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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Hell's Kitchen


Original and similar lyrics
They call me Tennessee tornado You can call me Dr J if you a baller, and it's getting fatal My big 6 crush the whole table Cause my domino effect is from the grey back to the cradle I rap MC lullabies So these cats bring 38's, tek nines and 45's The grass is green, so we stay high Freak, how you gonna buy a burger, didn't get the damn fries I leave ya stiff when I elevate 5-0 at the door, tigers all hit the fire 'scape I got my money, my weed, I got my wallet Staggering like an alcoholic, just can't call it, yo [Chorus:] We do these things and we don't give a fuck We fire up a blunt, in the car bumpin' Cougnut I got on my blue star Chucks We fire up a blunt, in the car bumpin' Cougnut My rap mag plays laser tag So they can find your hand and the mic' in the brown bag I wear my pants with a slight sag I expose your shows with flows, man, cause I love cash I rhyme gamble like Pete Rose And I sport new clothes on you MC fine hoes I locate like transmitters And you know with my wood your heart fill the five spitter? I ain't nothin but a go-getter Some think I'm Tut so they label me a gold nigga Keep skis like a gold digger Like credit card scams that exceed in the 4 figures [Chorus x4]

For Women

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
[Talib Kweli] (Spoken) Yea, so we got this tune called For Women right Originally, it was by Nina Simone She said it was inspired by, you know Down south. In the south, they used to call her Mother Antie She said No Mrs. Just Antie She said if anybody ever called her Antie she'd burn the whole goddamn place down I'm over past that Coming into the new millenium, we can't forget our elders [Talib Kweli] I got off the 2 train in Brooklyn on my way to a session Said let me help this woman up the stairs before I get to steppin' We got in a conversation she said she a 107 Just her presence was a blessing and her essence was a lesson She had her head wrapped And long dreads that peeked out the back Like antenna to help her get a sense of where she was at, imagine that Livin' a century, the strenght of her memories Felt like an angel had been sent to me She lived from nigger to colored to negro to black To afro then african-american and right back to nigger You figure she'd be bitter in the twilight But she alright, cuz she done sseen the circle of life yo Her skin was black like it was packed with melanin Back in the days of slaves she packin' like Harriet Tubman Her arms are long and she moves like song Feet with corns, hand with callouses But her heart is warm and her hair is wooly And it attract a lot of energy even negative She gotta dead that the head wrap is her remedy Her back is strong and she far from a vagabond This is the back of the masters' whip used to crack upon Strong enough to take all the pain, that's been Inflicted again and again and again and again and flipped It to the love for her children nothing else matters What do they call her They call her aunt Sara. Woman singing in the background [Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals) I know a girl with a name as beautiful as the rain Her face is the same but she suffers an unusual pain Seems she only deals with losers who be usin' them games Chasin' the real brothers away like she confused in the brain She tried to get it where she fit in on that American Dream mission paid tuition For the receipt to find out her history was missing and started flippin Seeing the world through very different eyes People askin' her what she'll do when it comes time to chose sides Yo, her skin is yellow, it's like her face is blond word is bond And her hair is long and straight just like sleeping beauty See, she truly feels