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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2

Nickatina Says

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus: Andre Nickatina] Nickatina says cast ya votes Tell all the freaks, yeah grab ya coats Tell all the nerds, yeah take some notes And R&B niggas, ya'll clear your throats Nickatina been at since 11 Got me a spot up in gang bang heaven My mother use ta say that I was like a little reverend That's why they call me God # 7 I like birds cause I'm a hawk Try to clown me hoe and I'ma walk Rockin ya party is my favorite part Did it for an hour and I didn't even talk (bitch) Nickatina is like simon says Dips in his whip like simon says Make some chips like simon says Smoke a lil weed in the back with the dreads (yo) I take pride in smellin fly Baby ain't no tellin why I blaze I sport Chuck Taylor's twice a week Gotta keep an ear out on the streets Man I'm kinda high You said, who got beef ? Do niggas take advice from these nasty freaks (yeah) Did you see the cold steel ? Homey that shit'll make you cold for real Even though it's hot when its bout to hit Hot enough to make a bastard do a flip What you know about geto cheese ? All she heard on the phone was "nigga please" (click) I'm like an ice cream truck Veins get cold when I cut this blunt Nothin but fire tiga in my path And nah man you can't have no autograph [Chorus] Nickatina says bust back first And by any means necessary don't get hurt The five millimeter go good with the nina Just like raps go good with Nickatina Nickatina says lace ya boots Real drug style Armani suits Check this out baby, I'm tell the truth You'se a freak and not that cute, hoe I kick back like expensive wine and spit paragraphs all the test of time It's just like ya found a treasure chest with mines Repeat, (then) nigga Andre is like the moon Come out after six tiga ready to boom (move) It aint no thang to me Easy as pie, can you hang with me (I'm fast) I mix up like Ron Barcardi Talk and walk and smoke weed at the party Gamble on yourself for about two g''s Im eatin water melon way juicy, fuck it Check it out I get blunted on top livin like an anvil ready to drop (playa) [Chorus]

