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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Khan! The Me Generation

Big Cars Big House

Original and similar lyrics
I like big cars and a big house a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out I like big cars and a big house, a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out You's a bad ass yellow bitch that like to talk like hella shit Bitch whatcha money workin' with cause everything else is irrelevant I put that on the rhyme, the line, the crime and everything I do in time Mutha fucka get outta line Everybody gonna shine if you work that ass you fine You can make my money stack Do it back-to-back Tell your girlfriend it ain't an act If she really wanna go in the back It's like the Olympics man she can hit the track On the prowl just like a cat lookin' for the scratch I think that you get the catch This ain't no (?) match 'Til the sun come up that bitch ought to bring it back I like big cars and a big house a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out I like big cars and a big house, a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out You's a supa dupa brown bitch You top heavy and round thick I have to crank the bass in my Crown Vic Then drop you off so you can strip Man the money it rains, it pours Open up the doors You get V.I.P galore When it comes to my pimpin' I'll tell you more You eat all up like a candy store Hershey bars and Kit Kats So that's why I love when you bring it back And you's an Almond Joy eatin' all the boys Showin' other freaks, ya, how to work a toy And, man, just like a chocolate cake when you start to bake Man I think about the money you make And the look up on your face When you see me in the building and I come in and blast the place Walked up like (?) I walk around like the president and I don't leave no evidence Cause at the end of this night bitch I'm a (?) And she smiled like the Cheshire cat lookin like China statue Man it was super stacked Man she worked the tricks for super scratch And she talked them outta super rack I like big cars and a big house a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out I like big cars and a big house, a bad bitch with a big mouth Bitch whatcha money talkin' 'bout Gimme five minutes and I'll turn you out You's a money makin red bone that brang all your bread home Five foot nine and dead on Them heels put you in a six zone Packin' all kinds of bakery This is a bitch that's meant for me Shake what your mama gave to me Bitch 'member when you said you wouldn't pay me? Now everything you got I got Believe me bitch you make a lot Ballin' getting me precious rocks Every Parlor at the shop Getcha hair done and I'm sprung You get more money at the club Perm it hard, and curl it up Shake it down and shake it up


JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Intro: Pimp C] Little over a year ago I was in bondage And now I'm back out here reaping the blessings And getting the benefits that go along with it Everything that's out here for kings like us The reason why we like this this jewelry and this diamonds and stuff They don't understand is because we really from Africa And that's where all this stuff come from And we originated from kings, you know what I'm saying So don't look down on the youngsters Because they wanna have shiny things It's in our genes, know what I'm saying We just don't all know our history so... [Hook: Rick Ross] Fuck with me, you know I got it Fuck with me, you know I got it Sexy bitch I hope she 'bout it Come fuck with me, you know I got it [Verse 1: Rick Ross] I just landed in Europe, nigga Shopping bags, I'm a tourist, nigga Money talk I speak fluent, nigga Reeboks on, I just do it, nigga Look at me, I'm pure nigga I bet the hoes on my tour, nigga I don't bop, I do the money dance My bitch whip cost a hundred grand Red vert, tou see me slide Sexy bitch I hope she 'bout it Sexy bitch I know she 'bout it Fuck with me, you know I got it [Hook] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Hov just landed in Rome, nigga All hail, Caesar's home, niggas Chin don, Ciao Bella Come money dance with the good fellas Hov keep gettin' that dinero, got it Even if a nigga gotta Robert, get it? Black Jack in casino A nigga got unlimited credit A nigga got a lot of vendettas But we the Black mob, we gonna set it Peel off in a Lamborghini Countach 200 in the dash we gonna rev it, skirt Lucky Luciano is what that call me Paisano A 100 keys at the piano plays across the Verrazano El Padrino, in the villa in Venice sipping vino Not bad for a Mulliano, y'all know like we know, I got it [Hook] [Outro: Rick Ross] I'm riding big coming down that beach Geechy niggas with satin sheets Bad bitch, she a masterpiece Got a bad bitch, she a masterpiece

Keep Talkin'

