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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes

I'm A Pisces

Original and similar lyrics
Gettin' in where I fit in, right? What that deuce deuce poppin' like? Baby, I like the way you work that tongue You had a don't care nigga for 3 weeks sprung It's the game, the muthafucka calls my name Product made of yola cuz the rules don't change The prettiest thing is new white wall tires I shoulda been a lawyer, cuz I'm such a good liar Kill dosia style, brain child in a beanie God fear a nigga under pressure and greedy Microphone cops steady fuckin' off my dealings Even when I'm workin' muthafuckas think I'm chillin' Recruitin' like the army, or even the marines Some get rejected like black jelly beans I'm on the scene in my jeans, smokin' weed from a sac Muthafucka, where you at? I got cocaine raps Ya hardcore CB4 uproar made a nice comeback, but didn't touch my score A Farrakhan listener, white world prisoner My frisk down is just like the state pen for visitors Ghetto red hots, guns, crack and macks, fly clubs, no love and cocaine raps Spendin' ways incredible, money untraceable Niggas start to jack when the money ain't available Baby you talk too much, pass the blunt I'm tryin' to give your fine ass the raw and uncut I got no time to be a crybaby fool Forgive me, but they got me packin' pocket tools Fresh out say fuck 'em, yeah, I made a gang of raps Smokin' weed in a rental with the gangsta tracks Straight chewy, and a nigga got a gang of pride Check the battle or the struggle through my Chinese eyes Had to tighten up the fade, got my murder 1 shades Still tryin' to fuck them freaks from my highschool days B. Adams, do you still love me? Cuz ya first born is strugglin' and it's hard to stay drug free Cock back loaded and about to explode Like the 12 story 'jects, bitch I'm outta control Alpine reliant, police defiant, Kentucky Fried and Popeye's #1 client Represent the look like the great Sam Cook Put a star by every freak in my true black book Clutch tight fist pumped way in the air, pagan, you dealin' with a microphone bear Tear, pear, where?, stare, check it, I don't care I just can't quit, shit, the rap game fanatic Tryna stay calm with a mad weed habit Cussin' and fussin' at 100 degrees, I think like a blind thief with the vision of g's Chewy used to do me, listen to Ice-T Ya lookin' at a nigga who wish he was drug free But nigga that's a dream in another life So until then my last word is re-ligh

We Fly High (Remix)

I wear a mean dark pair a shades (You know we can't have one a nothing) (So we had to double up) You can't see my eyes unless my head is bent Dipset. REMIX!!!! [Chorus:] We fly high, no lie, you know this (balling!) Foreign rides, outside, it's like showbiz (ladies) We stay fly, no lie, you know this (remix) Hips and thighs, oh my, stay focus [Jones] PC blowticious, Lamborghini, it's audicious From Harlem to Hollywood I'm still hood, 500 horses stuffed in my Ferrari hood Fuck niggas talk 'bout MC's on my hills Hip hop was dead and killer gave me the will Black car fever got this nigga feeling ill It's the shop for a now nigga giving out deals (It's all about the Benjamen's baby) I'm flying off Lennox, in the Bentley all crazy The roof top as I am showing my ass, I brought New York back ya niggas ain't got a chance [Chorus] [T.I.] I ain't gonna' lie I'm fucked up, Phil died and we all sad The only one thing gonna get us by and that's the ball game, Then buy me a lonely crib 50 on the dog tag, Cracks on the deal that's twenty mill And you thought I have gone mad, now I had to gone Grab the speeder at the red light, Blue florescent head light, you better get your bread right, You ain't a baller, you chase checks I check write, even when I got a dark outside I bet my neck bright [Diddy] Hey ya hold up, pick a restaurant Chows or Chin Chin Now pick a car, which one I ain't been in, Pick a watch as long as the hand spinning Pick an actress which one I ain't swim in The yachts still on the deck Retirement plan I dropped it on her neck I'm still spending old money, Benjamen's remix 10 Year gold money motherfuckers [Chorus] [Birdman] 500 on the Bentley, 50 g's on the Caddy, 100 gs on my bar 'Cause we boat living large Doing my thing with this uptown swang Nigga get it how we live like money ain't a thing I be stunning on them things everytime you see me Swang everytime you see me hang Best believe I got that thing. Pop up at the club nigga show them hoes love 'Cause they know we make it rain so they show us gangster love [Young Dro] It's like I'm skating on ice like Christie Yamaguchi Sit up in the Chevy eating blowfish sushi 550 mint colored Benz me and Jin with the back camp twins blowing our flutie Hair real block 'cause you know we getting coofy, iceberg drop nigga now riding goofy, 28 inches in the air, know I'm balling 'cause my whole Wrist pink and my neck kinda blue (dro) [Chorus]

