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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Hell's Kitchen

Alligator Blood

Original and similar lyrics
[Andre Nickatina] Caught up in the rhyme like a dopefiend, freaky heater back the fuck up if you cut your broke dreams, i keep the 40 fo' shizzle nizzle pizzle wizzle kizzle yea with yellow skittles you might see me in the streets man with my mizzle, float like a condor, check me out when I soar run like a wild boar gods make the rains pour I'm in heels kitchen tiga you better listen money gon' be mad and freaks gon' keep on bitchin actin like a Georgetown press yea ask for Nickatina you gettin Nickatina man motha fuck the rest devils and runnin rebels take it to other levels talkin shit with a spliff behind the gas pedal [Chorus] Alligator blood fangs the way we hustle yo its somthing like a drug mayn buckle up and take a ride through this cats brain and youll see all the pain the strain the game no love mayn. [Nickatina] I'm from tha projects so you know I'm a project that money and weed be the susbject its like a rough neck man witha tough deck spittin game by the pound like whats next i can think of better things but in my brain its like a colluseam tiga full of mother fuckin raider games its like its critical situation so critical it makes me play the smokey rob in a miracle don't touch that we break out like we hells bats went from sellin like crack yea the raw raps, penaliz everything is on the finer line hear the noise see the light then its dramtize [Chorus] [Nickatina] You best control your BOSS theme or you'll be bustin 44's in a lost dream sella tommy tucker up high like a Rahim lyrics still on the grill you feel you still you kill you nearly get the devils eye mothafucka yea don't stare there or picture yourself up in the wheelchair paralyzed cant move from the war wounds wild dogs get to barkin at the full moon trust me I'm a such a liar spittin for my desire rap and bang the same just like a church quire in harmony i keep it dope like a pharmacy pretty hoes that talk shit man don't bother me pardon me like a car sometimes startin me its like a tune up then move up then you shoot up with a hyeena laugh style awake like a white owl rasin more eyebrows just with the profile smash pumpkin get away its like i got away teachin de shore C K and MJ on a daily basis smellin like a red rose Chuck Taylors is the flavor for the street clothes. [Chorus] More bass, and it goes like this, more bass, and it goes like that, more bass. bass bass bass.

Run 4 Cover

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman, Ghostface, Street Life) [Street Life] Yo yo, enta, enta, enta, enta yo It's the synical, lyrical rap individual On my death bed I spit sick flows that's critical I'm not a fan of this, I'm a mic vandalist Thug therapist, my clan's too original My slang bang to wax, words that's visual Too digital for y'all common street criminals Who wanna come test, lick the sweat from my genitals We can get off the mic and get a little physical I was born to rock since they cut my umbilical Cord, I swing swords, behold the prolifical Rhyme writer, hip-hop provider, prize fighter Live wire, quick to set the mic on fire I speak legalized dope, hitman for hire I quote murderous notes, dope rhyme supplier Hang glide on the mic like a stunt driver And I won't stop rockin till I retire [Redman] Yo yo yo When it comes to the darts, I throw em Flamethrower, blow your section-eight home to your payphone up Grass smoker, in the cut for the lawnmower I water, I ride the wale that ate Jonah Over, your faced wit the black cape over You woke up four gorillas wit a makeover Packin a punch, asthma pump takeover My crew boards, and the whole plane lays over (YO YO!) You can't talk wit the tape over Pass the pussy, get out, date's over Back to your gray Nova that's way slower Redline to five on the highway shoulder Enemies say 'Doc the one to play closer' This baboon loose off the chain choker Hardcore, jacore I hate poker But y'all spread when my bullet's daytona [Chorus 8x] Comin through, comin through duck Run for cover (BASS!) [Method Man] Yo yo this ain't ya granddaddy music, it's hip hop Comin through your woofer like a mute kit Hundred-thousand watts on some bullshit I blackout eclipse wit the semi bust a full clip (CLAP OUT!) Touch one if any, that's my complexing conquest Now tell that shit to the court, I plead no contest From none of y'all, please I potty train pissy-ass rugrat for free Keep the cake for the family and off Sarah Lee That's how we do, powerful, movin on ya left! Mista who, Meth, black gorilla, beatin on his chest I suggest, you pay yo' debt or Protect Ya Neck I suggest, you wear a vest makin all them threats Here's a chin check that cash and splash niggas in half Smash rappers like hash (smoke em down to ashes) At last it's the crew that party crashes the masses Madness wildin out like special ed classes [Ghostface Killah] Straight out the gate, meet Tony Don of all dons, behind New York King Tut wit one arm Been at nutcrunch last cinnamon toast wit power rose Whips dirty, dustin my bitch, FUCK PAROLE! Peace shout he's Wallee Timb's, wild out (wild out) We in the spot, guns go off though Came out his mask it was Ollie North Oh shit, what up what up Ghost Congratulations on your new flick Burn it dead who max the most Word up you got the most Clarks Bravehearts spin this For under come down in the pale he need minutes Told y'all before I kick doors off the hinges Ain't no cooler and there ain't no Guiness Money like Barry Blue, Keanu Reeves wit bench slippers Play the PGA Tour wit Jack Nicklaus Statues of Mary, gas that bust mercury Sit through the biggest storm and hand out turkey [Redman] Yeah, yeah, yeah, WHUUUA!!! That's the way I like it [Method Man] PISSY ASS RUSTY ASS NIGGAS!! (0-7-1-0-3) 1-0-3-0-4