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Chorus: Skip - 2X] Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) Smack the taste right up out of your mouth (POW!) "I wa-, I wa-" That's what I'm talkin' about (POW!) Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) [Skip] Since I hit the TV now I'm a hot topic But that don't mean Skipper won't pop it Ain't that that dude with the H2 and the nice wallet? And I got four words - stay off my dick You wanna make it to where Skip ain't got shit So you could ride around town and spread your gossip Make up stories like "U.T.P. done dropped Skip" "Juve' used the man, paid him and then got rich" C'mon stop it, you're makin' it up Damn, how much hate is enough, boy you faker than fuck "I just saw Skip blazin' it up With a dime piece, smilin', gettin' head in the truck Look, right now he headed for us" (Look!) "You lyin' motherfucker, dude he right behind 'em, you a busta" Cause that's your old lady he with Them hoes is for everbody, stop savin' a bitch [Chorus - 2X] [Redd Eyezz] Open my eyes when the sun rise, blazin' First nigga on the strip, even if my block's hotter than Cajun I cop them Haitan, Jamaicans, Cubans and Yanks Program with every race, now I cuts my own steak Known to take G trips to a town like Wimbleton Get a bust' down spot and be servin' like Wimbledon Black John McEnroe, my rap flows are clapped (uh-hu) Supposed to be hot as Tabasco, look at them assholes now Homie, when I'm seen there's a crowd With head bustas off the streets talkin' loud, ready to wild Get respect for a few things Deranged, the chopper spit And the first off the block to cop a new Range Life is fast, I get cash and write about it At night it ain't safe in the South, we bout it bout it Doubt it and get bodied 'cause the shotty will lift - your big muscleman bodyguard off his shit [Chorus - 2X] [Juvenile] Who lil' daddy with the fitted cap turned back? Know some of these niggaz got respect, he tryin' to earn that Hopefully one of these niggaz with yayo will see that And put him in the right position he tryin' to be at They talkin' in the wind but they no better than the play though They could make a carton or a t-shirt in a day though I ain't tryin' to flex my power bitch but I got say so And I could make a million; American, yen or peso They say I got a attitude, that's not the issue at all Don't get involved when I'm doin' what I have to do I'm suttle now but I could turn into an animal Blow it out of proportion and I ain't understandin' you Not in it for the short, I want the long term Fuck the government, I'ma take care of my own children You gon' have to zip your lip up, before a nigga flip up I don't think they understandin' me, holler at 'em Skipper [Chorus - 4.5X]


[Verse 1:] Everything that glitters…ain't gold. sept trappin I'm talkin bout rappin, yo I'm talkin bout the action An I'm callin up 1st, hit the yo, hits happen Two beans in the bucket. Fuck it aye, let's take it to the stage Flip that bird. Equal shows on shows Equal stacks on racks. Yo I gotta gets paid Get the rush like a dealer. Cook this flow ship it off no sleep Every show sold out from the clubs to arenas Flow dope so I might get sapena, yo [B Section:] Deal for the 8th, 21 for the key Every flow be a quarter you promoters know me Whip work, whip it hard, gold bricks. OZ Yeah. I'm talkin bout my shows Pay money in my hand, Quick Time [Chorus:] [repeat] QuickTime [Verse 2:] Ain't enough Time, in a day so I ship Every coke line Take bong, and a brick that's one rhyme Make stacks, make it flip facing life time Make it flip like gabby Douglas You know what that mean? IGGY gotta bring home the gold Usain wit my money betta come in a bolt... White girl mean dope. I swear she go... They say I'm dope…. Like a [B Section:] Deal for the 8th, 21 for the key Every flow be a quarter, you promoters know me Whip work, whip it hard, gold bricks. OZ Yeah I'm talkin bout my shows Pay money in my hand, Quick Time [Chorus:] [repeat] QuickTime [B Section:] Time time to get this cash, We blowin money fast Mijo hit my boost, He just tryna get some ass If it ain't bout money fuck it, these azaleans they love it So I gotta drop trapgold, bet all the trunks they sub it

