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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3


Original and similar lyrics
(Long live the King) Yo picture God a perfect cut diamond Or bein the motha fucka man without even tryin Livin like I'm dead to the world with tickets yo and refferals My hair is in a perm so I can never have a curl Man it's a bluebird on my shoulder can I kill it? Man wakin up the bacon toast and eggs up in the skillett Man can you feel it? I cut you down like a midget And when you see me make you feel just like a prision visit I'm such a (lizard?) I want the flames in the fire So there it is paint a picture fuck up my desire You said you want style I'll give you style with drug lord flava I make a pimp dance yeah by shottin at his gatas Pickin up the nickles n dimes like Jackal and Hide The bounty is waitin for me up at Mt. Zine It's primetime whos gon shine from the raw rhyme Picture a rollercoaster up in a boss mind Real playboys have wings in the sky Silently cryin out man please don't die Man gettin to the thick of it all Man picture the brods Man tellin ya call But hopin ya fall Sayin my name like King James no pad adriatic I'm paranoind but really don't panic The life afta they say it's colder then the packers All and the damn money in the world is not a factor Man true indeed Upin the game with a mouth ta feed I make a 360 spin homie rollin the weed Roll the weed Roll the weed Long live the king We take a sertain situation to run an organizarion Man bustin like a (?) patient Cooperation man seven years is what hes fakin Now hes even more gangsta cause hes rollin with da nation Now (?) yourself Then I will talk like greedy Gretchin Man hear the confession of my priffesion Is Secession of illegal weapons Up in a dot daytona My mexican girl she drank two coronas And she know about the ayatolah I'm movin through the clouds Youd better hold me down I'm smokin weed and I'm g'd and ready ta clown I love ta see you drown You know I spit it To get it To flip it To sell it To air mail it to yo town I'm like electical current The playa reffereant (?) councourent Because it's gonna hit the furnace Man pitches the pictures of me Picturin the bitches And all up here sayin write the scriptures It gets worse Cause mentally you're cursed You're livin in a verse Sometimes it hurts but baby yeah you know it works Long live the king Long live the king

Fan Mail

Can you believe it, a whole decade has gone by Since I dropped my first album, man time flies Where does it go, nobody knows I appreciate you all, for coming to the shows Just to get front row, so that I can see your sign Showing up hours early, didn't even mind Cos when I hit the stage, nothing else matter We were on cloud 9, till my dreams got shattered Felt like the spotlight, faded overnight I can only blame myself, cos I fell into the hype Couldn't admit it hurt, the game was so intense They threw dirt on my name, but you came to my defense Some abandoned ship, but you stuck around Even supported the projects I put out underground As far as my career is like I crash to survive All these years it was you that kept my passion alive You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family They talk about it like it was just yesterday Overwhelmed by the love that they sent my way You know what blows my mind when they say Jin I remember I was in the 7th grade I used to watch you every week I was so amazed Up there to compete, man it felt like I was on that stage And when you got signed I got signed too Yea thats why I'll always stand behind you See that was something I was not prepared for Still figuring things out for myself therefore All the songs about getting drunk or smokin up Never cross my mind the messages you were soakin up Didn't realize where I was till I was in it Truth is, I was never mean to begin with Hopefully we'll be face to face someday And we'll both see how we have come such a long way You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family Lets connect, thats exactly why I came Showing love, wanna hug, take a picture Sign my name, sure thing, as long as I ain't in a hurry Can always re-take it if the picture looks blurry Hand shakin, hey no need to be nervous Take a deep breath, none of us are perfect I know you might have expectations But I'm just a man, not to be idolized I hope you understand.. So feel free to take me off that pedestal I'd rather see you eye to eye, now there's a better view We have lots in common, and all the vid is real Share the same emotions, till life can make you feel Your support is unconditional, they don't understand it Between me and you, I will not take it for granted Reach out anytime, send an email.. No offense though.. that's my g'mail You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family

Carry Me Home

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
[Hook] "Got to change my way of living Got to change my style" [Verse 1] He remembers little bit of his childhood Sometimes bad, sometimes good But he never was one to blame today's grey sky on last week's rain So he see's everything face value Looks grim, it tastes bad too There's nothing to do except dupe, push down the wall and get through it I swear to god it's too stretched Too easy to slip or lose steps And the taller you are, the harder you fall that's why a lot of us crawl Mumma, please don't look now I've gotta walk over people I've took down It ain't as pretty as you probably think It's gonna take more than soap and a sink Tomorrow he'll drink to the guilt of every cheap wooden bridge that he's built Bury those skeletons in his head til you pick him up and carry him to bed [Hook] [Verse 2] Swimming through alcohol and woman Gets some gold spray paint for that lemon Everything he's got is not a given rock bottom on the flipside of top billin Not a victim, fuck the sympathy Figure it out, and kill the bitch in me Poor a little liquor out and call it a victory They said the sky was limit free No, don't trust none of these people Won't give him enough to love me for me so even when they welcome me into their kingdom Can't bring self to believe them It goes, folk hard tryna act like no flaw Turn it up til it burns that stove top Mr know it all, bad boy showoffs Red lights, no stops Mumma, this can't be the boy you raised me to be The drama, depression Afraid that it must be the Daley in me that's crazy Carry me home - take care of your baby [Hook] Don't wanna live like that, no Don't wanna live like that, no