Bustin Back

DO OR DIE "Heads Or Tails"
Bustin Back Motherfuckers bust at me, you better believe I'm bustin back (2X) Verse 1 Mutha fuckaz at, war, an they line up at the door nigga what you robbin me for, bailin with the killaz took a shot at the door, nigga you ain't know ain't no Art of that War, fuck war we can take it to the streets, muthafuck Bone an it's on when we meet never ride alone cuz I roll one deep black four-five on me like a sheep, I creep in the mist of the fog through the dark at your home in your city it's a pity when you fuck with the Chi nigga if I die, then you got, dot to the dot to the dot an why, cuz you fuckin with the bitch killa like a lethal pilla, an smoke a dime like a phat philla cuz I'm a straight at war, nigga fuck a Bone killa every bitch come ride wit a grown nigga, never zone nigga step into my zone, nigga feel tha vibe of a chrome infared beam an it see that your gone not many men that'll kill in they zone, we strong Motherfucker wanna run up then it's on, lets go an you been up to some, no play I'ma catch you on yo off day hit yo ass in the head wit a bat time to war play nigga hoes, an yo wife too, fuck yo bitch an your rap an yo style an yo life too ain't no tellin what we might do Rap-A-Lot muthafucka, an I'm down with the right crew an now I call for the right 2 split yo muthafuckin head down the center like like atomic BOOM! did yo dawg an you like who switch bitch 'fore you ask what which would you die soon (Chorus 2X) We some murderaz, K-I-L-L, kill or be killed (mutha fuckaz bust at me, you better believe I'm bustin back) Verse 2 Nigga whats all that bluffin 'fo steady mackin tough, but we know y'all some hoes steppin wrong to the SNY or Do or Die, the whole C-H-I gonna roll so what up bitch, you done fucked up now, pal disrespect the wrong town, clown step wit a fully, clip wit a bully, stop I gotta kill just gotta pull it, clone what an leave yo whole click get struck fuck around left Bone stuck, Bone fucked all your boys hollerin Bone duck, what was that children cryin fo tellin cuz we be goin to work this CHI town cap peela hit 'em up for knockin the world for a minute yo punk dont play so you better get a little nigga want war pack the ATF blast out yo whole gun started killin bitch faster, I hit the stash out get the cash out, I get the gas out, then we mashed out nigga, dash out, mash out, hit the next bitch an shout right now from the Lexus fuck Bone cuz it's on in my city, so stick it, stick it stick it, stick it, bitch now what? Verse 3 I'm sick of all this bullshit watch a muthafucka full flip, when I pull it can't wait til I see you, to bad I wouldn't wanna be you an ain't no doubt creep too, blast yo ass wit a three-two my four-five gonna meet you, Bone thug ass harmonies, you can't fuck wit the CHI town armory hit 'em all when they come wit these caulk those an puff the weed, so keep yo eyes on the master 3 come out an let us see, how much laughter jokes can be when you come here from that East '99 for fuckin wit the wrong cat, seein me in yo hoes lap an what you lookin for, you gonna find losin holes in my gold gat in full ass do you muthafuckaz do you hoes laugh I know your high on green, you messed up pass out all stressed up, I'm at the end of the world so catch up cuz we blast y'all keep in wit the masters an I'm in it to win it, will I serve a bitch I'm my brothers keeper til I, die an deserve this bitch (chorus 4X) Verse 4 Better be remotivated wit a mack 10 masked assassin blastin, killin mutha fuckaz witha passion bullets crash we load them thangs so muthafuckaz seen hoes who strain I can hear they voices prayin, none of y'all bitches adapt to pain well if you can't pick up pain, pick up pain say my name, A to the muthafuckin K on that note nigga I close yo casket bastard that flower shit thats high an drastic supposed to be, y'all bitches ain't cold to me, it was told to me that y'all react to drama when it comes to guns an shit ain't gotta do the po's, yo click ain't too hard our click to serve a bitch only CHI town niggaz do run it like this only CHI town niggaz do run it like this only CHI town niggaz do run it like this take yo wig, flip you bitch, cross our roads We'll break your souls, like triple darkness they say we cold my 9 millimeter, oh shit, 1 clip, 2 clip an leave yo whole crew sick my dick an you hollin hot ones, my niggaz be hollerin hot ones dig my shit then I shot one, does that mean I got one that all you bitches better dodge for life you want pocket, heres yo strap(strap) fo life(life) (chorus 4X)

