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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2

Birds With No Wings

Original and similar lyrics
You sober up punk I do it high I'm ridin' the wave in the ...(?) Baby you turnin' me on And when you turnin' me off I think you better take some lessons yeah, from Diana Ross I'm shippin' birds with no wings All over seas And other people cop 'em at the hottest degrees I keep money for bail Because I never liked jail And I study A-plus student at Yale They say, "Andre Nickatina, ya emcee number seven" Smokin' weed up in heaven Born on 3/11 Tigas and gods Liquor and bomb I look to my pad like the holy kerhan I'm shippin' birds with no wings All over seas I put em where they never heard raps like these I rhyme like calico cats And two loaded gats Now what mothafucka think he fuckin' with that? I be the special shishcabob on the grill with all steaks Call me a Mack truck with no brakes Or better yet a chef that love to bake cakes And get into anybody in any other state ...(?) baby, take a look at what I done We used to sex in ya basement now I'm number one With no desire I'm throwin' gasoline on the fire I don't like your record store if you're not a buyer Spin cycle It's somethin' like a wash and dry And I be speakin' to my P.O with a serious lie You know the Matador The replican, the guillotine The money, the dope Homie, the triple beam Melody's soft but is heavy as weights We got the snottiest freaks With the sexiest face You better poka-bang-bang A chica-chica-chill A tumble down the hill Like Jack and Jill We say spin around broke witch Bust a ballerina I pro blow when Mark with Marina It's time Tiga I was bred to grind N' your zodiac sign N' up in the minds Man, the killa whale of hell Yell, strikin' down bail Wet you with the water Smack you with my tail Shit, I'm shippin' birds overseas ...(?) The number one Pisces Shit, it's me

Victory 2004 (Feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Notoriou)