like she belong in 2 worlds And that she can't relate to other girls Her father was rich and white still livin' with his wife But he forced himself on her mother late one night They call it rape that's right and now she take flight Through life with hate and spite inside her mind That keep her up to the break of light a lot of times (I gotta find myself) (3X) She had to remind herself They called her Safronia the unwanted seed Blood still blue in her vein and still red when she bleeds (Don't, don't, don't hurt me again) (8X) [Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals) Teenage lovers sit on the stoops up in Harlem Holdin' hands under the Apollo marquis dreamin of stardom Since they was born the streets is watchin' and schemin' And now it got them generations facin' deseases That don't kill you they just got problems and complications that get you first Yo, it's getting worse, when children hide the fact that they pregnant Cuz they scared of giving birth How will I feed this baby How will I survive, how will this baby shine Daddy dead from crack in '85, mommy dead from AIDS in '89 At 14 the baby hit the same streets they became her master The children of the enslaved, they grow a little faster They bodies become adult While they keepin' the thoughts of a child her arrival Into womanhood was heemed up by her survival Now she 25, barely grown out her own Doin' whatever it takes strippin', workin' out on the block Up on the phone, talkin' about (my skin is tan like the front of your hand) (And my hair...) (Well my hair's alright whatever way I want to fix it, it's alright it's fine) (But my hips, these sweet hips of mine invite you daddy) (And when I fix my lips my mouth is like wine) (Take a sip don't be shy, tonight I wanna be your lady) (I ain't too good for your Mercedes, but first you got to pay me) (You better quit with all the question, sugar who's little girl am I) (Why I'm yours if you got enough money to buy) (You better stop with the compliments we running out of time,) (You wanna talk whatever we could do that it's your dime) (From Harlem's from where I came, don't worry about my name,) (Up on one-two-five they call me sweet thang) Scratches + Woman singing in the background [Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals) A daughter come up in Georgia, ripe and ready to plant seeds, Left the plantation when she saw a sign even thought she can't read It came from God and when life get hard she always speak to him, She'd rather kill her babies than let the master get to 'em, She on the run up north to get across that Mason-Dixon In church she learned how to be patient and keep wishin', The promise of eternal life after death for those that God bless She swears the next baby she'll have will breathe a free breath and get milk from a free breast, And love beeing alive, otherwise they'll have to give up being themselves to survive, Being maids, cleaning ladies, maybe teachers or college graduates, nurses, housewives, prostitutes, and drug addicts Some will grow to be old women, some will die before they born, They'll be mothers, and lovers who inspire and make songs, (But me, my skin is brown and my manner is tough,) (Like the love I give my babies when the rainbow's enuff,) (I'll kill the first muthafucka that mess with me, I never bluff) (I ain't got time to lie, my life has been much too rough,) (Still running with barefeet, I ain't got nothin' but my soul,) (Freedom is the ultimate goal, life and death is small on the whole, in many ways) (I'm awfully bitter these days 'cuz the only parents God gave me, they were slaves,) (And it crippled me, I got the destiny of a casualty,) (But I live through my babies and I change my reality) (Maybe one day I'll ride back to Georgia on a train,) (Folks 'round there call me Peaches, I guess that's my name.)