Get Money

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
featuring Aaliyah Verse One: Trife Baby listen bets to believe I can give you what you want and all that you need Mackin' all the ladies from the fly to the shady Marquis diamonds 600 Mersadies I'll fly you across the seas in a private jet Whisper shit in ya ear to get ya panties wet honey I'll show you how Good life can get wining and dinning nonchalaunt in the finests Resturaunts feed you lobster because I'm a true mobster! Lamer niggaz bore ya, lay ya down in the Walldoff Vistoria Victoria Secrets, lengerie I loves to freak shit Dim the lights, sex all through the night King sized beds, Satin sheets gettin' right Wear you out, leave my number by the phone In the morn', I'm gone chorus (sung by Aaliyah): I wonder if I take you home will you still be in love baby Because I need you tonight Wonder if I take you home would you still be in love baby Because I need you tonight home, home home home home Verse Two: Lil' Kim Do you know who I be? Lil' Kim the loot teddy (that's right) Here trying to put it on you fools trying to run up in (what's the matter Big Momma, don't you like what you see) Like my girl Mary B. you just ain't runnin' up in me You got to give me what I need baby, that's a drop top Z baby Martini and Roxy, icedy Spomaonte' Dom Perejoun so we can get it on, Movatto watch Tennis for the wrists, nigga you ain't ever since no ice like this So now you know what you're working with, handle ya business And keep coming with that stuff that I like, light a candle I'm too hot to handle, I see your eyes sizin' up my hips and my thighs Man I'll do things to you, Vanessa Del Rio would be shamed to do chorus: Verse Three: Kleptomaniac Mack ass niggaz, smooth like Tom Cat and ?Masusso? Games for pro leading parties with bitches and a sex Coupes Who spittin' game, all without the eye contact We're all without contracts, laying my game down flat Kleptomaniac, rides in this rhythm that you give him I'm that right, let press ya suns you got to get ya skins tight Catching mobile phones, showing women how to live life If that's your girl, she wasn't last night Made her life worth while, Benjamins by the piles Turn her frowns to smiles, lvin' Goodfellaz life style Nails done and hair, living rooms with chandelaers Sex in a strech Lex, no cares for who wanna stare Yeah now that's a real women for ya, higherd Vecks and lawyers Pearl gems and tag for ya's, Bachelor Degrees Bringin' home bacon and cheese, freaky Shaundra ain't afraid to get some Dirt up on her knees chorus:

Eyes Closed

Dayton Family "Fbi"
Shoestring: Shoestring's on the comeback, bust you bitches up off my threads Motherfucking feds raid my shit I put that head to bed Been running from the law, been rocking war from my hideaway Fuck them bitches, hittin them switches perfin as I ride away Be quick for pulling your piece and slip like grease and there's a deadly war The bitches they call me Shoestring, the niggas they call me Skeletor Walkin up to your doorstep, creepin up from the back bitch, the killer of your dope deal The killer that left that package and that body in the driveway Murdered them on a Friday Scooped up the yea, the pay and headed back for the highway Put the coke on the floor, hand over the dough My hat is cocaine white and the feds think its blow So they pullin me over ??? honkies checkin my suitcase Somebody want to wet me up The feds are tryin to set me up Reachin for my pistol grip, I'll pop it til I drop these hoes Try to stop the click, we'll beat your shit and leave this bitch with your eyes closed Froze, I'm creepin up on you with that fuckin missle 30 oz six shotgun shells, all he heard was fuckin whistles Fuckin up your tissue, pack your pistol and riot pumps This motherfucker thumps, so none of my enemies jump So motherfuck your cookie crew the Avenue be rollin through Its all about the money bitch, what the fuck you wanna do Niggas wanna grab they balls, show they teeth like they jaws You niggas have more periods than the motherfuckin pussy walls So what the fuck you talkin bout, rappin ain't no thang to me You buster ass bitches ain't really what you claim to be We can throw them thangs, play the same and i'm gone bust your nose Try to stop the click, we'll beat your shit and leave this bitch with your eyes closed. Bootleg: Consolidated, suckers assassinated subliminal criminology Actually rippin for salary its no formality To be a tragedy, body rip for raggedy, dogmatically Financially money's the mission Motive the means, bodies for fishin Intuition got me trapped like Quadafi erasin your posse for a hobby Dead bodies in lobbies dealin with the veteran In your head like Excederin, better than medicine Curing viruses hard as caluses Head wounds by 30 inch, givin paralysis, track record like Dallas Competition is missing, being stragled from angles In position by magicians like mathematicians I'm stackin digits and figures on petty niggas Lemon squeezing mc's with platinum triggers I'm deadly like storms in Arizona I make my living on corners, by turning niggas into organ doners, fuck diplomas Haven't you ever heard of a killa, we can go eye to eye Cause with your eyes closed is how you die Say goodbye to the bad guy, am i my brother's keeper Reefa makes me creaper, hoe put him in a sleeper So watch yourself, watch your step for these bullets ???? But couldn't creep away from its death One of my niggas died, it was his time murder ain't jokin Flashes and blashes reading him dead with his eyes open Since we ain't no dummy, takin the aim and bust him Now the nigga was trusted, the friendship than rusted, but fuck it I rather be behind guns than in front of bullets Bullseye all in my face by a nigga who ain't scared to pull it So he's drinkin 40's pullin ???? wishes Open fire on snitches killin all the death wishes Get the picture, I never shot a man when he was runnin Pistol barrell in his face so he see all the bullets comin Cash in chronic ???/ Informer drug holder Bitches in love, niggas catch slugs between they shoulders Green shit that I'm foldin make niggas think that will hold them But they don't wanna jack trigger with mr. empty the clip I flip on the scripture like I'm Apostle But stick to the script, cause this is real nigga gospel Until my mission's accomplished, I'm gone be hostile with a bottle Didn't have no role model, so i live like fuck tomorrow The path that I chose was to roll with my OG's Killers and creepers who never sleep or dose Fuck with us be leaving with your eyes closed Its mandatory I'm wishin to catch a nigga like a transmission Straight up slippin with his eyes closed And in my hood ain't no sightseeing Fuck with us, who knows where you might be in Only police will be lookin after the hearse roll And ain't no catchin a crook, so you'll be leaving with your eyes closed Watch your back, I'm creepin from the blind side Another nigga dead, another fuckin homicide 211 187 better call for back-up I'm a get to flyin heads, once i load my Mac up Crackheads crack up, bitch niggas back down We ain't scared of shit on the north side of flip town Dayton Avenue is where I'm from to be exact It's all about survival, tryin to get some more crack, right back Before you catch a barrel to your dome G If you with somebody else, than you and all your homies Come one come all nigga ain't no hoe up in my gang Got no time for lames and I'm a stay the same I'm criminally insane, givin pain is what I do Catchin you in plain view, makin sure your ass through Money and the power, bitches in the door Grippin on a nickle plated 44 And you'll be leaving with your eyes closed