Callin' Out Names

KURUPT "Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha"
featuring Deadly Venoms [Kurupt] DV.... DV.. Yo we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Verse 1: Yo yo yo yo yo yo Fuck this who wanna bring the ruckus Yo I know they know they ain't fucking wit' no fucking suckers You's a live ass snitch Well shame on the name we might bust your shit And throw mad game nigga and push your whip And shake them thangs and hit four, five six Below you ain't know get at me Sean Donn, Hemp dogg and moe It's a bomb type weed now I'ma count my dough The cops'll watch your do' So let them niggas and now they ain't know it befo' And if them niggas not swipe We'll grab the 4-4, Mag-num Cause I hate it when niggas act dumb Damn, why they make me wanna pull out a gun? First name's Camille, Camille's name be on When you creepin' on the real with my word is bond See catch me out in the night pouring style and form And that venomous shit is what my bitches be on Bitches, bitches be on My bitches, bitches be on Verse 2: Yo, yo, yo I'ma give you something in rhythm feel Ya'll need be loco, Dig a hole in you bolo Look out for dolo Especially if you acting brolo down for dolo On the creek and point anything sleep Ya'll can see it when we roll we coming Mobb Deep We be coming, on the regular we be coming Baby what? tearing shit up with your worry Making me deam stacking up that man for CREAM Torch the green have you all open like beam Hear me ya'll so 'n when you gimme yo just gimme that microphone I been the baddest run down your digits Shorty gettin' played like a midget Aiyyo, I'm in it you wid it for me and my bitches Need 'em to throw your pitches having you leaving your misses What I got to do is this, hand me your business, step off my premises, Or things are gonna get serious and devious, WE BRAVE, And we can drive you all insane like Johnny Blaze Yeah we always Bring The Pain and Misdemeanour Know we can't stand the rain Let's bring the pesos stack 'em up by the case load Cause we can reload, cock back and explode Cock back and explode Cock back and explode Cock back and explode Chorus: Aiyyo, we trying to make the cash ya'll wid out a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Verse 3: I'm in the south ya'll going all 'bout cha'll The name is the Python you know what I'm about ya'll Yo, yo, yo, I pop bras like Bruno I take your money from shooting rap to uno Used to rock to minudo one of them was kinda cute though I had a crush like a DAT now I try to master phones like that Carolina be my home town Still living with my parents even though I'm grown now Time to roam now I don't think that ya'll can handle us Made our mark in the East now we hitting Los Angeles You can't delust a man wid lust When I been up on the mic you can never get enough Make you palms wet and I ain't even gettin' calm yet Clear the premises time to make another bomb threat Chorus Verse 4: Kurupt I'm from the West ya'll Bringing niggas stress ya'll Forget the strapping now you settle wit the best ya'll Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, This is one time that I ain't playing wit niggas The homey stomped it and I'm spraying with niggas I got the cash to have keys to blast You a sucker nigga, Sucker punk MOTHERFUCKER NIGGA I DON'T GIVE A FUCK MOTHERFUCKER NIGGA Trying to strip me a my Vans that's all I gather man Mr. Matter of fact, Calicos and dates What you want to get your shit lit to Blaze Like Johnny you can play like Ricky Davoni But you ain't a player nigga ain't got the heart to lay a nigga Automatic spray a nigga, Soon as I came went like calm in the Grand Bustin dumb dumbs leaving niggas numb I don't give a fuck where the fuck you're from If it ain't about loot then I'ma shoot and run What you supposed to be, Raw? Raw is as raw does it ain't raw dog Bust a five star dog, I want all ya'll I know the niggas know where the weed be It's the live shit need to be Fucking round in my decent (nigga) Hitting motherfuckers like a vic (nigga) Saturate like a sieve (nigga) Take a toke and get blown Ya'll step up and watch your homey explode 'n unload 'xplode and unload 'xplode and unload 'xpload and unload Chorus Verse 5: We from the East ya'll bringin on the piece ya'll Dirty kid wanna hit that wid a leash ya'll I be the mic wrecker, Spinner One coming through wid the double decker Double pound in your crew Uhhh, Forced to recognise make arrive Don't have to par and block you we just break you down to normal size You couldn't shine if you had the sun in your back You wack, I burn you down like I corner that Doggy, QB style you know my steeze I'm on the kill now with my Queen Killa Bees Viper, break more backs than Paul Backland in Kahkland Nigga deny drama could happen First test my skills I came to rap shit for real Venom Squad be the only squad that be ill First of all I ride your back like a jackass Jack still loose on the chaka with the L Coming from the East representing both sides Kurupt, the Venoms, that's how we keep it tight Yo, we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? [Kurupt] Yo I'm from the West ya'll Busting cuz a stress ya'll Fuck the best ya'll Motherfuck the rest-a ya'll niggas Chorus (3x) Gangsta style... Uhh, Uhh Protect ya Neck Massive Poison plants

