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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2

Gingerbread Man

Original and similar lyrics
"J'aibe soin d'un crayon..." You better make it And lace it And hope the pigs don't take And keep your mission basic No time to come and fake it Spin like a CD You know it's Nicky T Come to your party With no apology All at your function This ain't no usual luncheon I see what I like and then I jump in Float like a Cadillac Girl can ya handle that? Hittin' on cognac Now you don't know how to act I'm your favourite Motorola Your new Coca-Cola At least until you get tired of my new poster It's about the money, and bread and never fantasy A situation might change your whole anatomy Who hit the jackpot? Hot as a crack spot Took out the cash box And left with the flash(?) doc(?) Shit, you know J'aibe soin d'un crayon The Gingerbread Man J'aibe soin d'un crayon My young tiga Don Juan He looked right in front of a khan (?) Said that it was real sweet Sumthin' I would keep I live like a Gipsy Rap till I'm empty Fly like a Frisbee But hung like a Grizzly You know, I blow And there, I go All on the freeway Me and my queen mayne I eats Gumbo The jumbo Shrimp combo And when I clown, hoe I smile like a criminal I can be like Ecstasy Show you a whole new recipe Don't even know why you step to me Sayin' you ain't impressed with me I ain't trippin' darlin' I hear my homies callin' And when there's money involved Man they despise stallin' Hook it up and then cook it up Man shook it up and then look it up And rock it up and then chop it up Man flock it up and then cop it up I hit the underground trains(?) and thangs Stood there rappin' till the rain done came Till' the game done changed Man I'ma get it mayne And don't forget it mayne... Shit, So greedy Don't think that I can split it mayne The Gingerbread Man Catch me if you can You back there... "J'aibe soin d'un crayon" Bartender, bartender... "J'aibe soin d'un crayon" Waitress, waitress... "J'aibe soin d'un crayon" You think I'm playin' baby? ... "J'aibe soin d'un crayon" Shit, shit... "J'aibe soin d'un crayon..."

When It's On

Eightball "Living Legends"
(feat. P. Diddy) [Verse 1: MJG] I'm just a drop top flippin', flippin' Fifth of Yacht sippin', sippin' Dope crack that's going in the strip clubs tippin' MJG ah, P.I.M.P. ah Fuck a blind date, oh no, I got to see her The new millennium poet Forever show it, can't blow it If you reap it, you sow it I, pay my, dues And it's the rules that I play by Carry the team like I'm A.I I used to cook rocks, and hit the block And gun in the bushes, and money in my sock Shit, I had hoes way before I was nationally famous I was in the hood strapped up good Watchin' my anus I'm a target splitter The world strongest man hardest hitter Even though you hate I still elevate regardless nigga Step to us boy, look what you done started And we don't even care that your arsenal be the largest [Hook: 8 Ball & MJG, P. Diddy] When it's on, it's on, it's on, it's on When it's on, you better get your shit and be gone When it's on, it's on, it's on, it's on When it's on, you better get your shit and be gone When it's on, it's on, it's on, it's on When it's on, you better get your shit and be gone When it's on, it's on, it's on, it's on When it's on, you better get your shit and be gone [Verse 2: 8 Ball] Look, you niggaz play too much mayne You need to pump yo' brakes Keep a heater nigga need for them restless snakes Right in my face caught a case tryin' to defend my space Dodging snitches police niggaz jumping state to state What kind of nigga run his mouth and snitch out everybody The kind of nigga that's gone end up being a dead body Yo' wife and children gone be searching for their dear ol' daddy They found his headless body tied up in a dark alley It's cold like ice and snow on a nigga soul For bricks or snow, niggaz will fuck you like a dirty hoe Kick yo' door and put and your babies on the floor See you in public fuck who with you let the thang go A nigga tell you don't let business turn personal Fuck what they say cause for gram a nigga hurtin' you Niggaz out here hurtin' fool Nothing is for free mayne Fuckin' with the game That's how that shit be mayne [Hook] [Verse 3: 8 Ball] I was torn this bitch came from the streets I was born Pussy like a little kitty back yellow as corn I don't go around poppin' shit wit' niggaz who talkin' Them niggaz ain't talkin' no more Closed coffin Not often do you see a nigga loyal as I Like that boy from Best Eye nigga ready to die For my bread and them niggaz that considered me family Hold it down mayne I got you til we up there wit' granny [Verse 4: MJG] Cause as soon as I start writing I start going through physical Deeper into my spiritual I'm so fuckin' lyrical MJG the realest the truth the definition Just call me the competition I'm still stomping and pimpin' I'm still working with Diddy, still fuck wit the hood I got the key to the city, the streets is all good My leather is all wood, my gun is still secluded I'm still hoping and praying to God I don't use it [Hook - until fade] [P. Diddy - talking]

