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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Summer In Florida

Original and similar lyrics
What's chrakalackin, nackalackin, nigga watcha packin'? Now I hate bitches widda passion High model street fashion I stay weeded with the beat bashin' Talkin' shit when I'm smashin' Put ma rap down, profound ina virgin town Hit the mall like the God, now I'm splurgin' now Crack a rhyme, hard crimes in all Five (? barrels?) It's somthin' like Egypt n the Pharo's Gimme the keys to ya' city, I'm a still pick the lock And leave hella clues fo da cops Leave fingerprints on tha' glock Leave ID on tha' block Dawg did ya do it? No I did not Gun powder flour, nigga (?) Towers I love gummy bears, sweet n sour Dawg it's tha (?) lyrico, myrical sponge, bitch Shell toe Adidas n Air Force Ones, bitch Smellin' so cute in ma Sean Jean suit Filmoe street, nigga bus' duce duce It's da fellony rhyme n a mellody crime, it's heavy Ya catch four raps right across ya belly Ya big homey, in Vegas like Coleeonie It's all real, nota macaroni sin Imagine bullets bouncin' off ya chin Fo'eva fuckin' off your dirty grin, n den, yeeah 1984, I was on da plane dat was about to soar I was jus fourteen, about to go down n' see my family Jus when the plane was about to land, I saw dat ma cousin was da man He gave me da formula, dat was ma summer in Florida In 1984, I was on da plane dat was about to soar I was jus 14, about to go down n see ma family Jus when da plane was about to land, I saw dat ma cousin was da man He gave me da formula, dat was ma summer in Florida

Quiet Money TBS

AZ "9 Lives"
[Talk] This is Quiet money fo life, understand huh This is quiet money fo life, TBS huh Get it right, huh [AZ] This another one street stressing Keep pressing, he's guessing Please I'm in the cut wit a bottle she's blessing Where I been thats the key question? Niggas yelling keep repping I must to left some kind of deep impression, peep the essence I speak in lesson if u seeking reference Never leave ya weapon See me if u need connections we insessing Built aggression only brief accession I mean my niggas filled wit flexions So believe he's resting, leave the message Fuck wit me niggas would be you breathless, leave u naked I keep it gully like the Visa Question we perfect this Thats probabtion got us extra hating No explaintion for the murders just rap-a-lations recreations This rap shit got us celebriting Like we Saving, we in hell with satan Jails are waiting smell probabtion Serve time got us telemaking Legendary now niggas can't tell me nating (nothing) Yo, at fourthteen my hot ass was chasing bitches At fifthteen my brother told me get them digits Told me every penny count nigga hit them trinches Don't floss to hard don't burn no riches Don't trust no bitch if ya doe is heavy And don't smoke with her if the blunt rolled already No ass betting if u show it you betta blast it Math class on the corner yea I past it Die right now take twenty from you bastards Fuck it throw a fifth of henny in my casket Never got my ass kicked, never had a pitbull I just went to high school with the clip full First nigga act get a clip full Mama raised me but the streets made me Rum got me hAZy chasing this cream Fuck a dollar in a dream hundred grams and a thro team And I'm gone make the block work Sos reing me up got the hood on clockwork Bedstuy nigga you know its on Gotta flow so strong you could put it in a bomb [Chorus] When I die I'm gone go in fashion, guns blasting Cash inside coffins, Memories get lost when you die The legacy is eye for an eye but overall I will survive nigga [x2] Jump out the drop top Catch you why u copping at that weed spot Speak not you know them bitches be your weak spot I'm in the trinches thats where ya'll niggas scared to come at Where all the guns at Where my shorties flip them ones at Thats where my son's at You speak of war but you don't want that I blew the timbs out and blow the GS wit the rims out I air your bens out baby moms and her friend's out I knock a lens out, I bring the boys and the mens out I leave you lace up, you paralized from the waste up I'll fuck your face up, when I finish tossing cakes up I'm eating the kris up, I iced the finger, neck and wrist up If it's a mix up, look at all the ones that I fix up I mean I fucked up, fuck around you getting stuck up Press ya luck up, back this motherfucking truck up I'm bout to black out, it's up to me to close this track out I pull the mack out, I blow your chest and your back out And knock the glock out, air this whole fucking block out I knock a cop out, fuck a high school drop out Attempt murders, two to sixty on a cop out I'm fucking with my nigga's up north on a lockout The M A S A, You run your mouth we smack the tast out We blow your face out, Pay the judge to throw the case out Check the game and the cats that play in it Quiet money youngest luetenit Yea world it's been a minute, I'm in it To my heart stop or blood touch the concrete Beyond deep, these streets got me gripping my heat Losing sleep, breaking day sling crack to fiends W.D. forty to sixty having backwards dreams The cash the cream, from the cradle to the casket green Got the game tied up we the nasties team We flash we steam if its on then we mash your beam Yellow tape the sidewalk and leave a nasty scene Your back is spling ya brain, face and chest get sprayed The desert the miss the spot when it bust your way We touch we lay in the streets its a must we play We cook, we chop bust pots down and clust the way from light to day its only right that we cock and spray We speeding on could spot a snake from a block away I told you A what the game need is a change of speed Visulize the realism I'm a dangerous speed [Chorus x2]

