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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes

Nickatina Creation

Original and similar lyrics
Gentlemen. Welcome. I look foward to a tounnrament of truly epic proportion. We are unique gentlemen, through long years or rigourous training, sacrafice, denail pain. Yea this is uh a nickatina creation. You probablly never heard nothing like. This but check it out. I got flavor and all them thangs you know. Yea Bitch suck a dick or hit the door.It's like a vessle clearer than a crystal, hotter than a pistol, man I give a whistle. And gather up my converse in a hurry niggas flock together like ravens in the bird the movie the movie by Alfred Hitchcock Bitch I got your block bitch I got your block on Krytonite lockdown and worship like a Kansas City Royal or a chick that's up in Bagdhad living of of oil, Rough and ready eatin on Italian made speghetti the way I pin the grass mothaf**kers call mr Teddy, bear yea litte rug Yogi, f**k them US made TV's I'd rather f**k with Sony Mitsubish my girl's name is Sun Duck Kim, her father is the president of IBM "That's him" is what the cops say when they fear Nicky I'm thinking cash burns I get ghost on the piggy to the den Andre Nickatina all in A NIGGA MAKING DIKES WANT DICKS AGAIN:) The ace of spades, shit can get colder than a glacier But sweeter than them licorice or them zig zag papers yous a scalywag you wait for? and you wear a tote tag but bitch I leave a gash like a 44 mag real dash-board I race like shaba just to put a gun on OG he yell "Mama daddy" someone call the fuzz mother f**ker down with them columbian drugs I'm not a savior shit vibrates like a pager I got my bow and arrow stretched just aim her something propper, swinging blades like a helicopter instead I crab meat spend my cash and chow down on a lobster with the sauce bitch my boss back and get raw f**king with criss you gonna get crossed out nothing but dick in your mouth went to vegas to see the tyson fight and brought a quarter ounce, to smoke to sell, you really can't tell so many fine hos you think it's heaven or hell, you pick, my timer tick tock a timex, niggas look for pussy when they can't find sex. This is uh, a nickatina creation. Todays what baby-October third about 330 in the morning. And we awake like an owls

The Fire In Which You Burn

Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[Brewin] Check, check it Fuckin with a nigga like myself your lyrics fail LaVerne's gear shows your record so unless the hoe's buttnaked youse a loser, decrepit, shoulda kept it to your lonesome But you like, 'Look everybody, I'm a silly microphone crumb' You oughta turn to me, I flaunt essential vocally First team all university while your squad is benchin locally Don't mention joke to me, aiyyo dem niggaz ain't atomic Ain't the comic niggaz gutsy, after the disembowelin Don't fuck around, I eat out with your shorty with the crew and she be late for head, she want a tape and dreads and thought of you, a little stinger My shit'll bring the epitome of bitterly jealous Forever living crazy minded trying to tell us how you do it on the power-U, it's simple shit'll get props Don't let me bring it God I swing it hard like little kid bops So front I keep the tone vexin, but to the heads stay pleasant to the ears just think of Lauryn Hill on phone sexin [J-Treds] Relentless poetic rhyme never ceases infinity Forever smokin the mic lyric contact I be open Naturally high and no need to pass the Dutchie I'm the living circle circle dot dot, nobody can touch me At my post, the most high exalted, mind blower When I rap it it's strictly 'I can't believe he just said that shit' Material crews, who can't think straight sober My flows over your head, I enjoy the aerial view Focus from the bird's eye, in my scenario, of dominance Filth eatin weaklings, we're bumRussian/rushin like dirty communists Raisin, my Iron Curtain revealin my words the gospel No apples or giant serpents, the enlightened apostle J-Treds, I lace heads like tennis players top seeded Not meanin to cause a racket, or front the menace My words speak for themselves, so feel me Cause on the mic I've got more presence than attendence in a class of schizophrenics, hear hear Drink to that pick up raps, intoxicating Got your craving my living proof, mixture of speech and wine To' up from just the flow but pass the liquor it's over Henny dead even when twisted I get open like Venetian blinds Company Flow, the fire in which you burn slow I remain Indelible J-Treds, Juggaknotz, to touch the flame you ought not I remain Indelible [El-P] Check check check check check check I the Don Digital, slash, piranha morph Alongside poor terrible surgeons, who blur comic perspectives and wonder how to get bent, that flaming Malatov shit Unstoppable object hits unmovable wall and space split This rogue cherub got his own twisted agenda, catch that Walkin on flatlines, you witness me grow WAY beyond corporate control Let them eat cake, cause I introduce myself as a mistake Slipped through the quills with a serrated barb stabbed, sharp in the gut Now we can all become Lord of the Flies when this industry sees it's demise Hold it up and try to destruct you get zapped with dead eyes The five factions giganti the fuck up and get touched The group hugs you received from your support group can't protect you from the bumrush I'm known to slip arsenic mickies in Talk Soup then reform With an unprecedented fierceness, display these powers of Storm I wasn't born in a manger but I still received three gifts Alphabetically listed they're Big Juss, Mr. Len, and I See the field creatures scurry, I the killer, caution Try to merk off of the pile but you choked on my motherfuckin portion Spade within my excrement bitch parody Your insanity is my clarity, not to mention convention is a great war weapon, disguised under the guise of institutionalism but still prison, the bad batch of jism Who stands, who falls, this is the one the DJ calls lick the ass crack On the wack I keep tabs like Timothy Leary and/or ASCAP The iron lung is non rustable, you're overrated As in smoking dust or sonic contracts that haven't been thoroughly debated Got my name up in your mouth like cock or gingivitis when every rhyme becomes the official new blueprint for wannabe writers Catch a smack to the face on principle Even when I say nothing it's a beautiful use of negative space Indelibles is invincible, El-P don't forget the fuckin name Come on Columbo I know you figured this shit out, nobody sounds the same [Bigg Jus] It gives me great pleasure when true elements get together and lace the track rough enough to withstand, any type of weather If you want it I got it, chemically hemming up the seams with a poly-epoxy type of a mixture that be, fatal if you sniff it These, stupid ones pop the microdots then lean into the sound's religion, watch these styles straight box you up Coming with clean concise thoughts, penetrating patterns Not beyond your comprehension but ejected wide beyond the barrel Yo, catch the rarest glimpses of the planet once known as Earth that gravitated, before inner violence heated it up, then it burnt It be these two style slide niggaz who will rock off any beat you push Cell Therapy Down South Goodie Mob and Special Ed's The Bush It's like this, for the niggaz who got caught sleepin and didn't know It be these four actors crazy kings, worlds to revolve around CoFlow Coming at you in a blazing orange hunting vest thirty yard night scope first day of deer hunting, you got scoped out like the foreign Juss Not the type of nigga to steal any scene too long son I might lace you, leave the EP evidence and then I'm gone

