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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Original and similar lyrics
"My line of work is considered by some to be a... a tumor on society, be careful Mr. Magenta there are benign tumors, and there are others, that are very malignant..." [Saafir] Ay-ay, Ay-ay (Saaf Bizzle) Ay-ay, Ay-ay (Saaf Bizzle, Nickatina) Yo Mothafucka in here with some real Nickatine man... [Andre Nickatina] When the gat would hit, then the rhyme would spit Gun nailed you to the crucifix I ain't new improved man I'm true to this Ain't nothin you can do to this Chicken beg, mislead, caught a shot to the head Instead we get high as a mothafuckin nigga yeah wit no dreads, no dreads I get to plugging that, who Thuggin that Gotta go drop a bug in that Post up where the drugs is at Yeah mothafucka where the lovin at My computer brain is on high octane Ripping like a rocket man Block it try to stop it man You'll end up in my pocket man Bust like a bullet in a watermelon What's the CD there you're selling Better not be mine or mothafucka you gon' start to yelling Fillmore rap academy, Bustin right at your sanity Ammo and artillery, clock a major salary Charge just like a battery, for assault and battery Dead just like a battery, from this major battery [Saafir] I bang that West Oakland my colors the silver and black Raider nigga got his stripes from the barber shop where the filmed "The Mack" Nigga I got them rules on my shirt and I'm deep in this game All angles spittin it so niggas don't get it confused with the fame Let me tap that blackness on your eyeball like "What the fuck you lookin at?" Then I got to remember, I'm strizzled and sacked and saucy off smack Bitch I ain't no contender, I been holding these championship rings Ammunition and big faces mothafucka I been "Ladeem" Niggas on the turf on American soil, gettin this American green Niggas hate 'cause I'm skyscraping the small shelf Bull pit cigarettes I promise a hospital harness, to be taken the farthest from this life Nickatine and Saafir, Sizzaline is the farthest on this mic [Andre Nickatina] Walked out of court doin major bragging Bruce Lee down like danger dragon Blue jeans doin some major sagging Freak can bump hard in the station wagon Hot heavy and ready Garlic bread with the spaghetti Do it like Bo-Bo, with a fo-fo Ty fo-fo, Ty fo-fo Write to the gods like it's legendary Some might think its imaginary In the rap game freak I popped the cherry What you gotta say about that Keep it live a 45 number 2 pencil Get my solo wave, for the perfect gangsta instrumental, ya feel me Check it, load me up and then cock me back Then come right back with the counter rap He's bustin raps till he collapse Or at least until his chest plate crack [Saafir] I ain't one of these bitch ass niggas that ain't from the town that spit what he don't do But I'ma let him bumble a little more then I'ma hip all my niggas to you You lyin about tryna be high that ain't fire that you spittin Purple haze a fake crook get cooked and burnt and baked the fuck up in Hell's Kitchen I ain't one of these bitch ass niggas that ain't from the town that spit what he don't do But I'ma let him bumble a little more then I'ma hip all my niggas to you You lyin about tryna be high that ain't fire that you spittin Purple haze a fake crook get cooked and burnt and baked the fuck up in Hell's Kitchen I know at his next show he'll be slipping, 'cause his guns ain't clicking He tryna shine like stadium lights I'ma leave this nigga ice dripping With some real heat star 6-70 For a bitch ass Hollywood nigga that wanna become a star that's heavenly It's not hard, you can depend on me, Serving niggas like you, I'm the epitome Only difference I don't drink much And mothafuckas get deeply touched That think I give a fuck tryna get money but shit if you gotta get hit I'll dump your face off Have your ass under the Astroturf of some shit Crack that weak Halloween mask and stab your ass in a pumpkin, I'm dumping West Oakland...Saaf Bizzle... "Finished with the assignment, beautiful, excellent work, great work..."

