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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Tears Of A Clown

My Rap World

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] My Vocabularies vary, its so exclusionary You'll find my baby pictures in modern dictionaries Next to mighty mercenaries, and visual visionaries And sexy freaks eating strawberries I represent my mind in the 415 dime Tryin' to stop my rhyme is like tryin' to stop crime I float like an eagle that soars through the sky And hit the murder scene in the perfect disguise [Hook] In my rap world we bump 75 girls Playboy short, right before court staring at the judge like 'what you talking bout?' You told me to take the stick of gum out my mouth See I'm a devil in the street from the serious rhyme But still I'm an angel in my Mamas eyes In my rap world, WE BUMP 75 GIRLS PLAYBOY SHORT, RIGHT BEFORE COURT [Verse 2] Try to bite what I write and it'll break ya jaw Andre Nickatina right here in the raw Ain't no real rap lord gon' respect the law Get the phone, page my little cousin Bobby Shaw Shuffle like a CD changer, the rearranger Baby hold me tight like the gun of a banger In the frame of the game leave my name on your brain Until we meet again it will never be the same Slice my own piece of the true money pie When is it cool for a real cat to cry? I hit the sky like a bullet that's shot at the moon Ride the wind like a wicked witch tipping her broom Keep your eyes on the deck, check, 52 card bet Heart bumping through his chest, I love it when I see him sweat... In my rap world, SHIT, 75 GIRLS... [Verse 3] Expose the theory of remarkable worldwinds Beats I wish I could sex like my girlfriends Party 'til dawn on them hoes like its the first Who gon' keep on talking when the 4-4's burst? Smokin' weed like its legal, possessed by the words The world is a ghetto man there ain't no birds I got a solid gold crown that I'll never wear 'Cause I know Tommy Tuckers want me to share [Hook]

I'm Real (Remix)

[Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (What's my motherfuckin' name?) R-U-L-E (Blowin' back on this Mary Jane, I'm analyzin' the game) And the game done chose me (To bring pain to pussy niggaz and pussy hoes, it's one in the same) Ever since you told me (There's only room for two, I've been makin' less room for you) Now only God can hold me (Hug me, love me, judge me, the only Man that hovers above me, holla) I met so many men and It's like their all the same My appetite for lovin' Is now my hunger pain And when I'm feelin' sexy Who's gonna comfort me My only problem is Their insecurity [1] - [Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (Tired of bein' alone) Yeah, yeah (Sick of arguin on the phone) Yeah, yeah (Are you tellin' all your friends) Yeah, yeah (That your nigga don't understand) My love [2] - [Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] Cause I'm real (The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk) Cause I'm real (The way you stare, the way you look, your style, your hair) Cause I'm real (The way you smile, the way you smell, it drives me wild) Cause I'm real And I can't go on without you [Ja Rule] Girl, I've been thinkin' bout this relationship And I wanna know is this as good as it gets Cause we've been through the worst times and the best times But it was our time, even if it was part-time Now they've been lookin' at me, smilin' at me, laughin' like we wasn't happy But not knowin', ever growin' and we're gettin' married Hard lovin' and straight thuggin' Bitch, I ain't doin' this shit for nuttin' I'm here to get it poppin', hoppin, let's ride up in the Benz Hair blowin' in the wind, sun glistenin' off my skin, hey I'm nasty, heh, you know me But you still don't fuck with your baby [Repeat 2] [Jennifer Lopez] Now people lovin' me and hatin' me, treatin' me ungratefully But not knowin' that they ain't makin' or breakin' me My life I live it to the limit and I love it Now I can breathe again, baby, now I can breathe again Now people screamin' what the deal with you and so and so I tell them niggas, mind their biz, but they don't hear me though Cause I live my life to the limit and I love it Now I could breathe again, baby, now I could breathe again [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2 till end]