Shut Em Down

DMX "The Great Depression"
[Intro:] Straight up nigga Motherfuckin' South side nigga Brooklyn what! Word up yeah Shut 'em down! yeah Shut 'em Down Shut 'em Down yeah Onyx featuring DMX [Hook:] Shut 'em down Shut 'em down Shut 'em down [4x] [Verse 1:] Yo shut 'em down start the violence We wilin' wilin' sling back his body found Washed up on Coney Island When I rolled up, this niggas heart slowed up That killa froze up, when I pulled up jumped out with the pump-pump Thirty-two shots and ducked out So look out Left that cat for dead his body smoked out Cause when I fall y'all killas a kill me kid I'm goin' all out Lifes a bitch, fuck it, got the gun bust it Gmae play, gotta play by the rules or your own cannot be trusted Don't try to test, abide your chest, put five inside your vest Have you layin' with a dead rest Shoulda known when you was lookin' in the eyes a death And I swore forgiveness when I did this there was not no witness but he should understand Cause even God got a shit list [Verse 2:] Beat downs anonymous I spit like a shiny silver nanabus() Niggas fond of us We the kind that rush, those that hold back Takin' your whole stack Grimy street cats Niggas bald head like Kojak Go gat for gat Coat that You could smoke that Or cut black dust Makin' your whole fuckin' stove crack Betta know me 1-3, one and only could be never phoney in any ceremony I'l tear you homey Shut 'em down, Shut 'em down, Shut 'em down Shun sees takin' your time Makin' your mind Got this nigga on the low defecatin' with rhymes Breakin' your spine Got you movin' from the flurry, time to worry I'ma bury the bullshit I'ma bury the bullshit I'ma bury the bullshit Feel my full clip [Hook] [Verse 3: DMX] Aiyyo I bet you this muthafuckin' double barrel will blast his face Be on the look out for a basket case Niggas pumped you up to watch you get beat Had you thinkin' shits sweet Now you up shit's creek Cause your shits weak How mich is your life worth to someone important Cause I be extortin' Kidnap for ransom is some shit you don't want to get caught in From back in the days of Gordon Niggas was gettin' robbed The guy from Rikers Height stayed on his job with his own little mob Was it worth goin back to the Earth so soon Worth makin' my shit go boom To your own doom, from the graveyards Till there's no room Fuck you know about a pine box Money goin' out with nine Glocks On top of that same nigga when they pull with they nine shots Feel like killin' for your crew I ain't gon' rest It gonna take a whole lot to put up your best Then watch your loins spill out your vest You best get on some act your age shit you a little kid That run for faces More niggas get killed like that [Verse 4: Sticky Fingaz] Mad man Sticky F-I-N-G-A-Z The crazy cajun blazin' bullets for days and days grazin' amazin' I'm the glazin' ason purple hazin' Hard to be pahsin' Lord with all this hell I'm raisin' God of the Underground, I'm gunnin' 'em down with a thunder pound We gonna shut 'em down We turn we gonna shut 'em down We turn we gonna shut 'em down We turn shit dumb quick gun click lyin' in the vine persed the line on your dick In the morgue admit it dogs I'm the Rottweiler my Glock holler Fuck cocaine killer I sniff gun powder So all you real willies throw your Roleys in the sky And all the crooks rob the place outside I'm so hype, I tkae your life, betta have my doe right Fuck my life, I don't need no mic! The new album Bring it Motherfuckin' May [Hook 2x] That's that shit Bring me on point About to shut down the whole industry Official nasty DMX We wreckin' everything So shut up, or you get shut down like the rest of them Pussy