Spur Of The Moment

LUDACRIS "Red Light District"
[Quik] Gotta keep it a secret (woo!) [Luda] Ay man let me ask you somethin man [Luda] You ever have one of them days where you felt like [Luda] you mighta got rid of all the bad seeds in your life? [Luda] Y'knahmean like you just got your paycheck [Luda] Paid off a car note or somethin [Luda] Just jumped out the shower feelin fresh than a muh'fucka [Luda] Witcha good shoes on, y'knahmtalkinbout? [Quik] You mean like, paid off a Cadillac car note? [Luda] Like a Cadillac, like you ready to throw a party [Luda] Like call e'rybody you know, don't even plan it, just do it [Quik] In Compton we call that 'spur of the moment' [Luda] Well let's do it, spur of the moment, whattup? [Ludacris] Well you can bring the drinks a little mo' my way More I say, on another hot sunny Cali-for-nye day Just touched down, called up my 8-1-8 fo' a date with some other bust downs And I cruised up the block, car losed up the top I take the breeze, quick break the trees Feel good as we flippin through the Robb Repo't My baby momma ain't trippin on child suppo't [DJ Quik] Because she can't support that garbage, she should come pay homage When we pair 'em, we gon' share 'em, when I'm finished we all switch I ain't really got the time, yo I'm chillin with Luda- -cris stop and twist the buddha got me feelin like this is it If we gon' party, we gon' sip, we got a bar We all in shape, we gon' go far, you can't stop the car We on the freeway, if you get out you burnt You woulda thought you woulda learned me when my hair was all permed I think y'all bullshittin with it dawg [Chorus] It's on tonight, get licked, get gone tonight [KJ] Therefore, in my life, everything's gonna be, alright G'd up, my mind is freed up [KJ] From the day, through the night, everything's gonna be, alright [DJ Quik] Arabian Spruce, Seagram's bumpy and juice We used to bag and then truce, we used to sag and get loose Not the kind of cats that would jump in your bag for your jewels But to put some money in it for your drink and your shoes We get the News like MTV, every ten to the hour We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power Now eat your sour powers, and use your dental floss What does bein mental cost? If you ain't knowin you already lost [Ludacris] So stay with me, and let's get tipsy Rememberin the days on the block sippin whiskey Runnin 'round grinnin, runnin 'round sinnin Gettin lit, then I wonder why my head kept spinnin But I'm all grown up now, less throwin up now Record blowed up, so my hood throwed up Now let's break loose cause your boy's around And tonight we gon' celebrate bein allowed riiiiight [Chorus] [Ludacris] It's just one of those days, without a care in the world You ain't gotta look mean, I know you care for your girl But she's lookin this way and I'm gonna come get her Fresh haircut, so I'm feelin quite kipper Can't nothin go wrong cause my strap's on my back And if fools wanna scrap then my tool will attack But forget the click-clack, ain't no need for the steel Just a straight house party and some meat on the grill [DJ Quik] If it's Los Angeles, watch a boss handle biz I'ma put this on my kids, stupid it's an outfit If you ain't been around the world keep yo' mouth zipped Cause I do {?} elevation You see I'm not normal and I'm not a homo I'm mo' apt to shoot a porno with you in cornrows And call it 'More Hoes: Volume 5, Volume 6' And show it in the back of my truck, at the picnic [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Growing Pains (Do It Again)

