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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes


Original and similar lyrics
Mother of god If you know me. You know I never liked the job Hustle like rock, split keys from a pot Outstanding demanding. nigga deaths' a reality Brainwashed brainwaves and money mentality ? arido? python in a marathon of motherfuckin demos Fuck white limos I'm dippin' buckets and rentals Accidental I? scall just one inch paper scam? If I don't explain to me why I'm in your program Swingin like a golfer or better yet a batter Mad like a hatter, react like a badger My first step over crossover remains just the same So my formula on lockdown is motherfuckin game out frame Da picture perfect bulldog glance, weird like a ming FUCK PORKY PIG, remain like a tattoo on you and your crew The things that I do, if mother only knew Shit, Mother Raised on chicken and watermelon Catfish and snappers Godfearing nigga under pressured gat clappers Sportin' timbos smokin endo Hanging out of my mazda rx-7 window, Fuck you! Shit... Heart poundin, don't nobody give a fuck about you bitch Some mornings I sit eatin' bacon eggs and grits Like a bee without honey, a tycoon without money A rainy day that ain't sunny. A Joke that ain't funny! Cocain deals. they shoot to kill, real motherfuckers... Crack raider cluckers tommy tucker cluckers Chewy smoker conisourres who wear beanies in da heat I'll mannerd motherfuckers with da buck in da beat Lips numb, ready to shoot a dick full of cum Sticky but yet picky, chewin spearmint gum. shit, mother Stingy as a motherfucker don't ask me for shit And even when I'm broke bitch my mindstate is rich Because no doubt, no doubt I'm gonna have gear Spin the same lane in a differnt motherfucking viggeree?

Bitch Niggaz

Dr Dre "Dr. Dre presents The Aftermath"
[Dre] Some good-ass weed! [Snoop Dogg] Check it out Dogg; this game is a motherfuckin trip man Word on the streets Everybody always tryin to run up on me hollerin about word on the street is dis nigga said dis.. Man I don't give a FUCK about what that nigga said man! That's what's wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is just like bitches Hoe-ass niggaz, talk too motherfuckin much (speak) Study your own, get your own -- yahmsayin Be independent nigga - BEOTCH! [Dre] Yeah [Snoop] Bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz).. Bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz).. Bitch-ass niggaz (beotch).. [both] BITCH NIGGAZ (bitch niggaz).. [Snoop] Yeah I'm talkin about you (beotch).. [Dre] Bitch niggaz [Snoop] and you too (beotch).. [Snoop Dogg] Hmm.. Dogg.. I meet mo' bitch niggaz than hoes - look here And I really don't know, but that's just how it go (damn) Dogg - so many niggaz like to keep up shit And just like a bitch (beotch) niggaz be talkin shit (nigga) Smilin in my face and then they blast me in the back (ka-ka-ka-ka-ka) Niggaz stay strapped from way back, cause payback..'ll make niggaz wanna pop that shit If you ain't ready for the game (uh-uh) nigga stop that shit We rock that shit, my nigga Dre, drop that shit (right) No mo' talkin, I'm walkin and I'm poppin the clip Glock on the hip, set-trippin dippin an' shit If you act like a bitch (nigga) nigga you get smacked like a bitch [Snoop] Bitch niggaz, bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz) [Dr. Dre] These niggaz don't know what the fuck is goin on Yo Dogg, check it kick back Let me holla at these niggaz for a minute.. Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity The aggravated, makin these punk muh'fuckers hate it COMPTON is the city I'm from Cain't never leave the crib without a murder wea-pon Huh, I cain't live my life on broke no mo' And most of these fools ain't shit but cutthroats They smile in a nigga face - and for what They got the game fucked up, and want my thang fucked up I done learned a lot, seen a whole lot The top notch nigga, I'm fiendin for that spot Now peep game on what Six-Deuce told me [Six-Two] These niggaz after yo' paper, Dr. D.R.E. (what) And these punk-ass hoes is lookin for dough You gotta watch your homeboys, cause a nigga never know Oh, they'll be around, but when yo' paper get low Just like Master P said, There Dey Go, There Day Go Bitch niggaz... uh-huh... {Dr. Dre cuts and scratches attention all personnel } { stop scheamin, and lookin hard - gt; Audio Two} { stop scheamin,,, and..and lookin hard } [Dr. Dre] Bitch nigga, a bitch nigga Bitch nigga, HELLA bitch nigga Youse a bitch nigga, motherfucker bitch nigga A bitch nigga.. a bitch nigga [Hittman] I know yo' type, so much bitch in you, if it was slightly darker lights was little dimmer my dick be stuck up in yo' windpipe! Hmm, you'd rather blow me than fight, I'm from the OLD SCHOOL like Romey Rome homey yo, you owe me the right to slap you, like the bitch that you are, that wanted to cap you every since you was mad doggin me with that bitch in yo' car Fool {singing} Who do you think you are Mr. Big Stuff Man, you shit on Hit, get yo' shit bust; plus pistol-whipped, cover it up - use yo' bitch's blush Mr. Powder Puff yo', bark ain't loud enough, huh I know chihuahuas that's mo' rah-rah, HA HA I have to laugh Dre, I bet he take bubble baths You don't want no trouble with the Aftermath staff, trust me Doggy Dogg, Diggy Doctor plus me No youse a busta slash hussy, soft as a Hush Puppy Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen's a bitch nigga! {Dr. Dre cuts and scratches attention all personnel } { stop scheamin, and lookin hard - gt; Audio Two} { stop..stop..stop scheamin, and lookin hard } { ..op-stop..ah-op-op-stop-sch-sch-scheamin, and lookin hard } { stop scheamin.. an-an.. an-an.. an-and lookin hard } { stop scheamin, and lookin hard } { stop skee-scheamin, and lookin hard } { stop scheamin, and.. and.. and.. stop scheamin, and lookin hard }

