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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes

Cobra Status

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse One] My drug/rap competitors, they come in flocks I can't sleep 'cause when I do I think the game gon' stop So I'm awake like an owl at a quarter to three I hit your window with a nickel, "What's up baby, it's me" Where I'm from we hate cops like we were bred to do it Believe in Nike signs and gettin' high, so bitch just do it Right or wrong over right, we'll disobey Smokin' weed, plottin' greed, listenin' to Sade Man I hustle all day, eatin' cat fish and (?) Battle everything from gat clappers to rappers Try'na have paper from the bottom to the tip Two words I can't resist; Motherfucker or Bitch I lost a few nickels but I never drop dimes Huh, Pisces is the rap sign Cobra Status! Swimmin' like the man from Atlantis A hold like Houdini, but like Houdini I will vanish Baby was nineteen with a big ol' ass Shit, damn near gave a nigga whiplash Don't ask me for money because I'm not gonna share it Smokin' weed from Bob Marley because he ...(?) the sheriff You best hope this wax don't cut you Hope one time don't bust you This style will finger fuck you And patna I just can't trust you Cobra Status! [Verse Two] Recognize game when it's on yo' mind You and that bitch playin' Andre rhymes (?) situations like an SP-12 Go to hell, I made bail, Nigga fresh outta jail With the look of the replican, shit gets deep Already blunted up, and man I'm bumpin' the beat Real pimp shit all in your bra Thought it was me, but it's my little cousin Bobby Shaw Cobra Status! Nigga I'm the lost pimp of Gladis Colder than a (?) heart, that's shaked like a habit Nigga I'm a hawk, you a forest bunny rabbit My crew stay true but we can also get savage Cobra Status! [Verse Three] Bitch don't call me unless the party is packed And gangsta shit is bumpin' on every track Nigga them dice ain't got no love Shakin' like a nigga scared behind his gun Cause see, I tick like time and man I time like tick Man niggas don't forgive and we sure don't forget It's the receiva, the six feet and ova, ...(?) ice creama Rollin' cheeba in a beama With a poetic passion, in a functional fashion A full tank of gas, and man I'm mashin' Speed like a Z-28 tinted crow Look if you want, your reflection will show Cobra Status

Not To Be Fucked With

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Stylez) Another small town cat with a million dollar fetish Learned my first lesson in jail from a peasant Always seem pleasant Happy to be present Said he past due, shouldn't have been in the essence Streets is like your girl, treat it like your wife You can flirt around with drugs, but don't hit the pipe You can mess around with guns but death ain't right Hold your breath, next step, cause life ain't right If you with the wrong cats then your cyph ain't tight Stylez hit the darkside, show them the light Life ended to the ice that freezes m.c.'s Friend of the flame, burn 'em in one game Tell oxygen he ain't hoppin in He a little time nigga, I ain't thinking of stoppin him Catch up first, you stretch up worse than them Been experts and done less work than them With no album, we net worth more than them These cats didn't think that the Lox could do it Got a hundred different styles that will guide you through it I'm the ghost of this shit, I provide you fluid Never crack sidewalks or ride the sewers You got some fly shit, but my shit Is like the whole city fallin out the sky bitch Loud tracks I'm the quiet loud ass Quick to set it off on your fucking foul ass Make six digits eight and cop a palace Make every rapper sick and call me malace Y'all niggas never know what the Stylez have Some shit in the stash that would crack a cow's back In a hundred pieces in they ass, and how's that? Never answer back, I'm the cancer on the track Just think, I could blink, and make the Pink Panther black Chorus x2 (Jadakiss) Who's not to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's me (Jadakiss) Who's to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's them Why don't you watch my back while I go ask them? (Jadakiss) And if they want beef later on I splash them (Stylez) And if they want to flow, right now I thrash them Should I give it to them new style or old fashion (Stylez) Do I have to break down the walls Stay off the floor I'm the general dog, I start the war Make every m.c. never spit again When I leave 'em empty No guts, no chest, no brain, no game Stylez go broke, I'm a rob the folk train I feel no pain Steal cocain Fuck black thugs that run through whole gangs Anytime that I want it nigga, better listen Blunt is the magic wand, I'm the magician Stylez is the virus, ain't no physician With an anecdote that can stop my colission Before you start asking, I'm a start splashing When I come through, it's like ten planes crashing Twenty ships, full of thugs, all of them is bastards Mashed up, looking through binocs, about to crash in What's the next issue? Sheek did official Called Spielberg, cops get tissue So you can rock in the sky when feds come and get you Next question is where nasa at? We need a hundred g's, can fly, when traffic bad When we down on the craps We plasmic gats Tellin you now you can't fuck with dinero Got a lot of space when it seem real narrow Sagitarrius style, spittin out arrows Hundred at a time, killin a hundred heroes Chorus x2