Poker In The Sky

JOE BUDDEN "Some Love Lost"
Just trying to explain the unexplainable More than trying to attain the unattainable Trying to make it sustainable Collecting all the parts, see if they interchangeable Killing me slow, but I'm glad it's entertaining you Everyday it amaze me The same thinking that pay me the same thinking that plagues me How can I think I'm crazy? Sway me Cause to profit off of shit that aches me is actually pretty wavy I'm painting the perfect picture Only perfect cause the imperfections are highlighted To gross currency off of that kinda sickness Changes the meaning of mind my business Giving what was given to me So the soldiers come over unsober And call me Yoda instead of Joseph I be like "why they come to me for advice?" They should really come to me for a vice I got 'em all Got a counter full of liquor, pocket full of pills The illusion of control, I can tell you how it feels Accounts full of paper and the women I play with All got criminal bodies, innocent faces Come around and we have a ball, could have it all Well, I ran out of Adderall, but that's a matter of a call, check it Odds is they start telling me they hardships Regardless, they end up wanting hard dick, aww shit You would think they been ordained Got her legs in the air, she screaming the Lord's name I'm feeding her more game, more game, more game I started fucking her mind, that's when all them thoughts came She keep saying if I want her I should fight for her My plight for her says I don't know if I'm right for her Even so know there's a fire I ignite for her Staring at her ceiling, seeing me like I'm a nightcrawler It's like she love me, but she don't That's when she lose me, that's when she confuse me It's what I get appalled with, can't call it She think I should remove her hurt since I installed it But I wish she knew I was returned 2 birds Feel it hurt me more knowing I hurt you Even though it exists I don't ever bring it up We don't be doing nothing, but it's everything to us Presently she bring up the past and it's filthy You not talking to who I was or who I will be But that's my own assignment You want to take all the feelings and the time spent And give it realignment Check the catalog, lateral God I self-sabotage, I'd explain further, but I'd rather not Salute, on me, everybody have a shot I do it for the niggas they said wouldn't have a shot But some days are better than some days Still yet here I stand on numb legs Women don't give a fuck that I have these scars I'm fucking the same hoes that the athletes are What a rollercoaster, we argued and we sexed Face in her box, James Harden in her texts Nigga from the Clippers every morning text her "good morning" She be sleep, he just be talking to me, my nigga None of this is a pain to see I only care about her if she pertains to me Shit I'm tending to emergencies with urgency That urge in me is my daily fight in her purging me Fuck hoes, I ain't got time to be sprung now Grandpa's cancer just made it to his lungs now In 2012, docs gave him few months; wild He's alive somehow, outlived 2 sons, wow So no the observation Says he'll die quicker with chemo and radiation He ain't strong enough to even go through operation Know that death's coming, he just in the house waiting So you telling me there ain't a way to fix the shit? Or is grandpa too old for you to give a shit? Let's switch the shit, give you my predicament Wonder how you would feel if I was telling yours live with it And it's traveling to his heart soon Of course it all hit me like a harpoon I was in shock and then it was all clearer When he called me and asked me to be his pallbearer I was floored But then the next second was back To being self-centered, self-absorbed And it became about me, fought it off long enough I could help carry your weight, but I ain't strong enough But why do I have to be? This the shit I be naturally asking me, I'm such a catastrophe See me breaking down with my father in back of me So for me to attend, I'm trying to think of a strategy But I'm happy for my dad He was incarcerated, but his mama didn't make it So for him to get that chance again with you Means the world, he could be there til it end for you and me I bleed out through this pen for you Can't carry this around, gotta vent, it's due Cause now, grandpa'll be closer to his wife Have cards when I come, we playing poker in the sky