We Can Freak It

KURUPT "Kuruption"
Gangsta nigga! To all the homies (for all the homies) No bitch ass niggas allowed No bitches allowed (We goin' do it like this) Kurupt Young Godi Check it out Gangsta gangsta I'm a G from the D That's what the ridahs see I'ma get a quarter mil quarter inch with the deal Come through grey and blue I'ma show you what I do where I hang the shit Dogg Pound Gangstaville in the cut nigga what I'ma slip through, If you trip, I'ma trip too Get a bitch to strip til' the homies dick through Got my nigga Slip too And I got a whole eighth of woo and that's all we need Til' we hit the next spot, cause when I flew in I knew it's bout' to be a G-ed up reunion Ain't no words to express this song Cause one day ya here, and the next ya gone This goes out to the homies And this is straight from the heart and true and this one's for you! (Chorus) This one's for you! Yah. This one's for you! This one's for you! Wooah. This one's for you! (Give it up nigga, give it up fool) Hollered at one of the homies the other day He said son ??? and then he looked the other way Turned back and draw, and all ya saw, was a vision of himself He choked and in the ??? I just paused the lab, that's some familiar shit Cause the other day I dreamt up some similar shit So I tell him I love ya and stay safe then I skates To a whole different hood where different shit takes place I been G, since the age of 18 When I first ran in the heaters, 9 millimeters Get the cash and sprunt, all the homies mash as one Took the bong and smoke deez hundred spokes Holla at the big homeboy C-Style Haven't seen him in awhile, so I pops the stash Pull out the ???, shrooms and hash I didn't think niggas could last Cause ain't nuttin' fuckin' wit Kurupt and Daz (Chorus) I feel a woo comin on cuz ( 2 x) WOOO WOOOO! I feel a woo comin on cuz ( 2 x) There I was, When I talk about history, or psychology, or biology We talk about DPology, Gology, a Gs and all the Gs Gs in rare form, Cs in rare form I gots visions, ammunitions load up a ??? storm Stack up the cut just like bustas Heaters cocked back for all you muthafuckas that's trying touch us I got licks to hit, put that ass on crutches Conceal the glock, pancakes stop and drop Blown, hold up, what's goin' on? My man Capone got a hold of his own Hoppin in fo's, slammin' Cadillac do's wit a gang of hoes Could we put hoes nigga Banged out, this is for the niggas who bang Kurupt's the name, nigga you know the game Snoop Dogg's the name, nigga you know the game Dat Nigga Daz the name, you know exactly what we claim Heaters cocked back get scorched just like flames Dope in the wind, indo and hair The gang nigga (Chorus til fade)

