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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Show Gone Wrong

Original and similar lyrics
It was a Saturday night and I had a show I'm in my dressing room with Bocco and some cats from the (?) And they was blazing up the weed to the lord Sher Khan It was a knock at the door "Are you ready god?" I'm on the side of the stage man the place is packed With dealas, feelas, niggaz, women, yea drugs and macks I hit the mike like a bottle of Courvoisier And just when I was about to play man it went this way A gun was shot up in the place man bu-buck buck buck I seen this cat by the bar gettin' stuck stuck stuck And other cats by the bar man pulled out their glocks And that's when the whole place had got like piping hot Man bitches screaming Niggaz screaming Bullets flying Bitches crying Niggaz fighting Bitches fighting It's kinda frightening And all this at a show Motherfuckers falling by the exit though Gotta let 'em go Gotta let them go Niggaz in here with a black four-four Fuck this damn rapping show Now its 'bout to pop Cause after that I think I heard like four shots And all I remember after that was seeing the light Insecurity singing Nicky you goin' be all right I'm hella numb and getting cold cause there is no pain The bullets caught me as I was trying to get off the stage I think about my momma yea you know the lord Sher Khan And in the back of my mind I wish I had some (?) But yea homey macaroni-o this is it I think this is the last rap I'm bout to spit Kings of kings, lords of lords, gods of gods, sons of sons

Sinister Mob

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[Nate Dogg] I don't know if you don't, but I know Whenever the wind blows I be chasin all of my cheese Think I'm lyin? Silly ne-gro please My niggaz is out to get rich Better watch out man, cause they sick Somebody better get this dick I'm about to get Sic'Wid dis shit Although them niggaz is tight as tight as me they never will be So what some niggaz is famous man some niggaz is out for they G's Some niggaz is lovin hookers man some niggaz send hoes to they knees Some niggaz will rescue a bitch some skanless niggaz'll let the hoe bleed [Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg] If you gon' ride nigga go'n ride (zzzzoom) If you gon' hide nigga go'n hide (witcho' bitch-ass) If you gon' shoot nigga go'n shoot (doo doo doo doo doo doo) If you gon' spook nigga go'n spook [E-40] The cherries, sirens, got me layin, po-po penelopes make noises, throughout the night, bring the yellow tape They so, lost, bodies bagged up Streets, blocked off, victims AIRlifted up Lieutenants, bosses, block monsters, kingpins Funkin, beefin, killin they best friends And to prevent bloodshed we used to try to reason But right now it's a drought, and ain't nobody eatin So therefo' (therefo') there the problem right there Ain't no jobs provided, so I'ma blame the mayor Sinister mob, throughout the town Y'all grew up on this shit, y'all love the sound Y'all threw up on the shit, all on the tar Got you twisted with the shit, dang near wreck yo' momma's car Dirty needles, welfare checks Poverty, despair, housin projects [Chorus] [E-40] Smeb with me, and Nate Dogg M.D. 20/20 see that them breathin alcohol Took a 40 to the head with me Eightball, let your anger out, throw it up against the wall {*glass breaks*} I dropped a C-note, didn't miss it A little skank from the other side picked it up and kisses it like {*smooch*} Good luck, you deserve it and you makin it Even though, my boyfriend n them be hatin it I'm a top hat, them cats is mouses I sport ice, cost mo' than niggaz houses I'm nothing close to bein fake I tried to tell them tricks a long time ago to get in this rap game but it's too late I'm on my way to my (where) studio session Switchin ears, tryin to get a better reception Changin gears, super size Poppin wheelies in my, brand new ride [Chorus] [E-40] Glow in the dark night vision, solar ray tinted glass Power heated side through mirrors, ?? back airbags Off the new with the stump My Cadillac DTS Deville 32 valve ain't no punk Get up outta here some ol' jacklin and square hollered adjitudes and ate the gravel I said I ain't no mark-ass any ol' rapper Potnah I was built for battlin And about all that ol' jaw-jackin you doin potnah I ain't playin You get your head put on flat, think it's a game I got choppers done fucked with jelly jaws Screwed a few, bitches in my car A temper problem, I can't hide Issues, violence, problems deep inside [Nate Dogg] Although them niggaz is tight as tight as me they never will be So what some niggaz is famous man some niggaz is out for they G's Some niggaz is lovin hookers man some niggaz send hoes to they knees Some niggaz will rescue a bitch some skanless niggaz'll let the hoe bleed [Chorus] - 1.5X