[P.Diddy] Yo the sun don't shine forever But as long as it's here then we might aswell shine together Better now than never, business before pleasure P. Diddy and the Fam, who you know do it better? Yeah right, no matter what, we air tight And when you hear something, make sure you hear it right Don't make a ass outta yourself, by assumin' My music keeps you movin', what are you provin'? You know that I'm two levels above you baby Hug me baby, I'ma make you love me baby (It's ten years and we still running this motherfucker!) (As we proceed to give you what you need!) (It's all fucked up now what you gonna do now?) [50 Cent] We can't stay alive forever So if shit hit the fan then we might aswell die together Im high as ever, more hoes and more chedder G-unit move around with them pounds and berettas Yeah fagget, if i want it, im gon' have it Regardless if it's handed to me or i'll let 'em have it Don't make an ass out of yourself trying to stop me Im cocky, raps 'Rocky', nigga you sloppy You know that im eight levels above you nigga I'll plug you nigga I never heard of you nigga It's ugly nigga Im the wrong one to provoke And rattin' on niggas is only gon' leave you smoke So the only thing left now is toast for these cowards I got no friends, fuck most of these cowards They pop shit 'till we started 'pproaching these cowards While we lay around dollars, they lay around flowers [Notorious B.I.G.] In The Commision, you ask for permission to hit 'em He don't like me, hit him while wifey was with him You heard of us, the murderous, most shady Been on the low lately, the feds hate me The son of satan, they say my killin's too blatant You hesitatin', I'm in your mama crib waitin' Duct tapin', your fam' destiny lays in my hands, gat lays in my waist Francis, M to the iz-H phenominal Gun rest under your vest by the abdominal Rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars When I kick a few flows so I can pimp a few hoes Excellence is my presence, never tense Never hesitant, leave a nigga bent real quick Real sick, wrong nights, I perform like Mike Anyone Tyson, Jordan, Jackson action, pack guns, ridiculous And I'm, quick to bust, if my ends you touch Kids or girl you touch, in this world I clutch Two auto-matos, used to call me fatso Now you call me Castro, my rap flows militant, y'all faggots ain't killin' shit Ooops Cristal keep spillin shit, you overdid it homes You in the danger zone, you shouldn't be alone Hold hands and say it like me The most shady, Frankie baby, fantastic Graphic, tryin to make dough, like Jurassic Park did quick to spark kids who start shit See me, only me The Underboss of this holocaust Truly yours, Frank White [Busta Rhymes] We got the real live shit from front to back To my people in the world, where the fuck you at? Where my niggas is at? Where my niggas is at? Where the fuck my bitches at? Where my bitches is at? [P.Diddy] (Yo i got something new i wanna say check this out) Ya heard it can't stay dark for long They say dark it is before the dawn Calms before the storm Im happy Mason bethas now preachin songs I can see B.I. ropin' in Sean John Yeah, get it right, this is what life afters like B.I., Frank White, ya Bad Boy for life No Matter what the public say, we gon' prove There ain't another Mc that can fill ya shoes, Cus Biggie Smalls is the illest, realest My stones the chillest Got arms in Dealers Overseas, it wasn't me, I found out Other Mc's been trying to find ya ralph But it's ill when Mc's used to be on other shit Took home 'Life After Death' and they studied it Listen to the double disc, now they all spit like they all legit Frank tell 'em how we get, uhh [Notorious B.I.G.] We got the shit, mac tight, brass-knuckles and flashlights The heaters in the two-seaters with two midas Senoritas, kiss rings when you meet us P. Diddy run the city, show no pity I'm the witty one, Frank the crook from the brook Matty broke the neck of your coke connect No respect squeeze off 'till all y'all diminish Shootouts for twenty minutes, until we finish Venice took the loot, escaped, in the Coupe Break bread, with the 'Kiss, Peniro, Sheek Luc' Black Rob joined the Mob, it ain't no replacin' him Niggas step up, with just Mase and 'em placin' them in funerals, criminals turned aroused To Brick City, nobody come off like P. Diddy Business wise, I play men Hide money on the Island Cayman, y'all just betray men We spray men, I position, competition Another day in the life, of the Comission [P.Diddy] (Yo it ain't over, Banks talk to 'em) [Lloyd Banks] I got a an answer, it's gangsterous it argues and steams the reefa And flip when i call her bitch like she 'Queen Latifah' And all the vehicles is long enough to stash the streetsweeper This shit can get uglier than the master piece nigga Thats why i threw the ruckus, but prowl on the tuckus So the spring break hoes home from collage wanna fuck us I ain't here to drop knowledge on you suckers I'll sic' rockwilders on you fuckers Cops follow on to cuff us, top dollars to discuss this whole lotta zero's when it comes to paper I'll blow the soul outta hero Ima break 'fore i lay in the floor Bury the sides, every rapper ain't a star, every plaid ain't borbury You can't tame Lloyd, who smoke up out the big screen to change over channel Looks like im Playing a 'Game Boy' I know the white bars are in your vision I'll put a red dot on ya head like it's part of your religion [Busta Rhymes][x4] We got the real live shit from front to back To my niggas in the world, where the fuck you at? Where my niggas is at? Where my niggas is at? Where the fuck my bitches at? Where my bitches is at? [Busta Rhymes] Fuck y'all niggas wanna do now?

