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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Raven In My Eyes

3 A.M.

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(Three in the fuckin mornin... yeah) Brave like an indian the Mohican of his last, No money weed or ass baby no backstage pass, We rondezvous, I'm flippin on my kenneth cole shoes, And some bitches talk too much I'm letten them bitches spread the news, Like channel 4, Why gangsta niggas love to snort blow? Chewy is the god down here in the 'Moe pina colada, The set done got hotter than a sauna, We break 'em like a puzzle then we gather like pirhanna, I keep my money by my nuts, Dip through the cuts we don't front we at the front and we roll big blunts, Layin pagans down, Just like a bearskin rug, Goin deep into the depths just like a Russian navy sub, On course, rollin with the front lights off... I can smell the gunpowder, Bullets dipped in the sauce, Some jokers floss, Yeah, but [? ] is the impression they've adapted, My steel declare'll spark the flare, The [? ] or the plastic, Burning rubber Doin doughnuts that the pigs just couldn't eat, They brought the coffee and the cream but all they saw was tire streaks, I'm on the streets. I can feel my mother worry in her sleep, It's 3 a.m. I'm with Sun Kim and we smokin to the beat, It's Nickatina... Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow... I be a suitor, a freeway drivin bay bridge commutor My roll of decks in full effects has turned into a computer, We got weed, but cheese out all the snitches We want the money and the women, You can keep them scandelous bitches... for ya self. I make ya put ya mic up on tha shelf, broke ass hoes they want new cothes Be axin niggas for help, but I can't hear em' but I can hear a needle, Drop on top a pillow. When a clucker fiend here go a sceme, a piece of yellow skittle, a tin shot Follow me as I parade around the block, blowin wind like a tornado, Dirchargin' like a glock, steel plated, I usually get an X when I'm rated. Them sucka MC's Them wannabees, they talk when only faded, like the blunt. that once was plump then burned to ashes. I garuntee my third degree is just like twenty lashes, on ya face. I'll one hundred percent represent my race. while them bastards blast that rock n' roll, my niggas crank the bass for tha chamillion. The F finger answer all ya questions, my pitbull alliance no doubt My only cure is protection stutter steppin, My killer cross ain't false it's been perfected. Baby ya got nice clothes, but I've come to see ya nekked, Like it's ya birthday, like a fiend would say, When they broke and they on the rock, Your conbination has been invaded, your safe has been unlocked It's Nickatina [laughter] Baby just pull ya panties down, all that other shit is um... irrelivant Meow Meow Meow Meow [laughter] Let me hear that [x3] Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow [x3] Three Oh clock in the morning...

One Day At A Time

Devin "The Dude"
Verse 1: Hey motherfucker it's me again yep The one who fucked your sister but quiet is kept Because she burnin' but instead of cussin' out the bitch Just didn't tell her then let her suck the puss up out my dick Gave me some money for gas I hopped out on 59 Smokin' weed (weed) And feelin' fine Dick suckin' laws right behind and they look and they stare But I got on my seat belt so I don't care How the fuck you doin' today Mr. Officer? If I had the time I wouldn't mind to offer ya A fat dime and a black nine in my shit But no warrants and tight insurance so you can just ride the fuck on bitch People always gettin' mad at me bein' like this Drankin' alcohol keeps me peein' white piss Parents I'm not tellin' your children to smoke ya see Cause if they just say no it be mo fa me Hook: Scratching Mo fa me Verse 2: What did you say your name was? D-E-V-I-N You saw me on the news but the TV be lyin' They got bounty hunters lookin' for me I'm wanted for theft Women claim that I came and got they pussy and left I'm not an old fool from the old school like My Adidas Cause All Day I Drink And Smoke it's like I need it On stage you can boo you can hiss real loud But I'll just pull out my dick and take a piss in the crowd Then I'll smile take a bow put down my mic and I'll leave Get the money from the promoter hope it's enough for some weed Head dead to the back with the VIP status In a room full of Pimps tryin' to find 'em a Gladis Gotta pick one of 'em get one of 'em stick one of 'em quick Cause they niggas might be here they niggas might be talkin' shit They niggas always somewhere they ain't supposed to be Niggas can't keep up with they pussy then it's mo fa me Hook Verse 3: Son said Daddy I don't wanna go to school Cause the teachers a freak she tittie dance on the coo And all my friends smoke reefer I think it might be cheaper If I buy a couple of pounds and sell 'em ounces and threefers Cause any way to come up I got to do it ch'all I'm havin' flashbacks I'm about to stash crack in my drawers But fuck the laws They got my brother already they can suck my balls Average nigga have no luck at all But have no other choice but to take up the bet Tryin' the seven or eleven when I come out and pick up a check Gotta get my shit fixed Hit a quick liquid Fringe benefit, like gettin' my dick licked Cause this money runnin' funny gonna break before I'm broke And I can't be wakin' up in the mornin' nothing to smoke So I think I'll smoke half and roll some sweets Well I can't smoke I'm a sell it Hell it's mo fa me Hook