Put It On Me

Dr Dre "Dr. Dre 2001"
[Dr. Dre] Y'all ready to get dirty? Do y'all really wanna get X-rated? Heh, bottoms up [Mimi] Just hit me up when you need Sex, endo and Hennessey Won't you just put it on me I just want yo company (Come on baby) Put it on me Relax and come chill with me Kick back I got what you need Won't you just put it on me [Dr. Dre] We back, we mack, stay blunted Knee pads, yo hoes they wanted Penthouse two o'clock eleven hundred It aint no fun if I can't reroute your hoes in this direction Swerve in the intersection, I'm done she restin No question, done session Home wreckin, Doc motherfuckin Dre no guessin Nothin less than, I mess when I'm sexin Bang on the block Even Asian bitches like to bang cock Draws drop, she bunny hops On it like a pro, she comes out the clothes [DJ Quik] But, uh, she flips the dildos Whether in the Pumps, Nikes or the steel toes Dre, you can spot it in the benzos Squawtin real low, got me drivin real slow, she's a real ho And even though her parents spent the fat chip On that private school chip She graduated, got some thug dick and flipped No more checkered sweater, vest and plaid skirts She's out here naked more or less and that hurts But she's in good hands, cause Suga Free palmin He sent her to the Sheraton with Thomas If you need 'em they at 310-629-9755 You hit 'em and they let you know when she's arrived Oh she okay she just runnin an errand With this Portuguese dime piece named Karen Bouncin through the mall, spottin 'em all A sucker for a dick sucker ready to fall For a daughter like yours Got him pattin his pocket and comin out his drawers Layin his jacket on puddles, openin the doors All for what? Because I promised her my name gave her the game and still aint fucked [Mimi] Just hit me up when you need Sex, endo and Hennessey Won't you just put it on me I just want yo company (Come on baby) Put it on me Relax and come chill with me Kick back I got what you need Won't you just put it on me (Come on baby) Put it on me Fuck everybody let's just go (Come on baby) We can get drunk, have some fun and blow some smoke (Come on baby) My spot is close, c'mon lets roll (Don't trip) I'll keep it on a low, ahh [DJ Quik] Now we just kickin back playin on some PS2 Contemplatin the game Dre and me best do If you feelin froggies then leave when we test you But I'm guaranteein you bitches leavin three less two Never mind what that love and hate one pairs do Y'all just snicker at that hooker when we all pass through Dr. Dre and DJ Quik will probly outlast you You're like see-trough pair of boxers nigga yo ass trough [Dr. Dre] Bitch, you need some good dick, I got that too Speed bag the clit, leave it black and blue Time of yo live, I got that boo Creep late nights up in hotel rooms We drank, eat shrooms Kill something, crank the volume Fuck in every room You know your home girl want it, Tag team bitch Why you being dick greedy? Tag team bitch When she cums, she drips on mattresses Bedroom time comes I handle shit Wifey caught up me nigga That's yo bitch, that's yo biz That's show biz, that's how hoes is With or without kids Long as you keeping it on a hush she ridin dick Aint been satisfied much, she's been fakin That's why she callin me, guess what she's sayin [Mimi] Just hit me up when you need Sex, endo and Hennessey Won't you just put it on me I just want yo company (Come on baby) Put it on me Relax and come chill with me Kick back I got what you need Won't you just put it on me (Come on baby) Put it on me Fuck everybody let's just go (Come on baby) We can get drunk, have some fun and blow some smoke (Come on baby) My spot is close, c'mon lets roll (Don't trip) I'll keep it on a low, ahh ¡¡

