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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Train With No Love

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah, all aboard... All aboard I know it feels insane on a train with no love Drugs all deep in the brain on a train with no love I know it feels insane on a train with no love ... deep in the brain on a train with no love Shit, I know it feels insane on a train with no love Drugs all in the brain on a train with no love I know it feels insane on a train with no love Drugs all deep in the brain on a train with no love [Verse 1] Man we movin' D, me and Jay Lee, that's my homie and we up about a ki Business is good, got a new wife, I could do this for the rest of my life Hang with stars, drive fast cars, still wear a vest for protection at the bar Smoke me a spliff, talk big shit, never in my life will I ever will slip Don't test me 'cause I'm fast with the steel, bullets come hot but they make cats chill Ready to kill if a cat comes short, nigga lord oh mercy dead on the porch I gotta do this 'cause I can't hesitate, if I do it too early then I'm comin' in late Called Jay Lee, he said "Cool, man I'm glad you got rid of that fool" He said, "There's a concert goin' downtown, The O'Jays, Whispers and James Brown" "Before you come can you make this round, we got a package comin' off Greyhound" I said, "We do? Why you didn't tell me?" He said, "I was off with the family" I thought for a sec, then said, "Okay" That's the homie Jay Lee, that's the homie from the way Got the information, got to the spot, picked up the drop then I got popped They said "We got you", read me my rights, and all I could think about was my wife Got to the station, called Jay Lee He said "It ain't nothin' I can do for ya homie" Hung up the phone, I heard the dial tone Now I'm thinkin, "What the hell is goin' on?" Damn [Verse 2] I had a good lawyer, I got five years, Jay Lee did it to boost his career Gave me up, to get a bigger cut and I didn't even see it cause I was caught up in the lust Man this trial done made me broke, nobody's laughin' but I feel like a joke My wife is there, she's filled with tears, she'll have a new man in five years I got a cold heart, I ain't gon' lie, but that shit right there made me cry Trapped in the cell, the first day in, my cellmate shanked me in the back with a pen I could feel it go in, I turned for revenge, he started screamin' I killed his friend I started to shake, he started to fuss, he said, "Over a god damn six hundred bucks!" Man he could'a killed me, he started to laugh, he said I'm gonna have to live with my past Let the demon sit up in my brain from bringin' that pain, from movin' that caine I'm sittin' there bleedin, shit is misleadin, I'm in a hospital on the very first evenin' Grittin' my teeth cause life ain't sweet Now I'm trapped in the belly of the beast, shit [Verse 3] Three sixty five, I did it five times and I walked out without a lie in my mind No red meats, I'm back on the streets, thangs done changed, it's a new game Cats that I knew that was into books had flipped the script and turned into crooks Homies would say that the playa Jay Lee would always say good things about me I say, "Fo' real?" They say, "Fo' real" Too bad the homie died in a dope deal "He left you a key for a mailbox, he said sorry 'bout somethin then stopped" I took the key to the mailbox, opened it up, and you know what? Jay Lee left me ninety-two g's and a note that read would I please "Forgive me friend, for I have sinned, sometimes we forget what life we're in" "I know money won't repay the hurt, but maybe it could wash away the dirt" "Cause we were born with hearts of gold, but as we get old, the heart gets cold" I folded the note, and kept it with me so I could always be with the homie Jay Lee I thought good things, like before I done drugs, and before the train with no love I called my wife, she was surprised She took me back, now how you love that? And just like that, I'm out of the game That was the last stop on that train Shit, I'ma tell ya And that was the last stop on that train


