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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Tears Of A Clown

Even Pimp's Get Broken Hearts

Original and similar lyrics
Even pimps get broken hearts i spark the line stay trivia blow you to oblivia to give me, a semi auto with led keep a rap in my head like ruboys keep a lock full of dreads twist like a tornado the fatal cuban jewel run around the world saying gangsta rap rules give an F finger to the flyest freak while im sitting right there in the drivers seat smoke a blunt for the gods at the crack of dawn i think them rings that i stole im bout ready to pawn because i grin like a P-2 10 a sun lock rapper of the cats got glocks on cock walk like a rat when it comes to the cheddar and in any kind of weather with the 3 quarter leather the lethal injection with the chinese connection first we amp up then we vamp up watch them other muthafuckas all clamp up baby talk to much ricky shut the tramp up i enter through the back door exit through the front we don't jock bitches, tiga fire up the blunt heat up ya chest like yukon jack work ya credit card the first day to the max the 5 millimeter, nickatina street cleaner i bounce back and forth from fillmo to korea the chronic chokin rap child bustin it loud i stand still while i'll rap trying to move the crowd in my koneiact lounge position bullet shots rang right before in the mision muthafuckas thought andre was going to listen but my detroit roots told me hit em with the piston rip the compositions what was yo intention? no gratitude just attitude bangin like mission kill doja i thought i told ya i sports leather while you wear summer clothesa my boss theme andre going to get you back yeah i rap but the streets is where my heart is at and my crudentials no insturmentals im like a bullet in ya face right through the window What! the proof is in the fudge, money, raps and drugs nigga keep your hugs nigga keep ya love Billie Holiday just crossed my mind everything she sang was right on time i can tell in my soul i was just her kind cause i can see a better life when i close my eye

Nigga Please

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Young Chris) [Pharrell] What, uh, c'mon, uh, keep the change, my nigga, (it's too late) It's too late for that Don't gotta to spit that game Keep the change, my nigga, it's too late for that Keep the change, my nigga, it's too late for that [Jay-Z] Uh, uh, young, Neptunes, Young Chris, ROC Uh, pimp stroll, pop my collar, hug the block, get dollars Pimp stroll, pop my collar, hug my nuts, bitch holla [Chorus: Pharrell] My nigga, please - you ain't signing no checks like these My nigga, please - you pushing no wheels like these My nigga, please - you ain't holding no tecks like these My nigga, please - you don't pop in vest like these [Jay-Z] My nigga please, uh-huh, uh, This my world, pimp stroll Nigga please, you ain't start out from your trunk Then reach the roof, just to put your roof in your trunk Nigga please, chumps don't tour like us You on the road a million hours, I fly over your bus Nigga please, you ain't got your neck all froze With the same logo that you got sketched on your clothes Nigga please, you don't be getting no hoes With La Perla on they cheeks, can't be messing with cheap chicks Nigga please, you seldom seen with chicks in 7 jeans Manolo Blahnik I'm going through they body like an ultrasonic You ain't got 'em blowing no chronic Divine intervention, you can't prevent me from shining Nigga please, I been around the world Damn near beat Jordan in around-the-world Nigga please, you can't even hold my shoes I got wannabes who wannabe me that sound (nigga) better than you [Chorus + ad libs] [Jay-Z] Uh, pimp strolling on 'em Black diamonds, rose goldin' on 'em Paper foldin' on 'em Snuck pass the dog noses with the Foldger's on 'em Keys, Saran Wrap with petroleum on 'em Snitch got pinched but he toned it on 'em Lawyers got it adjourned, try {} on 'em Witnesses, it's no holdin' on 'em Just George Jefferson strollin' on 'em Nigga please, this is me, this is real as it be My videos is like real TV That chick, that's me, that six, that's me That boat, I had it on the Mediterranean sea Nigga please [Chorus + ad libs] [Young Chris] Yo, yo, Nigga please, y'all ain't seeing no checks like these (no) Y'all don't run up in record labels demanding respect like we Y'all don't rock your Roc-A-Wear Nike checks like we Y'all coach class, y'all never private jet like we My nigga please, y'all don't smoke the sour diesel like us You don't go to Pop and get ya flour cheaper than us Knock it off in three hours and repeat it like us And repeat it we must, y'all don't re-up like us Ay, y'all ain't being like us, 'cause y'all don't see it like us The move the D's when they rush My nigga please, they must be on E's and dust Then niggas f'in with pills, y'all don't get G's like us My nigga please, y'all young'ns ain't got O.G.s like me B. Sig, Young Hov', Dame Dash, Kareem Nigga please, somebody must've gassed your team Think a nigga outrun or outlast gangrene (GangGreen) My nigga please [Chorus + ad libs] [Pharrell] Amazing man, got your aerosol, I made my money, but don't trouble the law I keep the womens around I got the gremlin's crazy And wanna know the time Better have me shades, see My nigga please [Chorus + ad libs]

