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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Khan! The Me Generation

Blind Genius

Original and similar lyrics
Man, a new Rolls Royce hit the Popeyes drive-thru I had to tell my driver I'll guide you See my life thru a BlackBerry Some people like that But I think its kinda scary I'm somethin like a sailboat baby jus tryna sail away And you can tell I'm never comin back after today I bundle up for the night air Even though its cold and dark yo I still wear white Nike Airs I cop like 4 pairs It reminds me of Michigan and Antwan Jobear I hit the night like I'm el presidentay Don't wanna be up in the kizer perementay yo And I rush outta town like Picasso I rap pain A perfect picture yo Then I come right back Then I embrace my criminal mind, a criminal kind Heres your chance if you see a criminal shine Cuz my style is real 'Pac yo with the Pun set A lotta Tuxedos before I gotta jet I like breakfast in the nighttime MGA made a clock man its fight time [CHORUS:] Man this the life of a blind genius And even though I can see let me tell you what I mean is I'm so blind by material things Yeah sometimes I don't see whats in front of me mane Yeah ya heard right I hit the night life And shake the whole scene up like a pair of dice I tell the bartender thats too much ice And she over charging on the Hennessy price I don't freestyle I don't free lance I said paced out I say pay fast I know homies that passed in the weight class But it was pushin weight that they all passed at And when I gamble don't catch me on a bad day Like when the warriors had just lost the other day You send me to a preacher I confess You said its all good I said lets bet I think of Khan at the crack of dawn And then I hit my closet for a new Sean John I'm in the middle of a premier pack I put vocals in the burgundy 'lac Yo my perm is like jet black Man its the life of a blind soul Its like a hustla tryna sell you fake gold Or like a married man who ain't never faithful But talk down on a pimp when he break hoes [CHORUS] I hit my court date smellin like straight weed Plus I had a fat knot in my blue jeans You might have to pray for me when I hit Vegas because my mind is wrapped up in the latest and the greatest My aphrodisiac is the payest Never to play us or delay us And everyone that know me homie know I gotta shopping fetish If you think I'm buyin you somethin you best forget it Backwards like Benjamin button Or SuperBad somethin like McLovin Hotter than the oven Baby that boils the crack And When it comes to rap I'm like a spoiled brat And you can catch me some days, hair oiled back And countin on somethin thats a royal stack At the tuxedo party in royal black They had barbeque I said foil that [CHORUS]

In Nomine

a hell of self caused pain lewd paints harass me no heart was ever caught and cursed in such venial lust decay of dreammade fear overflows my tired heart only disgust remained of sweetness bleeding in caddish pain loud rushes the sirens well dark hales the sphynx before our guilt our hearts trembling with filth we cry forgive us our sins tortured by god and crushed in my face from our souls' darkened bliss remained only a feeling of bashfulness the day before in distorted glance beating to bars of heretic songs in despair and sadful grace brighter the stars of forgotten hope reflecting our godless sin away you haunting face with unamable fear thrill of delight trembles the embers of my breath come and get me you never succeed choke the life out of you with pale hands I open it the door of life and breathe the world again I am am sound and hot coloured life still my blood flows I am