THE AGONIST "Prisoners"
We are but prisoners of waterfalls We stand on broken ribs Faces to the glass we drown Heavy mileage on our minds We wrap the earth on cerebral folds And the corpse we carry really is a weight we'd like to throw We love the strange new animals We love the fearful plants But we all surrender Turpentine to rid us of our pasts You would walk the rotten hillside You would taste the clouds bellow But the world you walk Is running water through Valleys in palms of hands We all know we will be Respected by greed and death and loathed by clarity Jettisoned Emotions flood the banks The valleys overflow If only memory served us better We could swim to dry our souls [Chorus] We're suicidal swans We're silence in throats we creep You'll know us by shaking ground When ideas emerge from the deep Dolphins have more dignity A sleepwalking helicopter Gracefully deceased Beauty makes the blind weep To describe a song in color Is a portrait's symphony The light drips on closed eyelids Through holes in weathered sheets Curiosity stands up where strange faces hide and seek Swarming the webs of electricity That dragnet the city Confusing power with duty In a place with trees like origami Monstrous theories dance with nightmares On the horizon absolute equinox Listening to history in the present Planets approach with lupine walks [Chorus X2] Offering flowers to the dirt Like paralyzed dancers we decline And smile and flee But with years of past devotion The crushing atmosphere Is bittersweet In my waterfall here In earth I'll slowly disappear

Kicking Flavor With My Man

Lord Finesse "Return of The Funky Man"
[Lord Finesse] Yeah yeah, I got my motherfucking man in the house, you know what I'm saying? Tell 'em your name just about now and shit [Percee P] Ayo I'm the Rhyme Inspector MC Percee P [Lord Finesse] Now, just about now, we gonna both do this, but I want you to do me a motherfucking favor, you know what I'm saying? (What's that?) Let them motherfuckers know they ain't hearing what you doing right about now, you know what I'm saying? [Percee P] Like Mike Tyson I'll bash your face in for basing Give me some space and I'll put your head out if you get out of place and Rip you like plastic, don't make me get drastic Better step fast, quick to get that ass kicked What could you do to this? I ain't new to this For you to diss me and come off is ludicrous I ain't with that, so get back and get that Wick wack shit out my face before you get smacked Like a hooker short on my cash I want all my money, you sonny, I'll put this foot up your ass I got your bitch all on my dick I go her panties, her bra, her car and she star in my next flick It's a triple-X jammie I rode her like a Camry, damn P, I know you can't stand me I'm Percee P, P stands for pimp She gave me head, plus she said that in bed you a dead wimp He's a goner, working for me on the corner Locked like a vote, know who to consult if you still wanna I get devious, treacherous, bet you this Next verse Perce rehearsed is worse than the previous Lyrical format leaves your head sore, black Base and I wipe my feat on you face like a doormat Percee P, that's who I claim to be But you're amatuers, you're all the same to me Yeah, you's a duck and your girl gets fucked Bout to live it up or giving up her ass for a fast buck Don't get me upset, B, I'm deadly Sweat me or press up I'll mess up your head, B You're booty, so step off and rehearse a few Hours, and take a shower, take it personal Lord Finesse, my rhyme have to end So get on the mic and let yours begin [Lord Finesse] Drop it, kick it, I'm about to rip it I'm young, black, and gifted, plus I sound wicked I stomp any opponent I come against So be for real, they don't really want none of this Since I'm slowing down, I got to keep it flowing now Tonight it kindd of special, make mine a Lowenbrau I get ahhs and ooohs not boos because I'm real cool Fucking with Finesse is the wrong career move I be taking crews without breaking rules You know damn well I don't have time to be breaking rules I'm all about cash flow, pull girls like a lasso A brother roast me on the mic? Don't be an asshole I'm indestructable, so bring in a substitute What's up with a battle? (I can't fuck with you) So don't try testing me, MC's especially Couldn't win against me if you paid the referee You can't get with me, so don't say shit to me You're out your mind if you're trying to get a victory You can't affect me with your weak technique If this was a game, you probably couldn't check me You might be wild, but I'm on an iller tip Think you stand a chance? You could kill that shit I'm intellectual, getting the best of you I eat MC's like the food at a festival Drop science and math, stand tall like a giraffe Completing the task, breaking rappers in half Puting suckers out of it, yeah I talk a lot of shit But when it comes to rhymes I deserve a fucking scholarship Won't front or perp the role, I get the most of hoes I'm so cool I got girls on remote control Whether you're a virgin or a bad-looking hot sister I'm bagging up bitches like a shoplifter So Lord Finesse is not the one to fool I was getting sex since they first invented underoos Got knowledge of self, so who needs a school for help? Brothers can't get with Finesse, don't even fool yourself When I begin I set the trend And I show men, the motherfuckers got no wins Goddamn, it's no scheme, scam, or plan I'm just kicking flavor with my motherfucking man (Lord Finesse and Percee P give shoutouts til fade)