Mobster's Anthem

TWISTA "Adrenaline Rush"
Yeah we gonna do it like this Mobsters reign, we hope you feel this Speedknot Mobsters [Verse 1:] My click been strugglin half a lifetime tryin to get our shit on got no G's to sit on, even so niggas sell packs to get on but let me take you to a place where these niggaz learn to better pain and stress look a murderer in the face, comin up with a wilder range you're blitzed 1, 2, 3, and to the 44, the good, the bad, and the ugly sticken you fleein through the front door, and we gotta do one more even though dealer watchin me like the lottery we can still fulfill this westside oddessy mobster prophecy Well mobbin what can be better than weed, drinks, bitches and loot hangin off 20 G's cause you got more money to scoop lives a hustler by nature, fiend for paper, schemes and capers constantly eyed by neighbors, who do the Feds favors it aint no major dough, what this lady yeya blow as long as its payin me for my occupation criminal pullin up on hoes, as the weed smoke blows, the absence of a mobsters presence is the reason she chose, as the regency rolls, it rolls, the pearl white O's mobile, shit im a ride high til i die, get killed smoke like fields, forever dodgin blue shields, we're blue steel i got full proof escape skills we're paper chasin leavin trails of shell cases and chasin to the part of your body where the bloods wasted, on the life taken Chicago aint a city its a nation its all this my foundation within the mobster organization [Chorus:] If its gonna be shakin it up, if its gonna be cookin it up if it aint hustlin and we got some skunk we gonna be smokin it up (well I'm a payin mobster for life, caught with gold and ice) (Speedknots roll two shots too cold to die, know im a get high) its an everyday thang for my Speedknot Mob to hang callin cops for thangs, readin to squab or bang takin your riches, cause we know we snatchin your bitches the wish I reign my family gotta maintain , its a mobster thang [Verse 2:] Im a fat booty fuckin, love gettin the sucks in and bustin givin niggers punkin heads for nothin, while bumpin, handle my functions my pistles pumpin, got hoes jumpin, a mobstas always into somethin I can feel Killuminati lookin over my shoulder somethin keeps tellin me to get mine before its over smokin on plenty of buddahs, the brand to get blessed, with forgiveness for the last time I'm sent on the survivin quest from hustlin 24-7 to makin niggas get undressed The mobster in me got to be obsessed with lucci and success, so I can care less if I gotta be lootin and woopin, I'm sick of beggin niggas for rides id rather be the one thats scoopin cause in these last days its day to day hustlin for me, i wont rest here everyday fat ass chain and 3 blades, trippin on that 2 faced, that nigga sweatin dick while i rock the stage, like these bitches is just tryin to get paid to give a nigga AIDS like I can use it for turnin tricks or either for hittin licks and then rap about the shit in one the mobster's greastest hits, and when we come to your town()then raise it finest skunk we just can roll it up and blaze it [Chorus (2x)] Im gonna make it through this New World Order if i gotta be rappin and robbin you cant stop the Speedknot from mobbin and if you try we squabin we waitin for you to fall off the square so you best keep your head up when these shots how niggas roll, cause we dont believe in goin head up On this week 100's, 50's, and dubs, trigger finger itchy with snubs hit me wit love, black gloves, red eyes () t-shirt up on my face, fucked up and ready, I cocked the 380, got a grip that was steady adrenaline rushin po-feddy, while lives is rolled with Sisqo may we rock the tightest flows but tinto up with the clips though gotta find out what yo pockets hit fo, cause i aint that scummie mother fuck () got no time for rockin, choppin in the car stoppin with a stack ofpacked money but you trustin me, then I cup this shit, snatch all of your luxury, try touchin me actin tough as shit, my moms is a bust for me fuckin me or make me hate you, permanently sedate you, when the bullet penetrate you its goin straight for your face you, unless we chase you when we escape through your pockets by all means neccesary the rest is secondary comin for back til my flesh is buried, the test is carried for me to survive and hope we still will be thick, with a trilogy click but now seven mobstability shit [Chorus (2x)] Ha, I just take a pull in the hail, thinkin about my niggas thats locked up in jail my mind dwells on crime sales, we wipin off mad shells only time will tell if we gotta use em' aint lookin for stack , but if we got into it we gotta do it, ha, mobster anthem for life