Life At Risk

Waking up to a little baby crying Mom's yelling cuz pop's got his fists flying It's nine in the morning and he's drunk One day, I feel that I'm gonna shoot that punk My bitch laying next to me in the bed I honestly don't give a fuck if the ho is dead The only honor in my life is my rag Without it, zip me up in a body bag Grab my brother's unloaded forty-four Take the money-back bottles and head for the store My neighborhood your life is a dare Cuz there's factories pumping out black air And I'm breathing this shit everyday Living crazy, cuz I'm dying anyway I see this tramp hangin under the bridge I tell her go home and watch her kids You listen to them cry and sob Take your sorry ass and find a motherfucking job See my homies hanging at the liquor store 40s in the catch, dice rollin on the floor They say my friends'll never be any good But the president wouldn't of been shit If he was raised in my neighborhood My friends say the same old shit The southwest side have a hit on me I guess everyone's seen it When I slammed Johnny's head into the cement It started all this crazy shit And now we never set out without a loaded clip And we headed up to the dunk rim Little boys on the court so we punked them out And I was thinking of my brother When he was pushed off the court he wanted to kill them fuckers Now I'm standing in the bad guys shoes Payin' my dues And I don't have no where to be Just another street hood in the inner city And a man is gonna ask for some change Give him a dollar, so he can go and fry his brain Fuck no, I push him out the way Cuz that sad motherfucker got shit to say My homie was known for the mackin Now they got him doing 10 for car jackin And I'm thinkin that I'm next to go What the fuck I already live on Death Row So many out there want me Everybody wants to put a bullet in my head But I don't give a fuck if I die today Everyone alive is gonna die anyway What the fuck is life about Come home late and daddy blow your mouth out That's in the past now, I ain't soft Daddy hits me today and I'm a blow his fuckin head off For now the bullets close but miss Livin my life at a risk You know, J, man, you're right Too many motherfuckers out there are fake People need to understand That if you get hit enough times Then you start hitting back All we are are pawns in the game board And if this is the way everyone's playin' it So be it, motherfuckers Count us in But the ICP is playin for keeps Mackin is a game and everybody's playin Are you the one gettin played like a sucker I think I liked it better when I was a kid

Can't Give It Up (Rock Remix)

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "The Collection, Vol. 2"
{Guitar Playing) [Krayzie Bone] There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know know) If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I don't know)(4x) [Krayzie Bone] My life is a jungle I struggle Hustle Monday through to Sunday They told me the world is mine but shit, I don't want it. Who want it? How could it be mine and I'm still hungry still homely, lost and lonely? So I holler at the forces of the wind as a friend! But I predicted this ending back in the day, cuz I had visions of bad decisions, knew niggas would go astray. Although we pray and we pray and we pray, we do, but see when a nigga lose faith, no more united, divided we fall nigga, then haul. We all dealt fucked up cards, but don't complain just play the hand that you was dealt. You play them right you prevail, you play them wrong then you fail. It ain't hard to tell, when you be headed for self-destruction. Cuz I could look at a piece of the puzzle. It ain't no love involved. Everything we was dissolved. We all hard as one but together we raw. And it ain't a nigga that can fuck with that. We spreaded the talent my nigga, what's up with that? Letting the devil get in. Should've pinned. You was pretendin' to be friends. We was slickin by the snake in the grass, slither slicked a nigga fast. Yeah, the mothafuckin snake in the grass. We dropped our guards and it got inside us like a virus. Now our family reunion done turned into a family crisis, crisis [Bizzy Bone] There's always something you got to give up If you want everything you want(4x) I was never on some solo shit. Always down to roll and blow a head off. He jet off and don't know me, don't tell me you love me. When I was lonely and my daddy died, all of my niggas came. Nigga dreamt, and thanks for coming, I'm still stressed out over the death. And I take my breath to puff my cigarrete (wet). I think the world is just collapsing, but I'm still rapping. Get it all of my chest, go wacking back to the action. When the bird was flying low, and laughing, family bashing till it just happened and Wally passed in the ashes. Working it tragic, gloomy, asking if you'll ever come back tomorrow. We tellin the truth clone, you still beating around the bush. Baby I'm sorry. It's all in the game. Throwing up blood (coughing). Fuck it Lay, let's sign our life away! [Wish Bone] You see me I ain't givin up a motherfuckin thang It's hard to come by, and I ain't no bitch nigga. Shit, committ some robberies and walk-by's. But you don't want that. Neither do I, but I will I will cuz I'm a hustler, hustler. High till I die. I'ma get mine even if it means murder, fuck it let me fire. Cuz a nigga thirsty nowadays. But I'm a hustler just like you, don't bring that shit my way. [Layzie Bone] Well if it's something you can't give up [Bizzy: Would you give it up?] To get everything you want [Bizzy: I can't give it up!](4x) Hell naw, I be thugged out nigga, turned out nigga. Running with niggas thats killas, the realest that be shermed out nigga! Fearing my prophecy, ain't no stopping me. Comin through with the Mossberg shotty. I really don't want to hurt nobody. Just kill off Filluminati! Fuck the DEA, the FBI. IRS can kiss my ass too. CPD, FCC, yall niggas better quit trippin' 'fore a nigga come blast you. I'll blast you. Hit 'em up like Pac did, take 'em hostage. Terrorized and tortured your ghetto resource, a big payback (payback)! Little Lay that little nigga with scrilla. And bitch I thought you knew. You got a beam on me, I got a beam on you. You wanna fuck with me, I'm gonna fuck with you. (Beeatch!) Like it's always been. Yall niggas gonna have to kill me. Feel me! You gonna have to pop me. Even if you tryin to stop me from grinding. I'm leaving you blinded by the science of Mo Thug till you find us. All a nigga know, in the hood life, in the streets tryin to get the good life, getting that lle' up under the street lights. It's a life I'm fighting. A nigga want out but just can't get out. So I guess I gots to fix it. All them dreams of having them big thangs, I'm still gonna chase it. You'll see that! [Krayzie Bone] There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know know) If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I don't know)(4x) {Guitar Playing till end}


