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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Hell's Kitchen


Original and similar lyrics
OK... got some for me? [San Quinn:] Yeah, yeah, listen to the story I'm about to tell Another tale about that yayo Little girl once innocent and sweet 14 introduced to the street Started from weed, big smoke outs Before you could exhale, blunt in your mouth Sham, Nay, blew you blew Now you need something else to do A new high to try, a new place to go Introduced to the yay to the yo House full of girls, old and young Playin it on the table takin one on ones Use dollar bills just to snort the lines You see the big girls do it so of course it's fine Cocaine enforced on your mind Now blow, then they blowin ya time Let's go [Chorus: x2] Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo, all in my nasal I must have been craze yo [San Quinn:] Chompin and compin kicks Supplyin people with they fix Where you fit? Fillmore Street is where you sit Don't go in the house till you move a zip Worked a day and night shift To stay awake, a nigga might sniff Not too much cause you might slip Instead of 28, you cookin 26 Keep a gat in the pack in the sock Take a couple of tubes, then it's back to the block Back to the service out the sack Experimentin with that salt, what about that crack, huh? One try, another try without a doubt Papered out, always at the Powder house Day time, night time, nigga powdered out Coulda been a papered up power house [Chorus x2] [San Quinn:] Like you and I, super high, like superfly One more line, one more rhyme like Peruvian Fine I can keep you down, and get you high You like to blow? like Boston George You want some more, for you and your whores? I kick off wars, and get behind walls And corporate doors, executive nose sore Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters They call me, placin they orders Bring me across the border, buyin the case Before I'm sold, they take the case Snortin habit, not with affordin Some use me, strictly out of boredom I hooked people before man, I warned them I took many people out before them Doin my job, connected with the mob Got President Bush, Whitney, and Bob Many others all walks of life have one on ones with me every night [Chorus x4] That's some good coke

Can I Get It?

J Live "Apokalipse"
Verse 1 It was a summer mornin' at the age of eighteen I'll start the story in the shower singin' Microphone Fiend Tryna figure my routine for the day There's mad things to do with no delay In preparation for this jam around the way I'm steppin' out the shower Crossin' out the calender Pickin' out the afro and pullin' out the gear I hear the same sounds every mornin' Sports centre the traffic Your mom dukes screamin' in my ear Dipped, yet my thoughts slip Thinkin' that my plans just barely coincide with my money clip But get a grip cos by the end of the day, bro Your pockets'll be a-ight, even before the crowd says 'A-yo!' I jet up to Lex, take the 6 to the R My journey wouldn't feel as far if I had a car 5-O was there, so I paid my fare But I didn't care 'til he gave a glare, who you tryna scare? I'm passin' flyers to a crew of fly young sisters A chicken from my past is actin' crab, so I had to diss her My head bops and my fingers pops 'til I reach my stop Then I mush my way through to the record shop Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Indoors or an outside jam Can I get it if ya understand? Verse 2 ------- As I exit stage right, lookin' forward to the night It's official, Imma have this party packed tight like toilet tissue What's the issue? I'm never comin' wack We never lack the latest flavour, keepin' crates stacked Buyin' records by the pack With my knapsack filled as I chilled On the C-Train, simple and plain, let me explain I had to check my man Gee for his m-i-c Cos the way we be mine simply couldn't maintain As usual Gee was on C.P Time But he came through with this mic, plus this bleeder light, right My next step was to transport the system Let's see, between me and my peeps five deep We still had no ride So I hailed a taxi, since the yellow's don't stop And it don't quit, you know we went gypsy Arrivin' on the scene at about eight-fifteen To the same routine, some sheisty brother frontin' on my green Never that, nah mean? Check this out, black Skip the non-sense cos Imma say this just once I want the money we discussed last week Plus you're payin' for my ride I'll take my loot upfront with no stunts, bro Put your chequebooks away, no pay no J No J no sound play, you make no profit, understand? Plus your name was on the flyers so your rep'll be dead What he said? Not a thing, he put the cash in my hand... Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Indoors or an outside jam Can I get it if ya understand? Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Old school or a new school jam Can I get it if ya understand? Verse 3 ------- On the line perplexed, fixed to flex cos you're far from next And the next one to bump you from the back gets his chin checked But I don't know about that cos I'm already in there And I got ya grinnin' when you hear your favourite record spinnin' So skip it, cos now you're bouncin' to the door But if you're riffin' with the bouncers You'll be bouncin' straight up off the floor So if you're mad at the security (Sadat X: It don't mean jack to me...that's how it's supposed to be) As I mix Walk on By over Passin' Me By Seem like everybody puffin' but I'm contact high Off this fresh new wax, with the real brown sugars makin' eye contact React, what's the haps? It's digits or excuses? I'm pullin' out the pen and she supplies the data Flavour, but for now I got tracks to spin So if you're stayin' til the end we can handle this later Torturin' the fader, the Tech 12 freaker The bass from the amps shake the stickers off the speaker I don't claim to have the loudest sound in town But from the inside it felt like the ground shaked from Lenox to Bleecker Circles form, dance contests Most know how I do while the rest make requests But Imma play what you wanna hear anyway So get your boogie on and parley Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Old school or a new school jam Can I get it if ya understand? Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Outside or an indoor jam Can I get it if ya understand?