Guess Who's Back

Uh, G Unit You understand whats about to happen huh (2x) (Chorus) Nigga guess who's bizzack it's not Beenie Seig or J Hov 50 cent yall niggaz should know Don't make me relapse run up on your ass with the 4 you punk nigga i done told you before. (Verse) Fuck being in the cage man that shit for the birds. I do my dirt in the hood, but i live in the burbs when you talk, be careful how you choose your words cause i'll send niggas to put your fuckin brains on the curb am i my brother's keeper, yes i am dogg you know it's getting low you see that gun in my hand but G-Unit, don't go fuckin with my soldiers boy when you get laid out im'a say i told you man see you roll with 20 nigga we rollin with 20 guns 16 hollows it's loaded in every one i know you slow so, i'll do the math that's 320 shells flying at your ass crack you spend alot of time talkin bout how you ball out when you get hit you gonna run and bleed untill you fall out i guess you didn't think we were down to go all out once again you were wrong you aint on the shit we on my money getting long now my teams getting strong i'm gone (Chorus)

Nigga Witta Gun

Dr Dre "The Chronic"
[Chorus:] Who is the man with the masterplan A Nigga Witta muthafuckin' Gun! [Dr. Dre] 44 reasons come to mind Why you muthafuckin' brothas hard to find. He be walkin' on the streets and fuckin' with mine. Stupid punk can't fuck with a mastermind. See I never take a step on a Compton block Or LA without the AK ready to pop. 'Cause them punk muthafuckas in black and white Ain't the only muthafuckas I gots to fight. I think it's better to retellin' the facts than cuffed up And jacked and fucked up. What you niggas lookin at You do in... Goddamn, 'cause it's the city. And for a youth to survive a nigga gotta be a gangster. And I'm a nigga you can't remove. Took out a lot of muthafuckas for tryin' to prove To their homies they can hang by dealin' with me. But once again in the end they D-E-A-D. I never did time on a murder yet. 'Cause I relax and back do a job and jet. Yo, I know you understand my flow, So here we go when Death Row Come. Let a mutherfucker know... [Chorus: 2x] [Dr. Dre] D-R-E! A mutherfucker who's known for carryin' gats And kick raps that make snaps. Adapts to anything violent that I'm located at. If you see me on the solo moves believe that I'm strapped. 44, .38 or AK 47. 'Cause Mo' live with Charlie Sheen. You want a stairway to heaven Just put my finger on the trigger and pull back And lay a punk mutherfucker flat. As he wonder what popped before he got popped, I told you I was Dre and you know it don't stop. Now I know you understand my flow, So here we go when Death Row Come. Let a mutherfucker know... [Chorus: 4x] [Dr. Dre] I break some off. I break some off. Yeah, I break some off. I break some off. Yeah, I break some off. But I ain't speakin' about between the thighs. I'm talkin' about cockin' a guage in between your eyes. That'll make you drop to your knees, 'cause you realise That a gat will make any nigga civilised. Old buster ass nigga talkin' bullshit. Don't know that I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with. Get lit or hit up by the doctor. A nigga to break some off properly. Real G. So don't doubt it. I'm the one who's doin' it While these other niggas talk about it. And if mutherfuckers come at me wrong I straight put my 44 Desert Eagle to his muthafuckin' dome. And show him why they call me the notorious one. The name is Dre, E's ward when I'm packin' a gun. You don't believe me, wants to pop and give it a try. And if you die you's a buster 'cause real niggas don't die. But some still don't hear me though. You're too ninny not to hear me, yo. So now you know... [Chorus: 4x]

