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Sunny Kim

Original and similar lyrics
Tales of two andres... With the money and the drugs I can't resist Like a frog princess that needs a woman's kiss The way I get down is a tragedy They say, “Yeah nigger, Your Majesty” Mind goin' blind in the whim Cover my eyes with the front of my brim My still is the lady, yeah sun duck kim I'ma say it right here Why you fuckin' with him? Why you fuckin' with him? I'm a jewel-lord jim Like somethin' that's priceless worn by Isis Blowin' on weed in the eye of the storm Gettin' snuck in the back of girl's college dorms Homie now what? Roll this blunt. Nigga watcha drinkin' out your new pimp cup? Alcohol yeah, with a little cranberry Hit it long enough it start to taste like cherry I'm in the door Blow on the horn These freaks be thinkin' that I'ma Capricorn Man in a whim I tip my brim Still laxing kim, why ch'ou fuckin' with him? Why you fuckin with him? Pass the joint Fillmoe Lakeview Hunter's point 24/7 there's junk to sell An' no fairy tale An' I wish you well Because when I make bail It's like the flames of hell Or bullet shells that tip the scale Or be washed around Cause it's electric You can detect it You mother fecked it It's gettin' kind of hectic He's gettin' kind of restless Mother fuckers out there say dat he's the bestest I rides around in my car, thinkin' about money and ménage a trios No I'm not a star Blaze this fly Me and my nigga talk shit at the bar Hahh Nah freak you can't braid my hair So you can have me outta line like Huggy Bear? I got clothes to wear That don't compare I get a flat, get a new car Fuck a Spare In my fresh new keen, nicky underwear Ya pipe for a vine? Little sher khan says “why smoke vine, it doesn't hurt your moms And it keeps me calm And that's how I'm God” You gotta keep it sticky like Charlotte's Web Blow a sack on a track, on a baller's bed Hold out your hand baby, I'll read your palm Like Kymo don, My game is on There're 32 papers in a zig-zag pack It take two hos to make one track They say Huey Newton took two in the back What's up with that? My dialog is in the rap catalog And tell the grim reaper you'll catch the God So fresh. (So fresh) So clean, (So clean) You'll see Nicky T on flight six-14 Like Billy Sims I tip my brim And Sunny Kim, why you fuckin' with him? Across state, 'cross county lines In your alpine is the master mind Picture my Van Gough, Your flow design You wanna hear a cat rhyme that I hope is mine Come here, yeah baby is my open line You gotta pretty face Dis' Pisces Hyphee Gin and coke Wu-tang in the Nikes I could never cheat the game in my life, see? O-khan I react like a Pikie My ki' Then Sunny called, Did you hear the phone Because a real rap lord's been left a long It's like rap-capone With dallas chrome Or Love Jones all in your bones Treat a girl like a freak, then send her home Like a ice-cream cone My heart is cold I'm kind of bold

Rule Won't Die

The Rule Won't Die Uh, uh, yeah, gangsta shit Takin my word, y'all want this They don't want none of me They don't want none of me Yeah, please believe it Rule baby, unquestionable Uh, uh, but you know that Heck, I know that Uh, ha, yeah, uh [Verse 1] What has this world come to When a nigga like me could be perceived the American Dream Life aint always what it seems, my younguns Please believe strugglin, always provokes the hustlin To that we accustomed You get acquainted with everybody throughout the hood Still don't trust 'em Trust is a serious thing Most niggas don't trust nobody they aint know since sixteen Does that mean the devil is in us, of course Who you think is holdin us up to fall short Touch but don't taste, taste but don't swallow And these are the rules that we 'posed to follow People pray for eternity, never see tomorrow They just, wishin the Lord would take 'em away from the horror that I'm currently, bringin, y'all motherfuckers gonna hafta Murder me, swingin bud, I won't die [Verse 2] Hear what I'm sayin, y'all niggas better start sayin prayers Cuz a nigga wit no cares, is finally here Say what I want, when I want, fuck police Cuz my gangsta niggas know we own the streets With the wind beneath my wings, ground under my feet I'm the black rose nigga that grew from concrete It's the Rule, get it right, or get it real hot A whole lotta shots sent flying through your block [gunshot] The one I need, and, oh, before I leave Does anybody else feel they don't wanna breathe Been menacing this society since conceived And nigga you know cold hearts don't bleed Still they, pray for eternity, never seein tomorrow They just, wishin the Lord would take 'em away from the horror that I'm currently, bringin, y'all motherfuckers gonna hafta Murder me, swingin, the Rule won't die...