(feat. Keon Bryce, Scarface) [Intro] Do it again . . Do it a . . Let's do it again . . Do it a . . [Verse: Fate Wilson] (let's do it again) Okay, I remember the days (let's do it again) High rights, low lefts, even stevens and fades (do it a) Troops, Lottos, and BK's, those was the days (let's do it again) High tech boots spray painted witcha names (do it a) T-shirts airbrushed that read the same (let's do it again) Thick herringbone chain, one gold with yo' initial (do it a) Harry's Photos, group shots, can you remember (let's do it again) Barry him told his bitch go to the prom and die (do it a) Didn't lie shot his-self in the head with the 4-5 (let's do it again) When she disobeyed, had North Clayton crazed (do it a) Just to reiterate dog those was the days (let's do it again) Fore the invasions of haters, man crews from all around (do it a) Used to get down at True Flavas, bumpin Kilo (let's do it again) Rockin Damage, Cross Colour and Paco (do it a) While playboys stepped in talent shows (let's do it again) Prom night, tux and Kangol was so cool (do it a) Fuck them new model cars we ridin' old school (old school) (let's do it again) [Verse: Shawnna] It used to be all good when we played Double Dutch in the hood (do it a) On the softball team I was swingin' that wood (let's do it again) I remember eatin' Kool-Aid and sunflower seeds (do it a) Jelly shoes, hair braided wit 1000 beads (let's do it again) Mama sittin' on the porch till the lights come on (do it a) And when I woke up in the mornin' and my bike was gone (let's do it again) I was sick to my stomach, couldn't eat for days (do it a) Sweepin' beauty shops, saving, making minimum wage (let's do it again) Then I cop the 10-speed and got back on my feet (do it a) A whole pack'a girls ridin' 20 deep in the street (let's do it again) We playin' catch a boy, freak a boy, switchin' up the rules (do it a) A summertime splash party get you in the pool (let's do it again) Ladies if ya feel it - holla back cause you wit me (do it a) Shout my nigga Keya, Tony Mack, Jalay, Nikki (let's do it again) This for all them hood parkin' lots in every city (do it a) Ludacris, Face, Lil' Fate, Shawnna you wit me (let's do it again) [Chorus: Keon Bryce] We were tryin so hard (do it a) Hard to survive (let's do it again) Cause even though we were young (do it a) We had to stay strong (let's do it again) No matter what we went through (do it a) It was me and my crew (let's do it again) And that's how it went (do it a) When we were kids (let's do it again) [Verse: Ludacris] I had a Long John but no Silver, no gold or plat (do it a) I was simply red from the years I been holdin' back (let's do it again) With two sides to a book I lick stamps and light matches (do it a) And set fires in garbage pales and cabbage patches (let's do it again) A child of the corn been wild since I was born (do it a) Climbin' over barbed wire, clothes got torn (let's do it again) Shoes got muddy and my click turned cruddy (do it a) Wherever I go they went they my buddies (let's do it again) I brush teeth, brush naps and calm streets (do it a) Dreamin' of Cadillacs, wood wheels and plush seats (let's do it again) Cats with gold teeth and raps with such beats (do it a) Macks with no grief and some sacks of green leaf (let's do it again) When I loaded my cap gun I was ready for ac-tion! (do it a) Starin' at beer cans and a moment to crack one (let's do it again) Wanna hang with the big boys and play with the big toys (do it a) And be with the people makin all that got damn noise, man (let's do it again) [Verse: Scarface] I remember, Swatch Watches, Izod, Berries (do it a) Levi Denims, dried eyed jerry-curls (let's do it again) Back when the girls wore striped chick jeans (do it a) Straight leg Lee's on, sewn at the seams (let's do it again) Borrowing dope paint was all good if ya head-bang (do it a) Long as you was ridin, you ain't need to have game (let's do it again) And even back then chicks were starvin' touch status (do it a) You either had a car, favorite Jordan, or kept static (let's do it again) Old school homies did nothin but block rag (do it a) Stay gone off the Olde E and pop James (let's do it again) Moms had to monitor the niggas ya hung around (do it a) To the point when you came in the house when they came around (let's do it again) And - My dad was dead so these streets had to raise me (do it a) And even back in 1983 shit was crazy (let's do it again) Young, black, broke, drunk, beer, smoke (do it a) It's good they kicked my ass outta' the school, fuck the principal (let's do it again) [Chorus (2x)] [Outro (to fade)] Do it a . . Let's do it again . . . Do it a . . Let's do it again . . Do it a . . Let's do it again . . Do it a . . Let's do it again . . Do it a . . Let's do it again . .