Me, My Moms & Jimmy

CAM'RON "Confessions Of Fire"
(feat. Kenny Greene) Take your time young man Mama used to say don't you rush to get old Mama used to say take it in your stride Uh, uh Killa Cam Mama used to say live your life Federica Live your life Ey yo Cam, this rap shit How you know I love games It's like I got a habit Gotta keep the drug game Why Until we blow up with that ol' platinum thug thing Ey yo what you think lame nigga I feel the same Cause I be outside nigga, cocaine and me But if it ain't about money then it ain't about me Well I ain't in poverty and no one's starving me Cause when we first felt heat we sought robbery Now, ain't that the pot callin' the kettle black I know y'all ain't gonna come out and front like that When yall got knocked, yall was dying in jail The way you keep on calling, crying for bail Acting like criminals, yall some fake generals What you know abut bail being more than ten thousand (Cam: nah nah nah) Peep the old way, how I done sold cake Behind the closed drapes, on one of your old plates And the tubes of Colgate Two and four states, yeah I can verify Man a nigga never lie Go head wit your killer schemes Nah we gotta iller dreams Land in the Philippines I got about four mil a piece Kiddies on the corner, they got a lil' team And they keep frontin Are they gonna jump me too I wish they would Jump me please jump me too That's what I'm sayin with y'all Monkey see monkey do Now y'all niggas can see why I want to plead insanity But what the fuck am I gonna do, this just my family [CHORUS] Mama used to say take your time young man Mama used to say don't you rush to get old Mama used to say take it in your stride Mama used to say live your life, live your life Now when it's time to chill out I might pull the silks out But I'll do your body good cause you know I'm illed out I took an ill route, I might pull some krills out Cause that cash and the weed, you know I'm still about Well what you want baby, a description of me I'm frontin with the ladies having you picture me Well I'm tattooed out with a scroll of my fam And the long sliky hair with the bow legged stands You in my V in the rear, on the low from your man Yo I do many things but I ain't holdin your hand Do you know how to scuba I got a house in Aruba But you keep it on low cause my spouse got a Ruger Yo you see I ain't dumber, on me some type of tutor Cause I been had the info, on the whores wit the hooters Get out my house cause I will shoota Federica I will step to her Senorita know how I maneuver Mamasita sip margarita Messin with Cam you get punched in your mouth Only key you ever had was the one to your house F a spouse me single, I'm one of the ones You think Cam's nice he's a son of a gun Cause I have heaters before them sneakers When Run had Adidas and reefer was cheeba Although I'm an entity All those crooked crooks down town remember me Second home one hundred tenth street Yo Cam you violent You remind me of your daddy Ey yo, don't you really mean my three dads Ooow mom stop Why you hittin me, stop [CHORUS: 3X to fade]

Learn To Be Still

EAGLES "Hell Freezes Over"
It's just another day in paradise As you stumble to your bed You'd give anything to silence Those voices ringing in your head You thought you could find happiness Just over that green hill You thought you would be satisfied But you never will- Learn to be still We are like sheep without a shepherd We don't know how to be alone So we wander 'round this desert And wind up following the wrong gods home But the flock cries out for another And they keep answering that bell And one more starry-eyed messiah Meets a violent farewell- Learn to be still Learn to be still Now the flowers in your garden They don't smell so sweet Maybe you've forgotten The heaven lying at your feet [Solo] There are so many contridictions In all these messages we send (We keep asking) How do I get out of here Where do I fit in Though the world is torn and shaken Even if your heart is breakin' It's waiting for you to awaken And someday you will- Learn to be still Learn to be still You just keep on runnin' Keep on runnin'

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