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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Hell's Kitchen

All Star Chuck Taylors

Original and similar lyrics
One thing I despise is a virgin's suicide Shere Khan is something that the wind cries The way I collect is like a bomb threat Meanin if you don't have my dough I'm a blow fa show You better have heat when you hang with this villian Meaning that it's cold when I'm chillin Catch a fillin Slipped in on a banana peelin I seen them dead on the floor with the blood skeeted to the ceiling I was like yo how that happen? Chuck taylors down gotta keep on rapin The one bullet, the right place at the right time Can turn a hell of a wave into a flat line My style don't pump no blood It pump weed and gasoline, Nicky Nickitine Man ectasy can twist yo spleen Tell that to the freak in them jeans, know what I mean It's kind of ironic, make a phone call for the chronic And let my tigers hold the gin and tonic Man I curse so much it's blasphemy But I do what the rap gods ask of me Have heart, have hustle Have heart if you don't have muscle bite the punk's ear in the tussle No love, unpassionate, blow weed in the face of the badest chick Yet I spin like a cd, I try not to get sleepy On the grind when it's creepy, street gods wanna teach me Pocahantes makin money for me bustin in the tee pee My All Star Chuck Taylors, stay laced like the mayor Street ball court player Rapid fire rhyme sayer You be like Nicky man no fair, real poppa I disappeare like Jimmy Hopper Reappear on Easter Pants in the heavy start to increase her T shirts with the vestes feature Miesha check it it's the God of Khan Chuck Taylor down like the Ramidan Catch a feelin, slipped in on a banana peelin' You got a scheme homie what you dealin Man the bathroom tinted With the blunt wrapped dope in it It's like Popeye with his spinach Run around like you playing tennis And you still ain't finished International keep the party crackin like pistachios The freaks got it poppin like a fashion show Make a move with me birdy baby grab the dough like a linebacker I got a gift like a blind jacker Put a whole new six packer I'm the south paw with the lock jaw In the kitchen with the rock raw You remind me of cocaine and doo-doo stains Man it's the shitty dope dealer Dirty worm catapilla We collide like the sun and the moon And I'm still trippin of that room with the blood on the ceiling Catch a fillin My chuck taylors got me creepin And rap dealin Come through and leave you stunned And in shock And leave my heart on the block like the lost glock In the bushes or woods man u did what you could With the little you got are you cold or hot Put it down with the plot, and got knocked And went to jail naked in ya shoes and socks Left it up to ya woman man to move ya rocks And the freak turned the spot into a hot box Chuck Taylors All Stars and all stars Make my way to the bar and there you are Catch a fillin Hey sister give me some of those shoes

So What You Sayin

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Jay electrolysis probin the globe like a geologist Puttin all of you pussies on display like gynocologists Listen, I'm on a mission Most of you niggas just spittin The wise comprehend-iction hypnotize with the rhythm Lyrical circumsicion toss the shmuck in the fire Yea your mans and them is nice but they ain't fuckin with sire I'm a higher power devour all you idolaters You satan worshipers nation perverters thirstin for dollars Jay coldplay putting the clock on your chess game I'm a varsity letterman you a fresh-mayne Every line of every verse of every song is a quotable Catch me in mexico meditating with quetzalcotl fuckers I'm rainin fire on you lame suckers My tongue is the burner the barrel the biscuit don't make me buck it spratt I'm outta that mac I came into rap carrying the south on my back And I'm ready to scriddap I ain't where you from son it's where you live at I never kiss another niggas bum to get me did-dap I used to sip the coke and rum blowin dime sid-dacks But now I'm wagin war with wicked men in high places So what you sayin Every page of my poetrys like a rhyme from the clip The mic is always in my holster right on top of my hip Niggas get flipped When the hollowtip spit at they melons You niggas is missy misdemenor my niggas is felons holla My and big dame lord of the rings the twins towers Knockin other motherfuckers out the ring like apollo creed You wanna get bleed the blood run up And get done up until sunup Down south they call me white man cause I hang mcs Get em open with ease Then pick em off like fleas nigga please You ain't go no ends in my casa Que pasa My flowll fuckin swole ya bumba rasta Loch ness monster It's like RAAAAAA when I strike ya Suplexin niggas like rowdy rod piper John allen muhammad snipe ya It's a cost to be the boss and I paid the price-ah Nobodies nicer I'm cold as the north pole nobodies icer Shout outs to mr porter, d-twizzy, and obie tricer Shady, you can catch me in the D now baby it's all gravy Still reppin UPT what is you sayin I'm trapped in the game like pacmayne chasin the ghost Drownin with water in my throat got leaks in the boat Squeezin the toast It's not a op-tion I got pac on Makaveli the don bumpin at me And my glocks on, zone in Like robert dinero I'm ronin Struck em up with the omen From adolescence to grown men Walk a mile in my shoes it proves you a soldier I paid a lot of dues to prove to jehovah That I can carry the cross the castle the crown Everywhere I roam is my home lifes my battleground Sallhuddin abdul farrad muhammad To come up at by night ridin elijah the comet (uh) I caved chest in the brave chessman Masterin one twenty lessons is my profession So get to steppin Or catch led like zepplin These rap cats look real but they really not like wrestlin Check the solar commander I'm light years off of the scanner Satillite dishes and cameras a bad mama jama The most thorough examiner My microphone is seven thousand ninehundred and twenty six miles in diameter The son of man Son of t man from out puran Master the air in the land from here to iran Jay electronica revolve the world Them philly cats say I like that boy he raw but he thorough What you sayin