Thicker Than Water

MC Eiht "Section 8"
[ INTRO ] Gyeah westside somebody told me they want some of that thug shit up in here westside So I'ma take ya back down memory lane and give ya some of that wicked shit and I'ma do this right here for all my CPT G's in the house Check this out [ VERSE 1 ] as my life takes a twirl I say fuck the world cause sometimes it seems that it's all a bad dream pops must have fucked with moms on the scheme but sooner or later he left our 2 man team but fuck him times done changed I'm in the game and I bring moms pain cause the game is slangin caine cries from my eyes as I hits the street pounds in the chest tha heart beats as I roll with heats pops wasn't around but for a minute or shit until he skipped across town with another bitch to stick stuck moms one more times Then dropped a dime and on top of that had a son same age mine but, uhh, don't blame me cause Lord I try not to have an attitude like 'fuck him until I die' but now I rebel and cause moms hell and hit the blocks cause I'm into makin illegal mail Gyeah [ VAL ] if you keep your hood tight everything's gonna be alright if you're down then you can ride with me It's thicker than water baby me and you It's thicker than water baby so what we gon do [ VERSE 2 ] now I runs with a gang that Hoo-Bangs for fame and crosstown robberies know tha nickname leave 'em dead in they shoes as we servin the blues G's that pack tools pay dues to rule so it's cool they dumps and we dumps back me and my G's and the 6-4 black layin 'em flat Rata-Tat-Tat from the Gat and shit we represent y'all hit the bricks when the pistols spit and I had a straight bitch and shit, that's cool I slang for cash while she hit the books in school I live and die for the hood, she knew the rule love for this thug when the world would seem cruel I crips where the enemies dwell but I'm no fool undercover drive off strapped with the tool but I slipped then packed my clip my hoodrat tripped and didn't scoop but they still didn't shoot Gyeah [ VAL ] chorus 2x [ VERSE 3 ] I made it to Deuce-5 baby and that's luck in this rap shit to try to make some bucks (ching , ching) seems like the gang bang thang got tougher a little bit younger but then bit rougher they been tellin me to watch out for jealousy cause now a friend of me was a enemy strange the game done changed switched ain't that a bitch with the rivals makin some change in and outta lanes in the passenger seat me and you and our crew strapped with heat outta town runs for funs no beef we all hit licks and blows the chronic leaf but payback's a bitch in the end you know and she sets up traps cause she snatch for dough let it go no come up your last trick cause my brother's got my back when the shit gets thick Gyeah [ VAL ] chorus 2x

High Beamin

LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
(BG) Niggas be hatin 'Cause BG got it Every top of the line car they got Look I ride it From the Hummer to the Rover To the drop jag B and C lex truck Nothin' my click ain't had Everybody head was fucked When they heard bout the deal Cash Money hotboys climbed for 30-mill Already was straight now we livin larger Already was ballin now we ballin harder bitches can't take me Cause my wrist stay flossed out Niggas hate me cause all day i'm flossed out Ghetto made me My dog, Baby, saved me Niggas find out they hoe got fucked, That's how it go It ain't my fault I got mega cheese Walk that walk Talk that talk i'm BG Paperchaser to the fullest get my grind on Gotta do it cause I made that song Get Yo' Shine On (Chorus)3x Me and my click be sizzlin hot steamin Bouncin' through diamonds high beamin' (Wayne) Wha I'ma flosser baby, baller baby A fifteen year old shot caller baby And I'm racin through In the all black chrome A Mercedes Coupe Got yo' wife at my house And she naked too And all my niggas all around Sayin 'Shake it Boo, go ahead to what you do' It's Weezy dog and off the heezy dog And I'm surrounded by the ice It got me freezin' dog And it's plain and simple Won't change 'cause it's natural Lil' Wayne a pimp y'all Got the game from Beatris I'm tryin to see six numbers Pull up at the Grammy awards in six Hummers Leave the Grammy awards with six womens And make a stop at the gas station for six rubbers Put it together This is the life when you get full of the cheddar Don't try to end it or you would'nt get better, what (Chorus)4x (Wayne) La, la, la, la Here I come star rapper I get the fast money Short, cute hot boy that rapper Cash Money Standin out the roof of my car And flash hundreds Take your girl to the mall Spend a G like that's nothin She lay on the floor Open up the spot Take off her draws Let me see the cunt Don't stop Lil' Weezy We's ain't nothin nice But gats in my Jesus Christ Nothin but ice When they see me at night Behind I stay high Snatch yo' wife Run up in her with the K-Y But it's on man Ever since I was born Wayne Nigga get out of line I get dirty like John Wayne I'm bout stuntin', flossin' Whatever come wit it And I don't shoot guns Unless they have a drum wit it At first they wasn't wit it Thought that I was jokin Now I got 'em all payin attention like they owe it (Chorus)

