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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Khan! The Me Generation

My Name Is Money

Original and similar lyrics
What's crackin everybody you probly know me my name is Money And when it comes to me Like all y'all want something from me I got the pimps, the pushers, players, all the junkies screamin Cause if they have no Money baby then they start to feenin' I'm at the gamble shack Sometimes they put me in the back Sometimes the D boys put me where all the guns and all they dope is at I'm in your pockets, wallets, purses all your hideaways I'm probly the root of everybody's very violent ways (Let me hold you) (Let me hold you) Yo, ask Obama he say straight up, "Yo, I know that Money. He's in my pocket and I dare you try to take him from me" I know the Mafia They love me and they treat me well Man, they be askin for me even when they go to jail I'm in the drug game so I know about them drug sales And I be all on Wall Street so I know like when your stock fails Some call me "Cash Flow" and I dig it like a bad ho (Let me hold you. Let me hold you This is what they say (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Every single day (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) In a religious type of way (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Let me touch you, let me hold ya, something I'm at the crap table and some might say a dice game And when it comes to me people will like argue kill and fight mane They call me Ben Franklin, Benjamin and Young Benji They call me Blood Money yo when the gangsters come and get me They like to bury me and carry me in armored trucks And just the other day man some kid said "I'm strictly guaped up" And all the politicians like to give me to they mistress And all the broke bitches mention me in all they wishes (Let me hold you) (Let me hold you) They make me rain at strip clubs like the weathers bad And some might ask for more of me if your credits bad Some spend me real fast man, like they know I won't last And some like to put me away in big old Hefty garbage bags Some call me Cheddar Cheese and they'll die for me you best believe And they don't want me from Mickey D's They wanna get me out this freak I'm nothing cheap you need to hear it and believe that (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) This is what they say (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Every single day (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) In a religious type of way (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Let me touch you, let me hold ya, something When people have me they tell other people that they ballin' And all the strippers tell they boyfriends "Hey yo, Money's callin! " I'm all in Vegas I'm the number one priority And I know every president so don't make me show authority I know the coc dealers familiar with life pushing keys And one name was Montana and he stacked up a lot of me I'm all in bank vaults if I'm lost it's they fault And I like all the pretty women that like to tell men what they cost (Let me hold you) (Let me hold you) Some like to steal me, yo and lie to people that they did it And even on they death bed they just won't admit it You can't take me with you Here's the issue I'll forget you And depending on how much you had of me that is why people miss you They call Money mane you can mix me up with that honey mane And anyone can be a boss but bosses know I'm running things That's why all bums be thinking that I'm spare change (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) This is what they say (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Every single day (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) In a religious type of way (Let me hold you. Let me hold you) Let me touch you, let me hold ya, something

Do Me Right

SALT 'N' PEPA "Brand New"
Cuz I need a man S'alright, yeah, oh [Deidra 'Spinderella' Roper:] Hold up, wait, let me get this straight You want your cake and eat it Brother, you can beat it, uh Unless you're willing to drown me in passion Romance the cat, better make it last (Forever) Ain't lookin' for no quickies Brothers be like Tricky Tryin' to get me, hit me, and run, but me I'm picky I like it sentimental Stimulate the mentals, I I like a gentle man, with a gentle hand I want the baby carriage And the marriage and the whole thing Diamond ring, treat you like a king I'll be your queen bee Better keep it real with me Or the be the ex-man, I'm with the next man [Chorus:] If you're lookin' for do you right Hold me tight lover I'll do anything you want me to do I need you to do me right Hold me tight, brother Baby, all I've got is all for you [Sandra 'Pepa' Denton:] You call yourself the best When you put hickeys on my chest Nevertheless, I'm not impressed, I want the rest I'm talkin' 'bout the quan baby, the vagabond I got it goin' on, that's right, that's how I see it So what you got the cheese Brother, I'm not pleased Want the striptease (Take it to another level, uh) You'll be a homely lover, friend, sexy pushin' my Benz Dividends stacked, you got it By the way, don't bother me Unless you are attracted to the God in me Pardon me to talk to, borish Shit is tired, and you'll be fired If you can't have one, can't have none son [Chorus] Call on me (Call on me) When you need me (When you need me) I need a man (I'll be your man) That can please me (Oh yeah) In the middle of the night (In the middle of the night) Hold me tight (Hold you tight) I'll do it right, if ya, bring me right [Cheryl 'Salt' James:] You put me onto the next level Fool don't be trippin' Your whip-appeal hit me in my heart, skippin' Your ways got me singing your praise with the next phase I count the days, you're so amazin', I'm cravin' your skills My temperature's blazin', show me how it feels, uh-huh I'm savin', my secret sauce for the course (That's right) You gotta hit me off with that God kinda love That work it out through the hard times kinda love You know how I broke it In the Lexus, the Benz coupe Yesterday, I should never leave you or deceive you Uh-huh, I wanna please you [Chorus (4x)]

