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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes

45 Caliber Raps

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] It's an art, swing your bat like jack clark. Catch me after dark hittin richmond on bart. Raise the curtian, night club dweller straight flirtin, but be up with the roosters when the birds start chirpin. Show shocker, love sea food and red lobster. Heart knocker, a tiga blaze the garcia chopper. With a mouth full of weed and a mind full of greed, stampedes with no fees with a mouth to feed. Just walk don't talk if hawk without a fader. Leather coat like Darth Vader, still screamin I'm a raider. Not a savior, playa of the F finga banger. Nick named bullet cause I'm one up in the chamber. [Hook:] 45 caliber raps ready to snap. Lying like pinocchio on two twin tracks. 45 caliber raps ready to snap. Baby wore some jeans that exposed her gap. [Verse 2:] Put together better than a Roman Scarlet letter, my dress code reacts to the mood of the weather. Fish tailin on the freeway my tickets turn to warrants. Alcohol and eggs my tiga said pork. Spittin wide eyed my mouth piece is a gift. Sink ships get chips, check the quality shit. Pinky nail shaped well on a path to hell, that how it feels when your pockets and got no mail. Clientel, better keep em cause I picks em up. One minute you the nigga now a bump in the trunk. [Verse 3:] Mind gone Al Capone on a snith. Smellin like Ck one on the bitch. Day dreams of being drug free and having a wife, gets between my bread makin and my hustlin life. Nigga 45 caliber raps ready to snap. Lying like pinocchio on two twin tracks. We put in work, my nickel defense stays alert, All Star Chucks squeakin up the turf. Nigga banned from the spot like vanilla ice cream, wishin nightmares as I tell you nice dreams. Stay in persuit, my whole world revolves around loot. Drinkin coconut juice, wearin Kenneth Cole boots. Most of my tigas slang weed or crack. They say the bigger the peelin man, the bigger the cap. Comin like wolves in a whole damn pack. Check it.

Freestyle - Mack 10

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter"
[Ice Cube] Aiyyo, this is Ice Cube the Don Mega. Don't worry about your time zone, get your grind on. 60 Minutes of Funk, Volume 3. Final Chapter, yeah, ya-ay! [Funkmaster Flex] Aight, my man Mack 10 gettin ready to lace all this. [Mack 10] Yo, check it, let the games begin It's all to the good, bust out to the NYC from Inglewood We can all get down, have loot, and get licked So fuck the bi-coastal beef and bullshit It's the nigga that you know is gun-ho Mack one-O, I bust bad bitches in pairs, never one hoe With ?tips? for the real niggas to make it thorough Much love to the East Coast ghettos and the boroughs Like E.F. Hutton, they listen when I'm speakin Poor white trash, black niggas, to Puerto Ricans Mack wanna blast when the index itches Plus I use it to finger bitches and hit switches Check the menu, you need it, I got it Everything, hit records to narcotics Its all about the dough, rain, sleet or snow And the first fool to cross me catch the four-four Then the phats on ?bun?, surprise you with that one And whoever don't like it, fuck em and eat a fat one The to homies in the pen, I'll send you a kite Cause its time for the real niggas to unite Like Funkmaster Flex, you know its all about figures We showed each other love so now Flex is my nigga I remember the day, if it was good you never fought it No matter where you were from if it was bumpin you bought it From East to West Coast, its all the same Its either run the dope game, or do the rap thang Mack 10 keep it gangsta, all the way tight Two heats on my hip, left and right for the fight So with that hoo-bangin life [Funkmaster Flex] Y'knaw mean, cause that's the way we keep it moving, baby. [Ice Cube] Yeah, Ice Cube, my man Funkmaster Flex, my man Mack 10. It don't stop, The Final Chapter. You know how we do it. [Funkmaster Flex] I still ain't havin it, motherfucker. Aight, look out for that! Aight? Drop that, don't miss it. I'm tired of nigas frontin on me, a lot of nigga frontin on me. Be-atch! Aight.

