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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2

Fears Of A Coke Lord

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] In the blink of an eye You know your tiga can die I'm from the land of the 22, 44, 45 Riddles and lies is something we all despise So we look up to sky for the answer to "why?" We was just little tigas when we first tried You chose the d-game, and I chose the rhyme Though our brains were the same man Our brains had to change man Cause if it didn't change, we'd be stuck in the game Man the game [Chorus:] (I can't even have a family god) Fears of a coke lord driving my tigers insane (These cats is coming after me god) Tryin to get paid off the ya-yo powder and caine (My woman's hella sheisty god) Fears of a coke lord driving my tigers insane (I wanna do better god) But check it, I feel your pain [Verse 2] It was 7-4, I mean July the 4th I was going on tour and you was going to war Dope fiend checks, a new Lex and kill techs Before I had to jet I told the god I'm impressed He said check it out Nicky, I'm killing the world My woman is top notch, got my brain in a twirl Hella ballers done hit it and I call her my girl And my mama looks at me like I'm not her pearl I go to sleep every night with a body on my mind Man, slugs from the nine, you shoulda seen how he died Fears for years, but yo- you already knew that I'ma keep selling dope, but yo, how can I do that? Itchin to be vicious ever since I was seven He said Nickatina will we go to heaven For the game [Chorus]

Dope Game

Check one, check two, lets take a cruise I done did the game every which way but loose Nothing left to do except collect my cash And I bet that ass that the Mex gon' last Put the past on paper, threw away my pager Cuz these boys keep callin from locs to cookie baker Mama saved em from the hate, now I'm hard with the pain I'm in the place in your face tryin to sell you a tape I break records in Texas creepin in Caddies and Benzes And a pretender if he step up to the bullet bartender I bet I check and wreck a sucker riding bumper to bumper I might dump the whole clip and miss and hit your uncle I ain't trippin, flippin, sippin on purple Lipton Diggin women in the drop lemon, g livin I was driven to my last nerve, hittin curbs Puttin twenties on a grass hurst End of verse [Chorus x2] No shame Welcome to the dope game This is were we don't play Leave your boys with no brains Whoridas I remember long ago I never got no love Still I knew that one day I'd be popular I used to stand in the circle trying to smoke your bud Just hopin that the blunt wouldn't pass me up I used to ask for a sip of your syrup I used to never walk around with the white cup Now I eat eighteen steaks, on silver plates Girls fanin my face, others give me grapes By the grace of God, I was given the job To run through the rap game like corn on the cob So blessed in my test, I bought my sets in the southwest I ain't got no credit cards except Mexican Express I'ma dress my baby girl and rock the whole damn world If you needs tracks Happy P got my referal Your head twirl to the sounds of the SP Mex Ridin in the Lex with a dog named Plex Southside to the north, at the old golf course The valet the white Porsche with the bulletproof doors [Chorus x2] It's the L-O-S C-O-Y Pack the pistola, oh me oh my My nina shine like the sun, I never ask for a crumb For breakfast my chef makes me eggs-fuyon I've come from the hills of ghetto thrills and chills Three wheelin, dope dealin, killin nothin but squeels My third wish was to break this curse and myth Now I'm worldwide status on your satilite dish Punk checker, chump wrecker, got the salt and the pepper Left a mark in the game and never been a half stepper Leopard skin on my couch, be like Oscar the Grouch From the streets, pullin rocks out my kangaroo pouch But I told these boys, never at my house Whether it's the ounce that puts leather on my couch A thousand dollars a week, my baby girl's allowance Dope House bouncin cash to my forgein accounts [Chorus x2]