Left And Right

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Redman] Yo, yo Yeah, come on [D'Angelo] I see you dancing right now I don't need to tell you that you know how Baby you do, oh I say you belong And if you dream, you'd be free I can take you there Just follow me Baby I won't, I won't steer you wrong And it seems like to me You want someone to treat you like their queen Babe I do So what'cha want Smack your ass, pull your hair And I even kiss you way down there You know I will Think I won't [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Keep it moving Up and down How we do it babe Left and right Uh keep it moving Up and down Uh so what'cha doing Left and right I love it went you do it Up and down Love it went you do it Left and right Keep doing it babe, yeah [1 - D'Angelo] Left and right And up and down [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Method Man] Yo D how we do it [Redman] Hey yo D how we do it [Method Man] Hey yo how we do it All day how we do it [D'Angelo] Yeah I hear you calling my world Make you feel like a pearl I'll rub your back and fulfill your needs, yeah So I would suggest you get undressed Fingertips touching and you'll come back As I want Why don't you give it to me I will have you believe There's no reason for you to leave Stay right here (stay right here) In my arms (in my arms) Bring you fears stay secure Here with me you can be sure There's no faking you turn me on [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Oh Up and down You keep it moving Left and right Yeah she's moving Up and down Oh yeah Left and right Love it when you do it Up and down Don't stop Left and right Just keep doing it baby, oh [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Redman] He yo D how we do it [Method Man] Yo D how we do it Funk Doc how we do it [Redman] Yo Stallion [Method Man] This is how we do it [D'Angelo] Why don't you know The sexy little things you do (The sexy little things you do) Oh, oh why don't you know The sexy little things you do, ooh [Redman] Yo, yo My flows remarkable Doc walk like Kane from Kung Fu round the globe Throw obstacles I'll hurdle them Herb and whack MC's, drum racks To the rims to the caps Yo Meth, Tical, and D I'm ASAP, I'm crack a don chicken hunting at KFC In '83 I was that scrub TLC talking 'bout Now I rock the house Chalk 'em out [Method Man] Yeah no doubt who gots the biggest ass in the house Young miss fillet-a-fish Salt water trout, pretty young thing Got a tongue ring and dirty mouth And she whispering them sweet nothings I hear it out Baby you got me like Joni had Cha Chi Until she got high and went and fucked Potsi Lady Godiva From day one a dick rider Liar, liar set your pussy on fire [Redman (Method Man)] Yo Doc be off the wall We keep a Marly cheap Pulling a Harley deep with a jar of grease Come 1-5-1, straight endo, the spot I fuck brown sugar behind the fiber glass window Its Doc not guns don't sling weight The only thing I sling is condoms for spring break (Fuck 'em) How we do it (Leave 'em) How we do it (Get the money) The pussy (The weed) Now do it [Method Man (Redman)] Now take your coat off and stay a while Now honey child if you're gon' be acting funny style Then I don't need ya It's Saturday, this night fever Shit is popping, Acheeva my mouth cotton Tis the season for draws dropping And heavy breathing You ain't skeezin' you dick teasin' I'm leavin' Acting rotten, I got no time for games I'm no joke Drop that ass when I'm finished And watch it smoke (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Hot, Hot, Hot