Homies and Thugs (Remix)

MASTER P "Gameface"
[Verse 1:(Scarface)] Ghetto niggaz remain violent all the killers remain silent niggaz strapped with 45's and ain't smiling And I'm driving to a place they're all rome' the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home In the ghetto the only place a motherfucker will keep it real we focused on the dollar bill, still The outsiders tend to disrespect the place where niggaz do thier struggling die with a straight face Surviving, under conditions demons dinin' you can run it but can't hide it so step aside Its the nigga that makin' music for the streets cause I love this motherfucker like pussy with no sheets, cause its deep Some niggaz make it out the neighborhood and won't circle and let the money make them nervous, what's the purpose A motherfucker sitting on fat Who done came up in the hood but he can't come back Fuck that, I remain in the street game frame on a mission to maintian me and take aim In position to let my opposition know my life cause off in these streets I keep it real but what's right Surviving, sitting on a key doing business on a beeper I'm sinking in this motherfucker deeper Fear the reaper that no man born or woman harm me fuck being a nigga in your army; though I'm a killer Enter the ghetto so that you can see what I mean when I say I love this cause it love me Let it be, stop looking at this motherfucker strange and talking 'bout a motherfucking change This is for my thug niggaz [chorus x6] This is for my homies and my thug niggaz (uuuuugh) [verse 2 (Master P)] 'Face, imagine us working at McDonald's and me and you selling fucking tapes in the Bahamas Gold slug, a car full of thug niggaz twenty inch wheels candy paint so we drug dealers No Limit soldiers to the fullest see I was raised on some red beans the size of some bullets, huh Real ghetto niggaz can't be stopped got me mixing up dope with little J down at Rap-A-Lot My phone tapped the feds on my tail got me paying luxury taxes on everything I build True to the ghetto that's my life you see that house on the lake its for the kids and the wife You can test me if you wanna cause I be dumping niggaz off from New Orleans to California Rowdy like a hurricane (uuuuuugh) independant, black owned got them hooked on this cocaine You used to see C.E.O.'s in a suit and tie but we young niggaz in tennis shoes and diamonds Executive street millionaires niggas gonna be bout it bout till we gray in the wheel chair [Chorus x6] [Verse 3:(Doracell)] It's alive, and I'mma be tha muhfuckin' one Make these niggas want some Here I come Da Last Don Niggaz steady claiming this Tatted on my wrist since 86 What tha fuck I'm sitting in my cell block stuck Listening to this shit my radio did Shit, gotta change the situation Write a letta to the warden mothafuck all this time wasting Chasin' niggas wit my occupation Clean across the nation Lookin' for two-facin The gangsta, the killa, and the dope-dealer all in one Now past me my muthafuckin' gun Niggaz feelin' they invinsible Til' they dealin' wit tha muthafuckin' principle Doracell nigga I ain't scared cause 2 pac got kilt I'm on tilt Feelin' the muthafuckin' guilt Thug Nigga