COMMON "Resurrection"
I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me -- KRS-One (repeat 2X, then 2X with 'Common' at the end of each line) Check it out Good morning... be at calm, I'm back HUH! It's me again Is it me you're looking for? (Yup) For the perfect beat, sweetly oblique I'm fresh, I come clean, but I can't whistle *attempt at whistling* Psss, I'm only buggin While No dug in the crates, I dug in my nose and picked a rhyme any rhyme I don't have any time to waste, I'm hip... don't even trip to an easy travel agent now we fly for free I can be fly for free, you want some flyer to read then buy from me I got the flame like U-I-C but I be, U-A-C Some of the realest illest chillest cats you may see in your life if you get one Rappers are like jobs to me (why?) because they get done Here it comes I'm as Able as Cain to get raw That's why the DJ's mix me, I'm gonna bust dickses not da bomb so save all your threats I'm good to go and also I'm Rets Rhymes I wrecks affects the roughnecks down to the preps in the Polos, the studs with pros hoes who wheeze, the bald-headed to the dreaded To folks with butters, high rollers and rollers Players with plat studs with stocking caps I be rocking raps til I collapse Niggaz play my tape about as much as they do craps I'm on point, I celo, I see high Hi C, I'm free at last I'ma free man, free as the world be and like an early bird, I'm special But you ain't that special, as that investor So to myself I say congratulations I'm glad you had the patience, you better have the patience Cause thisisme I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me -- KRS-One Common! (repeat 3X) Whassup Scony Rony I'm that boney homey from Stoney (Common) you know me! Off the GP niggaz see me on the TV Talkin Take It EZ, and they was like He ain't hardcore! But hardcore is far more than bats and gats It stems back to the roots of being true It's gonna get me Me, you just get you You What I look like, talkin about some shit I ain't do? I ain't shoot nobody I ain't shank nobody I ain't kill nobody, it wasn't us it was THEM! The Warriors, I'm a warrior and still don't have to show no gun It takes one to know one, and no one can tell me how to be, cause I'ma be me, aight? Cause I'm a man, now check it I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me -- KRS-One Common! (repeat 3X) *singing* Sometimes, sometimes, I get a good feeling! When I'm chillin at the flat, lookin at the wall Wondering can I come off of it, I'm off a bit on the mic I be talkin shit But some say my talk don't make no Sense I'm tryin to make the Dollars, my momma told me to go to school and be a scholar, but school ain't for me So don't even go there, I'm comin out of nowhere, to go where probably in about seven years, I won't have no hair But not only am I the Hair Club President, I'm also a client I come off like a toupee, I still have to pay 2Pc Dark A Raider that never Lost the Ark/arc, on the shot but now when I shoot rock, I be all out of breath My boy Adefo wanted to be a chef But he went down South, and fell in love call me love cause love is gonna getcha I'ma getcha I'm like B.J. my Arm is Strong and I Stretch ya Styles from East to West, all across the country I'm like that big fat one niggaz catch when bumpin I probably would get bumped more if I was a gangster But I am a gangsta, call me the gangsta of love!!! I love good music, I love my momma I love myself, I love you, and you love me And thisis -- I'm out (KRS sample plays in background) Yo I wanna say peace to my moms, my grandmomma Lil Chandra, and John, yo rest in peace to my Aunt Stella My sides moms, Ron's moms, Dawn's moms, Corey's moms Who are you? These people be themselves y'all, peace em out Common! (4X) (KRS sample is cut and scratched to end)