Jus Like Us

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
[DJ Paul talking with gunshots in background] Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherfuckas! Y'all jealous ass bitches! You know what I'ma call y'all Some Jello niggas. Cuz y'all jealous of us, bitch. Every motherfucker in our camp ridin clean, nigga. Y'all know the motherfuckin score. And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep]. It's dedicated to you, nigga. [Chorus: DJ Paul x1] They wanna dress like Wanna sound like Wanna be like Ride like Get high like Make cheese like The motherfuckin Three 6, bitch you got a problem wit em The motherfuckin Three 6, hoe you got a problem wit em [Lord Infamous] I'm from the part of Tennessee called SPV, Spray Pesty Varments Catch ya busta boy, I beat em; blow em up outta his dorments Punk ass niggas be tryin ta stick a light up under me, like some ornaments Don't make me grab the case that's fulla the weapons and hand ya the bombing Bitch ya killin me, besta be eatin some porridge, you got some courage Punk motherfucker don't make me go get that there uzi up under the storage Bitches, bloody Satan waiting Armageddon soldiers comin to [Crunchy Black] You trying to be like me, you can't be like me It's hard ta be me, like them stunts on TV, g You see me, hustlin, workin my muscle-in Puttin my 2 cents where it can be trusted-n You musta been a silly fool Thinkin you could wear my shoes, damn fool I walked a mile, I hauked em down I understand now, why everybody don't wanna frown [Chorus x2] [DJ Paul] 1 thousand: Your kid kidnapped and fucked in the mouth 2 G's: Wife never seen again, but nothin to brag about 3 thousand: Car blown up, house burnt to the ground 4 G's: Run up in ya weak ass show, lettin off rounds 5 thousand: Best friend found naked and decapitated 6 G's: Yo broke ass barried alive cuz yo ass hated 7 G's: He ain't even workin, I kill a nigga myself, dead Catch em in tha haven put somethin hot up in his head [Juicy J] I'm real from the junt (junt) Never was a punk (punk) North Memphis bound bitch, buck ass hell and crunk (crunk) You might catch me deep (deep) On your fuckin street (street) Buckin wit the tech-9, sweep you off yo feet (feet) Drankin on that liquour (liquor) Chillin wit my niggas (niggas) Hangin on the corner, wit a fuckin rusty pistol (pistol) Step up to me hoe (hoe) When you on that blow (blow) I'ma (gunshots: pop pop pop, pop) till you hit tha flo (flo) [Chorus x2] [Koopsta Knicca] Ahhhhh! Please don't test the wrist or steel this Waitin for she tell, pop, every style mystic Pimp shit, hits never miss those red Settin you a miss, when I spray the AK Plus I flex-a hella gay, will you catch a boy Ever since a boy, always had black toy So we ain't goin out, no punk, I'm knockin out y'all Dead body, froze, hard puss in my jaw [Gangsta Boo] Well all them hoes that used to be down with me I signed a deal, made some money, now you bitches downin me Bitches tryin ta blast at me, or am I dreamin the motherfuckers be after me Why you tryin ta be like me You labelled as a wanna-be. You ghetto hoes, you need to read up on this Gangsta Boo Cuz you might find a tip, bitch, that can help you. I'm a down chick Niggas be wantin ta crown chick Stay around chick Whenever, however, it's goin down, bitch. [Chorus x2]


Evil Mothers
my addictions are more bizarre by far than digging holes in my arms my weirdness goes beyond skin deep i'm a freak i'm a geek i bite the beak i bore a hole in my skull cap to let the bad spirits out but tainted meat shall always reek i'm a freak i'm a geek i bite the beak. they hose the blood out of my pit while you squirm tight i am waiting for the feathers and bone i'm the head chompin' hero of the west white virgin white always showed the best in the darkest light of the darkest pit jaws over neck snapping vampire quick. what you seek look underneath take out the freak you still have me i'm exposed your unkind i am you in someone else's mind. with a champagne approach to the blood screaming secrets profusely bulge exposing exploding veins carcass carnival shrapnel fuck god bless the maggots in deformities chapel two headed vows and six legged sleep twist the heads spinning weak stomach taxidermy i caringly tear the throats of choirboys in their dreams of swimming siamese children in formaldihiding holy shit i'm slave to the pit and king of the biting. broken body doormat swinger the people are gone but the tast is still lingers i'm a performer but i'm not a singer i've got rotted teeth and chewed off fingers a charred extremity human oddity who justifies your normality the difference 'tween you and me i'm mutilated enough to make money

