fifteen What's the first thing to do but find that weed In that sedan de ville cadilac with' the gangsta lean I gots to pop me a not Soon as we hit the spot So I can hit the ho twice and see how much cash she got Me and 'dre will hop out When we hit the parking lot And get to flossin' on them fools like I pooled up at the postop Jumped out the car and we was feelin' like g's I was broke that day but lookin' like I slang keys But these hoes will neva know Cause them ones will have you fat When you off in one of them clubs and dressing all in black And it was cool I had juice to get in with a strap In case I see one of them niggas from back in the days I done jact In fact My nigga shot done served that nigga a sac And told me that he had 3 mo' niggas posted out back Bring this on Cause right by the back door is my cuzin tone And mr. blunt Ready to give some nike reading lessons to a chump We make them bleed Then leave the seen With them a.r. 15's A.r. 15's [Andre Nickatina:] Man I don't drink cappacino I'm a picses not a leo Can't even strike to reno unless I tell my fuckin' p.o. Drinkin pina colata brooms staring hard at the moon On the eightteenth floor hopin' I can find my room Five star Adictive like liquor at the bar I sell tapes nigga bring it on cash or master charge I gets lower than a den when I'm strikin" on a mission Lookin' for competition Or maybe a couple bitches My style is something deadly like a newport cigarette I'm a street chemist bitch A money hungry pit Like daffey duck I gives a fuck It's mines it's all mines Catch a flight in hienz Cause I'll leave that ass behind Come stick with me I'll bumble like a bee Cause my boo We was cool Back in nine two But check it I hit the party and these niggas holdin weed And I hold it in at my heart and don't wanna leave Yeah what I think not Ya know we hate cops Imagine if nigga bought Every donut shop In the city Fuck it in the muthafuckin' world Greesy like a curl Priceless like a pearl Strikin' like a lighter Bitin' like a biter Bitch did you recognize my whitewall tires? [Shag Nasty:] Yeah man I recognize your whitewall tires, but we got to get this over with You understand me. I'm makein' moves I can't be standing around it might have Been a good day for you, but I'm a tell you it'll never be right. I stepped outside and I was tweaking So tipsy mentally geekin' I seen my nephew he had just got plug He gave me credit he hooked me up with a proper dubb Here come my girl I hope she got a pipe It might of been a good day for you, but for me it'll never be right I must have been geekin' and I stole my mama's t.v. Now my little brother and my nephew wanna see me But I ain't lookin' for them, I lookin' for a triple beam And I'll be back later on cause I heard you niggas got ice cream Something fat never that soda Fuckin with the mexicans ya'll be havin' that peruvian yola Strait butt naked a dobe fiends dream Nextellin' ain't no tellin' when I put it on a triple beam I love that bitch if ya know what I mean But I ain't talkin' bout that skanless, I'm talkin bout that icecream

In Cold Blood

[Scarface] I started small time, dope game, pushin on the corner Twenty cent cook-up, fifty flippers if you want 'em Full of formaldehyde, my clothes wreakin marijuana Cops rollin up on us, my neighborhood's like a sauna Pistol-grippin, insurin won't nobody run up on us But if they do, fuck 'em, we murderous nickel-dome 'em I ain't playin no games, I'm on a mission fo' the change Motherfuck bein a lame, I'm ten toes in the game - deep I can't slip, this whole world want me sleep See I hustle like a predator and prey on the weak And playin for keeps, cause see, it's a thin red line between a nigga gettin his, and me gettin mine And plus I'm a nigga with that feelin like it's my time And anybody standin in the way of that is dyin I bust nine, how many times I gotta warn you? I ain't the one, be pushin buttons in the sight of my gun I'm the real live version of the Corleone family So I spit this clearly, so you hoes'll understand me.. [Scarface] One wrong move, and I'ma have to leave you for the goons Catch you slippin asleep in your bedroom and then {*BLAM*} Get you Audi, now what the fuck was this dude thinkin? You can cheat the rules of the streets, and not leave stinkin? [Chorus] I can squeeze without blinkin, I'm a cold-blooded nigga Bank robber (ooooh) I'm a natural born killer Drug dealer, anything it took to survive Even if it took a nigga to die, I'm a gangsta [Scarface] I got a brick from a sucker that he wanted to move But the whole while I'm cookin I'm like, 'Fuck this dude' It's on, thirty-six zones of my own Keep the money fo' myself and take the work back home Call that nigga on the phone (ay) I just got knocked And the cops was askin bout you, come get me hot Never showed, so fuck him and the money that I owed I got a get rich quick scheme, steppin on the dough It's cold, but that's it, I'm on it like I want it And twenty-eight cash and change, the whole game on it That means I'm on my feet and I can front the homies D Break 'em off a couple of C, and double up they fee Takin over, shoot up they spot, make it hot And when the cops dry it out, put my work on the block And if they wanna ride for they corners we ride right with 'em Dummy move, whole thing, the goon squad get 'em [Chorus] [Scarface] No mo' petty rock hustlin, I'm in for the run And I'm fo'sho I'm gon' be murdered for this shit that I done But I'ma die standin up cause I'm a stand up nigga Fuck dyin like a bitch on my knees, I'm a killer So don't nobody cry cause I was destined to get it Just remember, I'm the one who took the dope game and flipped it and pimped it, and destroyed everything in the way of me seein first motherfuckin light of the day A trigger man, deadly as fuck with a loaded AK Spot my enemy and kill him the American way I turned a dream into reality, with a fuck you mentality Silencin all these niggaz in the neighborhood who challenged me Family grievin from they loved one's mortality He ain't got a reason to die then kill hi, it's a tragedy [Chorus] Right?