Under The Influence

EMINEM "The Marshall Mathers LP"
(feat. D-12) [Eminem] Translation So you can suck my dick if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick - ha ha! Two pills I pop, 'til my pupils swell up like two pennies I'm Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties A young ass man with a trash can strapped to the back of his ass so the rats can't chew through his last pants I'm like a mummy at night, fightin with bright lightning Frightened with five little white Vicadin pills bitin him I'm like a fuckin wasp in the hospital lost Stingin the fuck outta everything I come across in the halls I light a candle and place it up on the mantle Grab a knife at the blade and stab you with the fuckin handle So when you find yourself wrapped up in the blinds, hurtin [Swifty] Bitch it's too late [Eminem] Cause once you're hung from the drapes, it's curtains [Swifty] I'm an instigator, .380 slug penetrator Degradin, creatin murders to kill haters Accused for every crime known through the equator They knew I did it (uh-huh) for havin blood on my 'gators My weed'll hit yo' chest like a double barrel gauge an' I'm a black grenade that'll blow up in yo' face [*BLAM*] With a fifth in me, when I guzzle Remi I do shit on purpose You never hear me say, 'Forgive me' I'm snatchin every penny - it gotta be that way nigga, face it That weed I sold to you, Brigade laced it You hidin, I make the president get a facelift Niggaz just afraid, handin me they bracelets Chillin in the lab wasted I'm the type that'll drink Kahlua and gin - throw up on the mic Your life is ruined, you get socked right on site And even at the Million Man March, we gon' fight [Chorus: Eminem] So you can suck my dick if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick Cause I don't give a fuck if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick [Bizarre] I'm a compulsive liar, settin my preacher on fire Slashin your tires, flyin down Fenkel and Meyers Plates expired, soon as I'm hired, I'm fired Jackin my dick off in a bed of barbed wire (Hey, is Bizarre performing) Bitch didn't you read the flyer Special invited guest will be, Richard Pryor (Aren't you a male dancer) Nah bitch, I'm retired Fuckin your bitch in the ass with a tire iron I'm ripped, I'm on an acid trip My DJ's in a coma for lettin the record skip.. [*needle pops*] Lettin the record skip.. [*needle pops*] Lettin the record skip.. [*needle pops*] (Damn!) [*DJ reverses the record and scratches it back on beat*] I'm fuckin anything when I'm snortin It's gonna cost 300 dollars to get my pit bull an abortion [*dog whines*] Some bitch asked for my autograph I called her a whore, spit beer in her face and laughed I drop bombs like I was in Vietnam All bitches is hoes, even my stinkin ass mom [Proof] Aiyyo flashback, two feets, two deep up in that ass crack Weed laced with somethin [*gun cocks*] nigga pass that In Amsterdam we only hang out with hash rats At a 'Stop the Violence' rally, I blast gats Be your mom on publishin, get your ASCAP-ped The Kuniva, divide up your cash stack Run your motherfuckin pockets, ASAP I don't need a platinum chain, bitch I snatch Shaq's Born loser, half theif and half black Bring your boys and your guns and get laughed at Bitch smacker, rich rappers get they Jag jacked and found chopped up in a trash bag [Kuniva] We stranglin rappers until the point they can't yell cause they crew is full of fags and sweeter than bake sales Reckless, come from behind and snatch your necklace Gruesome, and causin more violence than nine hoodlums I grapple your adam's apple until it crackle Run right past you, turn around, grab you and stab you Get executed, cuz I'm a 'Luni' I got a 'Yukmouth' and it's polluted I cock it back then shoot it I love snatchin up players thugs and young ballers Shoot up the household, even the young toddlers Brigade barricade to bring the noise While the bullets break your bones up like Christmas toys If I go solo, I'm doin a song with Bolo A big Chinese nigga, screamin 'Kuniva yo yo..' I leave ya face leakin, run up in church and smack the preacher while he's preachin Take a swing at the deacon [Kon Artis] I used to tell cats I sold weed and weight I was straight 'til I got caught sellin em shake I'm ignorant, with the intent to snatch your rent I got kicked out of summer camp for havin sex in my tent with the superintendent's daughter, my brain's out of order I've been a Kon Artis since I was swimmin in water In cahoots with this nigga named Carlisle Von who got fired from UPS for tryin to send you a bomb (Special delivery!) I signed to a local label for fun Say I got cancer, get dropped, take the advancement and run Driveby you in the rain while you carry your son Call your house and hang up on you for not givin me none Born straight up out a pussy but a son of a gun Got a reputation for havin niggaz runnin they funds Used to be the type of nigga that was foldin some one's 'til I met your fat mama, now I'm rollin in dough [Chorus] [Eminem] Haha.. suck my motherfuckin dick D-12.. Dirty motherfuckin Dozen Nasty like a stank slut bitch with thirty fuckin husbands Bizarre kid Swifty McVeigh The Kon Artis The Kuniva Dirty Harry Haha, and Slim Shady..

