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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Khan! The Me Generation

Jelly Bean Colored Suits

Original and similar lyrics
I wear clothes that'll circle the globe And write raps that make them out of your nose I'm like a beara tone. I take the Vegas trip man that's my favorite I hit the strip like a sailor coming off a ship I'm in the back of the car like a mafia don blowing weed wearing Louis vaton. I'm like the diamond out of Africa In the cheesecake factory talking loud like a pastor be. I got wings that birds don't have and I fly like the birds don't fly In the midnight kill an hour I give my life to the holy kirran but it's way behind the god of khan in the sun of Milan. Step back as I roll the bomb. You might text but I wont respond It's the blueberry Going 90 down seminary Bumping the scarriac? Because I'm so damn fresh yeah. I wear rings like the young slick Rick and if I pawn them I can buy a brick Feel me on that. I crack a smile like a cracked bottle I talk shit to all the poor damn strip models I smoke weed like I won't get caught I drive my car like I'm sellin' a yot I'm always ask baby what you got I'm always ask baby what you got I'm always askin' baby what you got Give it to me I shoot thru like a free throw I'm not high but people try to find me like Nemo I wear the Sean john. The new white one I'm from Frisco Balcor, Barry bonds Man let me roll the around it Going up something like hydraulics I be shopping on market Yo anything fly in my sight is my target. I like cars with the fresh leather I like them real tough So I gotta call my Foid Mayweather I eat the gummy bears buy shoes in double pairs. Wife beaters under my shirt is what I gotta wear. I chew now an laters and wear alligators be at the parties where you see all the ball players Philmore days. Tahoe nights. Man I be rapping just raise up the coke price My closet looks like jelly beans from all the colorful suits that I got from the Philippines I keep my nails clean A little visene I'm at the mesanino root boy yanah I mean? I take it back like brown royal Or for the stop homie Turned it into a gym and win the pot foil She like baby oil and a sweet sense I like something automatic on the flight trip And when it's automatic man you can see the cabbage You can see it in my face Man I'm extra manage More new cars more fresh clothes My deek is the code for the pesh mode I like to laugh like the hyena Cause every time I think I'm gonna lose I'm a straight cheater I wear wife beaters at your pool parties But i ain't Not getting my hair wet for nobody I take off like a redeye And I could shoot to la in atleast 45 Til the sunrise then we cut pies And the girls only talk to the trick guys I hit my lawyer with a quick bundle Just to let her know sometimes a guard might be in trouble I roll blunts in the backseat And then I sit on that ass and I watch the whole track meet

Where Do We Go From Here

RAY J "This Ain't A Game"
Spoken: Dang girl, I'm getting use to you What, you, you, thinking about leaving What, you, you going away Naw, naw, naw I, I need to know something Right here (now?) Where do we go from here (where do we, where do we) Where do we go from here (Oooh, oh) Where do we go from here (where do we, where do we go) Where do we go from here You say you like my kissing and my hugging You say you like the way that I be thugging I know it's only been a few weeks but I Feel like you're apart of me And if you really wanna know Just how far love can go Well, first you gotta prove and show And what I want to know is Where do we go from here (We've done about everything) Where do we go from here (I barely know your name) Where do we go from here (This love you say we share) Where do we go from here (Let's talk about it, let's talk about it, yeah) I can't believe it Your telling me your gonna be leaving (wait a minute) I can't be grieving Please tell me I'm dreaming But I really want you to know I never felt like this before So don't leave me in a world so cold Cause it will be without you Yeah, yeah, yeah Where do we go from here (We've done about everything) Where do we go from here (I barely know your name) Where do we go from here (This love you say we share) Where do we go from here (I say, let's talk about it, let's talk about it, yeah) (Where do we go from here) Whooa whoa-oa See I need to know What's going on What's going on See, I'm out of words to say So, let the guitar play baby *guitar solo* (Said I need to know) Where do we go from here (Where do we go from here) Where do we go from here (See I was just getting to know you) Where do we go from here (Do you hear what I'm asking you, baby) Where do we go from here (I wanna know, I gotta know, baby) Where do we go from here (I think I, love you baby) Where do we go from here (Please tell me) Where do we go from here (I don't want this thing to end, no, no, no, no) Where do we go from here (I say, let's talk about it, let's talk about it yeah) And if you really wanna know Just how far love can go First you gotta prove and show But I really want you to know I never felt like this before Don't leave me in a world so cold Where do we go from here