Lyrical Wizardry

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
Intro: Cheek Del Vec Uhh (what?) Trife Larceny in the fuckin house (uhh) My nigga Klep in the fuckin house (Kleptomaniac) and me (uhh uhh) Cheek Del Vec (Del Vec aight) Aight! (One love) Uhh check it (Snake killin ass niggas JM one love) Verse 1: Del Vec Kleptomaniac Del Vec little niggas pushing Landcruiser jeeps gettin blunted all day every day of the week Nights in Maxima's and Acura's Got bitches drivin 929 Mazda's, Tammy and Rhonda Drivin rope down south in the Honda I'm behind her in the Pathfinder gettin blunted, my nigga need all, the XL 600 ridin smoothly playin low-key, watch my bitch with the brick in the Civic sellin mad weight Outta state and shit, I can't wait til this record shit is straight So we can recuperate, get the dough and I'm gone Motherfuckers fear me, I blow up spots like Ed Leary Violent pro's even with guns like Sharon Stone Mack ass nigga strikes again, chalk my win Kleptomaniac attracts CREAM stacks from eight pens And sticky hands wit crazy glue like finger tips shoplift Or pass crews on mountain bikes bustin four-fifths Diamond Vagettes, Rolex for the bitch, flex and maxin de Moet, signin my signature on cheques Crime motherfuckin pays when you know what you're doin and gettin loops since niggas was rockin Hawaiian suits What? Don't shoot *gun shot* leave ya family upset Tight the trip DT's, chasin down robbery suspect Chorus: Larceny Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young JM motherfucker, go get your guns Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young JM motherfucker, go get your guns *repeat* Verse 2: Trife, Larceny Gettin richer cos I move coke and bust quicker Bitches get richer, jealous niggas wanna hit'cha Stashin my guns to protect my ones I see the cash flow, torch it I blast, you know how it go In the 5-double 0 SL puffin L's lit while Larce loadin shells in the clip Snakes-murder men formin plots Lickin shots outta drop tops and it don't stop us from gettin the Luchicreno My clique tight like gambino's stickin casinos Bussin down kilos, me and Trife for life JM shorty's on the run Cocksucker go get your guns Chorus x 1/2 Verse 3: Klep, Del Vec, Trife I smoke so much weed, I know my lungs is fucked up Stick guns I get'cha, spit sperm when I cum Party done, use to hustle bubble with concealed capsules under my tongue til my mouth got numb Now I watch my back like spighty sense was tinglin Minglin in clubs with Jm puffin on mo' teams Don't oppose me, shit ain't rosy Murderin-lyrical gangsta like Ini Kamoze Del Vec project was set down south with two Tek I murdered that, we got mad respect Sheisty niggas and vicars puffin 20's and 50's on the block I got shit on lock in Little Rock My bitch got knocked, she sold to a undercover cop went to jail, put the Benz up for bail Now I'm fucked up in the cut I got to move to a diff'rent state to make some quick bucks As I look around me, dead bodies surround me Part of drug dealin-killin millions to make millions Sittin on top, tote Glocks smokin pounds and phillies by the box, gettin head on the yacht Presidential rollin, watch hos clock me wit tha 420 Bodyin motherfuckers for this money Chorus x2