My Car

(feat. Mo B. Dick, Pure Passion) [Silkk] All because of my car All because of my car All because of my car [Mo B. Dick] I'm in my car, cruisin to the beat Trippin off, off these money hungry freaks Wanna be down, wit a super star Cuz you know I got money an a cold blooded car [Chorus] Must be the Beamer (Must be the Beamer) Thats turning you on Must be the Benz (Must be the Benz) I ain't takin you home {All because of my car} Must be the Cruiser (Must be the Cruiser) Got you flaggin me down Must be the Rover (Must be the Rover) Makes you wanna be around {All because of my car} [Silkk the Shocker] I hits an run like an accident Mr. hit em fast an slow is back again If you don't believe me go an ask a friend I got more hoes than the O-Zone I hits em wit they close on (Why's that Silkk) So they can go home I rolls up on a bucket, she got a man But when I rolls up in a Benz, das when she hops in An thas how its gon' happen to her I don't mean to be like mackin to her or rappin to her But I'm jus askin to her Now back up in the days I run game on em They wanna play games so I bought a Lexus from my homie An the next day after that, game don't stop (Where ya car at) I be like man, its in tha shop But now I'm on top now Put down See how many number I can jot down, how many girl I can knock down An plus up on my block, now it ain't gon' stop Now, since I got a little cash Now I dash down the block but I keep my game tight When Im in the Rover, I gets the guests the same night You try skeezin me, should be try pleasin me Alizay to get the draws off easily Thas when I switch my game over You blame it on a hang over I blame it on the Range Rover An I ain't tryin to hear that (Oh it's like that, huh) Like that, like that [Chorus] [Mo B. Dick] When I'm flossin on these ghetto streets Can't see how I get stopped by those crooked police I can't understand, why they player hate An they ask me these question, like how much money I make Now it's none of their business, how I make my ends An you can't get a piece of my funky dividends I guess you could say, I got it goin on Cuz I keep seein girlies an they wont leave me alone [Silkk the Shocker] I guess the PD is tryin to see me in the State Pen Behind me tryin to run my license plate in Im checkin my rear view, but I ain't gon' trip, bruh Waitin for me to slip up, show me some ID wit yo' picture I guess they wanna see my bank statement See how much money that Im makin But I guess they just be hatin They need to start missin me, stop trippin G I guess they mad cuz I got more gold than Mr T [Mo B. Dick] An all these freaks wanna get in my gangsta ride Cuz I got it front to back, an side to side But I ain't got time I gotta do my thang An if you wanna front you know I can hang Now you know that I never wanna perpetrate Cuz y'all playa hate you fools better recognize That a No Limit Soldier is on the rise [Chorus] Must be the Bentley (Must be the Bentley) that's turnin you on Must be the Lex (Must be the Lexus) that's why I'm takin you home {All because of my car} Must be the Caddie (Must be the Caddie) got you flaggin me down Must be the Cutlass (Must be the Cutlass) why you wanna be around {All because of my car}

Last Lieutenants

*yeah, hold on, shit, so smooth, ya..* [Vinni] ey yo I love it when the sky's blue I'm leaning heavy to the side when I slide through red in ma eye, you know how I do ready to ride, me and my crew, veterans high we keep the medicine inside let me guide you were fly tool splitting hash with cynics coz they don't wanna let these bastards in it filling marihuana passed the limit we've been ignored for these past few minutes now I'm sure we're the last lieutenants we get the cash printed while backpackers getting pissed telling me I cant be rapping to this I've got the snap of an immaculate wrist keep it cracking in this natural mist to make it happen, get my track on the list, I'm not an activist I play it cool, the type that likes to stay in the pool with weed swaying through ma molecules I follow jewels while running with rum that's where I'm humming it from coming like, 'Vinni, you son of a gun' Chorus: shit it's really all the same, ain't nothing to tell and I ain't really trying to change always puffin a L might as well yo coz I ain't tryin to be like you see we just do the shit that we like to, 'we're high' shit it's really all the same, ain't nothing to see we're only dealing with some change, ain't no fucking for free can't complain, get a couple of g's and roll on and all you funny motherfuckers so long ther eain't nothing you can tell me untill they're hearing the bells that set ma cells free I'm wearing this shell might as well be sharing ma spells where they sell g's staring at fellas that yell please spending parallell cheese, just like me and same recognize same so I reckoned I'd explain for a check in ma name champagne and a second of fame, see I'm reppin for lames mic-checking and I'm stepping up ma game trained for ma turn to spit, It's ma life I've earned the script nice and I ain't concerned with shit payed the price and firmed the grip, learned the tricks of the trade to fix shit like a switchblade, the music-industry is bitchmade dummis and gimmicks and in a few Ill be running this clinic I don't really care for none of your limits, that's on you shouldn't listen to them fools they be wrong too Chorus: these are the gratest hits also known as the only hits how long you think it is before we gon blow this bitch? trade in these bogus kicks, shit sober up and focus work the shoulders, see me vouge-ing like that shit was chic or I'll be six feet deep - hating on the dream still waiting for the cream vacant with the scheme, naked all green with no bacon just skin future science celebrating how they made him this thin I'm breaking it in, awaking in the A.m., working overtime I'll have your folders lined, big up to Copyline the show is signed, sealed, pressed and shipped - just in time, man I guess that's it Chorus: -see ya!

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