JARREN BENTON "My Grandma's Basement"
[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Your liver taste exquisite with Chianti, The uppercut is so vicious that it could lift a donkey, I pop pills and cop kill, the visions haunt me, Kill him, then bring him back to life and forgive a zombie, Blow the shotty up and hit him in the prison lobby, The closest thing you got to pussy is doing bitches' laundry, Youz a sucker, motherfucker, and that should alarm me, You ain't carrying hammers, you a fictitious army, Y'all make Drake look hard bodied, that should appall me, And my money astronomical like Dennis Garvey, Unless you want your fuckin' head shattered, get up off me, I'm about to break fool on you, catcher, harm me, Pull the motherfuckin' biscuit out catch a body, Italian luxury and I ain't talking Maserati, The fish hit you dead in the chest, a kamikaze, The flying monkey gets Ozbourne like I was Ozzy, [Laughing] Boxcutter Pazzy! Yo, Mr. Benton, Kato, what up?! [Verse 2: Jarren Benton] All I need is one mic, three syringes and two rocks, I rap like I got Pac's dead corpse in a shoe box, I'm a retard, Jarren stay on that stupid shit, So disrespectful, I slapped Christ off his crucifix, I go to your funeral, punch the eulogist, Papa used to tell me that rapping ain't fuckin' lucrative, That's foolishness dad, you sound ludicrous, Fuck your opinion, goddamn it, we 'bout to do this shit, Boxcutter hooligan, Look what this blade would do to him, Fuck a fifth of Henny, I could chug a whole pool of gin, Kill him, then I stand over his body, then I shoot again, Fuck coke, get high off the pesticides of fuel again, I'm an animal, I grew up in the pits of hell, I'm strong enough to punch through the ocean and fucking kill a whale, Scalpels and all sorts of assortments, Bitch, I'm a pimp, I can sell shit to a toilet, So scram with your faggot ass, Don't make me let the semi blast, Fuck a gun, don't make me pop the trunk and pull out Vinnie Paz, Y'all some homos, rappers talking 'bout finny bags, Keep the conversation brief but we ain't talking clinic ash, Just read a shitty comment, now my day is ruined, You 'bout as gay as a B2K reunion, I'm an innovator, give a shit what they were doin', Rotting flesh pollutes my back yard, so now my neighbors movin', Adidas on my feet, it's never Reeboks, Hop says he dropping his album right after Detox, I'm into bestiality, getting head from an ewok, You niggas got it fucked up like a Blood trying to C-Walk, I throw you off a tree top, in a Chevy bumping P-Rock, Bitch, I'm off the wall just like fucked up Sheetrock, Doctor Lecter, I eat you rappers, get ethered, Finish it since Papa skeeted me out his urethra. Bitch!

While You're Sleeping

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Hatchet Warrior"
[Verse 1] Now I lay me down to sleep I pray my dreams don't slowly creep Caught up in a web with no escape Something the mind can't break unless you wide awake Have you ever had a nightmare, and been scared? Then woke up in the morning and forgot it was there Then the shit really happens like deja-vu But you sit back and act like you never knew The same situation happened in my life And I feel that I sould tell it cause the timing is right Now the only reason that I'm speakin' is cause I'm teachin' Thinkin' if I let it out my head'll stop tweakin' Mixed emotions caused from stress That reunite when you lay your head down to rest It's like creatures of the night leavin nothing but bad news And things about the future that might make you confused [Verse 2] I remember way back in the day At the age of 13 before moms passed away The dreams that I had people said weren't right Like the evilness of afterlife lurkin' in the night Candlelight blew out, bed stops shakin' Down on my knees prayin', askin' to be taken To another life where it's safer than this Not a dream but reality I hope for this wish But it never came true so I'm stuck in this place Just a native actin' crazy that keeps changin' his face Searchin' for the final answer so I can spread the word Now that you really see me I'm just askin' to be heard We all in this together, so they call us night crawlers Think the world's feelin' weary because we gettin' smarter Silohettes in the hallway, dead men holla Can't sleep at night cause the spirits won't allow ya [Blaze Ya Dead Homie Talking] You know bein' dead I remember thinkin' death would be horrible and terrifying Shit, I mean that's what everybody thinks But now, having died and shit I can now see everything Like every question the living have, I now know the answers to It's like I'm awake now, and living was just a dream [Verse 3] Call me the dream catcher, mother earth smoker Peyote pack piece pipes hallucinatin' toker Blessed with the wisdom that you see in my eyes Don't be surprised if you ever think you caught up inside Like the awakaning of life, or the passion of death That keeps you jumpin' up in shivers from ice cold breath Now you swear you're being followed everytime that you rest Or you feel sharp pains drillin' deep in your chest I don't expect anyone to believe if they don't want to But don't expect yourself to rest in peace when spirits haunt you Make your choice people dream it or not It's time to look into the situation we got Pinpoint the whole problem, get rid of all the anger Release all the stress before the world becomes a stranger Medicine man above your headboard with a dream catcher In the blood of the boogie man the warrior'll protect ya