Ghetto Zone

They got uzis, they got shotguns, they got explosives They got access to any kind of weapon they want within 24 hours We got over 50,000 gangbangers out there Violent J serving ghetto hard street shit You know its potent when the funky-ass beat hit Rolling the dice and we's hittin' point ICP out of southwest Detroit Running with a gang of 20 street hoods Hookers on my back cuz I'm selling them cheap goods Looking through the motherfucking alleyway They can't catch Violent crazy-ass psychopath J But I guess I wasn't so crazy this time Now I'm chillin in the back of car 49 Yes, rhyme grippin that metal They put a man on the moon, but can't do shit for the ghetto I look at all that and it makes me sick I wanna grab them motherfuckers make em swallow a brick So I grab anybody I can find Beat a fiend in the head with a goddamn stop sign Flex one of us and I'm a find you Bullet rips through your chest and hits the bitch behind you Killed two birds with one stone You're laying in the street with a bullet in your dome And to those hillbillies listening down south Talk shit about the city with my nuts in your wife's mouth And keep stringing on your banjo Cuz we don't like that shit we're we come from, bro Now the ICP stands alone in the southwest ghetto zone Ah, for Christ's sake Ah, you don't talk about that garbage here That's for the hell-hole where you come from This is the good part of town We let you deal with that type of bullshit Your problems don't concern us Go home now, well go on Southwest Detroit is condemned one's home The cops just don't know what to do Jump Steady, Rude Boy, and the PSR They got my back, O.G., you won't make it far I got my nine at my gut and it's startin' to hurt Where can you keep a gat wearing skins and a t-shirt? Now I'm roaming like a true ghetto thug Fiends on the sac cuz I'm booming that crack I know you heard aloud what J said When I told you that I sold to that bitch, that basehead Know you can't argue with the truth If I hit you in your mouth, you're gonna spit out a tooth And I laugh at a motherfucking cop Sittin' with his fat ass in a donut shop At the party where the ICP shows take face Billy throws the handcuffs all over the place We're here to protect and protect we do Then I ask who the fuck protects us from you Cops are always beatin on someone Shot a mute in the back, he told him not to run And the motherfucking black panthers know it That's why some cops now are catching a bullet I'm runnin, I'm runnin, we'll end the chase When Jump Steady puts his gauge in your motherfuckin face Mind your own in the southwest ghetto zone Hey, yo, G, who the fuck do you think you are, man? You know who you're fucking with the IC motherfuckin P, G Why don't you all step the fuck up before you get shot, boy Keep running your lips, see what happens motherfuckers Yea, G, see what I'm saying, now what's up with that shit Come to Del Ray and drive by in shit The cops just don't know what to do These are my homeboys, vato See, are home right here is all we have, man I love them and they love me back, man Well I guess I'm a bad guy Cuz I cuss a lot I say fuck a lot And I rap to tell you how I'm feeling When I'm in the old spot sit and we reeling Through Del Ray, call it Hell Ray It's where ICP stay, yo G And the forces that always talk shit get beat And if I'm out numbered I gotta gauge in the backseat Cuz if I feel I am mack dead In the trunk of my car I got weapons I'd a never had A thousand motherfucker in the back make the car saw Rodney's fat ass make the whole damn muffler drag Rappin to a sac-chasing Heidi I told the bitch I ain't never even seen a Mazaratti Ever sell out to a freak, fuck no That why I'll tell ya I'll never end up in a box for a ho When the check comes I ignore it And the bitch is gonna ask me to fucking pay for it I give the ho an empty 12-pack Take your ass to the store and bring some Faygo back That's all I pay for bitch now get the fuck on ho Stick around I got something you can suck on ho Violent J won't be ganked By no nappy-headed, bare-footed, crackheaded sewer skank You gotta handle your own In the southwest ghetto zone ICP And to all the sets running in southwest Detroit Good luck and stay strong Latin Counts Young Guns CFP X-men To the Cobras And DT ICP They got uzis, they got shotguns They got explosives