Give It 2 'Em Dogg

SNOOP DOGG "Snoop Dogg Presents: Tha Eastsidaz"
[Goldie Loc] Give it up, give it up nigga, you know what's happenin Lil Goldie Loc'll keep the DoggHouse crackin, lackin We usin dubs for the subs and 15's for the tweeters posted up by The tray, like gangstas with the heaters Gangbangin is my shit nigga Is you still gon be my homie if I get a little bigger Fuck a bitch, never switches my motto And if you disagree with me watch out for my hollows Booyaka, booyaka, that's the sound from a cannon Ouick to leave a motherfucker dead right where you're standin You wanna roll with the doggs, but you can't You too busy ridin nuts fool, get out the paint HOOK: Snoop Dogg We came to give you what the fuck you want (Give it to em dogg, do it to em dogg....) We came to give you what the fuck you want (Give it to em dogg, yeah, yeah, bang bang...) [Snoop Dogg] 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ya bound to get dirty Ya herdy, was servin, birdies, for herby and scrappy That nigga lyin dogg go on and slap him That's probably how rumors get started See niggas be yappin off at the mouth And don't be havin their heart in Suckers, that's probably why I stay in the hills And let my pitbulls smash on niggas that feel I owe em somethin, dogg, throw me somethin Nigga throw me somethin, shit I'm doin badder than you And I aint even fakin or frontin So, quit the hatin 'fore I start dumpin I jump in the 8 5 0 and smash on out Meet me and Goldie Loc at the DoggHouse Smoked out, Hennessy and plenty weed Wit mo bitches, 4 bitches, some cole bitches, c'mon bitches [Tray Deee] We cold vicious, known pimpin, with no simpin Stone crippin, low clippin, 4's drippin Wet from my set, check my rep I'm a vet Ex-felon, never tellin represent it to death Pack my flag, wear khakis with that extra sag Mad dog in every last motherfucker I pass Never ask would I mash with the tray on my neck And my status been a classic I stay on the set Let it rain, let it drip, turn the change to chips Never nervous, stay in service from this gangsta shit Cool time on the grind never mind the danger Gun slanger, gangbanger, Long Beach mangler Bringa of the noise like the Real McCoys Niggas talk shit, walk quick or feel the toys We in this business to win this whatever the cost Goldie Loc, Snoop, and Tray Deee you're never to cross Motherfuckers HOOK