(feat. Raekwon) Cat I got to take him off of here, that's right I got to take him off of here Cause there's only one, and that's me You understand For all that fighting, you understand that sucka think he good, that sucka think he can whoop me and I know he can't whoop me, I... Ay boy, the nigga whole style is chump You understand Let me get mines first Then after I get mines, you can do what you want to do... [Ghostface] Yeah, scandalous Yeah miraculous, the arsonists Yo, kicked down the door on the spot, 260 2L, I heard they had O's for sale I heard the same shit, money drive a burgundy whip Keep it low, faded licenses plates and great plate Where's the cat from, think he's from New Jerusalem Pretty Rick did his thing for him, but he was usin him Power sun, jungle, physical, you know the God He go with Tim, the one who called Lover of God Y. E.quality S.elf, I know the natural law now It's time to get the God U and blow like mines But on the Iow I heard he got BORN original sin Back in a drive-through Kentucky Fried shot up his Ac We got to get him Dunn, aliens is snatchin our bread U.F.O.'s movin in with bigger plans than Fed, yo Knock on Daddy-O's door get the scope He's not home, he took Ishmael to Park Slope There go the the dreads yo, swindle two bags of that stuff That get you crashed out had you laid out like bums Peace Keana, what's up with your girlfriend Wanda She drive a green Honda, with legs like Jane Fonda I just left her, she took Rashean to Pathmark then jetted to Canal to get her man some Clarks She said be back in ninety minutes, Ghostface God forbid She say, peace to W, who's watchin the kids [Raekwon] Two hours later, scheamin like DeNiro in Casino Son better have more coke than Al Pacino Keana ain't tellin no lies, last year she did a sting and a half and Tymeek bought her a aircraft But anyway, yo, Daddy-O home, we need the shotties nidow When we get back, throw you a bit out Later that night, stay mesmerized yo Go get the green 5, meet you on the corner of Marriot You ready, you got the E&J and the machete We goin upstairs, I hope one nigga is empty We walked in, both of us, looked like terrorists Masks on, second floor, Dunn yo, I handle this Kick in the crib, the whole shit looked graphical Natural, fuckin a white bitch, actual fiends chanting, 'Do your thing Chef, handle it' I shot him in the neck, it ricocheted and hit Carolyn Ran to the back analyzin, much disguisin Surprise we comin and their eyes were tranquilized and buggin, throwin her twin cousins at his nugget, fuck it Meet shottie waddy slug body hobby Where the drugs, where the ounces you be bouncin Fake cats announcin on the block, you loungin Where the blow at, I ain't got shit, stop frontin (Yo Chef, throw the joint in his mouth, money'll start stuntin Bitch, show that bit, before I push your wig back Chef stop wavin that, show him where the paper at) Come here Valerie, you know the God he need a salary Put down the pipe here's two tickets to a coke gallery It's in the kitchen in the ceiling (Baby girl kept squealin Only found a white block of cheese from New Zealand Ohhh shit! Yo, yo where that shit at yo Yo Chef, where that shit What What Aiyyo...)