On The Front Line

M.O.P. "Warriorz"
Aight motherfucker.. Primo, a-heh a-hah, a-hey! Sssssss.. [Billy Danze] Yo, I was raised where, cats blaze automatic weapons and half-steppers don't half-step, without protection The rules of the game is, spit first until you see his wig burst, before he flame his You see a man gon' claim his Duke a soldier gon' aim his, and try to kill yo' ass Niggaz see Burke on the conduit in the left lane doin his thang, whippin a Buick Fizz Won (Whattup boy? I'm ridin shotgun) There'll never be a boo that understand what we got son We've been down a long time I'm beginnin to think I got traces of Womack in my bloodline BOM-BURST two times on top of the line You plexiglas niggaz ain't fuckin with mine (HELL NAH!) We keep it so real, without bein signed to a deal you could still shop for the 'Ville {*various samples scratched*} [Lil' Fame] Straight from the hilll-top, where steeeel, pop and the, coast ain't clear it's reeeal, hot Keep the heat real close cause it's, dangerous and the, game don't change Fame bang with this It's the legendary, cap peelers we the illest of the realest blood-spillers, we guerillas (NIGGA FEEL US) All day, right back at you live from William Berkowitz (SLASH) Fizzy Womack Avenue I send ghouls after you, trappin you blastin WHO fuckin with the rapper dude? Don't even GOOO THERE I'm from the 'Ville Brooklyn Military (OHHH YEAHH) N.E.W. Y.O.R.K. We'll ratch yo' ass like floors that's parquet Glorious, come stomp on tour with us (M.O.P.!) We, +Warriorz+ {*various samples scratched*} [Billy Danze] Hey yo the game don't change only the players I'd like to welcome you young bucks, to these homicide layers We lead (COWARDS TO GUNFIGHTS) right (FROM TALKIN NONSENSE) Sayin my family is unable to drop bomb hits Napalm shit, move in a hail of fire Bill, sire, trailed by an empire (FIYAH!) Can't nobody change my two step I'm ready to rip for respect, Fizzy talk to 'em [Lil' Fame] What's the lesson you learn when the Smith and Wessun was burned Slugs flyin you realizin that it's your turn Didn't them niggaz warn ya BAM (BUKA BUKA) BAM (BUKA BUKA BUKA BUKA) Get the fuck up off the corner! Them goons was hot on ya! Chasin you down, cockin pistol poppin and they wasn't stoppin til they finished lacin you down, peep the steez nigga Snakes don't belong 'round here, nigga breeze! {*various samples scratched*}