House Of Horrors

Hey there, do you like excitement? (yeah) Do you like suspense? (uh huh) Do you like Nel Carter? (no) Good cuz you won't find her here, this is the House of Horrors And for you it's absolutely free, step right in (thanks) Say no more stupid ass, your breath says enough Hello? It's so dark Don't lose me C'mon, I found a door Woboogawoo WAAA!! Welcome to the House of Horrors You born in a barn? shut the fuckin doors You see, damn, cuz I'm about to scare you Blubablubabluba, okay now I dare you Close your eyes, open up your mouth, and count to ten Don't wanna, huh, cuz you know my nuts are going in I'm twisted, I'll cut your finger off, and stick in your butt Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and glue it shut This is when I get crazy, lemme show you something Brrrr! You know what that means, it don't mean nothin, haha But it scared you cuz people don't be doing that shit But me brrr! bitch brrr! I'm all about it (brrrr!!!) Guess what I'm a serial killer, it's a bad habit I killed Tony, Lucky Charms, and the silly rabbit, UH! Cut the lights, see that shit, I'm glowing Alright, I'm done, cut em back on, wait, where you going? Welcome to the house of horrors Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Honey, I'm not having a good time I know. Come on, this must be the way out. Hey, what the fuck, come in guys, grab a chair Don't mind me drinkin' my beer in my underwear Come on and play some combat, I just got Atari Hey keep it down in there Shaggs, what the hell? sorry Look at that shit, what? , you almost got me grounded I'm a have to take your forehead and pound it I'll bend you over and tie you up to a pole And stretch your nuts back and fling em up your butthole I'm a phantom, listen to me, ahhhhh That didn't do it? How about this? AHHHH!!!! I'm so scary, they call me Joey Terrifying Did you know that?, yeah , no you didn't I was lying I represent Igors I'm yelling in town I'm coming out of southwest WICKED CLOWNS!!! Bathroom? yeah, it's right there down the hall Don't flush it though, I'll make dinner for you all (mumbles) I'm possessed too Wait a minute, hey, don't leave me yet, I... Welcome to the House of Horrors Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Honey? What? I'm scared I know, sweety, come on (run hide, run hide) (ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha ha) (run hide, run hide) (ha ha HA hahahahahaha ha) (run hide, run hide) (whooowhooo WHOOO ha ha ha ha ha) (run hide, run hide) (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) Jump Steady, Nate the Mack, lemme tell you something With Billy Bill and Rude Boy, what about em, not'n They're my boys, I just had to give em props And together we form the cyclops Hahahahaha look at you, haha, you're a bitch Should I let your ass go? hahahaha, no I'll let your bitch out, but you get the bone Run along sugar tits, he ain't coming home Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you....bitch

Why I Love You

KANYE WEST "Watch The Throne"
[Chorus – Mr Hudson:] Ooh, I love you so But why I love you I’ll never know [x4] [Jay-Z:] Picture if you will, that the throne was burning Rome was burning, and I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning Why does it always end up like this? Something that we don’t determine Same people that I fought for That I fight for, that I ride for That I live for, that I die for Be the reason that these niggas is alive for And they want me dead But I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you But I can make em put their hands in the sky for you We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th Get fly more, get high more, cry boy, why for? When the grief is over, beef is over, I’ll be fly when Easter’s over I tried to teach niggas how to be kings And all they ever wanted to be was soldiers So the love is gone, til blood is drawn So we no longer wear the same uniform Fuck you squares, the circle got smaller The castle got bigger, the walls got taller And truth be told after all that said Niggas still got love for you [Chorus – Mr Hudson:] Ooh, I love you so But why I love you I’ll never know [x4] [Jay-Z (Kanye West):] Showed love to you niggas You ripped out my heart and you stepped on it I picked up the pieces, before you swept on it God damn this shit leaves a mess don’t it Shit feelin’ like death don’t it Charge it to the game, whatever’s left on it I spent about a minute, maybe less on it Fly pelican fly, turn the jets on it But first I shall digress on it Wasn’t I a good king? (Maybe too much of a good thing, huh?) Didn’t I spoil you? Me or the money, what you loyal to? (Huh, I gave you my loyalty) Made you royalty and royalties (Took care of these niggas lawyer fees) And this is how niggas rewardin’ me (Damn) [Chorus – Mr Hudson:] Ooh, I love you so But why I love you I’ll never know [x2] [Jay-Z (Kanye West):] Bussin’ at me, b-b-b-bussin’ at me But I’m bullet proof, bitch you can’t get nothin’ past me Got body armor (A nigga gotta watch the throne) And I’m bussin’ back, so niggas in a glass house should not throw stones What do you do when the love turns to hate? (Gotta separate from these fuckin’ fakes) Caesar didn’t see it so he ceased to exist So the nigga that killed him had keys to his shit Am I my brother’s keeper? (Only if that nigga don’t creep up) Got a pistol under my pillow (I’ve never been a deep sleeper) P-p-p-paranoia (Cause the nigga that said he’ll…) Blast for ya (Is now…) Blastin’ for ya, that’s an assassin for ya (These niggas got a shot they’ll shoot) Please Lord (Forgive him) For these niggas (Not know) What they, (Do) (Ooh)

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