No One's Iller Than Me

EMINEM "Slim Shady EP"
(feat. Swift, Bizarre & Fuzz) [Bizarre] Yeah...ha ha ha (BANG!), Yeah, Bizarre Kid comin' at you Eminem and Fuzz, and Mr. Swifty, ha ha No one's iller than me (wha) No one, no one is iller than me No one is iller than me It's Mr. Swifty from the 313... [Swift] I make rappers wanna turn into singers I keep hoes lickin' they fingers Bring this competition and face this meanin' Got your whole crew doing subpeonas Hell nah you ain't seen a crew genius Murder whoever's between us, pack your heaters Keep it close, you can't beat us While your whole crew treat us like G's, you best believe this I done made quadrapalegics outta these non-rappin rejects While the whole world ejects your tape, it ain't no secret That your shit sounds fake, you can't stop it my mind state Makes it too late for cops in tryin' to stop the crime rate I'm like Two-Face, I'm painful to rappers then you can tell From these shells, how I gotta bend 'em like route canals I erase all trails, somethin' farther from gettin' bail Makes you wanna kill an emcee yourself, you might as well Be within a 25 to life sentence, on linkin' trials Horrified, and keep on frontin', repentin' and lose they bowels Everything is foul when Swift's around, vacate now Niggas dumb enough to try to front and escape, how I'm gonna take this 'gnac and drink it straight wild Niggas steady fallin' in my face like milk crates, BLAAAOW! It's Swifty from the 313 Like I said no one is iller than me, unnhh! [Bizarre] Me and Eminem and Mike Drivin' down Van Dyke Get my dick sucked late at night by a fuckin' transvestite Still on probation for stranglin' my boy Jason Should be takin' my medication, it's 9 to 10 I'm facin' Last week this old man I had to blast Cuz he tried to help me out when my car was out of gas Ripped this old lady, hung her neck by a hook Didn't realize it was my grandmother 'til I checked her pocketbook Fuckin' with the white boys got me back on crack Better explain where the hell your TVs and VCRs is at I done lost 100 pounds, I ain't been eatin' like I should This wounded dog in the street is sure lookin' good! Rob this little boy in his fuckin' paper route Throwin' bottles at day care centers and yell 'EVERYBODY GET OUT'! My girl beat my ass and shot me in the back with a 2-piece Cuz she found out I was havin' an affair with her 10-year old niece No one, no one's iller than me It's Bizarre Kid straight from the 313 No one, no one is iller than me It's Bizarre Kid straight from the 313 [Eminem] Nobody better test me, cuz I don't wanna get messy Especially when I step inside this bitch, dick freshly New Lugz, give the crew hugs, guzzle two mugs Before I do drugs that make me throw up like flu bugs True thugs, rugged unshaven messy scrubs Whippin' 40-bottles like the fuckin' Pepsi clubs Down a fifth, crack open a six I'm on my seventh 8-ball, now I gotta take a piss I'm hollerin' at these hoes that got boyfriends Who gives a fuck who they was I'm always takin' someone else's girl like Cool J does They probably don't be packin' anyways, do they Fuzz We walked up, stomped they asses and blew they buzz Mics get sandblasted Stab your abdomen with a hand crafted pocketknife and spill your antacid Sprayed your motherfuckin' crib up when I ran past it Fuckin' felon, headed to hell in a handbasket Talkin' shit will get you, your girl and your man blasted Kidnapped and slapped in a van wrapped in Saran plastic Get your damn ass kicked, by these fantastic Furious four motherfuckers Flashin' in front of your face without the Grand Masters Slim Shady, ain't nobody iller than me [Fuzz] I run shit like an ass with legs Massive lead to leave your cabbage red Similar to your ass in a casket dead Drastic spread of acid heads Come to abort you like a bastard egg That trash you said got you standin' on plastic legs Ask the feds from past the edge Rockin' the most classic threads Flashin' bread, roll down the window Bitch you got some fantastic legs, you can get 'til that ass get red You can get 'til that ass get red Bizarre you get him and him, Swift you get him and him I'll get him and him, leave the other two for my nigga Eminem Never writer's block, I block writers My block's tighter, ante up and get your top fighters Got fired for jumpin' the counter with a mop stick Some bitch ran up screamin' GET THE COPS QUICK! And got drop kicked, now she screamin' 'Stop it...' Got clips to stop shit, rock shit and grab this hot shit Wherever you shop bitch, Fuzz Scooter '97 crop pick Sick a-ya'll niggaz lookin' at me like I got tits I shoot a rocket through your optic You niggaz still don't know the top pick I got bricks, lose my foot in your ass And have you shittin' socks bitch! We rock shit, leave your fuckin' knot split Grab the green from Al by showin' him hot grits (No one...) Ain't nobody iller than me [Bizzare] It's the Mr. Fuzzy from the 313 No one, no one is iller than me It's Eminem and Swift from the 313 No one, no one is iller than me It's Fuzz and Buzz-arre from the 313 You have now witnessed 4 ill emcees! From the home of potholes and trash We'll lyrically blast...