Mr. Ouija 2

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "E. 1999 Eternal"
Bone come break 'em down. Takin' no shorts or losses, man. Layzie: I'm takin' swig of the burb, word, downin' my fifth and I swerve, drunk as I sit on curb. Get up to purchase some herbs to ease up my nerves, while a nigga got rocks to serve. Heard about thugs and hustlas, but I never knew none like us. Before we druggin' 'em off in dumpsters, suck these thuggish-ruggish nuts. Peep this cut, make a nigga wanna do some dirt, puttin' in work, and I hit him where it hurts, puttin' it down on first, and hit him with a Ouija curse, from worse to worst. Duck if you willing to test Bone, the consa-equences are fatal. Ready be strapped, pap, with-a me sawed-off, clack back, 'cause I be livin' me label: Ruthless. And I steady be puttin' it down just for the love of money, yeah, for the love of the wasteland--Clair, for the love that brought me here. Droppin' P's to the double-glock. Ready when the trouble knocks. Pop, pop, your pistol, now. If a nigga wanna run up, gun up, put him on the ground. Make 'em lay down, stay down. Harmony smooth with the thug shit. Mo murda to the fools that clone. Five niggas loc'd out with the roughness, and it's war tryin' to craft these Bones. Bring on your stretchers your dearly departed. You rest in a coffin' for darin' to cross this. Come and get that ass tossed by the boss, bitch. Ain't takin' no shorts or no losses. Bone come break 'em down. Takin' no shorts or losses, man. Krayzie: Nigga, gon' fuck with me, now? Krayzie that nigga that pump, pump. Nigga, that's my daily thang. Down with the bang, bang. Swangin' on thangs it really don't matter, man. Insane to the brain, my nigga, so how could you ever compete with the trigger? Bitch, if you decide you want some of this, now, bite one bid, and nigga, we're comin' to cut ya. Everyday be same old: St. Clair to flip on the same ho-niggas that be tryin' to steady the thugs, but nigga, back up. It's a Bone thang, what? Never takin' no shorts or no losses, creepin' up outta me click, see. Mo murda, mo murda, and Ouija will be with me. Creepin' on a come up, doin' it for the love of money. Stalkin' (gat fools), walkin' jack moves, ready to pap you if we have to. Remember: me no surrender, kill 'em and lay 'em up deep in a coffin. Me no pretender, Leather Face takin' no shorts or no losses. Bone come break 'em down. Takin' no shorts or losses, man. Wish: Ain't takin' no shorts or no losses, tossin' niggas all up in them coffins. Let 'em know when they run up, I gun 'em, gotta let 'em know who the boss is, see. Pop, pop, let 'em drop. Mo Thug, them niggas is nothin' but killas. We creepin', we needin' more money. We sick, and we cold, and we hungry. I'm lovin' my thugstas. My click consists of nothin' but hustlas. Then, nigga, you know that I hurt ya, serve and murder all bustas, now. Hard times, gotta grind, get mine, even if it means, pap, that's your life. And a nigga gotta die by the sword, a gauge, my nine, and my knife. Cockin' pump, my slugs all up in ya, now what? Shoot a bitch just like a nigga, ain't no thing for triggers--you'll fall. It's Wish Bone. No shorts, gotta get mine. Yeah, it's my time. Me and my thugs smoke and choke, and let a nigga P.O.D. off that wine. Bone come break 'em down. Takin' no shorts or losses, man. Flesh: Run 'em up with that dog, jumped out of the darkside. Come creep in a barrel, bitch, if you test my hood, it'd be your loss. Even if you bring your click, get tossed, it'd do you no good. Can't fuck with my gang, no thang, and them bullets they rang out. Strangle the man, and drug 'em up off the Clair, we strip 'em, and beat they brains out. I gotta give P's to all of my trues steadily payin' them dues. We niggas with nothin' to lose, trippin' and sippin' on brews and actin' a fool. Mo Thug be lovin' to smoke mo' bud, fiend for the green leaves. Nigga, quick pull out them trees. I pull out my cheese. Now, gimme, now, what me need. Remember: me killa, cap peela, still a realer nigga, and in on to dig ya, so bitch if you run up, I'm bound to rip ya. Me put 'em in work, pullin' me bullets, it hurt, better run to chalk it, diggin' ya deep in the dirt, squirt blood, see the Bone'll take no shorts or losses. Bone come break 'em down. Takin' no shorts or losses, man. Bizzy: Boneyard (?) nigga that's startin' some shit up, what? Little Ripsta, get (jumped. Cleveland) thugs, all of my muthafuckas show they nuts and guts, runnin' up out the cut, pumpin' bucks, ready to fuck you up. Must bust them, and steady be dumpin', thuggin' on the Clair, oh yeah, let's smoke out on 88th, jumpin' with playas. When a me forty-fo' let go, feelin' Glock-glock roll, now they (?), gunnin' outta the window, we peep out the few comin' outta the back door. Hang on the darkside, ride, pick up your TEC, and they fly, why? I die by all of my unremorsefullest times on the nine-nine, ride. Me killa, gravedigger nigga, comin' up out my trench. Rest In Peace, and runnin' from the holice, jumpin' that barbed-wire fence, hittin' the pavement dazed, the gauge was blazin'. Gotta watch when the po-po raisin' up upon me. Turn around and faced 'em. Pump, pump and fade 'em, now [fade 'em, now; fade'em, now].