Public Service Announcement

JAY-Z "The Black Album"
This is a public service announcement Sponsored by Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella Records 'Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present this recording, as a living testiment and recollection of history in the making during our generation.' [Jay-Z] Allow me to re-introduce myself My name is Hov', OH, H-to-the-O-V I used to move snowflakes by the O-Z I guess even back then you can call me CEO of the R-O-C, Hov'! Fresh out the fryin pan into the fire I be the, music biz number one supplier Flyer/flier than a piece of paper bearin my name Got the hottest chick in the game wearin my chain, that's right Hov', OH - not D.O.C. But similar to them letters, 'No One Can Do it Better' I check cheddar like a food inspector My homey Strict told me, 'Dude finish your breakfast' So that's what I'ma do, take you back to the dude with the Lexus, fast-forward the jewels and the necklace Let me tell you dudes what I do to protect this I shoot at you actors like movie directors {*laughing*} This ain't a movie dog (oh shit) 'Now before I finish, let me just say I did not come here to show out, did not come here to impress you Because to tell you the truth when I leave here I'm GONE! And I don't care WHAT you think about me - but just remember, when it hits the fan brother, whether it's next year, ten years, twenty years from now, you're gonna be able to say that these brothers lied to you JACK!' [Jay-Z] Ving ain't lie I done came through the block in everything that's fly I'm like, Che Guevara with bling on, I'm complex I never claimed to have wings on Nigga I get mine - by any means on whenever there's a drought Get your umbrellas out because, that's when I brainstorm You can blame Shawn, but I ain't invent the game I just rolled the dice, tryin to get some change And I do it twice, ain't no sense in me lyin as if, I am a different man And I could blame my environment but there ain't no reason why I be buyin expensive chains Hope you don't think youse as hardy Only a fews-us niggaz, gettin high within the game If you do then, how would you explain? I'm ten years removed, still the vibe is in my veins I got a hustler spirit, nigga period Check out my hat yo, peep the way I wear it Check out my swag' yo, I walk like a ballplayer No matter where you go, you are what you are player And you can try to change but that's just as hot player Man, you was who you was 'fore you got here Only God can judge me, so I'm gone Either love me, or leave me alone * Now, back to our regular scheduled program * -- 'Le Album Noir' - 'The Black Album' --

Going Crazy

Yo Game you hear all this shit Chuck man (Jim Jones) Theys the wrong terms (The Game) Another day another dollar man (Jim Jones) Dry my tears in this 40 ounce J (The Game) Yeah man I'm a crack this jack man (Jim Jones) Fuck it man walk me through Harlem down 105th deep or somethin (The Game) Shit man take me through Compton man right I'll see the block with the gz man (Jim Jones) Let's ride (The Game) Yeah so what we tryin to say is I'm a rep the East (Jim Jones) And I'm a rep the West (The Game) And we gonna do this shit together so you know what that is? (Jim Jones) Let's go! (The Game) [Verse 1: Jim Jones] Go alive through this ride feel like B.I.G. and Pac (ready to die) Go alive up in my ride through the city blocks (all eyes on me) Eve alive watch when I drive for the wicked cops (all day) Got the call the other night they hear my nigga shot (the killed J.B.!) They hear the sigh with the steady blicka That was my guy when he ride if he got any bigga (gz up homie) Got a payment in the blood in the heavy liquor That we threw up on the floor for so many niggas (R.I.P.) It's like my rage has a venomous flare Like my hood is in the enemy square Police like watch for the cops how they roll on my set We holdin glocks and know we a threat (EASTSIDE) We on them blocks when we roll through the jets We load the lock that's the code of my set (gz UP!) Takes more to fare o coin for gz through a tone You better carry on we breeze through my zone (we ain't sellin them blocks) Don't let the game and get called on excitement We movin cain and don't get caught on indictment (that be brick money) I smoke that weed to let my thoughts contemplate (too many choices) These mean streets and sidewalks we congregated (all this in the jungle) This is my choice of existance To rep the hood and be the voice of resistance (I'm so rebellious) Cause someone gotta stand for somethin For every nigga who had them dreams and get them grams they pumpin (I wasn't one of them) [Chorus: Jim Jones] Please Lord save him I'm a G going crazy Please Lord save him He's a G going crazy [Verse 2: The Game] Life ain't easy Wish I could go to Heaven Hop the Pearly Gates just to talk to Eazy But my son need me Homie The Game need me Bein a nigga with a attitude ain't easy Go see the doctor get the operation Black wallstreet black cloud over the whole nation We lost legends that's 60 reasons separation Inhale the chronic smoke that's my meditation We on two I'm on the bus With more than an o Smoke with me is more than I want you to know It's 28 grams in the o But you can bring back two if you cook it slow That's black magic One shot one life one son one automatic Yeah nigga love is love I go slug for slug Cause death comes and smiles and hugs so [Chorus: The Game] Please Lord save us I'm a G going crazy Please Lord save us I'm a G going crazy [Verse 3: Jim Jones & The Game] What's your name gangsta? Chuck Taylor your neighborhood gangbanger A.k.a. 45 stainless What's your name gangsta? Compton status 9 trey gangsta Eastsida rida And what you claim gangsta? Westside Compton blvd And I tie my rag in a knot with Harlem Wuss yo name gangsta? East and the West connect so then I breeze through Compton no problem The Byrd Gang's gonna getcha If them gangbangas get to you first The coroners takin pictures nigga You know the G code Cock and squeeze Let that 38 revolver spin like gold deeps (yeah) I know some OGz they remember me Breezin through ridin o 50 at unknown speed I do this for all the gangs in the towers We no longer keep this thang in the silence (but) (shit) [Outro: Jim Jones & The Game] Please Lord save us I'm a G going crazy Shit man What this right here is history man What couldn't be done in the past, is now done in the present We gonna let yo head in the future Jim Jones Compton status Gz up Shout to my nigga Game Chuck Taylor Matter a fact you got something to say before I get out of here Yeah I'm in Harlem man straight the fuck out of Compton You know how we do it I'm good here I'm good in Compton Come and see me nigga We do it right Black wallstreet Byrd Gang bitch BLAH!