Eggs On The Third Floor

ACTION BRONSON "Rare Chandeliers"
You said that I was worthless Sure enough the toxins came up to the surface I'll take your oxygen I'm perfect Better bring your iron to the skirmish Step on heads of serpents, smoke detergent Robert Downey Jr., rotate image Old money in the bag look like sauteed spinach bitch Manicurin' like a China, spin out the beamer at the arena Bitches spot me like a cheetah Wild life, wild nights with your wife (twice, dyke) Now who the one that be turnin' the wheel in the old Deville Step in the field, suckas know I'm real Long sword down the leg so I stand still Red beard so I resemble Jim the Anvil Neidhart, ride dirty in the five sharp Hand skills, Jean Claude, fine art Put my head right through the Monet, ole All the drugs I smoke, my lungs are probably coal gray Ice on the Rolly, dykes on the pole play Gravitatin' towards the money cause it brings me joy Only thing next to my baby girl and baby boy Drop Mercedes toy With your moms butt naked cookin' eggs like Ving Rhames in Baby Boy You know the outcome, you ain't about none Smoke 'til my mouth numb Hold the chopsticks at the top you know I'm upper class Grab the sizzle beef with my teeth Hop in the vehicle, lit the keef Back in the streets, it's me Yo this is Bam Bam and I'm representin' Flushing Smokin' blueberry like a muffin Yo I'm the one your lady lovin' Just tell that bitch I need a scrubbin' And don't forget the chicken in the oven Never burn a dinner, spend cake on cheese Red mirror lenses in the gray Oakleys Flip out the plane with a cape on skis Girl I really love it when you're dancin' on me Dancin' on me, dancin' dancin' on me No time flat I'm gonna be on TV With a big batty gal, skin tropical I'm doin' all the things you never seen possible Blow the smoke out, the BBS's poke out Daddy did the three-piece and mommy brought the cloak out Nowadays you can catch me out in So Cal Spendin' five stacks in a week in the grow house Now I'm highed up, makin' popcorn Flip the bag this side up Then sit back on the couch And let me put my penis in your mouth Cause girl I really want some head tonight

Hookers At The Point

Look baby don't play me, play lotto okay, you gotta try to cum okay I'm a nice girl don't play me out I know it's not everything baby but I'm out here working and I gotta pay up Cindy, she not herself unless she smoking crack 7 times she got stabbed in the back By a regular john she dealt with many times before That's what she gets for being a whore though She walked the streets, patent leather mini skirt With the zipper, damn I know her kitty hurt 10 hour shifts she thinking' bout retiring Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I think she lying man Shell suck a jewish lawyer, or an african cabby It ain't about the money tryna get back at my daddy Plus I'm feenin tryna smoke me some crack in the alley Grease the cops, found her mouth in north captain o'malley Yeah, it's Hoookers at the point Bitch, get my motherfucking drink bitch Henny Carterfield, in the fuckin sniffter don't put it in the rock glass again please You fucking stupid bitch treat you like garbage kick you in ya fuckin ass Come here bitch, put your breath on my pinky ring bitch Get my motherfucking drink bitch HENNY As I ride inside my 92' Seville Windows half down so I can see my bitches in the field Best believe they drinking daddy money How you think I copped the caddy dummy Tryna get this puff daddy money The name silk but all my bitches call me montel Spit the marvel, with the soft top not the hard shell Three shades of green suit hat and matching lizards 8 bitches look like they straight from the alaskian blizzard Bitch get my money 'fo I kill ya You know the life you chose But know you wanna be a mother The kid will be retarded you can add him to his brother Do the world a favor line your pussy up and rubber Now you done made me spill my henny on my pinky ring My nails are filed perfect though right you see me shinin Now get the fuck up out my car and say [?] We gettin luchey this is hookers at the point Bitch Dos en el morning, rocking sweatpants and Slowly approaching animals in motion Pussy safari, twenty for a lay Ten for a BJ, but free for some free base Before I purchase, I wanna peak at the turkey Make sure that it's perky so it won't turn my dick to jerky Open the door, soon as she sat down, she took a bump She caught the rush, then made a hooker grunt Let's talk about me, I'm always on the road Got a little dick, many of the secrets I behold Name is dano born in the Bronx, half Puerto Rican Drive a truck hooked on dope cook a soul Was once a prospect for the twin now I'm on a mission Cryin naked shootin dope up in the kitchen Falling asleep right on the shitter Word to robero clemente dog I'm still a hitter, yeah!

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