It's Time

KURUPT "Kuruption"
[Kurupt] DV.... DV.. Yo we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Verse 1: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Fuck this who wanna bring the ruckus Yo I know they know they ain't fucking wit' no fucking suckers You's a live ass snitch, Well shame on the name we might bust your shit And throw mad game nigga and push your whip And shake them thangs and hit four, five six Below you ain't know get at me Sean Donn, Hemp dogg and moe It's a bomb type weed now I'ma count my dough The cops'll watch your do' So let them niggas and now they ain't know it befo' And if them niggas not swipe We'll grab the 4-4, Mag-num Cause I hate it when niggas act dumb Damn, why they make me wanna pull out a gun? First name's Camille, Camille's name be on When you creepin' on the real with my word is bond See catch me out in the night pouring style and form And that venomous shit is what my bitches be on Bitches, bitches be on My bitches, bitches be on Verse 2: Yo, yo, yo I'ma give you something in rhythm feel Ya'll need be loco, Dig a hole in you bolo Look out for dolo Especially if you acting brolo down for dolo On the creek and point anything sleep Ya'll can see it when we roll we coming Mobb Deep We be coming, on the regular we be coming Baby what? tearing shit up with your worry Making me deam stacking up that man for CREAM Torch the green have you all open like beam Hear me ya'll so 'n when you gimme yo just gimme that microphone I been the baddest run down your digits Shorty gettin' played like a midget Aiyyo, I'm in it you wid it for me and my bitches Need 'em to throw your pitches having you leaving your misses What I got to do is this, hand me your business, step off my premises, Or things are gonna get serious and devious, WE BRAVE, And we can drive you all insane like Johnny Blaze Yeah we always Bring The Pain and Misdemeanour Know we can't stand the rain Let's bring the pesos stack 'em up by the case load Cause we can reload, cock back and explode Cock back and explode Cock back and explode Cock back and explode Chorus: Aiyyo, we trying to make the cash ya'll wid out a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Verse 3: I'm in the south ya'll going all 'bout cha'll The name is the Python you know what I'm about ya'll Yo, yo, yo, I pop bras like Bruno I take your money from shooting rap to uno Used to rock to minudo one of them was kinda cute though I had a crush like a DAT now I try to master phones like that Carolina be my home town Still living with my parents even though I'm grown now Time to roam now I don't think that ya'll can handle us Made our mark in the East now we hitting Los Angeles You can't delust a man wid lust When I been up on the mic you can never get enough Make you palms wet and I ain't even gettin' calm yet Clear the premises time to make another bomb threat Chorus Verse 4: Kurupt I'm from the West ya'll Bringing niggas stress ya'll Forget the strapping now you settle wit the best ya'll Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, This is one time that I ain't playing wit niggas The homey stomped it and I'm spraying with niggas I got the cash to have keys to blast You a sucker nigga, Sucker punk MOTHERFUCKER NIGGA I DON'T GIVE A FUCK MOTHERFUCKER NIGGA Trying to strip me a my Vans that's all I gather man Mr. Matter of fact, Calicos and dates What you want to get your shit lit to Blaze Like Johnny you can play like Ricky Davoni But you ain't a player nigga ain't got the heart to lay a nigga Automatic spray a nigga, Soon as I came went like calm in the Grand Bustin dumb dumbs leaving niggas numb I don't give a fuck where the fuck you're from If it ain't about loot then I'ma shoot and run What you supposed to be, Raw? Raw is as raw does it ain't raw dog Bust a five star dog, I want all ya'll I know the niggas know where the weed be It's the live shit need to be Fucking round in my decent (nigga) Hitting motherfuckers like a vic (nigga) Saturate like a sieve (nigga) Take a toke and get blown Ya'll step up and watch your homey explode 'n unload 'xplode and unload 'xplode and unload 'xpload and unload Chorus Verse 5: We from the East ya'll bringin on the piece ya'll Dirty kid wanna hit that wid a leash ya'll I be the mic wrecker, Spinner One coming through wid the double decker Double pound in your crew Uhhh, Forced to recognise make arrive Don't have to par and block you we just break you down to normal size You couldn't shine if you had the sun in your back You wack, I burn you down like I corner that Doggy, QB style you know my steeze I'm on the kill now with my Queen Killa Bees Viper, break more backs than Paul Backland in Kahkland Nigga deny drama could happen First test my skills I came to rap shit for real Venom Squad be the only squad that be ill First of all I ride your back like a jackass Jack still loose on the chaka with the L Coming from the East representing both sides Kurupt, the Venoms, that's how we keep it tight Yo, we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? [Kurupt] Yo I'm from the West ya'll Busting cuz a stress ya'll Fuck the best ya'll Motherfuck the rest-a ya'll niggas Chorus (3x) Gangsta style... Uhh, Uhh Protect ya Neck Massive Poison plants