I Got Your Boyfriend

[Verse 1:] Hello (hello) can I speak to rochelle (who dis) I'm the bitch that's been all over yo voicemail (what) driving by yo house, taking you through hell can you tell me why our nigga ain't answering his cell (quit playing hoe)naw I ain't playing on yo phone you see me when you see me pussy hoe I'm grown we got a situation straight up on the reala woman to woman girl we sharing that nigga he probley over here when you want a nice thrill in exchange he paying the mortage and the light bill I know you looking sick I ain't tryna cause pain that nigga ain't shit pussy nigga playing games (playing games) tella how you do yo creepness you said you leaving her and you moving in with me (say what) you better tell this chick or show her my picture tell her I'm the new bitch [Chorus:] Hoe I got yo boyfriend, hoe I can take yo man, I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) hoe I got yo boyfriend hoe I can make him spend grands I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) [Verse 2:] I'm fucked up bout you but trust me I understand you ain't fucking with a bitch then say it be a man I hear you it ain't nothing you can be in my rearview feel you I see how you deal boo just get yo shit together respect your rules I'm a whole lot of things but I ain't a nigga fool you might as well go and come correct treat both the same with the same respect I play for keeps I ain't going no where if she won't leave then we gon' share but we gon' do this shit the right way mondays, wednesdays, fridays gon' be my days when you adding up yo bills add mines to your budget don't be sucking and pucking holding hands in public you better tell her now so she ain't surprised that I'm the new bitch and I'm the a part of yo life [Chorus:] Hoe I got yo boyfriend, hoe I can take yo man, I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) hoe I got yo boyfriend hoe I can make him spend grands I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) [Bridge:] Guess she can't make it pop pop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it drop drop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it pop pop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it drop drop it like this like this like this. like this like thsi like this [repeat] (I don't want him you can have him hoe)

Nice Change

PASTOR TROY "By Any Means Necessary"
[Chorus - Juvenile 2x] I heard about that money, that's some nice change For the right price, we'll buss the right brains. Boy look, nigga don't play no games no mo Niggas a buss ya head if you bang they ho. [Lil Pete] Say I heard about the money, that's some nice change. For the right price i'll buss the right thang. See I ain't playing. My nigga don't play no games no mo. We just sit back and plot and load up the ammo. Cause this a kick doe. So bitch lay it down. Fill a nigga with rounds fo fuckin round. Knock down yo mound, you temptin me. Bumpin yo gums, flexin bout yo jewelry. Ya wannabe, its bout to be a tragedy. I catch em slippin while he rollin in his Bentley. Fo sheezy my neezy, I'm off da meter. P.T. and this little nigga, Little Peter. I grab tha millimeter. yeah, that heater heater. I put money down hope to see they hit the fuckin doe. And ain't no lookin back. I'm dressed in all black. Ready for combat. I heard about that change. [Chorus - Juvenile 2x] I heard about that money, that's some nice change For the right price, we'll buss the right brains. Boy look, nigga don't play no games no mo Niggas a buss ya head if you bang they ho. [P.T.] I heard about that money, that's some nice change. Fo the right price, i'll buss the right brains. I scoop em up like a muthafuckin hurricane. I'm shottin him, her and everything. Cocaine distribution got me ridin fo you. On my way to da Nolia, Bout to roll on dem souljas. and then its mississippi, then its Alabama. I-20 Atlanta. Pimp this bird wit bout 15 birds. Ride through Promise U. to get served. 23 a ki. and you ain't gotta shop with me. I'm catchin mine from the sea. It's P.T. That's why I keep a .44 Nigga a buss ya head if you band his ho. Yo. But i'm too deep in this game. Yeah pussy nigga, You done heard bout that change. [Chorus - Juvenile 2x] I heard about that money, that's some nice change For the right price, we'll buss the right brains. Boy look, nigga don't play no games no mo Niggas a buss ya head if you bang they ho.

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