The Load-Out

JACKSON BROWNE "Running On Empty"
(Jackson Browne & Bryan Garofalo) Now the seats are all empty Let the roadies take the stage Pack it up and tear it down They're the first to come and last to leave Working for that minimum wage They'll set it up in another town Tonight the people were so fine They waited there in line And when they got up on their feet they made the show And that was sweet... But I can hear the sound Of slamming doors and folding chairs And that's a sound they'll never know Now roll them cases out and lift them amps Haul them trusses down and get'em up them ramps 'Cause when it comes to moving me You guys are the champs But when that last guitar's been packed away You know that I still want to play So just make sure you got it all set to go Before you come for my piano But the band's on the bus And they're waiting to go We've got to drive all night and do a show in Chicago or Detroit, I don't know We do so many shows in a row And these towns all look the same We just pass the time in our hotel rooms And wander 'round backstage Till those lights come up and we hear that crowd And we remember why we came Now we got country and western on the bus R and B, we got disco in eight tracks and cassettes in stereo We've got rural scenes & magazines We've got truckers on the CB We've got Richard Pryor on the video We got time to think of the ones we love While the miles roll away But the only time that seems too short Is the time that we get to play People you've got the power over what we do You can sit there and wait Or you can pull us through Come along, sing the song You know you can't go wrong 'Cause when that morning sun comes beating down You're going to wake up in your town But we'll be scheduled to appear A thousand miles away from here