Throw Yo Hood Up

SILKK THE SHOCKER "Charge It 2 Da Game"
(feat. Master P, Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Snoop Doggy Dogg Talking] No Limit, yeah southern hospitality we seizin it on you, my nigga Silkk The Shocker, Snoop D,O double G,Y, D,O double G, beats by the pizound, you know what I'm sayin From the NO to the LBC. [chorus] [Snoop] All my real gangstas throw yo hood up throw yo hood up, throw yo hood up [Silkk] Now to all my real soldiers throw yo hood up throw yo hood up, throw yo hood up [Snoop] Fancy cars, diamond rings, bad ass bitches lots of cocaine, smokin on the best bud givin up that west love got them bitches shakin they ass, all in the club [Silkk] Now some call us the players, others call us the pimps so on the level lets talk about hoes some hoes dig us an lets talk about pimp shhh you know we don't show no tricks or bitch niggas no love you should know all the way to Snoop nigga pimpin's all up in our blood [Snoop] Now trip this for a second nigga I'm bout to drop some more pimp shit on yo ass have you ever slapped a bitch Have you ever counted over a thousand dollars in cash Nigga if you ain't never did that shit before get the fuck up out my face, 'fore I have to pull this tray 8 up out my muthafuckin waist [Silkk] An if you don't do it, I'm a do it these niggas be talkin so bad, an I could slap a bitch, like I had a million dollars in cash so it ain't no thang, bitch backed up give a nigga some room before I bust I give a fuck about a hoe, I might get a fuckin nut get tha fuck an get up, throw it up [chorus x2] [Snoop] It's the S,N double O, P nigga an this is Silkk The Shocker automatic with rockers, yo girl automatic gonna jock us from the LB to the NO, represent me an my camp for, blaze up like indo like dirt up in a rental [Silkk] Nigga at the right place we caught you at the wrong time an my team bout to beat you down, ain't no fuckin game you threw up the wrong sign see I went from hundred dollar rock spots to umm, million dollar raps I want a 1.5 from the day I turn this debt [Snoop] Now Peter Piper picked peppers, while I pimped hoes an my white drop rolls, an it's sittin on vogues Jack was nimble, was nimble nigga he was a bitch, let niggas smack him punk him, an jackin his shit, when you in it, you gotta get ignit cuz niggas will play you, lay you, then they spray you ok you, gotta little money an you figure you hard you bought two pitbulls for your big backyard now let me be frank with you, in this game you betta have a lotta homies, some straps an a tank with you, cuz these niggas they be playin for keeps while you sleepin, they creepin, that's word to my mama [chorus] All my real gangstas, I'm what, nigga what All my real soldiers, I'm what, nigga what [Verse 3] [Silkk] I'm a G-A-N-S-T to the A I got niggas throwin up they hood from NY to ZA I probably won't get five mics cuz I hurt this much but they don't understand, that's why I'm worth this much see all my real ass soldiers grab yo shit an act bad an all my real niggas grab the guns, weed, an my mission to cash, see y'all busters can't hold me down like the police they had the wrong guy an if I tell you somethin believe it like you seen it with your own eyes damn tell you what, meanin what See I make gangsta shit they wanna tell us clean it up now I walked in, straight up outta some thuggish shit don't tell me nothin to be here try to tear the club up bitch now don't have me trade the mutha fuckin tape for the crack don't have me go back to tradin the mic for the gat (see you love them hoes back in the days) nigga please, you gonna fall back like without a sack so either fall back on keys or fourty g's see I'm bout bigger paydays, I don't set trip, I set clips into AK's see I done shit bitch, not see me go, I run shit bitch like a CEO, now Snoop how you spell gangsta Spell it DPG an I spell soldier N-O-L-I,M-I to the T (That's cuz we different riders) [Master P] What I'm nigga, nigga what I'm nigga what, I'm nigga, what, what I'm nigga what I'm nigga, nigga what I'm nigga what, I'm nigga, nigga what From the NO to the L-B, B, haha, from the east to the west coast, to that dirty mutha fuckin south, to the nizorth, my little brother Silkk The Shizocker, an Snoop. (Real niggas unite you heard me) That's how we do it nigga, playas fool, now destroyed them mutha fuckin enemies.


NOREAGA "Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler"
Verse 1: Noreaga Yo I grew up like the regular thug, I think I told you that My only means of gettin money was to sell the crack I shot a nigga did a bid nigga all of that So now I kick back and get paid for raw rap Nigga 'Pone ain't home, not yet (not yet) Yo it don't matter cuz we's all on the same set Me tras kick it on the here and there don't really hang to tough but the love is there My pops died on July 3rd, '98 So now a nigga need mad herb Cuz my pops is here yo he loved his son Matter of fact my pops the one that showed me a gun And said Papi, you gotta protect ya moms Even if that means that you gotta strap up arms He used to make me hit the punching bag My dad, he was a boxer god And he really was glad yo the boxing iin the golden glove He just a thug and I love him yo So I'ma spread that love... Chorus (repeat 2x) Sometimes I wanna cry and pray, sometimes Sometimes I wanna chill and lay, sometimes Sometimes I get drunk all god damn day Sometimes I wanna go back around the way Sometimes I wanna ride and smoke, sometimes Sometimes I got money and I still feel broke Verse 2: Musolini I cock and pop 3 in the air for my niggas not here Locked it wit me, your legacy live on with me continuously Tremendously I blow weed deep in my memory You still breathe, your face show through your seeds And who know it that you go so quick We all felt hopeless, through blunt smoke My pen spittin and I show this I swore an oath you would notice I go to lengths with my rap strengths When I think about my past friends K-Rock and D-zo Primo from the same block as me since we was shorties The pain and project glory I get touched it all absorb me like a weed head rush Keepin the thorough for my passed he-ro, I must All my peoples street and physical I still see you featured in my heart sometimes it might wrinkle Much drinkin when I'm thinkin, its like I feel a hush over the skies Touched by dead guys speakin... Chorus (repeat 2x) Verse 3: Noreaga Yo from Biggie Smalls to Killa B too and 2Pac, yo my twin and my pops Hit-Hard Todd and Smiley, D-Bone too And plus, my nigga Raheem, from Guy Brew You know I poured out beer for Fernando too And I still smoke my bogeys then the rest of the crew Yo ain't nothin changed still play ball the same I like to cheat a little bit just to win in my game But y'all niggas ain't here, can't believe this shit Thought you'd always be here, though we'd always be clique! But y'all niggas not here no more, it ain't fair no more Sometimes I get stressed and kick the door But I maintain still holdin' in the pain Why my pops had to go, why he couldn't sustain. Mothafuckin mambo, yo I love my dad I know he probably didn't realize what he had Chorus (repeat 4x)