Wake-Up Call

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[Aesop Rock] Wake up, wake up Ayo Percee P, it's time to wake these kids up [Percee P] Word up Aesop Rock, they'd better take their fingers off pause and hit record [Aesop Rock] Is you fat cats or lab rats? Trails tell my steppin got em sweatin flashbacks I played a part of minesweeper, plunking sneakers in my sunken city Defunct, and apparently examinin' famine, I'm a Volatile strobe while your blind spot swallows the globe Sing to the track and think back When I was a boy I employed styles exhausted By every lost child at present Normally I drill pillars of normalcy You're cordially invited to accompany me In rotations of the tables to label the opposition As I choose, refusing to evolve with the cold Rapidly dissolved my involvement in a solvent of soul and roll back Brain trip the Beta weights, trap for the slaughter Like livestock infected with anthrax On my call a pack or clan snaps, collapsed was the mandatory maze Where the bluest ribbons yield the glory days Desire on the opposite circuit and glorious days Is glorious hazes of gray spun through my array of operation Slave to idiot box revalations And wrapped tightly in a practice with my colleagues and slackers 20,000 league nappers and the swelling increases Once the mortar hit the pestle your whole vessel fell to pieces And I laughed, I laughed for me and my starving art family I laughed tangibly, your failures ampin me to vamp fresh My mic stabs white flags and drags trembling, Devil skin-wearers through the terrors of compliance Once the day turns night, senoritas suck the woody like termites And wonder how they got labeled dick-hungry damsels in distress The all new and improved poetically portable Aesop Rock Available in stores with my, highly suggested parental discretion 99 brilliant new dimensions, bust it [Percee P] I'm not your average man bragging, toe or hand tagging 50 grand bagging, pants sagging, trigger nigga on the bandwagon Huh, I know this nigga named Rickey his girl Nikki want to get with me Says "Stick me just a quickie, lick me and leave a hickie" I stick instead of tricking bread in this chickenheads One look and said I ain't shit in bed, she must be licking lead You'd better let your gods recognize the Rhyme Inspector hides And never sweat them lies about me haters check your eyes One verse, lung burst, as I done first Guns, slums, hearse don't stun Perce, where I'm from's worse (sucker) My new cuts are hot, bodies chewed up a lot Then flew up the block to a cipher, blew up the spot Stacks of rhymes, ain't a match for mines, tracks and shine Leave you back in time and I'll be there still ain't at my prime I'm a stab your face in, trial and shit is wild I turn the dial, niggas stealing my style I should file for reparations

Things Are Getting Better

N.E.R.D. "In Search Of"
Check it out bitch See sometimes You gotta realize Where you are in your life In order to feel good and I feel good baby Listen to me Walk in the club wit a bunch of thugs Modify ya brains so they call me drugs See a hundred girls, get a thousand hugs One's in my ear talking bout her tub She likes me She say she needs me Say she wants me Cause I'm the shit Said she likes me She said she needs me She wants to see me Cause I'm the shit Now it seems that things are really getting better In my life Is it just today or things are really getting better We'll see tonight We'll see tonight Hey little girl wit the tattoo thigh Baby you look like a slice of pie Hope my style don't cause you fear Matter of fact baby, where you goin' from here Kiss on me baby Lick on me baby But you can't own me baby Cause I'm the shit Kiss on me baby Lick on me baby But you can't own me baby Cause I'm the shit [2x] Now it seems that things are really getting better In my life Is it just today or things are really getting better We'll see tonight We'll see tonight Check it out now Don't look at me like 'What is up' Said I was a nerd but I ain't a punk If you talk shit be prepared to thump Plus Terrar's 4 4 is prepared to dump Watch out boy Get back then Watch how you're acting Cause I'm the shit I'm telling you watch out now Tell ya boys to get back then Watch how ya'll acting Cause we the shit [4x] Now it seems that things are really getting better In my life Is it just today or things are really getting better We'll see tonight We'll see tonight [3x] How do you feel I feel good [4x] Girl, girl, girl

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