Can't Relate

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Verse 1:] This rap shit ain't what it used to be All these fake ass rappers Talkin' that jewelry Never talkin' no unity Cops they keep accusing me My enemies is still gettin' shot up in my community What happened to the music for the young Sellin' drugs, smokin' blunts My mother struggles every month My lil homies introduced to the gang Tattoos on their face Got a tool on the waist Nobody to teach 'em What's right from wrong My homie got out of prison He struggles to find a job He keeps searching for god And he's fighting with baby's mom She's like pay the fucking rent Like the man that you are And they've been fightin' So now she kicked him out He put his clothes in the back He gotta figure this out He gotta hustle now He gotta struggle now He's fucking up now He's doing drugs now [Chorus:] I can't relate To the shit you say Fuck you fancy rappers I ain't fucking with yo mixtapes You can't relate to the shit I say How the fuck When its the realest shit on mixtapes [Bridge:] You ain't real like you used to be Your girl ain't real like she used to be Your boys ain't real like they used to be Everything will change for the better Homie including me [Verse 2:] All you wanna do Is fit in the crowd Thats why you talk about Gettin' bitches and smokin' that loud Let me guess growing up Your mother bought you jordans I couldn't rap about that shit Cause mine couldn't afford it My mind recorded images of women With babies aborted Your parents won't support it Baby daddy ignored it Don't lose faith Cause every man ain't like that Txt me that you pregnant I would write you right back Look baby don't worry Our future's looking blurry I'm riding with you When I'm far from tryna do you dirty Cause even if we break up And it isn't meant to be Just know your baby daddy Supported you mentally Maybe my destiny Is give you whatever's left of me Brag to your friends How i gave you the best memories And you could choose To be a part of this real shit Leaving lil kids behind Won't be a part of my guilt trip (oh no) [Chorus] [Bridge x2]

I'm Serious (Long Way To Go)

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] Ya mean? (my niggaz, uh) Uh, talk to 'em [DJ On Point - talking over Intro/Chorus] (This shit right here is called Long Way To Go) Featuring Mr. Probz Shout out to Soulsearchin' on the beat [Chorus - Mr. Probz - w/ ad libs] Feet are tired and the pain shows It's such a long way to go now, such a long way to go Gotta be strong by myself now, such a long road My soul's so cold, weak in all my bones But I gotta work hard just to reach my goals Such a long way to go, so many miles left but I'm here now, yeah (DJ On Point) [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Yo, yo, please Lord somethin gotta give (dog) They say for every negative, there's a positive (dog) But I ain't positive, for every buck deposited (dog) We still in the hood, livin like hostages and never mind colleges School of Hard Knocks scholarship, dealin with politics I would just sell success in the store, if I could bottle it But, I ain't a millionaire, won't see me in Forbes son Life is like a (Beach Chair), when you can afford one (oh!) Ruger loaded, just in case the war come Might as well, everything is comin to the forefront Need a clear head just to think And fuck a (Drink N My 2 Step) nigga, I'm two steps from a drink The pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds No matter how high up the mountain, I stay climbin Freedom I keep chancin (oh) So if I fall like Beyonce, I just get back up and keep dancin [Chorus - w/ ad libs] (Yo Mouse, talk to 'em) [Break - Joe Budden] Never been a goal that I couldn't reach (uh) Never been a lesson I couldn't teach I done been through the World and back Fuck school, I got all the facts All I do is stand tall (stand tall) When they got my back against the wall When it's game time, all we do is ball My niggaz'll be here in one call (one call), one call (one call) When shit get heavy, all I do is pick up the phone Ain't gotta go through nothin alone When shit get heavy, all I do is pick up the phone Ain't gotta walk through this World alone, if I'm on my own [Break 2 - Mr. Probz] Keep on standin on my own two feet Everytime that I cry, when I sweat, when I bleeeeed See nothin can stop me, no nothin except meeeee [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Verse 2 - Joe Budden] Uh, let me talk to 'em real quick, la-look, look I'm chasin after pies With bags under my eyes You lookin at my representative mask, it's a disguise And I don't do things like I used to The past is the past (but I'm), I'm presently thinkin about the future Certain niggaz bettin I fall I'm speed joggin through the quicksand, I'm jugglin three medicine balls See I'm comin up, used20to share a room with two cellmates Now I tower over the Devil but this ain't "Hell Date" Long way to go, I see my feet gettin blisters I dare 'em talk to me like Mike Richards Or play Don Imus and think it's cool to disrespect our sisters I guess we got a while 'fore they actually get the picture I think about Virginia Tech, think about Katrina Niggaz that caught Sean Bell slippin with the nina A day before the wedding, safety off the weapon Though all these things play in my head, I keep steppin (oh!) [Chorus - w/ Joe Budden ad libs] [Outro - Joe Budden - talking] That On Top Music! Naw mean? Uh, a uh, uh, Joey Team Jump Off Oh, uh, you in that? Yes! [DJ On Point - talking over Outro] Shout out to My nigga Burr, Roundtable Management Can't forget my nigga LRM, follow the future