Don Jaun

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
She said I got a wild side I told 'er I'm from Brooklyn on that wild side I'm cold hearted but got heated beef He said it's colder 'til I pop up in this heated seat It's not to put at Mr. Chance Anything but wedding vale she just to see the lady smile I know but not every man dogs dought Just the college I was dealt, it's the arms due They never taken mind off that Both turned out greedy, we can sip some wine off that First Doggy, shotgun with the blunt Then we go hit the mall cop wherever you want As in her, I'm the one that you needed I'm the one that you'd call when you late and lay bleedin' Oh when you sad, you grievin' When you tip the wrong hands and this bust up some sleeves She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu But you said I'm such a pretty boy And I'm known to buy expensive pretty toys Deep inside I'm such a city boy So I tape it on trips and let the chicken joy And she was happy with a code C Where we're from we just happy if the coke cheap I need a girl to keep me warm in this cold street Little girl, know how to hold heat I call you bitch, I mean no harm by it And shoot some bags on your arm will buy it But emotional too for makin' love to the streets and holdin' her in the morn' First it was my white chick, then it was my Spanish chick Then she started talkin' too much money to the gram fix I can't forget about my china thing And Mary Jane was just a minor thing She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu Red wine splattin' over satin Even in the sloo never slackin' on my mackin' Captain of the action, you'll never sink my ship Floatin' on the ocean, left a mink for the trip So I'm shirtless and my bitch shirtless Flyin' paper lanes, we above the strip surface Mom's my word and shit say worthless Keep them hoes legget and her tits say perfect Auf wiedersein D-Man, haler at the Tree Man Reach at the roof while blowin' at that He Man Fuckin' eaves droppers tryna see my A and B plan Caught with the coke then you seen 'em on C span Shots they hittin' Back in the day if a nigga ever stopped by my kitchen better had them pots clickin' Look a real light ask and not stop switchin' On a mission with the missus and she got messin' She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu

u and me

B.G. "Checkmate"
[Lil' Wayne] (Gibberish noises) Look, look, look I pass with the top off like my car was named Lil' Kim The lil pimp hopped out wrist lookin like a skittles blimp Do not introduce me to your chic, that'll get her flip I'ma try not to mention that I'm rich, but it'll slip I really whipped the Z doin' a hundred and thirty Come back doin 25 in a hunter Excursion Open mouth and it'll beam like the sun is emergin When I'm out, women scream like they thumbin a virgin Hummers be swervin like I'm passin y'all in speeding go-carts She think she look like a basketball season score chart Hotter than a damn blow torch, you see me sizzlin When your freak be missin, I got her twurkin n she be whistlin Piece be glistenin every time it get a light reaction Despite the braggin my chest brighter than Michael Jackson BMW motorcycle drag racing dawg That playas raw call'em Lil' Wayne the Don [Chorus 2X: Lil' Wayne] When we come through you know how we do, dog (shoo, shoo) up the insterstate with the roof off We be shinin in diamonds very blue, dog Just the life in the ice'll make ya cool off [B.G.] Damn, I like to rep, I like to shine, I like to look good [Lil' Wayne] B.Geezy let them niggas know [B.G.] I come through in somethin new, hoes hollerin' Look at him! That be the Hot Boy they call Bling Bling Slim Park the whip crooked, grab the heat, jump out Everybody lookin and sayin damn he iced out The chain I got on costs more than your dream house Presidential Roley, don't even want talk about Say whodi look at your bitch - she drooling from the mouth Wanna ride wit lil' B.G. and wildout Don't trip, let her come dip wit me dawg I share them lips wit Weezy 'til she get locked jaws I'm a fool wit it, niggas know but don't want admit it It's cool, long as you respect me, I'm chillin Cross the line I draw for ya - it's a killin It's gonna be click, clack blucka, blucka brain spillin Until then I'm reppin, Stuntin flossed out You see me if you up north and I'm down south [Chorus] [B.G.] Nigga don't think I changed, I grew up doin good Still: fuck, chill, and get my hair cut in the hood Never forget where I come from, I'm too real Never for get the days I had to get it how I live But it's better now; I'm on another level now I got cheddar now; I got my shit together now I'm livin swell nigga, I'm givin hoes hell nigga My broad is in order, I refuse to fail nigga Benzos, Beamers, and Bentleys Man I'm ballin, go to a dice game wit a hundred G's Lose it - laugh about it - nigga like me don't miss it Make a phone call get my bitch to come bring me 50 True that, it's all gravy, I get that there from Baby When I struggle niggas love me - now they can't take me But as long as they don't fuck wit me - I don't worry bout'em But if they fuck wit me - you gone have to worry bout'em [Chorus] (Gibberish noises sounding like the chorus) Just the life in the ice'll make ya cool off

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