White Girl

JUVENILE "Project English"
(feat. Baby, Lil Wayne) [Lil Wayne] Listen...I'ma hundred percent hussla from my face to my feet My lifetime cases the street, my dime places the street Until I wake and see another fuckin day is relief I pray that he keep, I'm scrappin my knees from chasing this cheese I had point guard dreams of playin for some team Hit the block and made NBA money in one week See I hussle in the hood and plus I fly birdies And play the tracks out every month so I can ride dirty needed someone to manage my money I hired Shelly But Shelly started talkin to much so she died early They got me loadin up my Benz with my eyes blurry I sent the message to the fucker at bout five thirty Now if the bitch aint got my dice for me then I'm sorry But i'ma leave everyone who outside bloody And then I go in the stash get the coke and the cash I'm lettin niggas score it for half, I'm hopein it last But still nigga don't, I might have to just go in the lap And if its slow in the ass back to the rope and the mask [Chorus (Lil Wayne)] Man we got that white girl, and wigga talk bout uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad then we got low ki's.. Dog who got um We got that white girl and wigga talk about uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad we got them low ki's.. Man who got um We got that white girl and wigga talk about uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad we got them low ki's.. Playa who got um [Juvenile] I hate when a nigga flex up and he's makin it sound As though he been doin that border, but that nigga would drown My block been infiltrated by uh whole lot of fake ass niggas Scared ass niggaz, wont even bust uh grape ass niggaz I'm talkin to you! so take it how you want ho I've been here for uh minute, so I looked up and you dont move Ya partnuhs been fuckin wit ya cause they know how you is Niggas be smackin ya and humpin you and snatchin yo shit Matter fact get the fuck out my face, befo' I put you in ya place I'm one secound from bustin the drapes Well you can get ya money and all but not ch'ere Lil daddy I been runnin this section for 5 years, first of all I dont like ya I dont know ya, run and get ya gun if you want I'm gon show ya You one of them niggaz try earning your stripe Lil daddy I'm one of them niggaz that'll hit ya at night [Chorus] [Baby] That liquor like dope nigga I gots to have it, Cook flip the brick with some heavy traffic Guns gon bust if these niggas be lackin Cadallac, gold spokes, brick head, and baskets Overflow this bitch white work gone faster Tradegy of uh murder case twisted and laughin In the bentley drop top and Pac is blastin Hit the hood jumpin the cop, we start the stashin Bunch of white t-shirts phone calls harrasment Bought a pot on that shit make it hot and ejectin He standin on my two feet he purrin 'I aint blastin' Coming up from child hood days about my cashing Hundred g's on the trunk of the Escalade Cadi I never did listen , I never mind my daddy My brother gave him a game cookin in an ally 4 bricks two guns I'm runnin to my parents [Chorus - repeat 2X]

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