Won't Ez Up Tonight

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie Bone:Thug Mentality 1999 Intro Scandalous, scandalous, scandalous, scandalous... -Refrain- Niggas on the street don't sleep until we eat/ We won't ease up tonight... Even if he knows we gotta pop 'em for the profit, we drop 'em/ They know they gotta die, die, die (Murda mo, kill some more...Nigga won't ease up tonight) All my niggas best get that cash, until the cash we won't ease up tonight Even if he knows we gotta pop 'em for the profit, we drop 'em/ They know they gotta die, die, die (Murda mo, kill some more...) Krayzie Whoa! So move/ Need money, we gotta get money for food on the table for feedin' the young ones/ We're stealin', strugglin' And thuggin'; bread crumbs inside of dope rocks of dummies and dum-dums/ We sittin' back and purchasin' and more or whether we mobbin' to stick up a store, finna to get us some dough/ My nigga's desperate/ We ain't ate shit since yesterday But we got a guage with plenty shells/ I'm smellin' money, cash money (money, money) First brother we see, we rush him Buck him, don't give him a chance to reach all up under his seat/ Now, what if he pull out some heat? Shit (shit) then we really got to kill him/ Ain't even worth it my nigga; give up the dough/ Don't flex/ My nigga don't try to be no hero And be glad we only shot you in your legs (your legs) Could have been your head/ Now what if that there victim was me Gettin' robbed by these niggas that we used to be? I'd be muthafuckin' dead. -Refrain- Krayzie You know what to do; run up on them police/ We never did love them/ Muthafucker, we buck 'em/ We lucky they die Pull your millimeter, get yours; we bump 'em/ We kill 'em all until we rise/ Ya feelin' me? Pick up your shit nigga You niggas is realer than realer, than realer, than realer, than realer/ And most of them niggas you rollin' with, them niggas hoes And I'm knowin' this/ Pop off the revolution/ Nigga, we go when you come/ Tryin' to join us in battle and victory, goin' out in history/ This ain't no mystery/ Fuck 'em, Let the law end, cuz we simply get the raw end/ Coffins open; dump 'em all in We got a gun on the po-po/ When we finished they get trippin' no more/ Get ready be one of the show-offs, so my troop has got somethin' to hope for/ When we rumble/ Cracker's collide/ Now we lock up with the enemy/ What that guy did to me is crude and rude and don't give a fuck about rules/ We done nothin' but schooled/ Been runnin' the streets too long We know every corner, cut, and alley/ So when you're patrollin' don't pull over the wrong caddy/ Never knowin' what's on our minds, our minds/ We're steadily bustin' at these po-po for the hardtimes -Refrain- Krayzie Money, money, shit don't be funny when you got no money, money/ Bein' rich is the shit cuz you live so lovely, lovely Never have to worry about where you gon' sleep or be hungry..but that's only if you got money...(Ooooh, ooh-ooh) If money makes me richer, than I'll be a killer, killer (Ooooh, ooh-ooh) If money makes me richer, than I'll be a killer... -Refrain-

Lil Ghetto Nigga

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Yeah, uh Uh, yea Yea, uh Fayettenam, nigga Hahaah uh Carolina, nigga Yeah, Yea, let's bring it in Yea, this is for my niggas in the struggle Yea, this is for my niggas in the struggle Uh, uh, uh, Nothing but sweat, tears, Just another perspective, Yeah Yo, uh Lifestyles of the young, black and genius, Sons strapped with guns packed in jeans, And the blunts got my lungs black as Jesus, (yea) Play with killers hung yack and slung crack for leisure, And tell a nigga run that and gun clap for sneakers, Young niggas emulate what's coming out the speakers, So everything we learn came from rappers, not teachers, Cause if we can't relate, then how the hell you gonna reach us? Surrounded by crooked cops and preachers, (yea) Where my trust at? No time to think about illegal when my stomachs touching, By any means, nigga, even if the gun is busted, I see the world for what it is now, I see the odds is looking slim for our kids now, Cause, uh, it was a set up for my people to rise, (yea) My niggas slang, but I see the pain deep in they eyes, Niggas living like they don't give a fuck, And I don't blame 'em, it's a cold world, live it up! (live it up) The things that I've seen, (seen) The dreams that I dream, (dream) The rain in my sky, The pain in my eyes But know that it gets better baby, Hope that it gets better baby, Don't let this world break you, (you) naw, naw, Don't let them break you, (you) Yea, uh I look up in the sky, see that ghetto birds circulate, And rollers on the block, my niggas on the curb, cursin them, (fuck) Another day in the ville, do I stay in and chill? (no) Or go play in the field? Help my mother paying these bills, you tell me, nigga! We all young, black, some strapped, Them whites had they lunch pack for school, we had our guns stacked. And all a nigga wanna do is take his mother from that, But they'd rather lock us up and make sure we don't come back. To kill a nigga over beef and cheddar is even better, Just one less coon they won't have to arrest. Fuck a crooked cop three times, Bitch, I'm getting cake and ain't a nigga finna eat mine, That's why a nigga looking like a street sign, (yea) Posted on the corner 'til it's sleep time. Wake up and it's feeling like somebody hit the rewind, (why) Cause them ghetto birds circulate, my niggas steal purse and 'em, Another day in the city, my niggas say it with me, yea! The things that I've seen, (seen) The dreams that I dream, (dream) The rain in my sky, The pain in my eyes But know that it gets better baby, Hope that it get better baby, Don't let this world break you, (you) naw, naw, Don't let them break you, (you)

Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)

[Intro: Lil Wayne sample] Remix baaaby! [Chorus 2X: Juicy J] Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance All these chicks poppin' pussies, I'm just poppin' bands Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance These chicks clappin', and they ain't using hands [French Montana] (MONTANA!) Bands a make her dance, 20's make her glance 50's make her flip, 100's make her give me head (head) Cheeks clappin' (clappin'), she don't use no hands (hands) All this pussy poppin' (poppin'), I'm just poppin' bands (bands) I just pay the mortgage (mortgage), I just pay the note (note) Hurricane Katrina (Katrina), bitch you need a boat (boat) Bitch you need to float, show me what your twerkin' with 20 bottles, 30 models, 40 burners, bitch! [Lola Monroe] She like what the fuck is a dollar bill, ass pound like impolo wheels 3 wheel motion, grip and grain, fuck the motion just get the change I don't know what you thinking man, I take your money and get the brain Them other bitches ain't build the same, he say you can't be real who built your frame Ever seen a stripper got right, left, make it really wanna go pipe, that But you ain't really gonna like, that, she fuck your brain, no mic, check Money (money), bet you brake it off You see that ass, you see that cash, bet she take it off like.. [Chorus - 1X] [Wiz Khalifa] Yeah, nigga... Taylor Gang... Juicy, you a legend, nigga Hahahahah... Uhh, I brought some bands so won't you dance, throw a stack on 2 hands Another stack now that's 2 bands, bought a friend now that's 2 fans Gettin' trippy now that's 2 Xans, double that now that's 4 bands Juicy J he got more bands, trappin' hard like Snowman Smokin' loud another grown man Been gettin' money since a young nigga, but they respect me now couse I'm a grown man (ooh) Condo by the ocean, forgot my watch now that's a Rolex Hit the strip club, and spend more bread, and spill champenge on her for head (Yeah ho) Smokin' and sippin, I'm talkin' that rich shit hoppin' that broke niggas listen Shorty keep poppin' it strippin I got to reach in to my pockets keep tippin Seen her with the team, that's my bands chick Got rich off the internet so it's safe to say that's my band width Tahahaha... Uhh [Chorus - 1X] [B.o.B] Uh, bands a make her dance, it'll make that ass go hammer, It'll get her heels high for the sky, it'll make the 2 lips kiss the floor when she land (Damn) That outta do it, if I'm with a bitch then she probetly hood Gin on the rocks gone off the kush, gone off the bean,cshe in Mollywood She dance for my bands like it's homecoming, she ain't working gettin' money, she at home cummin' I state the facts, I brake her back if I drop a grip like it's snow money I see broke niggas watching, cause they ain't got no paint It's a lot of niggas saving hoes but Bobby Ray can't I say whats going broke can y'all reminds us, lost in the money can't y'all finds us Tosh and Nicole sliddin' on a pole, booty going dumb like Alzheimer I say what's going broke please y'all remind us, self made niggas no co-sign us Tosh and Nicole sliddin' down a pole, booty going dumb like Alzheimer [Chorus - 1X] [Juicy J] Bank teller, bad bitches, paid niggas, they love me Stripper hoes, married women, I be whether the bubby Met a girl named Porsche, with a style ass like a horse In V.I.P, at KOD, I'm gettin' oral intercourse Twerking for bandz, I be on Xan, she gon' keep poppin' them racks on your hands Juicy stay making it rain in the club, and I ain't leaving 'til that bitch flood Rollin' like it's nothin', and I don't give a damn I would say no to ratchet pussy but I just don't think I can In the streets with a stripper sipping lean and tweakin', pop molly and that ass 'bout to get freaky Gotta get some brain man and see what she thinkin', shawty don't spit, she like to keep it White girls on that ox, and I'm on Bombay in that KK Got major brain like Mitt Romney, fuck makin' it rain a tsunami Bandz a make her dance [echoes]

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