Beat Me

if i'm not the crack of the cork and the shot in the arm across the room like a four alarm some kind of danger i look that way you try to be cool with little to say i can't be the calm your bottle of wine i have to be a quarter not a nickel and dimes i want to be the prayer answered when you meet me the pain the bat and the blood when you beat me because you're infallible bombastic sonically elastic entergetic spastic explosive plastic sculpture cast it mclaren pass it emotional strastic egg first crack it first date mack it suitcase pack it eight ball rack it sadness don't mask it thoughts schoolastic glockenspiel blast it pack of butts hack it a hit song track it hatred whack it sorrow sack it wasted drink it if you thought it think it like pretty and pink kid battleship sink it big dream make a bid do it you just did if i'm not the crack of the cork and the shot in the arm across the room like a four alarm some kind of danger i look that way you try to be cool with little to say i can't be the calm your bottle of wine i have to be a quarter not a nickel and dimes i want to be the prayer answered when you meet me the pain the bat and the blood when you beat me because you're impossibly protected criminally respected soulfully connected chaotically hectic temptress naked candycoat bake it dune city rake it concerns placated you know you have to make it if it's not broken break it it it's stolen take it answer with a bayonet dime bag stash it accelerator mash it get it out like an exorcist sado like a masochist nine o thrash it five o smash it hotel room trash it coming down crash it like pistols and pink sid stir it up and drink it big leap make a bid do it you just did if i'm not the crack of the cork and the shot in the arm across the room like a four alarm some kind of danger i look that way you try to be cool with little to say i can't be the calm your bottle of wine i have to be a quarter not a nickel and dimes i want to be the prayer answered when you meet me the pain the bat and the blood when you beat me the pain the bat and the blood when you beat me [x4]

Tell 'em I'm Here

Freddie Foxxx "Industry Shakedown"
Somebody tell them motherfuckers I'm here! [Verse 1] Emcees and rappers, what's up, I hope it's good For them street niggas breakin them bricks, in the hood I write, maybe sheddin some light My experience in hip hop, was struggle and fight All I ever wanted, was a chance to rock the mic, like you do Control every crowd in the world, like voodoo The underground hardcore scene, it's my flaw I snatch alotta money from that, so once more I step, where the niggas that rep, get checks You touch mine, here go my check It's back to underground clubs, with fights at the door Niggas gettin one deal in six months they poor I separate emcees from rappers, standin on stage with two clappers Cock back, beef at my house, I stop that I dare any nigga standin in here with half a heart To address me, I rip you apart, Tell 'em I'm Here! CHORUS: Tell 'em the one that blasts first every time it's on Tell 'em, I put the word back in word is bond Tell 'em, I stomp rappers to the beat, shut 'em down with no fear Somebody tell them motherfuckers I'm here! [Verse 2] Who got the ill rep, lyrical style like Bumpy Knucks Outta respect none of you bitch ass niggas your shit sucks I'm the emperor, you niggas is hoes with gold plaques Lotta stick ups in town, Freddie Foxxx is back Bumpy Knuckles I, take out your heart with one look Frying niggas like Yang Kang Cook you're all shook Spittin hella hot lyrics, that infiltrate tracks Like spirit, real niggas wild when they hear it My heart bleeds raw hip hop, I got no gauze Sometimes the beats kicks so hard, I cock them fours And I can feel it, all up in my veins, keep it noted I'm the long term maintain, Tell 'em I'm Here! CHORUS [Verse 3] I do it special for them thug niggas holdin the block They need a nigga on wax that can follow To give 'em that real shit to swallow I don't respect a man under no man You frontin like you holdin all the cards up in your hand When emcees come in, emcees go I'm one of the few emcees left, with emcee flow So while I spit repetitious like techs Make your bitch say my style is delicious like sex Undetectable rhyme, it's complex Check the three X's that I earned from Bustin my sigs from New York to Texas Makin niggas take L's like Lexus, tattoed vibes I protect this Find a mic mechanic, cuz I'm bout to wreck this Villainous, I'm laughin while I'm killin this Never break a sweat because my groove be the chillinest Thug niggas throw your hands up if you feelin this, Tell 'em I'm Here! CHORUS

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