Who Da Neighbors

[Chorus:] My mansion is on 40 acres Who da neighbors Call me brain from the lakers That ass paper Call me brain from the lakers That ass paper [Repeat] Big cribs lot of cars and women... I don't tell you what I spend but my blood might You pussy smoking weed forever put that money in my palms cause it... better Hole real estate came with a lot of zeros how you do that mike? Sold to a lot of people 0-30 made us all that's a lot of people Now I got to be a crib that fit a lot of people [Chorus] Straight from the projects now I run maserati The life of a magnum nigger I think I am shanghai They feed me proof I buy what I chose I stay for the... I throw it out and I am cool Got all thirsty bitches think I am going pay them You think you care but money it gets... No need for... fans they all know who I am Two models of rose two models of... [Chorus]

Pour Me Another

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] All she wanted was a little bit of solid Feels like love, it doesn't matter what you call it Heal those cuts or hide em underneath the polish Break another promise and take me as a hostage (take me) Hold your job down and let the zombies crowd around Thankin' mommy's god that it's a cop's town Keep it safe for me while I chase a fantasy Swerving through the galaxy, searching for a family Happily surrounded by planets and stars She was stuck uptown, you was landing on Mars It's all fucked up now, caught your hand in the jar Another small step back for the man at the bar (hey bartender) Spill a little bit of blood on the street For the love that goes to those who they drink too much And hold your own glass up to the heavens Take a little time and try to count the seconds [Chorus] It goes, pour me another, so I could forget you now Pour me another, so I could come let you down Pour me another, so I can remember how True that I am to this addiction of you [2X] [Slug] Drink it all away, numb it down to none Stay awake tonight and wait for the sun You say you hate your life, you ain't the only one Let your frustration out the gate and watch the pony run One double, for the hungar and the struggle Two for the fool trying to pull apart the puzzle Three now I smile while I wait for your rebuttle By the fourth shot, I'm just another child in a bubble Trying to play with the passion and the placement Just to see what these people let him get away with Still trying to climb a mountain for you Hammer in my hand, still pounding on a screw She don't listen so he don't speak no more Nobody's winning 'cause neither is keeping score Don't wanna think no more, just let me drink some more Pour me another, cause I can still see the floor [Chorus 2X] [Slug] Live life tipsy, Still if it don't fit right with me Kiss me whiskey, lift my lips, press to my angel Swallow it and leave her empty bottle on the table Let the past fall, making faces at that clock on the back wall Countdown to the last call, ask all these people that make sounds "How long does it take for the pace to break down" Another lonely little trophy If only I could walk a straight line, I'd make it home free And everybody in this bar thinks they know me And my story like "poor me" (yea, pour me another homie) I can count the days 'til you come back Or I can follow them sunrays down to the traintracks I can stumble drunk over hope and love Or I could keep drinking until I sober up (hey waitress) [Chorus] [Slug] Bottles and pints, and shots and cans Couches and floors, and drunk best friends Models and whores, and tattooed hands Cities and secrets and cats and vans Good times, laughter, bad decisions Strippers and actors, and average musicians Mornings after and walks of shame They bartender knows me by my real name Sing it