Fuck Em

SHYNE "Godfather"
Verse 1: Leave n****a layin' stiffer than my dick when it's up in a tight clit return the Devils hate by fuckin' a white bitch bitches ain't shit but some hips, tits, clits, and some fat lips to wrap around my dick check it, ghetto girl in designer type she could get it 'long as the vagina tight keep they nose numb, high off of china white kinda like the quartz, I knock 'em down, runnin' through my system, pussy ain't right hit 'em with a aww naaaw if the head right get remanded behind bars bizarre grand jury endightment, lifetime sentence, stash my coke in they bra the hustl-ar, ya'll custom-ar's posted up on Broadway in a custom R 25 Mil' in the trunk Nicky Barnes style on my way to the trunk bitch lets bump. Chorus (Shyne and Female) No, (fuck these bitches, fuck these bitches, fuck 'em) I don't love these bitches, fuck these hoes No, (fuck these n****s, fuck these n****s, fuck 'em) I don't love these n****s, fuck these n****s ('till the day that I die never get none of mine) No, (fuck these bitches, fuck these bitches, fuck these bitches, fuck 'em) I don't love these n****s, fuck these scrubs No, fuck these n****s (Four Karat thug n****s want some love) Verse 2: I'm that n****a Priest from Supafly after he died reincarnated, keep a bitch wide on the bed tied like 'Uh! Uh! Uh!', stop I'm tired besides my Moms a bitch' lips never touch my face, maybe my girl, but I be watchin' her funny like 'Who dick you suckin' while I'm on tour gettin' money tryin' to wash this crack money?' I give a bitch nothin' but sperm when you n****s gon' learn? Discern queens from sluts, love from lust The ones who ate pussy and take it in the butt 20 stacks in my pockets, I'm cheap fuckin' treatin' a freak to eat I got KY Jelly and grease and a stick of bubble gum bitch, you want a piece? C'mon.... Chorus Verse 3: Never met a bitch I liked enough to love and I share with my mothafuckin' n***a Buzz let the Homies get up on it, treat a bitch like a blunt, hit, hit, pass head on my dick 'till she get whiplash fuck it I'm cold, some bitches is colder runnin' game just to get up in the Rover Platinum R, Platinum Jehovah not here bitch, fuck what they told ya' Keys to the condo, Gucci ensamble gaul streams in Santa Fe' doin' the Mambo laid back where the shade's at white sand, tan, how many bitches can say that? you want that? we can do that...yeah right not in your life stay focused, get my money, every penny fuck if your legs broke bitch, crawl on ya' belly Chorus 'till fade...

I'm Hot You Aint

yeah, this is an invasion, dipset colaberation mother fucker(mother fucker) Santana(santana) Killa(killa),Jim jones(jim jones)hell rell (hell rell), j.r writer(jr writer), team invasion santan get at em chorus Im hot you aint im what you wanna be but you can't im the man you a fan you love when they bangin my jam i,i,i do it big nigga(repeat 4x) picture perfect, i paint a perfect picture the realist nigga to do it, boy and i aint fuckin wit cha i got a agenda to injur the market i dont know if you nigga notice but im gettin started, now listen i,i do it big mother fucker from the cradle to the grave that's how i live mother fucker that, thats how i live we dont back down from niggas we back downin niggas sit back down niggas(ah) lets get back to the situation at hand im the man shit is startin and goin just how i planned i, im bout to do it big boy start understandin and recognisin me as a big boy im down for the cause im down for the wars im down for the beef im down for the broads im down for the peace im down for it all down for whatever the situation calls for big pistols, with them big clip fools if not, it aint shit and i dont deal with kid issues (nope) get dis brother this kids gutta i aint a joke i aint related to chris tucker i aint cool with eddie murphy dave chappelle aint my big brother you know how i get brother when im on my shit brother (yup) i aint close to the wayans family i toasted my hands daily you roll up i been i bang hammy Chorus Im hot you aint im what you wanna be but you cant im the man you a fan you love when they bangin my jam i,i,i do it big nigga(repeat 4x)