Insane Creation

Jamal "Last Chance No Breaks"
Intro: A yo man chill let's take this moment of silence out for my man C A Dogg. Claude Austin. Rowdy 9 5. Hook: 1 2 to the breaker 1 9 9 5 Jamal represent to keep it live Testin' 1 2 3 I flows rhymes wicked Jamal represent to keep it live (x2) Verse 1: Back in the day where I'm from in the slum it was ill Drive around the corner catch a view to a kill Move up the block on the O they slang rocks When niggas get hot they lickin' shots at the cops Come with me (uh ha) I take you back to 1983 It was shell top sneakers and it was all about me Me growin' up makin' a man out of myself Kindergarden's cool I'm thinkin' about makin' to the 12th Semester went by, by 5th grade I'm strugglin' My mind was on bitches and smoke I'm not functioning On waht I need to be to get me through The world is a school, and me? Fuck it I'm rollin' with the crew Now boom there it is I'm labelled as An eleven year old, a 5th grade fast ass A year went by (uh ha) and I'm still bad as hell I got a taste of jail nothin' major I'm only twelve My grandmas pissed off not understandin' what's happenin' But come with me, creep into the darkening (Back in the day) It's southwest Fuck with Jamal you catch two to your chest Contest if a nigga want to fool I be the leader of the new school I straight rule That was (back in the days) the days of wayback But nowadays it's all about million stacks (word) Hook (x2) Verse 2: It all started on December 25th 1991 on the Illadelphiatic streets Jamal took a step up and gave his rep to someplay Prayin' that I make it to this day I met this female her name was El Said she liked my style of rap we chatted for a little while Told me haps on how to make the snaps She said she lived in Atlanta where business booms like rockets And she had connects outta sockets We exchanged numbers and I was off to the crib Cause January 1st I had to start my bid (for what?) For being a wild unruling child A week my granny sent complaints to the juevenile Finally January 1st, the day I hated My granny flew away to Georgia I got reinslated Now I'm off, no more sun for a year of two No more get high no more lampin' with the crew (what could you do?) Nothin' so I lamped for about 20 months and a half Then I got amped (what?) I'm losing my mind, I can't take (what) All of this bullshit I'm about to break (Where?) Atlanta where they got some wealth to share Hits the poster with my granny I got some tracks to tear So I did it, soon as I got home I did it Then I got that bitch Janey Ace to get the ticket and I'm out Hook (x2) Verse 3: A wild little shortie on the straight looney expedition Gut a nigga (uh ha) who ever thought I'd be in this position I went from rockin' basement paprtys to placements to all these Opportunites, I got to GA o.k. and I got situated Reinstated in school and fell El too I never forgot my number one plot Was for me to rock the crowd and make my granny proud No doubt I had to shape up or ship out Never to be a failure so I found another route At last to get the cash And then massed to meet El in North Cacalac She had this black little juvenile wild as hell that got busy It's real so we packed up and bailed to the city Together to shop around the sound and get down With my nigga D hooked me up with E and I'm on Hook (x5)

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