Nature Shines

NAS "I Am"
(feat. Nature) [Nature] Queensbridge, 41st side Yo yo yo I gots no birth records, no next of kin Know a lot of mothafuckers, got no best friends Know the weather checkin ten-ten winds a.m. First and fifteenth I'm layin at the check cashing Think I'm playin, blink and I'm sprayin Wrong move, ask yourself what leg you wanna lose cuz you gon' lose I cripple niggas, from the complex to simple niggas Keep showin y'all what difficult is Half the world sayin 'Dunn' but never been to the Bridge What type of shit is that, fraudulence, what's the cause of it Nature came threw erasing all of it, stop the presses Goofy niggas ask a lot of questions I repeat this is not a question If you don't reply quick enough I gotta press em Keep the glock by the intestines, .38 waist Wit a belt, regardless of your stats you can catch a shell [Chorus] Believe me when I tell you this (Believe me when I tell you this) There's nuttin y'all can do for me (There's nuttin y'all can do for me) I don't believe in selfishness, this time I want my crew to eat (My crew) We comin through a hundred strong (Comin through a hundred strong) We comin wit a hundred miles (A hundred miles) Bumpin shit all summer long (Bump that) We want it dead and want it now (We want it now) Yo aiyyo I rap for my niggas and rap for the hoes Rap when I'm gettin dressed, when I iron my clothes Depressed, I kick raps that change your whole mood And somehow stick to your ribs like soul food Rap for wheelchairs, rap for canes Ace bandages and niggas wit sprain, stay limpin in pain I rap for math, english, even rap for science Gotta try to laugh, keep myself from cryin I rap for Giants, the Jets, the Yankees, the Mets It's New York New York, from Clue to Flex New cassettes stay poppin up, your boo let me throw my cock in her Rappin got me two proper nuts It's crazy, I even rap for high school coach White folks fiend out like in Michael Doates Creamed out, dope stashin For those askin, I flow for TV, HBO and closed caption [Chorus] Aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo Don't go to Texas, don't go to Watts Don't go to Queensbridge, nigga don't go to cops Don't snitch when you're gettin bagged In the penns, don't bitch when you gettin stabbed Just hold that, I pose for Kodak's, rose to stardom Hoes in Harvard, sophmores get knocked off, nigga watch yours I watch the game like it's Saint John's It ain't wrong, take a blank piece of paper, a pen paint songs Type colorful, writin that shit a thug'll do In the heat of the moment, type to make a sudden move Some'll snooze, some'll snore, they won't admit that dunn is pure Once I quit, niggas wanted more Cop my shit once it come in store The first week be at the top of the charts, got it jumpin off Hot verses wit a hundred thoughts One theme, gettin caught in my zone you'll become a corpse [Chorus 2x]

In The Game

[Chorus: x2] Yeah We Put 'em in the game Then we hit the block with 'em We run them thangs down in florida Ain't no top in em We got them burps lookin so dunktastic Orange down to dade, FLA we the baddest. [Hook:] Mayne that dunk dunktastic The box chevyrific The olds' cuttacular The 'lac caddylicious They put em in the game They got the fresh paint They got em raised up They did the damn thang [Jon Young:] Yeah it's about that time Classic weekend round the corner Made some changes to the O Since I took it to daytona New paint, switch the guts Raised it up a little high Got a fresh set of shoes Trade it at the dade and y's Now I'm sittin on some floaters I'm lookin nasty Got em brand we on the roof I keep it classic Never to flashy we do em right Florida boys got the whip game sowed up tight [Chorus] [J. Cash:] Ay we put em in the game last minute of the fourth quarter Made the trip from texas had to hit em with the slab hurter Oh you ain't heard of me oh hell well that's refered to me I'm I'm sure you see me swervin on these city streets I roll on 22's I stroll on 13 inches I sky scrap up on them bitches and I be hittin switches I get my swang on my trunk got king kong I get my bang on my riders this is your song She think you hatin me Cause dawg they ain't fazin me I'm in the new school one second next I'm in the 83 The coupe deville 90'd out Or maybe in the chevy Put me in mayne Cause my whip game is always ready