Comin' Up

I’d like to take this moment To tell y’all how I came up But first let me tell y’all Where I came from In North Miami Beach Born and raised On the grind is How I spent most of my days Chillin’ out Maxin’ relaxin’ coolin’ Kickin’ freestyles Outside of my school and Before LL was in the house I picked up the mic Mama almost knocked me out Not a new jack You ain’t get the memo wait 98 I was on my third demotape No YouTube views No Instagram Had to hit that stage to Convince the fans Won’t lie got booed Maybe once or twice Never again I must’ve been doin’ Somethin’ right Could it be my desire Hunger Games I’m a one of one You will find none the same With skills required like you have never seen I got that fire Katniss Everdeen To get signed Show up in headlines Labels slept for awhile Bedtime Til I hit ‘em with that Wake up call 911 emergency Wake up y’all Plan A don’t stop tip they know my name Plan B was simple See Plan A Gotta stay focused To overcome what’s tough That’s just how it is when you’re comin’ up I know you see me Comin’ up I know you see me Comin’ up That’s what’s up I’m a father now I love story time Ready for it? Here’s a Toy Story line They say where you been Jin I been right here Just buildin’ up my buzz for a light year Startin’ from scratch Somethin’ fresh indeed Cookin’ up tracks Got a new recipe A little bit of this and a little of that Let it sit in the booth for 30 minutes And it’s a wrap The delivery is flawless When I spit it that’s a fact If it isn’t permission granted feel free to send it back Shout out to Twista A vet fasho We did a song together and never met before Sometimes that’s just How the game goes No pot of gold At the end of rainbows Pockets not quite At the proper calorie yet My biggest payout Cashing a reality check But the last thing I’m doin’ though Is prayin’ for wealth Cause I love the Lord way before anything else In the meantime yo I got business to do ‘bout to kill it All that’s left is my finishin’ move Stayin’ composed While I’m still in control Tryin’ to sellout these shows Without sellin’ my soul I seen the highs and the lows Just to sum it up That’s always how it is When you’re comin’ up I know you see me Comin’ up I know you see me Comin’ up That’s what’s up Ahh yeaah Here’s the best part The come up Gotta enjoy it Check me out yo I’m comin’ up Nah I ain’t lookin’ down I’m comin’ up Nah I ain’t lookin’ down At this rate I won’t even see the ground At this rate I won’t even see the ground Change the game Thats what I came to do Change the game That’s what I came to do Change the game Don’t let it change you Change the game Don’t let it change Change, change You, you, you


SCORPIONS "Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years"
Lyrics:Klaus Meine Woman you can change my world Woman you can change my world I'm chained to the fears Inside these walls The silence talks loud 'bout the things I recall Through the bricks in the window I scream at the world But when no one is listening It's hard to be heard Woman you can change my world Woman there'll be no return I see shadows Coming through the walls I hear voices But no one's talking at all I can feel the madness Crawling up my spine Reachin' out To grab your mind Woman come and change my world (Do you remember all those fears?) They won't leave me alone (Do you remember all those tears?) I pretend to be strong (Do you remember all the pain?) I'm getting tired of the game I cannot live I cannot die I wanna know who the hell am I You've never seen me But I know you so well And before it kills me I gotta break the spell The deeper we touch The higher we'll go The time has come To heal my soul Woman you can change my world (Do you remember all those fears?) They won't leave me alone (Do you remember all those tears?) I pretend to be strong (Do you remember all the pain?) I'm getting tired of the game I cannot live I cannot die I wanna know who the hell am I Woman I'm gonna change your world

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