[Sample from Snatch ] Do you know what 'nemesis' means? A righteous infliction of retribution Manifested by an appropriate agent.... Personified in this case by me [Aesop Rock] We're all in the same gang, bread and butter Just a couple subdivisions who naturally hate each other Influences shark biting the fuck outta your brother Friendship is Professor Plum ratting on Colonel Mustard You are now witnessing the world's most craft version Of a barnstormer, reveal time with a jagged edge Arm mortars and ?free minds? for a bastard sledge On the style diamond cutter Swung before that magnificent havok sketch You fidget like a nervous culprit gulping Sweat a bullet, dead a bullshit sequence reactor Speaking disaster Who leaped off the canvas to provoke a ?style miner? Fake as the grass with a sturdy belly and his work to sell me I got my word to tell you I got absurd magic For the forks like pistons pumping through the realm my family habits (?Madder or Rabbit Hat? combination) Nah, more like I'm spitting pixleak dust Till the mixed vapor community combusts [Yeshua Da Poed] I hold words for ransom Demand some attention pays Not to mention praise for their release on a page It might amaze the light of day I never said I, gave, them all, the fight to be brave More insight to behave Raw like them others Whose ads have been paid for by some brothers While some of us lie in the eyes of others I discovered another way to stay undercover Kill everyone involved, Unsolve Mysteries, this to me is how to leave matters resolved Out of this all, you should take a break, ask the fake Get snatched out your habitat and left on the side of alake I try to debate Whether a clean getaway is harder to make Than a call to the cleaners Dropped off a seamless bag Zipped it up with enough cash to pay the cat With the aqua demeanor [Vast Aire] God is a name I call myself I don't like Ugly, Original, Synthetic I breathe rusty air logic It becomes the lung, the mind is a closet That is if it's a walk-in, cuz I'm open You fell from the clips of weakness, I scoped it I'll ball your rhyme up and stuff it inside my mouth As if this was the first grade...(C'mon man) And you'll just stand there Your eyes'll water up And your teeth'll grind cuz you rhyme first grade Seeing me is like time, I'm a caged poet But I think life is more than a jail sentence That's why I, took my time Doing calisthenics which euphemisms to hand out a life sentence When I rhyme, I put my ass crack in it And you in a glass bottom boat with a crack in it So fuck your attitude My poetry's position is the sole definition of latitude Sinister *repeated* You tell the angels in heaven you've never seen An evil so singular personified as you being hit In the face by the man who killed you