Thank You

JIN "The Rest Is History"
This feels good right here, just happy to be here, I mean I gotta take a moment to thank those that made a difference Whether small or big, damn, where should I start though? First and foremost I gotta give praise To the Lord above and His Almighty ways Blessin' me with the gift to lift spirits And evoke emotions through these words everytime you hear it I got the lyrics and flow, I'm capable so When I blow, just know this one's for April and Joe Me and my little sister, we're grateful you know Wish I could see you more Avah at the rate that you grow My favorite uncle Franky for opening ya door When I ain't have a place to stay, I crashed on your floor Taught me the basic survival tools Auntie Cathy, every summer kept me in vacation Bible school Mr. Diskin for more than passin' grades And my fourth grade teacher Mr. Scott who passed away Peep how I met Kamel, corner on the street We goin' to the top, let's do it for Shawna and Jaleek In the beginnin', no one was on Jin's side folks Bar and Amory, whoa Bundy that's an inside joke Before bullshit friendships, synthetic for cream Chilled with my wall click, Bryan, Cedric and Jean So when I moved to NY chose to invest in a few One love to Patricia, Ben and the rest of the crew To be loved is a privilige, that's what I was told A gem from my man unless more precious than gold Infamous Joe lacin' my tatt so sick Fong, Yungmac, and Ken down at Ho Yips To Dee Waah Chivon and the rest of the deans For believing in a young man obsessed with a dream Allowin' me to write history create my own chapter All original ryders and the generation after The double R staff my thanks worth a million And the whole 30th floor at the Universal buildin' You could never walk in my shoes or stand in my boots Know how I came up, I'll never abandon my roots Yeah, C Rayz, Poison Pen for sharing the stage Shouts to stronghold, tone and the rest of the plague Ask Big Zoo, we ten steps ahead of ya Vice versus, eye to eye, E-O dub regulars My man J pure for bringin' the heat right And the rest of the poets, chillin' under streetlights Just keep the beats tight, shouts to the record spinners Enough, felli fell and all the heavy hitters Kubichi K Sly hold me down in L.A. Might catch me flickin' it up with von in the bay Then it's off to the wake up show with tech and sway Or big nat and foot out in VA It's damn near tradition to kick a freestyle Anytime I'm with Eddie Francis out in Seatown Can't forget hometeam as high as I be Supa Cindy, Big Lip and DJ Irie The club and mixtape DJ's that break records 'Cause thanks to them we've heard some great records Shouts out to the technicians they get props Feel free to holla, anytime you need drops Bob Collina, the only one to call Anytime ya boy Jin gota run in with the law Bert Padell A K A Big Babe Ruth Got the brinks truck outside, let's get paid loot 6 4 6 6, the trips back and forth From the studio to the crib, I'm never slackin' off How 'bout Will, Spivey and of course Killa Kai? Boondo, Randy, Feron just a few of my Close associates that I love to see School me to the game like Joe box and Brother E Razor and Mario for all them times we rocked shows To the rest of 176, tato "Holla front dot com" go register today Peter Jun, Rock, Lisa, Landy and J Keepin' me fresh Ellis at the barbershop Coast to coast, lifestyles reppin' the R alot My man cartoon bringin' the fresh sound Cookie and mag OG's holdin' the West down And of course Swizz Blocks, Carl, climax Far east movement, they got what ya minds lack T dot Montreal where I keep mass appeal Romero, baby you, R G and Neil It pays to keep it real even more to be sincere Thanks to B E T for jump startin' my career As for one oh six who they askin' about Free and A J can't wait to see yall back on the couch And MTV for givin' advance warnings John Singleton plus the chance at performin' The soul stopper X L Rolling Stone vibe The truth, the lies, the layout in rides For every write up forever in context King magazine Elle girl and complex To all the producers for providin' the beats Shouts to Neo, Tunehedz, Divine and Elite JR, Wyclef, Kanye, can I rep This is real hip hop be damned if I let Y'all tell me otherwise 'cause we so live This one's for 954 and 305 All the way to 718 and 212 And if you ever showed love this one's for you But I gota say thanks even those that hated 'Cause, 'cause ya'll kept me motivated {You see, lot times People dont appreciate the love and support That they get from they family an' friends Haters and all they are locked into but not me} {See I never take none of that for granted So I knew I had to take a moment And atleast let ya'll know how I felt about it C'mon} I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all 'Cause when I'm sure there is no me Oh my cha I can't forget about you I know when you make sinners down You doin' a real good job on that I know I probaly forgot a ton of people But don't think that you know count it Anyway you want, it's just that It's a lot goin' on right now I got my element Little bit of Henessee left in my cup No I don't even drink like that I love ya, the rest is history baby I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all

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