Those Were The Days

Genius "Words from the Genius"
Those were the days, back in Junior High For an 8th grader, my style was kinda fly And just to prove I was an MC Pro I often sponsored a classroom show And the hype part of my imagination Was making my homeroom a hip hop station Minutes before the late bell would ring I would greet the audience and then I'll swing A lyric or two as the students barked Beacuse my rhymes had sparked Off somethign causing the class to mingle To a rhythm which is now a 12 single Letting off many styles of hip hop Holding the mic that I made in wood shop Forget gold, my key chain was a cable Two math textbooks were turntables And for a mixer, something much cooler A penny being cross faded on a ruler Measuring dope beats that were flexed From hands that played a drum roll on a desk From my home girl, her name, fly as Emory Sweet memory I remember sitting in my art class Drawing up lyrics kinda fast The outcome, a masterpiece Live shows with hyped up rhymes released As if lyrics were flowing from the heavens above I'll grab a mic and provoke a push to a shove From boys and girls who broke necks to see The lyrics G.O.D. Those were the days Now it's high school, lunch room's the scene And I'm ready to flip the routing In the cafeteria, period three And here I come with the JVC I go in my pocket and pull out a mic Plug it in, check one-two...alright Now who wanna show and prove their MC skills? A brother stepped forward and tried to get ill But when it came time to live out his name He kicked rhymes that all sounded the same But I did him in with a matter of time And he was done with one victorious rhyme He was shocked because he knew he was rocked Along with his classmates from off his block YO!, I'm telling you, I flipped his whole crew One against one or one against two Or three or four brothers who swore they can rhyme Battled me and got taken out every time From my style and my dope profile Plus the period of time that I rocked for awhile As a motivated, dominated supreme force Cultivated, activated cream and source The wise educated and born to be The one who would flip an MC Those were the days

Elouise (To The Tune Of Growin' Up)

Well, what power of God does a nun use to hold up parish priests And what makes a good cop let go a beautiful theif Oh, and how does the queen know she got hold that manna honey Oh and what makes an old woman give a young man all her money Well late in the night 'neath that pale moonlight the power comes over me And its all Elouise yeah I'm Turning Into Elvis (and There's Nothing I Can Do) ...kissed the babysitter. She screamed and I told her it was just the beast in me. And on my way out of the house I shot out my TV I went down to the corner luncheonette and said Sally fried peanut butter and banana will do(?) I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do I threw out my wife and family I took off my wedding ring I told my friends and neighbors to refer to me now as King I put a chainlink fence around my ranch house and on the gate a sign that reads Graceland II I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do I visited my mama's grave and I headed out to Hollywood and I signed a picture with MGM I play a rebellious beachboy racecar driver who fucks a nun in the end In the last scene I whip out my big guitar and show her a little Memphis-style kung-fu I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do But I drove on straight to Vegas and I stopped in the first old stripper bar. Found me a little hooker that looked just like Ann-Margaret and we rumba'd in my sports car. Well me and my drinking buddies turned my lovin' home into a frikkin' zoo. I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do Well he came to me last night in a dream looking just like he did in '57. He said Son that guitar is a wonderful thing but it can be the living devils' friend. On the other hand there's sex-starved women, millions of dollars, and anything you want to do. I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do

Where Did You Sleep Last Nite

SARAH CONNOR "Unbelievable"
[chorus] I've been waiting all night long Just for you to come back home And I've tried to close my eyes Tried to forget all your lies Tell me, did I get you wrong When you said our love is strong Now it's time to make up your mind Tell me: Where did you sleep last night [verse 1] Gave you all of my money Gave you all of my time Really loved makin' love to you honey Was just too blind to see the sign Oh baby tell me how could I believe it After all you put me through Promised me this time is different And now again I'm sittin' here And the one that is missin' is you [chorus] [verse 2] Oh just go on lying to my face Sayin' all you need is a little bit of space But if you come home to me tonight You'll find the bedroom very empty tonight 'Cause I'll be gone and on my way And your smile will fade away Oh baby I can't stand this no more And don't you ever come back to me [c-part] Lie to me, try to be Like the man I once loved in my dreams You're a fake, pretty mistake Breaking of my heart, now I put you straight Out of here, shed no tear Need a maximum of love my dear See the door, come no more Don't turn around, what you're waiting for You're my stress, need respect Only thing you give is heart attack Don't take checks it's just gotta Be what you call in cash instead Here's my decision you Lose your position right now!!