LL COOL J "Phenomenon"
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah yeah yeah uh, uh, uh I was swerving thru Queens Fully growin' benz Searching for the butta thru my cartier lense system Banging out nothing but the blends on the digital startec Rappin' to my mens Then spotted the most exotic, cheekiness, half Rachel, half Holly My is The smo mo, crept up nice and slow Breathin' on my ice, so it shine real nice Crease my scar peice Laid back in my seat Right near Bazely projects, on the back streets Her name was Keisha, full of street knowledge Pumped a little trees, but she planned to go to college Staring at my ice, smellin' my cologne She lived on the southside, so bring things on Honey got flavour, and it just don't stop Does she want me for me, or me for my rocks Your carmake me hot hot hot You just make me just hot hot hot Iike you're rocks rocks rocks They make me hot hot hot Baby boy don't stop stop stop You keep me hot hot hot I'm a take you for all you've got Baby girl just stop stop stop Check this out, uh She slid up my whip, like the queen of New York We jetted to city island to eat shrimp and talk Sourced up my keys to the valet cat I glanced at the fatty, I'm a see about that We blazed in the spizza like Bonnie and Clyde Scooby dooby hizza I'm feeling the vibe, cop the blue for some video type shit Knowing all along how hot these kind of nights get, uh I've got her right where I want her Reality about to creep up on her Stroke her softly, gently with my G While the light reflects off my icp Waiter, ice the crystal, let it simmer Lights to bright, here's a grand make them dimmer I kept fronting and I just couldn't stop I don't mind spending paper when it's looking that hot Your car makes me hot hot hot You just make me just hot hot hot I Iike you're rocks rocks rocks They make me hot hot hot Baby boy just don't stop stop stop You keep me hot hot hot I'll take you for all you've got Baby girl just stop stop stop Check yourself, uh You burst out of semi- She pulled down the staps to her dress Reached in the sparked up sess Banging some Wu Tang feeling the She said 'Now would you wanna sell your soul for chips, and give up girl to push whips' Never miss some spiritual down to my bone Why you takin' jumbo in that zone She said 'I would do anthing for Give deep to man coats Take off my Drop to my knees' Talking in my face Breath smelling like cheese I asked her Shorty you degrade yourself Just to throw a little bit of ice on the shelf You turnin' me off, I can't lie Keisha said 'why' I said, 'yo, how can a man respect that, knowin' if he paid, then he correct that' Ice is the price for an overnight wife A true shark caller don't want that in his life So all you ladies that are selling you're souls You need to put you hooker vibes on hold Ask for Keisha, she working on the stroll, Dead ass broke, but her pimp the man grow Your car makes me hot hot hot You just make me hot hot hot I Iike you're rocks rocks rocks They make me hot hot hot Baby boy don't stop stop stop You keep me hot hot hot I'm a take you for all you've got Baby girl just stop stop stop Check yourself, uh Your car makes me hot hot hot You just make me hot hot hot I Iike you're rocks rocks rocks They make me hot hot hot Baby boy don't stop stop stop You keep me hot hot hot I'm a take you for all you've got Baby girl just stop stop stop Check yourself, uh [Repeat and fade]