Concrete Schoolyard

JURASSIC 5 "Jurassic 5"
Now I'm a say this one time boy and that's my word We rockin shots and not fire through the Hindenburg The contribution is clear You add water to bone And get the Jurassic 5 on the microphone Now if you like the tone And how the harmony's done And the sucka mc's die before they've begun Well I'd like to know if You've got the notion Cause we're number one I'm not trying to say my style is better than yours I'm just on some other shit I'm all about the beats and the lyrics So when you hear it you can feel it The vibe is energized by the presence of my spirit No interference we persevere The purpose is clear We're here to leave your ear hurtin severe You're lurking in fear Cause we take it back like robbin loxly Rockin from country sides to spots where hard rocks be I often wonder if these MC's even know how it feels To dedicate they whole life to this mic of steel Its not about the bills That's not keeping it real A lot of tight rappers out here ain't got no deals We appeal to the brothers with flow finesse Cause it's the 100 watt blood shot game of death Cause we're protected by the covenant of words and beats Rewind and feel the heat Recline and take a seat So ah... [Chorus:] Let's take you back to the concrete streets Original beats with real live mc's Playground tactics No rabbit in a hat tricks Just that classic Rap shit from Jurassic [2X] Now I walk from Tranzania Earthquake Transalvania And on my way I kicked a whole through the wall of China Just to get the right blend Cause its schizophrenic of the pathway to livin I fell into the deep end You shouldn't have told me The pyramids can hold me So now a contest is what you owe me Pull out your beats pull out your cuts Give us a mic, whatup And we goin tear shit up I'm on some old and forgotten Sun up to sun down Like picking cotton The nutty professor science droppin Rockin Robbin's hood From New York to Compton Me and my three sons Jabari, Shakir, and Kahsum [Chorus 2X] Hey, I'm 2na-Fish from U-N-I-T-Y Do or die Anti-illumaniti, why Do the liquid from my vocals Make the ghetto start swimming Forever winning I'm in it Like Medolark Lemon I get goose bumps When the baseline thumps A sucka MC freestyle He had mine for lunch Marc 7even get you open like an attach' Briefcase in this case The victor is no way Ah, ah the tool spinners Cooking the full dinner Killing the first born of lyrical Yul Brenner's When is it the academy Rattling your anatomy That'll be J 5 so kill all of your fake flattery That'll be the day When labels pay our way 2na what you say when MC's come to play Man fe dead Cause we take it back like Spinal Tap Preparing your intellect before your final nap So ah... [Chorus 2X] You got beef now watch how I settle it I'll fuck around and arrest your whole development I'm eloquent When it comes to digital display I'm ready for the world while you earl off the Tanqueray Tactics, my shits Jurassic 5 Fingers of death while you exhale and inhale With a deep breath with my Chop-Sui style Cause I'm a lyrical chef I gets mines to the death Cause I be cookin From here to Brooklyn Your shits annoying like fat-ass Bookman On Good Times When I rhyme I hit the designated area I hope you got your shots cause this is lyrical malaria Spreading, beheading fools with the punishment I live in America but fuck this government A hundred and fifty times over silk with lead While y'all drink the similack My rhymes are breast-fed No artificial nipples I flip the real skills I thought I told you once I kick the lyrical windmills And backspin Benedict Strictly for my benefit I step on toes when I flow don't get offended Come and get with it Comprehended when I kick it I represent the real From the beginning to the end of it

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