Boyz N Da Hood (Lil' Nigga Pt. 2)

ACE HOOD "Starvation 3"
[Hook:] Don't ruin yo life, don't ruin yo life Livin in this cold world, niggas dyin by the night Everyday another struggle, we just gotta keep fightin Lil nigga, lil nigga [Verse 1:] Hunnit round on the backseat Catch a nigga slippin on the back street Big fire loaded and it's ready Homies get it runnin like a track meet Young nigga tryna catch a body He don't even know what he started He don't give a fuck about nothing Trappin every day to Yo Gotti, fuck it! Horny 15 and they fuckin Projects livin with his cousin Mama on drugs and his daddy don't care Got a dirty glock boom, he a bust it And them lil niggas sellin trees Steady he enlist with the fiends Never follow rules and he barely go to school Drug test him and he wasn't even clean Lil nigga, lil nigga [Hook:] Don't ruin yo life, don't ruin yo life Livin in this cold world, niggas dyin by the night Everyday another struggle, we just gotta keep fightin Lil nigga, lil nigga [Verse 2:] All a young nigga know is murda Always know he's standin on the corner Big homie givin in the game Started with a ounce and a burner Fuck nigga runnin round lurkin Extend in the clip so 30 Creepin real slow in a reaper See a nigga peepin through the curtain Hold up, lil nigga fuckin up his life He just wanna earn some stripes Send him out shootin at another motherfucker When he see him man he says on sight, damn He don't really playin for the set He'd do anything for a check It's only two ways he gon end up goin Either prison or he's fuckin round dead Lil nigga, lil nigga [Hook:] Don't ruin yo life, don't ruin yo life Livin in this cold world, niggas dyin by the night Everyday another struggle, we just gotta keep fightin Lil nigga, lil nigga [Verse 3:] 4-5 niggas in a rental Duck boy, tints on the window Catch a few niggas at the corner store chillin and they plottin on how they gon kill em, man Lil nigga with em like fuck it Roll up on them niggas, start jumpin Before they even know it everybody hit the ground Goddamn it's like they seen this shit comin Woa! Smash on the gas, nigga hurry Heart beatin fast, niggas worried Never leave evidence, never leave fingerprints on a car these niggas so dirty Black car caught them at a light They ain't even know it 6 masked goonies and the clips on fully Hot dog and they startin unloadin [Hook:] Don't ruin yo life, don't ruin yo life Livin in this cold world, niggas dyin by the night Everyday another struggle, we just gotta keep fightin Lil nigga, lil nigga Don't ruin yo life, don't ruin yo life Lil nigga, lil nigga Lil nigga, lil nigga Lil nigga, lil nigga


JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
Don't get it confused This message is for solo artists but I get at crews We can make the news I'll be on the low sippin daquiris in baton rogue Or killing rock the bells with nas in pasanews It's a small task for jay man Wack niggas be dead and I be laughin Sippin out my flask chillin in my ray bans Imaginary crime boss With albums full and look at my watch at how much my shine cost, It's time lost Who shot ya, the black bach blastin over opera Phantom of the chakras Jay doppla went from panhandling socks in box To popular This is just the start of it, The kid intend to split more wigs than british parliament Catch me on the global warmin tour with jigga and al gore Performin dear summer, where autumn went Eternal sunshine Drum major without a drumlime I'll be in the D screamin kick rocks to one time When they say license and registration I'm yellin reparations Quote em from revelations Then I peel off in they faces Young black and arrogant with no id The most extravagant They should build me a statue on grambling campus With a manuscript, that say he got at the best of them Shot at the rest of them Ain't no contesting em Green says a lot niggas talkin shit but we ain't stressin em

Rowdy Rowdy

50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
[50 Cent] Yo LA niggaz are the rowdy niggaz New Orleans niggaz is rowdy nigga D.C. niggaz is some rowdy niggaz New York Niggaz is the fucking wildest nigga Yo, your man could have ran when I rubbed him but he froze Son I ain't even rock him to sleep, the nigga dozed The bitch could have helped you get rich, but she sold now you heartbroke, that's what you get for lovin them hoes An ill flow with no beat, is incomplete, it's like a stickup kid runnin round without no heat, it like a fifth with no kick a fiend with no hit, a willie with no wit A bad bitch that won't blow dick It's like a rollie with no ice, a gamblin spot with no dice Like fuckin supermodel bitches and not bustin off twice I murda any mic device, for the right price, I'm nice I only say tthings once, never twice, dont fuck with me [Chorus: 50 Cent] St. Louis niggaz is rowdy rowdy Cleveland niggaz is bout it bout it 50 cent ain't gonna kill ya nigga, don't get doubted Got your gun, well don't leave home without it The Memphis niggaz is rowdy rowdy Them Shytown niggaz is bout it bout it They'll kill you and act like they don't know shit about it Leave your body somewhere where no one can find it [50 Cent] Now if I pull out the gat and just push your wig back I bet niggaz will stand around sayin 'Damn who did that' I'm the type nigga to dare you to touch the I'm the type to borrow your gat and wont give the shit back Im F to the I - F -T - Y - C - E - N - T Caress the ass gently, and back up Bentleys You thought she was pimpin, son I was in the Hamptons in a heart shaped hot tub with the bitch flappin I plan to take over New York and start expandin Was Bob Marley singin about tex when he sung 'I'm Jammin'' Nigga fuck with my cash and I'ma blast yo' ass Smash the glock out the stash in the dash in Flee in a flash, lay low let time go past If you survive the shots I'ma find yo' ass Put the gat to your head and remind your ass I ain't playin with you, I want my money motherfucker [Chorus] [50 Cent] Yo, some nigga just shot the block up dog, word He had the same shit you got on dog, word I know you done did it so get the fuck up outta hear, ya heard I run with niggaz that spray and strip and say that shit You won't let us pump on your block, fuck it, we makin it hot I'm that nigga that call the shots, with the iced out watch From the cordless cell phone, and the baby blue drop I got a lot of hungry niggaz with me straight from the street Cause these three niggaz are startin to look like something to eat They got watches on they wrist that cost like 60 thousand My niggaz live in section eight of public housing They murder you and keep shit low cause niggaz heard of you [Chorus 2X]