No Omega

Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
No Omega I'm the Alpha, with no Omega Beginning without the, end so play the eye inside, no extended version Next episode be smooth as a Persian Rhyme everlastin, there'll be no part two Knowledge is infinite, once I start to draw a better picture for your third eye, if you're blind You know with a mic, I'm a black Michaelangelo I'm the brother whoSE ideas are colorful Givin em insight, but givin em trouble to comprehend cause they thoughts won't blend in They're pretendin, while I'm extendin You bite like a parasite, ? you attacks But you won't strike, cause you ain't no match You need more light cause yours got dim Then you get sparked by the Lord Rakim What's the matter G, check your battery Go get charged up, then come battle me You try hard and Die Hard, you ain't Eveready When they check the pulse, you'll be +Dead+ as +Freddie+ SHOP AT SEARS for new ideas Check your engine and ask your engineers to equalize, try to disguise it If that don't work yo, then MIDASIZE it You need more power, better bring Battlecat But this ain't Grayskull, and you ain't rippin jack Don't drop the mic and jet for your tooley ( Bring it to me! ) We can go rhyme for rhyme til the mic stop the workin Then I'ma leave you behind the Iron Curtain and you'll remain backstage Your book is over, I ripped your last page Changed the endin, at least you went out rappin Now I'ma tell em what happened I filled the mic with explosives, and lit it up It was too heavy to hold, he couldn't pick it up Pass the mic, let him try to get paid He hit the stage, it went off like a hand grenade Now scrape him off the floor and off my list I ain't a soloist, I'm an arsonist Sprayed up, he said he was gonna do what? Played up, MC Grand but Pooh-Butt Stole his lady, and drove her crazy You asked me why - cause her man tried to play me I sent her back a nervous wreck and tried to put her back in check My speciality is masterin the female species I specialize in her, until she sees where I come from, and why I came I tame the train til she manifest my name Fill her with life until she burst with energy Then leave her restless, cause a lot of women be tryin to drain us, and leave us stripped dry Put holes in our pocket, but you ain't that fly I clipped your wings and bring you down to Earth and tell you what life is worth It ain't rings and things that's materialistic You wanna pip on, imperialist with food for thought, cause I'm the shelter I'll be your clothes, keep you warm and help ya not to be hot to trot by a haunt And why do y'all got to flaunt? ( You gotta use what you got to get what you want ) Cool, I heat you up like a black mink coat Hug your neck like a fat gold rope Words I speak and my DJ's cuts will warm ya ears like mink earmuffs So Eric show em how fast your hand'sll go so the people in the stands'll know that you don't scratch your cuts in the grave Moves in waves to my rhyme displays Float, evoke, my tempo jets Expressions express when you kick steps Keep em, energetic, so let it pound in your head til what I said is embedded Don't forget it's copastetic, set it Anywhere you want your poetry's pathetic You gets.. no.. credit.. til you get it straight Let's motivate No intermissions cause it ain't commercial If you wanna break then I'll reimburse you I won't let go so my mic won't drop, cause ( I can't.. stop! ) Vocabs is endless, vocals exist Rhyme goes on, so no one can stop this Especially when I start to say the rhymes with no omega No omega No omega ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *scratched* ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *scratched* ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *fades*