I Smoke, I Drink

[Magic Intro] B-Doctor! Let's welcome em to the Vault baby Do it big nigga! Do it big nigga! Do it big nigga! Stupid ass nigga [Chorus: Magic] Repeat 2x I smoke (Yea!), I drank (Yea!) I'm supposed to stop but I can't (Uh-huh) I'ma dog (Yea!), I love hoes (Yea!) And I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes Do it big then I do it big nigga 3x [Verse 1: Youngbleed] So many ways to get paid Better, keep, fake, i.d. Sure yall don't try me It's murder, I'm a server Lyric life sentence Relentless, a menace to society Full of robberies so **** it I hop in the bubble Wrap the Beretta wit a rag That glock in the Cutlass Nigga I'm always hustlin And yea, round the Cadillacs The alibam's a must (Uh-huh, yea yea) Crimey and grimey weed smuckers (Uh-huh, yea yea) Money and weed, you know my mind see on the Don Don P With Mr. Magic and Traffic blowin some bomb weed (Uh-huh, yea yea) In your mind, I call my pistol cause it stay by me (Uh-huh) That's like my brother, lucky mothers We ain't nothin to see (Uh-huh) Or like my nigga Pete, but Uncle Pete Or my partner Moe Pete, and Low Key Nigga, you know me man It ain't no thang to c*** it back and make you shake thug bang Grab the weed, rhyming the coke name nigga, what's up [Chorus] Repeat 2x I smoke (Yea!), I drank (Yea!) I'm supposed to stop but I can't (Uh-huh) I'ma dog (Yea!), I love hoes (Yea!) And I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes Do it big then I do it big nigga 3x [Verse 2: Mr. Magic] I ain't got nuthin but d*** for you hoes I won't trick, I ain't sick for you hoes I ain't got nuthin to give to no nigga Deal wit no nigga, chill wit no nigga I'ma keep a stack of that funny smelling tobacco Pistol in my hand, nigga ready to act a God damn fool, ignorant muthaf***a bout to lose my cool Let me smoke a goose so I can calm my nerves Find me a duck, get some head in the Burb I'ma fool on them hoes nigga That's my word, show me a dime and I'm bet I'm gettin served Everybody know me probably saw me half-c***ed Drunk, high in the club bout to get it hot Louisiana nigga, down here we getting bucked (Bucked!) And if we ain't fighting, it's probably cause we too f***ed up! [Chorus] Repeat 2x I smoke (Yea!), I drank (Yea!) I'm supposed to stop but I can't (Uh-huh) I'ma dog (Yea!), I love hoes (Yea!) And I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes Do it big then I do it big nigga 3x [Boosie Talking] I do it big Lil Boosie do it big boy Feel this here, check this out Look [Verse 3: Lil Boosie] I smoke, I drank, I tote that iron (That iron) Eyes stay red, and my guhl stay fine I'ma problem child, I know you heard I ain't no turtle, I'ma crocodile (Crocodile!) And I'll serve ya See Lil Boosie from that South Side (That South Side!) In they mouth got bout five Got them Tees with dem Ree's wit dem black and white cowel (Cowel!) I want Ashanti, Beyonce and Trina So I could hit her from the back, like I do my black nina I miss my nigga Soulja Slim (Rest In Peace), and that's for real So in your memory I pop a pill, c*** the steel If you don't like it you could take it to that level That go the mo light, mo won't you come and meet the Devil Look, I'na put two labels on my back and start walking (Start walking!) And it ain't in six states now I got everybody talking Look, and I thug (I thug), with my thugs (My thugs) We getting paid from the block to the club That's what's up nigga [Chorus] Repeat 2x I smoke (Yea!), I drank (Yea!) I'm supposed to stop but I can't (Uh-huh) I'ma dog (Yea!), I love hoes (Yea!) And I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes Do it big then I do it big nigga 3x

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