Verbal Gunfight

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
Verbal Gunfight Now what you hear is not a test This is a verbal gunfight like the wild wild west And if you got beef get it off your chest my son Because the 2na's gonna show you how the west was won [Akil] We rolled up to the spot about a half past noon Jumped from the horse, slid into the saloon Walkin in the spot I heard the musicman stop Danced up to the bar, a double snapple on the rocks [Chali 2na] Now mr. bartender told me strangers get flack (Really black?) But they'll be fuckin with the black billy jack Feel the mack, ?? you can never even got the chance bro We move the crowd like we were ?? [Akil] And my drink he never passed it, he got real sarcastic (Fat Bastard) You them niggas from the crew called Jurassic Talkin mad shit as his face showed a frown You niggas better leave before the sun go down [CHORUS 1] Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga We be the kings of the ones that brought static I use my rhymes like a glock automatic [Both] Ay yo, somethin lookin fishy yo I think we better watch Yo, I'd make sure you got your trigger uncocked Yo I'm sayin real niggas always deal a gun blast Get the horse, kiss the girl, grab the mic and let's dash [Chali 2na] Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga Cuz when the lead locks on it don't let ya I'm not a grifter more like a high-plains drifter [akil] And as the plot kickened, thickened, niggas started shovin me Muggin me, tuggin me, into the good bad and the ugly Troubly doubly I grabbed a glass full of bubbly Publicly rubbin me I told my nigga Chali cover me [Chali 2na] Yo, I gotcha back and I'm buckin I'm lookin back and I'm duckin I'm tryin to get us the FUCK out the place Brothas who was harassin we was doin the blastin Yo suit go get us the bucks out the safe [CHORUS 1] Dead men never tell about the things they saw The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw Hey, we be the peeps who keep the past alive 2na fish, and Akil from the Jurassic 5 [Akil] Ay yo peeps has been grand, but understand we in a hurry Emergency currency, many niggas that wanna murder me Heard of me And 2na fish ?? capacity keepin the west blazin like Sundance and Butch Cassidy [Chali 2na] Man, we need some type of plan cuz peeps is skanless Thinkin that they can make a man hush with the ambush My man bust til you crack the safe Yo back is safe and we gon take the back escape [Both] Now if you don't know who we are, I suggest you better hiiiide Or look down the devil's eye, sing a lullaby And the picture on my poster make my left side my best side [Chali 2na] I'm on my last two rounds I let a thousand free I heard the bartender called for the cavalry Now they outside, waitin on my ?? Verbal gunslinger forever and proud to be Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslinger And now they got the casket, the preacher and a singer cuz they ?? at the ?? Stay alive yo! Rhymin with our back to the wall, tryin to survive the fall Cuz dead men never tell about the things they saw The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw Hey, we be them peeps that keep the past alive It's 2na fish, and Akil, from the Jurassic 5