Mark Of The Beast

Boogiemonsters "Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album"
[Featuring John Doe] John Doe/ (Vex): ohhhhh yeah (John Doe, this sound like the Sho Shot) yeah ?, that flow like the breeze (Word Up) (Hightower on the boards, knah what Im sayin, my man Mo) (Yo, but, there is a lot of negativity flowing through hip-hop these days, know what Im saying) Got to kill the noise (Brothas dont understand, they need to) Check the whistles in the wind (repeated) [Whistling] John Doe: Release yo mind and slip with me between the crease of time Cause peace of mind is the condition people cease to find I be sublime, my composition is equally refined I redefine a definition, read between the lines The seeds of time produce the everlasting fruits of life Confusing strife has got me moving on into the light A youth in flight showing and proving how we do with mics We rips at night sho nough improving grooving to precise We knew the price to rule the mics and know we paying dues They saying who those D-Low brothers who be slanging crews Parlay with booze, and choose to snooze, its just a wicked tool Defusing trinkets cause we link it with infinite jewels You know the rules and keep it real if you posses the gift Stop the slander propaganda like a sedative Some mental states perpetuating all thats negative I manifest and bless the gift, thats all I set it with Vex: Walking down blank corridors Weapons stored in the arsenal of the memory bank My tongue is sharper than your shank I rank high on intelligence and low intolerance For your trife life and ignorant irrelevance I swell against the system Rebel against the walls of the lies, like wind-wind Angels are at war in the skies, open the eyes of demons And leave them hypnotized More crises on the rise inside me Live walk the path for to lightly and wildly, so stomp on past while I be Stars guide me, aquestrial (Say What?) Celestial plains and back again And blowing to and fro like whistles in the wind Mondo: Now If you would ever been wondering why You see what you see on the dynamic screens of TV Isnt the same as when you was a shorty believe me Im no expert I was raised on Pac-Mac and Q-Bert but know I see Phycics Network Sodom gains its power hourly Transferring air perceptions of right living into your mental imagery And soon the whole world follow so being so surprise You find yourself on your knees one Sunday morning worshipping the sunrise John Doe: Lets get scholastic and evaluate the aptitude Commercial tactics making rappers cause you actin rude Your altitude has got you nothing to stand firm upon I was among the magnitudes when night first turned to dawn Jah blessed the light, address the sight, ignite my third eye Insight my wisdom penetrating to your fur top ? You know my essence, my presence bring forth new faith I stand alone a battle on against the two faced Babble on, I hold my own cause its rugged though I be that diamond in the rough, see a nugget gold I got no time to encourage your procrastination They want my mind, assassinating my imagination And thats a crime premeditated so through meditation I write my rhymes incarcerated in my situation My soul I find as I recline in the precipitation I be sublime within, forever living like the whistles in the wind Vex: Ha, ha Transmit frequencies through my soul To make vinyl and plastic turn platinum and gold Not materialistic, but man these material Check social security, and how they changing serial number to health care Thats sold by Clinton to your moms The Armageddon With rebel forces dropping bombs like first Psalms A napalm on Vietnam I dissipate electricity through my palm The only man considered with a mic heavily armed Peace to all my heads and the city of ? Representing with John Doe and the Riders of The Storm Mondo: Youre keeping things warm Little black male its on Man Im feeling this song Lets rock it on, and keep it on, and move it on Now bust it right when I was on vacation Like I put these thought in proper perspective Now I got this main objective And thats to be selective with all the words I choose Cause garbage be on the airwaves, and videos too Lost for words every time Im roaming the streets I see to some buy Brahman record cause he has fat beats but HE AIN T SAYING NOTHING And this dilemma sweeps the nation See the joint entitled And Then What, for further information And it dont stop To my man John Doe Rock, rock on To the Vex to Vortex Rock, rock on To my man John Doe Rock, rock on To the Vex to Vortex Rock, rock on These be whistles in the wind yall (Whistling)

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