AZ "Final Call: The Lost Tapes"
[Talking: AZ] It's so simple... life... death... [Verse: AZ] I am one of the flyest my crew is like the Al Qaeda's We war like in them mess halls of Elmyra Bodies get caught predicate's bails is higher Why talk if you ain't walk through hell's fire All-nighters upscale attire In car get new cars you and your mans admire Young messiah back bottom guns for hire I am that what them rap contracts require Ghostwriter coast to coast cyphers I do this for them grown men in diapers that don't like us Though still the nicest sending kites to Riker's is priceless Reminiscing on plaza fights with Cypress Hung lifeless sprung from financial crisis Never ran I stand amongst the righteous AZ-Q dark denimy V suits His arson is lethal only pardon his people so Just ask it open or closed casket Coke or the dope bastard I'm back on that old Shaft shit Got my ratchets army fatigue jacket Fitted cap on backwards with them cats from Flatbush Bravehearted fuck if they say squash it We remain the largest we invade regardless Trains to Spofford insane with a brain from Hartford It's hard to explain my artwork One for the haters two for the true and the raiders I know dudes who eat your food with a razor It's major barbaric Brutal behavior car addict I talk about the jewelry later My respect is for the CL cartel connects And the crews that came through and left arise well effect Finesse big boys only play with the best It's no regrets being dead broke and raised in the jects I'm a vet cousin Comstock calling collect Saying he just left the box hot annoyed and depressed Claimin he stressed did a 3 and still facin a stretch I'm like look this ain't the row and you ain't waiting your death So save your breath tie your boots up and bang with the rest Cause in reality they just incarcerated your flesh You know the deal I pray they process your appeal Cause on the real I still got my hands on the wheel And I'm a drive til the gas run out Either crash or a wrap til a smash come out We them real niggaz It don't get no more gangster than this... rap it up daddy... yea [Beat until fade]

Swimming With Sharks

Yeah! Yo, you know we had to come from overseas on this one It's Hoodie Allen On this beat beat-down Say what up to VV Brown Y'all let's get loud R.J. drop it Yeah, I gotta shorten up my words cause I speak fast Girls got me caught up like a recap She's always high scorin', nobody can beat that But talk's cheap, so consider this my free rap A free app, but nothing is free really There's a shark in the water, I'm ready to free Willy Why so serious? Better we be silly 'Less she turn a cold shoulder, I'm ready to be chilly Damn, let's work it out girl, this is gym class Let me tell you 'bout the game like Jim Nantz Cuz there's a whole lotta fishes that I swim past But I can't wait to drop, Slim Fast Thin glass between us I did my best to break I was so convinced that I let the rest debate I known a lot of girls, always said it best to wait I never been a Snoop, dog, don't investigate [Hook:] [VV Brown:] When I'm in doubt I open my mouth And words come out Words come out like [Hoodie Allen:] We good, we get it We love where we headed So we live to regret it We don't ever care, we We don't ever care We met in Vegas, so that explains it, I rolled the dice Saw the writings on the wall like I'm notified We sayin' no to fights, always acting so polite But now you're cursin' me out, okay, that's poltergeist Okay, it's no surprise, name change, pronto Just cuz I'm a rapper that don't mean I'm in Toronto '96 Honda with a drive like Rondo If I'm racin' for your heart I'll never tie like kwon-do Yeah, you get Mad Men, so that's advertised But who's the illest, 'that's me," like Amanda Bynes So if you gold diggin', don't worry I handle mines I let you paint the picture vivid you've been vandalized Cuz I'm a male, I'm a man, I be Karl Malone I done some good deeds, I'm leavin' the karma 'lone So if you would, please, don't leave this bar alone We got far to go but we never far from home Oh [Hook]