The Boss And The Secretary

ADAM SANDLER "Shhh...Don't Tell"
Louise? Yes, sir? I want ya in here right now! I'll be right in. Damn straight you'll be right in What do you need, sir? What do I need? You know what I need Uh, no I don't, sir I want you to come on over here, fish my cock out of these trousers, and suck on it for a while! Sir, I don't think I can do something like that! Oh, you can and you will, bitch! Kneel down, now! What if someone comes in? You think I give a flying fuck about that shit? You get over here and you start suckin it! Well, alright... Yeah! Yeah, that's it! Reach in there! Reach in there and get yourself some candy Okay... Okay, a little lower, though... Umm... alright... Little... little lower... Yeah? No, to the left! Left? Damn, bitch, do I gotta do everything? Pull down my pants! O.. Okay... Now the tighty whities, pull that shit down too Mmmm.... Watch out now, here it comes! Boing! Now what you think of that? What do I think of what? This! My ding-a-ling! Come on, play with the shit a little Uh, okay... Lower, baby! Gettin warmer... Okay... Let me pull the fatty rolls apart, spring that shit out for ya Yeah, that would help Whoop, there it is! Haha... What the fuck is that? Play with the shit Okay... That's right, jack it up and down Well... Up and down! Well, it's hard to grab onto! Keep tryin, you thick fingered bitch! Use your pinkies! Oh, okay... I'll try that Yeah, now we got it goin on... Yeah? Let me fuck those pinkies... Okay... Yeah... Okay... Keep pressure on the sides of it, baby, keep it sprung! Yeah! Tell me how much you love it Ooh, I love it Tell me it makes you horny Ooh, I'm gettin real horny Tell me it's bigger than a Tic Tac But it isn't! I don't give a shit if it is or isn't! Say it is! Alright! Your dick is bigger than a Tic Tac! Damn right, Tic Tac, cashew, thumbtack, half a grape, it's bigger than all that shit! All that shit put together! Now don't get crazy on me, bitch, let's keep this shit semi-real Aw, I like a man who shaves down here! I don't shave that shit, bitch! I'm still waitin on them weeds to bust out and grow and what not! What? You mean you haven't reached puberty? I guess the only way to get you to shutup is to throw a dick in your mouth! Okay... Well, then suck on that shit! Uh, okay... Mmmm... yeah, I'm suckin... suckin away here That's a pimple, you dumb twat! Ugg... Move your mouth lower! Mmmmm Oh, oh yeah, now you're on it! You're on it! I'm on it? That's it! Okay! Oh, that feels nice! Okay! Oh, hell yeah! Yeah, there you go! Oh, oh, shit, fuck, ow!! What's wrong? It's caught between your teeth! Get it out! Get it out! I'm sorry, sir! Don't be flossin with that shit, you gap-toothed bitch! Be careful! Look, maybe I should just lick it then, okay? Do somethin! Im gonna lick it! Cause I love to lick that thing, okay? Yeah... Yeah, baby... Yeah! Yeah, you like that, baby? Oh, yeah! Whoah, whoah, whoah!!! Somethin just spewed all over my face! That was the pimple again! Oh, uh uh... Let me reiterate. Down. Lower. Bitch! Okay, you fat fuck! What's that? I'm just playin with ya, haha... Oh, you better be playin! Oh yeah, that's it, now you're on it! I'm on it? Oh, oh smoke that roast, bitch... Okay... Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, slow down, not so fast! Oh, okay I got shit I wanna do to you, woman! Oh boy... Time to pull your dress off... You're gonna get fucked! I don't know, sir, I mean... is that... is that really possible? Don't give me no lip, bitch! You want me to smack you in the face with this shit? Hahahahaha "Hahaha" you laughin now? Get the fuckin dress off! Well, alright, but you have to promise me you're gonna use a condom You know I can't wear that shit! I do, I'm just playin! Hahahaha Condom! You've been watchin too many of those XXX movies, seein that fake dick shit those actors have hangin off their real dicks Those aint fake dicks, those are real big dicks! Bitch, I suppose you think Star Wars is real, too! That they really got space ships and Chewbaki and all that shit! Stupid, colorful bitch! Hahahaha! Alright, my panties are off... You gonna try to fuck me now, or what? Try? I'm gonna fuck your eyes crossed, you apathetic bitch! Wham, wham, wham! How you like me now, bitch, how you like me now? Is it seriously in? In? You gotta stop fuckin all them rhinos and blue whales! Not only is it in, but the shit's about to blow! Ooooh! Mmmm... Hope you're on the pill, bitch, cause I blew that wad all up in ya I.. I got it, it's right on the end of this hair, here Shit, yeah, clean yourself up, bitch. There's a beach towel in my bathroom I'll just use this Q-tip Whatever, just do it and get the fuck back to work! Okay, BB Dick! What's that? I'm just playin! Bye! Shit, what a life I've got... It's good to be Mr. Peter Bodd... Damn good...

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