Women Problems

[Hook:] My Homie said that he was going through it, going through it My Pops said that he was going through it, uh My uncle said that he was going through it, going through it Even my little cousin going through it And na na na, now I'm talking bout my Women Problems Cause I got me some Women Problems I need help with my Women Problems Cause I got me some Women Problems [Verse 1: Big Mibbs] Uh uh, Damn baby, you the one who's actin crazy Catch me dancing with some lady now you talking bout you hat me In the party drunk and Shwayzy trying to punch me over Stacy So loud the crowd hear you cursing over Jay-Z Now this is for instance the shit that I was talking bout Big Mibbs can't go to shindigs without you walking out Mad at the world, at them girls that be eyeing me Trying to see if I'm a be the type to Creep Find a Freak, buy em drinks, Lie and Cheat Damn why you Spying me, Last week I caught you at the mall Playing Hide and Seek After all of this might as well call it quits Cause I never called you bitch, never ever balled my fist Never ever tried to hit you And it's a understatement if I said you got some issues Quite crying here's a tissue You swear like I'm against you, but you the one I'm into You keep this up and I'm a blow the whistle Girl you mental, uh [Hook] [Verse 2: Likewise] My girl problems go way before Junior High Nicky used to diss me, with some prissy little cutie pie Daniel rejected my fan mail, Remember writing letters to Quinetta She would shred em when she get em, you know The folded letters with the question in the circle box I was cryin when Shania stole my Ninja Turtle Watch The Purple Watch it was Donatello Elice was cute but the teeth behind her braces was kinda yellow And I can tell that Shanell liked me The only problem with her ass is she smelled like pee Casey and Lacy the twin sisters they was tap dancers But they was stingy, wouldn't let me play Math Blaster Morgan? Well she let me play Oregon Trail But her breath had a foreign smell Only talk to Courteney when I'm bored as hell And then Porches tail, was lying ass cheating ass whore for real Behind the bungalows, tongueing up different dudes Skipping school, kissing who? Damn you at this nigga fool And to this day ain't shit improved My bad luck with the women got me stuck in dilemmas and [Hook] [Verse 3: BeYoung] We was going on 3 years this summer Deep in still love her Never ever did I see this here coming Queasy in the stomach, knee deep, started buggin Seen this would lead me into something This the start, homecoming 06' Got word that she had a friend she was close with Spending dough with, heard he was quarterback for Howard Paranoid I call he back for hours The phone calls slowing up, Holidays no showing up Her momma say she goin nuts, so I already know what's up Last I heard she was in the campus, letting niggas tap her When she swore she was going just to get her masters First plane heading to the campus, Crashed in the classes And I'm askin, Where's room one eight two Bustin through the door, seen jeans to the ankle Daaamn uh [Hook]