Fast Cars

AESOP ROCK "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives"
Who's that walking with a whole in his head? Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread. What's a troop's recipe for treacherous times? I tell 'em fast cars, danger, fire and knives. Fast cars, danger, fire and knives... I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed I pull the elephant tranq out of my neck, gaffle a tank, count up the chips, wrestle the fangs off of my fist, flood a little soldier blood over the ogre acres on some holiday in Cambodia with moter home appraisers. Pagans fade into the kodochrome now, later with a lid to brow staple revist the cobra landing zone. Molar foaming but he hold his own wound coderized by the Zippo he had stole that afternoon. And my dog tags jingle by the moster island heart he built. Grew up with a Jughead crown tild and tardy slip. Be all you can be just never soothed us. You lost me in that part about scrubbing piss with a toothbrush. Holler scum's lullaby. Live from the ultra-fly sham city bunker where the coldest cults multiply alarmingly. Hush little baby, timeout. The black market mockingbirds can not sing a lick but lean to peck your eyes out of commission with love, out a tradition of wraiths pick on the visions that buzz, bet on the kitten's escape, solder the piston to pump out a veteran amplifier. And magnify through the samelens that set the ants on fire. Flush the muppet hootenanny. Who could fancy honor circuit when the circle's every duke is clammy? Trooper, scoop the food in pantry. Anti up, stupid. May delusion feed 'em foofi candy and pry the gold out of his when lamping. Pocket all you can now. Block will lead the lambs down to the cold cutlery outfit. Slaughter beef and cow tip. Pour the chief somefountain soda, motor prone to pen the holy opus and pry this monkey off the scoliosis. Who's that walking with a whole in his head? Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread. What's a troop's recipe for treacherous times? I tell 'em fast cars, danger, fire and knives. Fast cars, danger, fire and knives... I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed Never mind the bullocks. Like every other week these hipster tabloids jumping on and off my sex pistol's bullets. Like every other week he spins the bottle. Like every other week these fucking fanzines forget if they spit or swallow. Too bad your inner sheep never forgets to follow, cuz my inner greed to feed your hate for loving us is hostile. Fortunate for me it coincides with what comes natural, so the mongrels that I run with turn the 'fuck you's into fast food. Like a little freak sick of the 3 o'clock bully knuckle dust, nursing his last shiner, finds the shoebox in his smother's truck. Tomorrow's extra curricular punching bag will finger daddy's widow maker out a brown lunch bag. This is where the hunch back snake oil peddlers stuck under the burgundy sky of spaghetti westerns tend to bubble up. Weathermen huddle up. Today the son of one too many 'yes sir's kings his checkers, watch the double jump. Back with a platter of hot leeches that'll drink up-every bloody drop down to the last diseases, it's A-E-S-O-P-R-O-C-K, the peak twister. Defender of the son of Vaughn Bode's Cheech Wizard. I used to pray the treatments got easier with my aging like serotonin weekends were merely comedic hazing. Wrong, but along his travels located the key to world peace: kill every motherfucker but me. You cool with that? Cool. Bang. You? Cool. Hang. You? No? Uh... bang? Cool. Sorry, dog, rules is rules. And too long have I followed yours. I'm trying to get them years back, and walk through every cipher with dynamite in a beer hat. Who's that walking with a whole in his head? Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread. What's a troop's recipe for treacherous times? I tell 'em fast cars, danger, fire and knives. Fast cars, danger, fire and knives... I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed

Don Jaun

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
She said I got a wild side I told 'er I'm from Brooklyn on that wild side I'm cold hearted but got heated beef He said it's colder 'til I pop up in this heated seat It's not to put at Mr. Chance Anything but wedding vale she just to see the lady smile I know but not every man dogs dought Just the college I was dealt, it's the arms due They never taken mind off that Both turned out greedy, we can sip some wine off that First Doggy, shotgun with the blunt Then we go hit the mall cop wherever you want As in her, I'm the one that you needed I'm the one that you'd call when you late and lay bleedin' Oh when you sad, you grievin' When you tip the wrong hands and this bust up some sleeves She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu But you said I'm such a pretty boy And I'm known to buy expensive pretty toys Deep inside I'm such a city boy So I tape it on trips and let the chicken joy And she was happy with a code C Where we're from we just happy if the coke cheap I need a girl to keep me warm in this cold street Little girl, know how to hold heat I call you bitch, I mean no harm by it And shoot some bags on your arm will buy it But emotional too for makin' love to the streets and holdin' her in the morn' First it was my white chick, then it was my Spanish chick Then she started talkin' too much money to the gram fix I can't forget about my china thing And Mary Jane was just a minor thing She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu Red wine splattin' over satin Even in the sloo never slackin' on my mackin' Captain of the action, you'll never sink my ship Floatin' on the ocean, left a mink for the trip So I'm shirtless and my bitch shirtless Flyin' paper lanes, we above the strip surface Mom's my word and shit say worthless Keep them hoes legget and her tits say perfect Auf wiedersein D-Man, haler at the Tree Man Reach at the roof while blowin' at that He Man Fuckin' eaves droppers tryna see my A and B plan Caught with the coke then you seen 'em on C span Shots they hittin' Back in the day if a nigga ever stopped by my kitchen better had them pots clickin' Look a real light ask and not stop switchin' On a mission with the missus and she got messin' She know That I ain't one of those niggas that blowin' them kisses After midnight visits just wanna hit it like (hit it like) Put my hand on my drawers Baby, put your face in these balls oh oh Bitch pullin' my chain Ride 'er like e'ry cocaine, rodeo this thing Couldn't never feel the same, fuckin' with the lames I call them bitches it's just a part of my slang uuuu

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