Sekou Story

NAS "Street's Disciple"
[Verse 1: Nas] Uh, I knew a few pharmacists, fuck frozen They kept pneumonias on their arms and wrists The main dude, Sekou, face look hard as shit Remember like yesterday, they were the kings of ecstacy Kept sellin' it, he blends in everywhere, has a mixed heritage Bitches let him hit on the reg', waterbed seats in his car All red ferari, Florida where we met at a redlight Homeboy bumpin' my old shit They wildin' with some freaks from the islands piled in behind him, limosine, Benz He shouted, 'Nas, roll with us' I'm bored so I followed him Nikki Beach, here's where the scene begins He put me on to Don, nice ass with a set of mean twins Had a pocket full of cash, Sekou wasn't lettin' me spend I was there for the weekend, packed and prepared for anything Then he brings me to his castle in Coconut Grove War stories about dudes both of us know Never heard drunken words spoken so slow A year go by, the nigga was fly Prada shoes, a lotta jewelry, stayed high Got a call, he's in N.Y Needs a couple of G's 'til tomorrow, I dips by for a season where he's at Greets me with a smile, told him 'Here keep that' Next week got a call from his wife Said somebody done took son life [beat changes] She said [Nas as Scarlett - repeat 2X] 'Who gon' hold me down now? Hold me down now Tell me that huh -- who gon' hold me down now? Who gon' hold me down now? Who gon' hold me down? Tell me that huh -- who gon' hold me down now' [Nas as Scarlett] Forget about them other dudes, they talkin' to me rude 'Cause I always knew the truth, they hated Sekou H2 full of holes, the drove him off the road Left him there on this 'cain, clothes stained with his brain My soul shattered, my man's toe's tagged up Arrangement's a closed casket See now a hoe has to, maintain with his fake gang sheddin' fake tears, I won't have it Look, this kid's Jamaican -- half Hatian, half Asian Brag about how the streets needed a changin' Son, you the only one a bitch could call You remind me of my dude, help me get them all [Nas:] 'Di-sci-ple' [scratched by DJ 3X] [Scarlett:] 'You remind me of my dude, help me get them all' [Nas:] 'Di-sci-ple' [scratched by DJ 3X] [Scarlett:] 'You remind me of my dude, help me get them all'

My Time

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Intro:] The alternate route is a long one But ultimately, in the end, it gets you to the same exact destination Yes sir, the journey's been long And the wins have been short But today, none of that matters [Verse 1:] The time is now, zoom, get close The ego is gone, the room is for growth But talent is there, the feeling is new I mean, bottom is gone but the ceiling is too I was higher than Whitney, headed toward the top again Everything I write crack, like it's with a Bobby pen But it's more than what you hear in a song The wings are extended, the fear is gone Hold up, the clips are loaded, safety is off The business is in the black, I ain't taking a loss Hold up, standards are high, hoes never hold out The touring is cool, the shows always sold out The foes are mad, but fuck it no one else cares The kicks are custom, you'll never see em elsewhere The stakes are high, the risk is crucial And they love to hate me, but I love it when they do too [Hook:] I've been waiting here for so long Gotta take what's mine Since time will never wait Who am I stand up fate? It's my time, it's my time, it's my time [Verse 2:] Look, I've been hurt, I could pull up scars Now the earth is my pull up bar The journey was long, the roads were slim Though I thank God today, I probably owe it to sin Streets were hungry, I was torn apart Even though them jails were cold, they warmed my heart Was living the worst, but prayed for the best Ain't have a thing given to me, had to rape success Had to be used for approval, had to use whatever was useful Had to act old even when youthful Money don't make me, that ain't what I kill for Cause I was richer than I'd ever been, and was still poor Some never thought he would propel Some talked to me just to speak to themselves Some broke their arm, all while reaching for wealth So when you come into the game, make sure you leave with yourself [Hook] [Verse 3:] We all got demons, a few I rivaled Looked em in the eye, and they became suicidal They thought it couldn't happen, they were too prideful His head's an ornament on the wall as proof I survived you Bills were high, money was low Strip club was popping, wasn't money to go Going nowhere fast, but drugs was a one stop Couldn't shine selling that tan, I had my son blocked Now I'm on acres, in a house, with a loft The women are foreign, their blouses are off It's a whole new me, I redefined my style And since yesterday's gone, I guess the time is now [Hook]

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