Don't Hate On Me

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "The Collection, Vol. 2"
Da Brat: Ain't it fucked up that when you work real hard to get some shit and finally make it to the top of shit that it's a whole gang of muthafuckas that hate that shit and wanna take that shit Krayzie Bone: Nigga don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Don抰 hate on me don抰 hate on me] Don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Go get you some go get you some] Nigga don't you hate on me muthafucka go get you some get off my dick bitch get out my mix and tell me where the real niggas at put your blunts in the air y'all niggas get fried to this tear the roof off the motha tell me who the thuggish in this muthafucka what you niggas really wanna do be ballas flossin' niggas wanna be me so they gotta be talkin' oh we been hearin' what they say and when I'm in they face what you say oh nothin' busta hit him in his shit anyway hey that's how we play still thuggin' ain't a thang changed still the same name Leather Face real real niggas that's all I gotta say you're fuckin' with the real you're bound to get dusted really the real ain't shit to be fucked with protected by the nina we ain't care for them nigga the trigger finger itchy fix ya then hit up the whole block make a nigga close shop sho' nuff show-stopper fuckin' 'em up with these sawed-offs pumpin' the shotgun really unecessary 'cause all we want is a little respect that's all we want but nigga you don't feel me [Da Brat: nigga you don't] Krayzie Krayzie maybe insane and he with JD let it rip done slipped a clip into the gat Brat-tat-tat just like that Da Brat: I ain't fin to be the bitch to procrastinate If niggas wanna be shippin' me half a cake go through whatever drastic measures I have to take make a muthafucka masturbate the hotter I get the more hate some of you hoes is overrated with flows that's outdated take 'em to the rehab and get 'em reinstated my lyrical content send other bitches to convents pray for me to be deleted but that's nonsense been the bomb since '74 Aries I can see how ya nigga be lookin' at me he wanna get in between the sheets leave the wallet and the keys for me I ain't persuade that easily but if you spend the cheese for me nigga we can fuck free frequently you study me but another me could never be so broke the mold 6-0-6-4-4 when niggas are hauled off and hit you with the sawed-off seen plenty muthafuckas fall off with they drawers off when I'm finished droppin' 'em all off on the Westside of Chi I'm ridin' high thinkin' of ways to make it through the maze of the paper chase slidin' by keep a Luger in the chamber ready for danger when it's time to die Krayzie Bone: Nigga don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Don抰 hate on me don抰 hate on me] Don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Go get you some go get you some] Jermaine Dupri: See everywhere I go I feel like niggas be tryin' to get me stuck I'm fly no matter what iced-up and all the hoes wanna fuck not to mention that a nigga got K抯 stacked-up packed up everything I touch gold and platinum what niggas can't fuck with us like Busta Bust we dangerous and you know that if I peel I got more y'all peel it's gone It's why the ice grill on when I wheel on by y'all niggas in the corner back and forth like Fuck that little guy don't worry about me you need to worry about your goddamn self how your shit on the shelf and how you sit around wishin' that a nigga was signed to So So Def I'm a A-T-L-A-N-T-A nig never been known to play with can't none of y'all see so y'all niggas don't really need to say shit uh-uh with all your people hatin' people hatin' and your bad looks what y'all need to do is shut up and take heed to what my nigga's sayin' in the hook Krayzie Bone: Nigga don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Don抰 hate on me don抰 hate on me] Don't you hate on me why don't you go and get you some [Go get you some go get you some

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