Billion Bucks

JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
[Hook:] Woke up and I feel just like a billion bucks [x3] They gone hate with me don't give a billion fucks [x3] I'm in VIP I'm with a billion sluts [x3] Everyday I feel just like a billion bucks [x3] [Jarren Benton:] Uno, dou, tres, leggo Y'all sucka ass niggas soft like jello Pull up in the transam nose on the whole gram of the white girl nigga jay oh fellow Kick a nigga dope for the K-I-l-o Blunt full of kush make a nigga feel mellow Sianara to the bad guy to the 45 in the AK mutha fucka say hello Hello, hi, me I'm high, mesmerized by neon lights Bitch you know I throw off doctor said I'm not right Got a white bitch but shes not bright Hit the bitch and blow a nigga for his stickas then imagine what the ho would do for a klondike Feelin' like a billion And I'm about to kill again Hes on his own island bet them niggas think I'm gillagin No resilience I'll pop a nigga, drop a nigga Heath Ledger ya nigga LI'mma pop a little pill again What up to my homie Ned Fresh up out the pin again I shove a mutha fuckas head right inside the ceiling fan Leave a pussy nigga shaking in his Timberlands D-d-d-d stuttering and t-t-t-t-trembling Wake up feeling like a billion bucks Bitch get to steppin' if you don't fuck I need a ho to give me future with the care blowin' in a space ship call the bitch, Aeon Flux Fall off in the club where the heat don't tuck This my year y'all be on suck Gone on that Charlie Sheen that tiger blood bitch we goin' nuts like [Hook] [Rittz:] Ok Jarren, dog I know they scared When they see me and you together man it's so unfair Then when we killin these rappers I bet there's no comparin Not a fan of their music I hate the clothes they wearin And I'm so embarrassed at the state of my city Cause everybody rep they hood and I white boy spot But when they really get the hood Try and tell em where they from they be lookin at them like boy stop But not me I'm from the north side Feeling like a billion I'm a slum-merican Hung yourself fillygan, I'm with a resilient Bitch who let me drill her Afterward she call me up and say she never wanna chill again It's true one say my crew untamed the shit true My black friends Always rob my white friends My white friends get drunk and start fighting each other And when they bloody they be like aw we tight man And this red light, damn, and this ain't sharp rap, drop that shit on the internet and when I see you I'm a tuck in my denim where my sock at, cock back and to swing at your jaw smack, man somebody tell him to fall back The salt of it at just cost it, probably got a weapon in the octagon I stop you while my Jimmy Scotts is on, what you thought, come on, it's my time man your watch is wrong I'm gone, I'm on a whole nother playing field, my name is still Buzzing I'm fuckin up the streets to watch it. Rollin up the Sour D in the Cutlass supreme Fuckers put a grin in the name of Marcus, took a dream, it was steam and people garbage It was keen, momma I'm a be me regardless People talk a lot of shit, 'cause I'm an easy target Eatin Zani bars n drink at tops, I got them feeling like a billion [Hook] [Jon Connor:] Switched on, Flinstone, make this buzzom his own You ain't know you grind, but I stay your man So what you do, peace more. You all niggas real fake, my own nigga's Bill Gates Killing the industry with the difference a gear make I'm here for your ear sake, you wanna hear grey You fucked up your look, I can hear a mirror brake You make it so basic fall, the stairway to heaven you're in lead to my basement Based in the fucking basement it's amazing the Matrix that I hazzle keeps save 'em Hits give 'em the consake, won't cite, I'm a psycho when I write like a riffle Took out on my write ons, I swear that I blast every track man on the Bible Back on, H squad, I came in the hood, nigga, just like y'all Love I stand on my own two feet, but the haters they pray that I just might fall No, never there, I drop classics, nigga, give me that See how my name buzz on the internet, if it's me against the world than I'm winning that See? Look, my niggas trouble like five in the bank, you bullshiting like five in the tank See, I grind for mine, I earn my shots so why ain't got another nigga to thank More, please, get me gang at a young age, say niggas only reviews on the front page And I know that's true, so you leave me in my eyes and do what you gotta do to make sure that's you


JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Juelz] God will never put you in a situation that you can't handle But you can definitley put ya self in a siyuation you can't handle And some situations end in death And death is a mothafucka ya dig [Juelz] Old timer want the block back, stop that You been gone too long the young nigga said Lord knows, whats goin through this young niggaz head As the old timer stood and grilled him Pissed off, shorty looked at his man Touched his burner like I shoulda killed him Shorty in deep, but hew don't care But he don't know, these old timers don't play fair There he go, postin on his strip again Toast on him, niggaz wit 'em, posted on his shit again (Uh-Oh) He actin like it can't and it won't happen Old timer bout to blow dust off that old cabinet (Thats,Thats,Thats) Where dem guns is kept These young niggaz better show some respect (respect) I'll Teach 'em a lesson, he said to his self As he proceeded to pull the lead from his shelf Now he headed towards shorty block, forty cocked On his zip, on his shit, like he don't care who shorty wit But somebody saw him, before he go to shorty Shorty phone ring, somebody called him Somebody warned him, he's comin he's comin Shorty replied, somebody stall him Then he crept up wit his goons and guns Whispered in to old timers ear, death is soon to come [Chorus] They say hell is hot,but is heaven cold Know one ever knows til you Gone, gone, gone And when you gone does ya soul drift off to a better place Or do you jus float up and fade Away,away,away,away, like a bird when its headed towards the sky (huh, huh) Or do you just die (huh huh) Or do you just perish from the earth and its over [Juelz] Baddest bitch up on the block Prolly make a nigga cum when as soon as she get up on the cock She fuck wit Tony don't she (don't she) Oh he's, not ya average drug dealer, fa sho he's Bien watched by police, feds Investigators, oh, can't forget the haters Home girl ain't got a clue what he do for a livin She jus think she got a dude wit a pension She don't know dis dude is a henchman And he move on dudes wit the cruelest intensions All she know she got a brand new benz And its big enough for her and all her brand new friends (Damn) There she go, all through the street wit it Dude in and outta towen, she all through the street wit it We all know the street talk, we all know the street missin Next thing she's missin....(music stops, phone rings twice) "Hello", "Ay nigga I got yo bitch, have a million sent up or she dead" Damn,she in deep shit, and she did nothin I betchu she ain't see dis comin, but he did Cause he did nothin, he ain't pay (pay) He told 'em keep dat bitch, he okay He got a wife and a kid, back home And he don't care about the life that she live (Damn) Now thats wrong (wrong) But the story ain't over it drags on (aw man what happened next) They wind up beating her down Breathless, he winds up fleein the town (til the next bitch) [Chorus] [Juelz] And um, I say that to say this, alotta people don't appreciate life til their gone I mean, alotta situations can be avoided, you just gotta avoid it ya dig jus don't be one of them people I'm talkin bout, ya know....

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