Can't Nobody Hold Me Down

(feat. Mase) [Puff] Bad Boy... we ain't gon' stop [Verse One: Mase] Now with Sean on the hot track, melt like it's hot wax Put it out, all the stores, bet you could shop that (that's right) Leave a nigga with a hot hat, fronting like Bad Boy ain't got tracks (nigga stop that) There's no guy slicker than this young fly nigga Nickel-nine nigga, floss you die quicker (uh-huh) This fed time outta town pie flipper Turn Cristal into a Crooked I sipper Everbody want to be fast, see the cash Fuck around they weak staff, get a heat rash Anything in Bad Boy way we smash (we smash) Hundred G stash, push a bulletproof E-Class (ehehe) I'm through with bein a player and a baller Just want me one bad bitch so I can spoil her Mase wanna be the one you respect, even when you're vexed Rock Versace silks over spilled brunette Got green never seen so you suck my jewels Clutch my uz', anything I touch I bruise Puff make his own laws, nigga fuck your rules (that's right) Goodfellas, you know you can't touch us dudes [Puff] Don't push us, cause we're close to the, edge [Puff] We're tryin, not to lose our heads, a-hah hah hah hah [Verse Two: Mase] Broken glass everywhere [glass shatters] if it ain't about the money, Puff, I just don't care (that's right) I'm that Goodfella fly guy, sometimes wiseguys Spend time in H-A-W-A-I-I (Mase can you please stop smoking lah lah) Puff why try I'm a thug, I'ma die high I be out in Jersey, puffin Hershey Brothers ain't worthy to rock my derby Though I'm never drugged, I'm the venom in the club, G Though I know the thug be wantin to slug me (uh-huh) Could it be I move as smoove as Bugsy (yeah) Or be at the bar with too much bubbly (c'mon) Yo I think it must be the girls want to lust me Or is it simply the girls just love me Brothers wanna: rock the Rolls, rock my clothes Rock my ice, pull out Glocks, stop my life (uhh) I'm like, 'Damn, how these niggaz got they trust Used to be my man, how you gonna plot on my wife' Do you think you snake me, cause they hate me Or he got his Ph.D; Player Hater's Degree (Ahaha!) [Chorus: Mase, Puff Daddy] [Mase] Can't nobody take my pride [Puff] Uh-uh, uh-uh [Mase] Can't nobody hold me down... ohh no [Mase] I got to keep on movin [Verse Three: Mase] Quit that! (uh-huh) You a big cat (yeah) Where your chicks at (yeah) Where your whips at (where dey at) Wherever you get stacks, I'ma fix that Everything that's big dreams, I did that (that's right) Don't knock me cause you're boring I'm record sales soaring (*whistling*) straight touring Simply a lot of men be wantin to hear me cause their words just don't offend me (uh-uh, uh-uh) We spend cheese, in the West Indies Then come home to plenty cream Bentleys (ahehe) You name it, I could claim it Young, black, and famous, with money hangin out the anus And when you need a hit, who you go and get (who) Bet against us (Not a sure bet) We make hits that'll rearrange your whole set (that's right) and got a Benz that I ain't even drove yet [Mase] Don't push us, cause we're close to the, edge [Mase] We're tryin, not to, lose our heads, a-hah-hah-hah-hah [Mase] I get the feeling sometime, that make me wonder [Mase] Why you wanna take us under [Puff] Why you wanna take us under [repeat 2X] [Chorus: repeat to fade]


Yeah, yea This shit sound like.. one two o'clock in the mornin with the full moon out Niggaz in they trucks creepin With a fresh box of ecstasy pills for these bitches [Verse One] Yeah, team select, please collect, G's connect Thieves nigga direct the trees to the SmokeFest Wanna take a toke YES! The newest zone I'm in I'm like Smithsonian nigga, fuck it call me Napoleon Wave the torch, cut the head off the Leviathan The terminology I'm rhymin in cause a frenzy up in Ireland Hit ya, I'm gon get ya And drop the bomb scripture at your barmitzvah Yo, map shit out, blast through the speakers With a wifebeater on, Bushe below, a new pair of sneakers Street niggaz hang on the sidewalk, that's where I learned my fly talk Pimp-strut, and how to skywalk Moderatin how we establish the whole conglomerate The way we honor it, you'll never conquer it See how we wreck, has a global effect, on even Polish people Young and restless down to the old and feeble Peep them, Czechoslovakian to Yugoslavian niggaz Be all into my bounce so don't be botherin niggaz So NOW you should feel the whole cathedralish bounce Put one in your stomach leave you in a fetalish crouch, nigga My vernacular is spectacular Strategic plans'll have you lookin wacker than a postal office massacre Is that so Make moves just like a fatso Bounce in a minivan Astro after my gat BLOW! [Chorus] Aiyyo, get up, get up, get dough (get dough nigga) Roll up, light up, and smoke that 'dro (smoke 'dro now) Bitch shake yo' hips and bounce real slow Niggaz rep yo' hood, I'm with that -- All my nig-gaz (all my niggaz) if you with me (if you with me) Yeah I see you (yeah) HOL-LA (Throw yo' guns in the motherfuckin air, c'mon!) All my bitch-es, if you're with me (yeah all my bitches where you at now) Yeah I see you (you know I see y'all) HOL-LA [Verse Two] Yeah, my whole entire mindstate deeper than astronomy and mathematics like Galileo Smash you niggaz like mashed potato Back when niggaz used to rock Ballys and Clarks I used to watch, little niggaz shouldn't hustle nickel crack in the park Barrels spray the brighter flame in the dark Blood spill stain on the street, that's how niggaz be leavin they mark Fuckin with diplomats who love Bailey's Monopolize and quickly get other money fuckin with Israelis So solid how we be symbolic to a handful of niggaz that be all schemin on the same wallet Them type niggaz that be conspirin and kidnappin Shit happens! Gun clap for you in a GIFT wrappin You should follow how the style switch up Like a group of religious niggaz schemin to kill they arch-bishop You big pussy nigga actin all hard Call me atheist, because I don't believe in you God It's like a grand feast celebratin the bounce of the century I tote the recipe quick for any type of discrepancy Busta Rhymes the great renaissance artist and architect Like how a Felipe () portrait is so hard to get We got the obscure shit for the street Nevertheless we split your head and your chest, now rock to the beat Yo, we got the obscure shit for the street Nevertheless we split your head and your chest, now rock to the beat [Chorus w/ slightly different (ad libs)] [Busta Rhymes] Holla at me now, c'mon! Yeah.. Busta Rhymes, cookin up a little brown stew chicken Dr. Dre niggaz, yea

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