Sixty To Zero

All the champs and the heroes They got a price to pay They go from sixty to zero In the split of a hair They see the face in the window They feel a shadow out there They've got the places they can go They've got the people who stare They've got to walk in their shoes They've got to see what they see They've got the people around them Getting too much for free All the pimps and the dealers All the food they can eat All the screamers and squealers When they walk down the street Yeah. He's just a rich old man He never cared for anyone He likes to count his possessions He's been a miser from penny one He never cared for his children Never cared for his wife Never made anyone happy That's the way he lived his life And one day in the sunshine He got a bolt from the blue Unloaded all of his possessions Sold his investments too And now he lives with the homeless Owns 900 hospital beds He prefers to remain nameless It's publicity he dreads Yeah. There's a judge in the city He goes to work every day Spends his life in the courthouse Keeps his perspective that way But I respect his decision He's got a lot on his mind He's pretty good with the gavel A little heavy on the fines One day there was this minstrel Who came to court on a charge That he blew someone's head off Because his amp was too large And the song he was singin' Was not for love but for cash Well, the judge weighed the charges He fingered his mustache Yeah. Well, there's a clown in a carnival He rode a painted horse He came from somewhere out west He was very funny of course But that is not what I noticed It was the incredible force With which he held his audience While he rode on his horse His jokes were not that off-color His smile was not that sincere His show was not that sensational Reasons for success were not clear But he still made big money One day the circus was his Now he's married to the acrobat And they're training their kids Yeah. Now the jailhouse was empty All the criminals were gone The gate was left wide open And a buck and fawn Were eating grass in the courtyard When the warden walked in And took a rifle from the prison guard And said to him with a grin To shoot those deer would be stupid, sir We already got 'em right here Why not just lock the gates and keep them With intimidation and fear But the warden pulled the trigger And those deer hit the ground He said Nobody'll know the difference And they both looked around. Yeah. Well, the cop made the showdown He was sure he was right He had all of the lowdown From the bank heist last night His best friend was a robber And his wife was a thief All the children were murderers They couldn't get no relief The bungalow was surrounded When a voice loud and clear Come out with your hands up Or we're gonna blow you out of here There was a face in the window TV cameras rolled And they cut to the announcer And the story was told. Yeah. Well, the artist looked at the producer The producer sat back He said What we have got here Is a pretty good track But we don't have a vocal And we still don't have a song If we could get this thing accomplished Nothin' else could go wrong So he balanced the ashtray And he picked up the phone And said Send me a songwriter Who's drifted far from home And make sure that he's hungry And make sure he's alone And send me a cheeseburger And a new Rolling Stone Yeah. Well, the Sioux in Dakota They lost all of their land And now a basketball player Is trying to lend them a hand Maybe someday he'll be president He's quite a popular man But now the chief has reservations And the white man has plans There's opposition in Congress The bill is up against cash There's really no way of predicting If it will fly or it will crash But that's the nature of politics That's the name of the game That's how it looks in the tepee Big winds are blowing again Yeah. There's still crime in the city Said the cop on the beat I don't know if I can stop it I feel like meat on the street They paint my car like a target I take my orders from fools Meanwhile some kid blows my head off Well, I play by their rules So now I'm doing it my way I took the law in my own hands Here I am in the alleyway A wad of cash in my pants I get paid by a ten year old He says he looks up to me There's still crime in the city But it's good to be free Yeah. Now I come from a family That has a broken home Sometimes I talk to my daddy On the telephone When he says that he loves me I know that he does But I wish I could see him Wish I knew where he was But that's the way all my friends are Except maybe one or two Wish I could see him this weekend Wish I could walk in his shoes But now I'm doin' my own thing Sometimes I'm good, then I'm bad Although my home has been broken It's the best home I ever had Yeah. Well, I keep getting younger My life's been funny that way Before I ever learned to talk I forgot what to say I sassed back to my mummy I sassed back to my teacher I got thrown out of Sunday School For throwin' bibles at the preacher Then I grew up to be a fireman I put out every fire in town Put out everything smoking But when I put the hose down The judge sent me to prison Gave me life without parole Wish I never put the hose down Wish I never got old.

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