Easy Bake

JAY ROCK "90059"
[Part 1] This shit is fresh out the oven Fresh out the oven I'm back in this bitch, nigga you know what's up Stackin' my dividends Straight out that gutta so you know just what you dealin' with Highly belligerent But that's way before the liquor hits Roll that kushy kushy, rub on her goodie goodies Crush her so good, she all on my timeline now Lookin', lookin', she tryna sabatoge my thing Never go brazy when you're deep inside the pink I'm lowkey like a drug dealer So don't snitch, my nigga, get your chips, my nigga Mind your business, I minds mine, let's get rich, my nigga Take our family on trips, my nigga But if you try me then your wig I'ma split, my nigga And I ain't tryna kill my own kind But we always losin' to the wrong place at the wrong time, no lie And they wonder why us niggas always get high Spend a thou-wow on it just to get fly Another thou-wow on it just to get by Fuck it, only got one life to live Gotta push it to the limit, do it big like [Hook:] What? This shit is fresh out the oven Whip game cold, man this shit 'bout to bubble Big bank rolls, either hate it or love it It's anything goes, just as long as you thuggin' Just as long as you thuggin', yeah it's fresh out the oven Whip game cold, man this shit 'bout to bubble Big bank rolls, either hate it or love it It's anything goes, just as long as you thuggin' Just as long as you thuggin' Big bank rolls, just as long as you thuggin' Whip game cold, just as long as you thuggin' I pull up and park, hop out and swag Grab the Glock out the trunk, other Glock in the stash Just a regular nigga, with no chains or nothin' If I do get some shines, you try to snatch There's repercussions, and concussions You know what's after that, end of discussions I came a long way from eatin' free lunches From Mary County checks to makin' these numbers Oh Lord, I'm just reminiscin' Kill the beat, some intervention on some inner vision I don't know, cause I'm just goin' with the flow Whatever's required, I got it goin' for the low [Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock:] I parted ways with my old self, I'm a new man New face with a new stone and the blue van Blew weight on a bad day with my loosies Suitcase full of merchandise, that's my new plan This my new wave, this my new tan This my summer days in the tropics by the cool sand This my shakin' down you niggas' pockets, I don't do friends And I don't do trends Fuck it though I'll ride with you then! Bring the troops in I'll fuck around and let 'em loose then We'll give 'em blues then Oh fuck it, call me Bobby "Blue" Bland Aye you a fool man Ridin' by you, swervin' at the intersection Baby come and get your blessin' And she gon' fuck with this erection I got somethin' good for all these hoes She gotta want the Betty 'fore I call these hoes Now if I paid for your dress and your perm That means you an investment, bitch I'ma need my dough return [Part 2] [Radio Interlude:] We reporting live from the 9 double 0-5-9 with my nigga Jay Rock and this is WTOP Radio and I'm your host DJ Turn-Up I don't turn down nuttin' but my collar I ain't turnin' down no money And I ain't turnin' down no mothafuckin' fade Now bitch if you're pushin' up the freak with your orangutan-lookin' ass, take some advice and bang SZA ya flat-foot bitch [SZA:] Itchin' for a climax lasting past 11:30 Do you got it like that, do you really got it like that? Itchin' for a purpose, I can't seem to scratch the surface I ain't got it like that, do I really got it like that? You keep talkin' 'bout time, I got none You can find me where The sun don't never end and the waves don't part You don't pay enough of my rent, don't start I got big dreams and you got quick scheme to get rich quickly And I don't wanna waste another hour Really need to take another shower Dirty for you Now this that big shell fishscale BMX on the ramp with the fishtail Pegs on the front, we gon' get there We 4 deep at a swapmeet, don't need a 5th wheel This bitch steal whoever if situations get real This that fresh out the bounty, bustin' knuckles Get buckled if you ever try to knock the hustle Show your hands, watch how I shuffle (No cuts) And show you why they hate more niggas than Uncle Ruckus Rollin' up that boondock, some call it moon rock Gotta keep that bass in my step, dope in a tube sock Gotta do what I do to remain on So all a nigga need is good love when I come home Cause the baby's gotta eat, baby the rent's been due lately And I just caught a hot one, I ain't tryna go too crazy Fugazi, not me, me and my niggas not sweet Give you thug passion, how you walkin' around knock-kneed I'm the silver bullet movin' at top speed Show you how to get it and get away with it scott free

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