Gangstas Need Love

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
-Master P- (talking) Yo, Boo, uh, I know I ain't never told you this before but, uh, I was just trying to get my hustle on. But you know what I just need you to be there for me, cuz, uh, gangstas need love too. -Lawand/Mercedes- Since you've been away I've been down and lonely Since you've been away I've been thinkng of you Trying to understand, the reason you left me What were you going thru I'm missing you (gangstas need love too) Tell me where the road turns (echoed) Verse 1 - Master P - Uhhhh, I got you livin' in mansions Jumpin' out of Benzes (honk, honk) DKNY clothes but get fake president's Rolex watches You used to wear Swatches Done took you out the ghetto, now your name is Miss Versace Alligator Purses, Möet with your Reeses, Hershey Miss Rev-e-lon when yo' lips an' hair an' toes on Tuesdays and Thursdays Even though I'm livin' wrong, tryin' to get my hustle on I want you in your birthday suit when I make it home So I can Uhhhh then squeeze ya', tease ya' You wanna rub me let the Ice Cream Man please you I ain't got no nine to five Hustle just to stay alive Keep you on your game Give you a pistol with your cute .45 Heiffers decieve ya, cuz they wanna be ya Tell you I'm a thug and they can't wait till I leave ya' So think about what I say and fuck what them hoes say Chorus -Lawand and Mercedes- I'm missin' you Tell me where the road turns (echoed) -Verse 2 - Master P- You was a high school queen Met me sellin' ice cream on the corner went double-up servin' Fiend Even though I'm a thug, ya love me If sex was a game, we'd a play rugby I got you flyin' first classes on planes Jumpin' offa' trains Takin' cruises on boats, sippin' champagne Rollin' out the red carpet when they see ya $10,000 mink coat That's why them hoes wanna be ya, but they can't Taking trips in Land Cruisers Droppin' off cash to the bank But they don't know what you done see The shit i done put you thru you done take for ya' boo The FED's harass you The lies you dont told for me And when i went to jail you found a way to visit me Runnin' up ya phone bill Sometimes the kids didn't even have a decent meal It ain't no limit to this ghetto love Even though i mighta' slangin' drugs You still showed me love That's why I'm here for ya', Boo But just remember (uuuhh) that gangstas need love too CHORUS Verse 3 - The Shocker I got a and i wonder why and i wonder what she in me And man I can't lie Cuz i'll be hustlin' , hangin' wit my homies all night ch'all I'll be hustlin' from the morning to the night fall, aight ch'all It's kinda hard tryin' to stay clean Tyrin' to chase dreams Tryin' to make it happen But this rappin' ain't what it seems Know what i mean Now thru thick things ya' stood beside me When I was on the run, you help me on the real Tryin' to make a mil but on the real That's tight but a little money can't buy me I need someone who could be trusted Take this hundred g's in case a nigga like me get busted Ya' blame it on my mom's lifestyle My thuggish-ruggish friends Ya' keep tellin' me My fine lifestyle gonna havta come to an end Ya' gotta' realize I ain't tryin' to be no broke fart I'm takin' the chances now Cuz it's gonna be hard for our future sons and daughters I'm tryin' to take trips to Reno Cash chips like casinos Live life as a high roller Silkk the Shocker make moves like Valentino I only got one chance, so I got to take it If you could just be patient Down for the silent 20 just for waitin' Yo' mom think I'm a thug She still don't like me Ya' friends think I'm a ghetto thug But this is ghetto love that they can't see, G I know when it rains it pours, one day i gotta stop And when I do ima be sittin' on top And gonna be sippin' champagne on yachts Cars and tennis bracelets just a thang (meanwhile) I'll be home tonight So keep it tight for this gangsta

It's A Boy Thing

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[Verse One] Laid up with this skinny chick, Balley's with the Henny mix My man Bond sent me flicks, claimed he ain't seen me since 96, since he blew trial for them 3 attempts Street events, Feds on the sweet, but you see me tense Chill a lot, niggaz wanna know if I'm real or not, kill or not If I'm holdin't what kind of steel I got False alarms, tatoos all across my arms Bail bonds, a while back almost lost my moms Check that, taking this paper you can bet that No set backs, shittin' on niggaz wit out the Exlax Ice showin', Polo sweats all whit glowin' Blunted, Suzuki 600, twelfth Riech's blowin' Headline niggas, Fed time niggas, crime niggas Street worth 9 figures It's a war now, hard to the core for sure now Raw style, four fours to your door now Doe chasin', in the race niggas slow pacin' Temptation, send a bitch to blow your face in Plans rollin', handsome nigga's hands golden Stand chosen, pockets on my pants swollen Pleed the Fifth, real niggas don't need to riff Automatic shit, for fakin' that's what you faggots get [Verse Two] Out of 30 men, know 20 that's worthy men 10 is friends, the other 10'd probably turn me in Phone tapped, born in Brooklyn, hold my own gat Unknown traps keep jail niggas goin' back Time tickin', young shorty mind flippin' Blind addiction turn a killer from a fine Christian Streets ruined from sneaky shit niggas keep doin' Snakes, that's why I hand shake keep movin' World supremest, cook Coke like a chemist But it's finished, a little jail time helped me replenish Thank God, almost bagged a rape charge in '86 That's what I get fuckin' a crazy bitch Rough life, stab wounds, cuts, bites Is dice, I guess I was blessed to touch mics ?Borciase? my words spreads across tribes Who live? Made for the system up in your ride

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