The Set Up

NAS "It Was Written"
(feat. Havoc) [Nas] Uhh.. (yeah, yeah, yeah) Q.B. since 1933 (know dat) To nine-six (nine-six motherfucker) Check the shit [Havoc] Nine-six Escobar 600 [Nas] Check the shit My mindset, son got wet, I'm vexed really They snatched off his Rolex, smacked his bitch silly Why niggaz actin illy word to Will he bout to feel it I feel it, he shoulda been dealt wit it Them niggaz sour, they put to much flour in they coke And got the nerve to wonder WHY THEY BROKE While we was gleamin, niggaz was scheamin Seen the ill Beamers beamin Triple-beam and doublin cream, had em feenin to get they fingers on the dosa, I called Sosa Sosa, these niggaz hit the God, bring the toaster Meet me in the 'Bridge I'm bout to go loca Left my 'rat beggin me to stay and stroke her He came through with two fly bitches, Venus and Vicious wit two macs inside the Volvo, what up God, I'm still sober I need some Henn' to bend me over My nigga Hav got a soldier It's gettin down it's goin down kid (I got this, I got this) I heard he might not live, I'm holdin back tears Told these broads, to put it in gear with two females that don't smile diggin they style yo Whattup son, these niggaz done started somethin wild You know the clique well, Ramel with the gold in his grill Tried to get a name holdin the steel, I paid attention to the females Maintain bitches when it get real Sos' pulled me close and told me the deal He said both hoes'll peel, spray shots and reload and still handle the wheel, point em out smoke a Phil' then chill I layed back Escobar status, knowin The Firm got it cornered We on it, shit we was born wit [Chorus: Havoc] Spark the lye, Q.B.C. yo it's do or die In this, business and trifeness I finesse this, for R.D., we chef shit Perfect shit, Albert Einstein minds connect wit dangerous sons, step back let the tech lift Lift you up, bless you wit a shorty then we set you up Spark the lye, Q.B.C. yo it's do or die In this, business and trifeness We finesse this, for R.D., we chef shit Perfect shit, Albert Einstein minds connect wit dangerous sons, step back let the tech lift Lift you up, bless you wit a shorty then we set you up [Nas] Hold it right there pull over That nigga right there inside the Rover I knew he'd be right here, I told ya Let's get him now, look at him smile, ice Bulova Polo pullover, big links and rockin boulders He's stuntin, after he left my man like that without a fair chance to fight back, BUT I'LL BE RIGHT BACK He never seen us, Sos' gave the mac to Venus and Vicious, lookin delicious, handle yo' bidness and step to him, shake yo' ass try to screw him Do what ya gotta do to get to him A tight parasuco, with young faces can turn niggaz Buttafuco, of all ages, they was amused by the way they walked, way they talked Only if they knew these girls'd spray New York if they had to, heard him ask Venus, 'Could I have you' He jumped out a Jeep, heard her tell him, 'Don't grab Boo' They started chattin, was only bout a minute, flat when they jumped in the back of the Jeep laughin We followed them pollyin, he thought the hoes were Somalian Probably wanted to hit the Holiday Inn I grabbed the phone and called the Mobb and them We layed low about a hour or so, these bitches movin too slow We both holdin, what if them wild hoes started foldin Sosa, said say no more, we started rollin Before we got in they must have shot him, security wildin There the girls go, hurry up we out in the 940, me Sosa and two shorties The punk niggaz got murdered in the orgy [Chorus 1/2] [unknown lady - not credited] Q.B.C. QueensBridge motherfucker Ropin niggaz up Cause our click is thick Another day another dollar More money, more murder Fuck this shit, Q.B. up in the house

Roll Again

NAPPY ROOTS "Watermelon Chicken & Gritz"
[Intro] Niggaz was goin crazy with me It was our first video, nigga You know we was gon' come back to the country road I don't know...yyyeah Y'all-y'all ready to roll again? (Wussup) Lets ride then Ah, yup, hit 'em [Big V] Way before platinum there was a place we used to go and ride for hours at a time on a country road Whatever's troublin, you can let it go I get out of the car and walk through it, visit the river and talk to it Simply sayin, 'Mr. water, what is it that you runnin from?' Asked the bird in the tree, 'What is it that you hummin for?' Now knowin +Why the Caged Bird Sings+ is wishin to be free Reminded myself of life and it's hold on me Touring, the children, women, sexual resistance Religion means so much to me, the church don't see enough of me This way, that way, bendin corners tryin to get away Sometimes you have to see a storm to appreciate a pretty day BACK in the car now, headed for the liquor store God, what a vivid scene, diggin what I just seen Rolled up another one, still in a daze though Gassed up at the Mini-Mart, my mind on the country roads [Chorus 2x - Nappy Roots] I just wanna goooo On the country roads and get blowwwwed On the country roads again rolllll Been on the country roads again [Skinny Deville] Yo, we off in these backwoods Caddy-hoggin, Nappy dawg, ain't no joke We glad they robbin, rap imposters, for they problem no hope It's cutthroat, we hungry starvin, chargin for the front do' You want mo'? We smoke and sparkin, jokers like the blunt go Been shovin folk for plenty miles, yes I'm the type to grin and bear it The second chance and out the box, I'm back again with 'dro and spirits Look at me now, I found a spot, I'm down here by that rollin river Grab a rose and took me to a place, au revoir, I'm rollin scriptures [Scales] Man these country roads makin me zone out Ridin through all the bullshit that poppa would scold 'bout But soon as my hustle got good I showed out Quick to jump I-24, come back with plenty mo' By '97 I was smokin perfecto The chains and the Willie Esco was the dresscode We lost our littlest cousin Gwin, a skidrow Tony Renfrow rest in peace your kinfolks, I miss y'all [Chorus] [B. Stille] (Dude what the hell are we doin?) Back deep on these country roads blowin, gettin in touch with my mind No worries just striped lines and curve-filled signs When all the events throughout the day, good or bad, somehow rewind While I recline, in my Cadillac seats Hit the trees and press repeat and let the melody of these windy roads keep my soul upbeat No destination proposed, just ridin these country roads .. Listen, this killer's that's willin to catch a court case Split your wig apart quicker than the divorce rate Niggaz show out, go wild in the corpse cage Blow out in the news and I don't mean the sports page Get drowned in North Lake, could get found in horse cave Fool, get down, the boy's crazy! Lil' Stille's with ambition, itchin to fill my position Replace me, but by the Lord's grace still existin Should be in depression Latrill is missin, cousins in prison Heard Little Ricky was snitchin, now he's a born-again Christian Always had my suspicions, our teens with bad addictions Family members gone overseas on a mission, we miss 'em See you can travel straight through two different coasts State to state, navigate this beautiful globe in search of a plate full of food for the soul I could taste it when the smoke hit my nose on a place called country roads [Chorus with ad-libs at the end]

Home Of The Brave

[Big Boi] Yeah Its going all the way down Aquemeni Records, Killer Mike, Slimm Calhoun Just because your wearing a Braves' jersey doesn't mean we on the same team you playin' on bitch Cool and Dre on the track, run it [Verse 1: Killer Mike] Since last heard I'm still Randy Moss and I still catch a beat runnin' when its tossed and often light green kiss my ass to coffin Cut the bull in Harlem on sloughths(?) and cut the bull then I'm seven duece Impala whore dance Ambidexterious juggle pretty girls and they friendly fifty friends hit Jamacia rollin' papers turning up spotta benz City corners I've been in a duece double O three Benz I'm sittin' on those dubs twins I'm from the city where kiddies ride on dope rims It's where niggaz snap shot and they ain't takin' pictures mista I'm well equipped to hit ya', same birthday as Hitler I'll getcha [Chorus: x2] Hey we rep that A A T L A N T A state of G A G A G A home of the brave home of the brave G A G A home of the brave [Verse 2: Killer Mike] I got a Tahoe, and a Tahoe she work out fit like Taebo Get my findy(?) Air Force Ones shit wait I'm so old Last one to Louie Fitoine skins on my timbo's Gettin' blown in a limo, that's my M.O. Roll next presidential, get a pistol to your temple I'll let it faint, leave your brain lingering in limbo Southern fried that's how I ride, creed on simple Kill 'em all let God seperate good from evil You faggots do it for glory Y'alls just do it for my people I'm grand national built beautiful and legal [Chorus] [Verse 3: Slimm Calhoun] A town down Braves started cap from the land of the made ain't no hard atrap after depts of the dungeon We livin' artifacts where niggaz rip chickens talk bricks, keep an artist strapped Flame throwers got us hot in the spot wreckin these dog tails through red dog stripe It's like all hell, block cells make bail and it's back to these crooks and cakes jumpin' at next cell What you know about the way the whales kiss it your body scaled I'm 'bout to hit by the box of tens through the mail then reply beaten twelve sickness spinnin' on twenty-ones We produce many guns, we spittin' at anyones Disrespect (?) little bows and I'll cock and explode up Take me to the grave, grave, home of the brave [Chorus] [Killer Mike] So slums, so sligh, nigga (i'm) straight ducked you can ask my baby's mother she'll tell you niggaz shit He the type to fuck a bitch rob that bitch's baby brother [Slimm Calhoun] And I'm the type to rip ya bitch leave the shit up under your covers (?) blessing from sin New recrutes we in it again rap so hard we flippin' again walkin' dubs on the benz [Killer Mike] One, two, crack fiend three on boys street jeans Four full blown hit the scene five like trap (?) Like a thick hoe in sassy jeans rub her right she'll cream Fuck her right moan and scream killer kill out on (?) [Slimm Calhoun] Swervin', servin', bouncin' the buttons like 5 5 9 truck somethin' Two glock nines round dumpin' round my hip strap ain't jumpin' Keep my bitch dunkin' somethin' be outlawed bangin' 'em down for bustin' [Chorus repeat to fade]

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