My Time

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Intro:] The alternate route is a long one But ultimately, in the end, it gets you to the same exact destination Yes sir, the journey's been long And the wins have been short But today, none of that matters [Verse 1:] The time is now, zoom, get close The ego is gone, the room is for growth But talent is there, the feeling is new I mean, bottom is gone but the ceiling is too I was higher than Whitney, headed toward the top again Everything I write crack, like it's with a Bobby pen But it's more than what you hear in a song The wings are extended, the fear is gone Hold up, the clips are loaded, safety is off The business is in the black, I ain't taking a loss Hold up, standards are high, hoes never hold out The touring is cool, the shows always sold out The foes are mad, but fuck it no one else cares The kicks are custom, you'll never see em elsewhere The stakes are high, the risk is crucial And they love to hate me, but I love it when they do too [Hook:] I've been waiting here for so long Gotta take what's mine Since time will never wait Who am I stand up fate? It's my time, it's my time, it's my time [Verse 2:] Look, I've been hurt, I could pull up scars Now the earth is my pull up bar The journey was long, the roads were slim Though I thank God today, I probably owe it to sin Streets were hungry, I was torn apart Even though them jails were cold, they warmed my heart Was living the worst, but prayed for the best Ain't have a thing given to me, had to rape success Had to be used for approval, had to use whatever was useful Had to act old even when youthful Money don't make me, that ain't what I kill for Cause I was richer than I'd ever been, and was still poor Some never thought he would propel Some talked to me just to speak to themselves Some broke their arm, all while reaching for wealth So when you come into the game, make sure you leave with yourself [Hook] [Verse 3:] We all got demons, a few I rivaled Looked em in the eye, and they became suicidal They thought it couldn't happen, they were too prideful His head's an ornament on the wall as proof I survived you Bills were high, money was low Strip club was popping, wasn't money to go Going nowhere fast, but drugs was a one stop Couldn't shine selling that tan, I had my son blocked Now I'm on acres, in a house, with a loft The women are foreign, their blouses are off It's a whole new me, I redefined my style And since yesterday's gone, I guess the time is now [Hook]


J Live "Apokalipse"
With or without the mic when my mind gets phonetic The mouth gets kinetically energetic its simple as your alphabetics My words you mark and never mock long as my name has been Jean Jacques I keep you open like your pupils in the dark. Dogs bark at the gate to negate what I create Still I write rhymes regardless of the stop signs In tough times or nice times For shade or for sunshine Throughout time all times have been the right time, to recite mine To mankind Who wants mine, come get mine You best combine minds Before you cross that fine line And say who is so called inclined Press rewind You'll find if you're blind, you can't see How this defines and redefines M U S I C Who I be H I P H O P, you know we As them strangers That some wish they could be or not to be Impossibly As it transcends from hte pen, to the key to the mind You will find an emcee, good enough to envy As long as I'm alive It'll send me to that next shit That some just can't get wit' or F with My almamada tolf you that it don'y quit kid, it don'y start until it all seems to be so easy Chorus: Easy, Emcee is my ambition, The incredible, lyrical and original emcee is my ambition Who in their right minds thinks they can put a stop to hip hop If it don't stop till I stop And I don't stop till it stop Fake emcees that soak props like rag mops must get dropped Risin' to the top of the bottom That's how I got 'em If your hearts glass ceiling is my mind's glass floor Whose style do you suppose Reaches higher plateaus While you kick those sellout flows In hope to sell out shows But get your spots taken easy as the wind blos J remains repin all the heads whole steppin Whose style shall be the illest With or without the weapon With or without a doubt I maintain with just the facts Improving skills with or without the record contracts And yet still If that beez the case my presence was a gift in its own right So I remain strong Long as Hands cap on Snare drums tap on J's word stays bond And cornballs who rap get snapped on Live lyrics will be just that Just phat Just right for all those who feel my flavors tight I'm dedicated to the flow The only way the true lyricist could ever make it seems so easy Chorus As I reserve the right to renovate the Raw Shack with lyrical scaffolds Heads are battled as tracks are travelled You're unraveled Or should I say unrapped in this world where mics get checked and all cornballs get slapped Alright rhymes get rewritten No bullshittin Perfected JL run point and stays on it Mastered styles look back and laugh at first drafts Freestyles make toes wanna paydownponit Do anything but lay down on it Anestesiatics get trapped like rats in attics To craftmatics but then transform like skilled wax to insomniacs with my name in your almanacs infact I let my glory be that never ending story Like those that still inspire since seven albums before me Cause yo From this old school comes a new degree Yet to be mastered till longevity seems to be so easy

Police State

DEAD PREZ "Lets Get Free"
[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:] You have the emergence in human society of this thing that's called the State What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy It is the po-lice department. It is the Army, the Navy It is the prison system, the courts, and what have you This is the State -- it is a repressive organization But the state -- and gee, well, you know, you've got to have the police, cause.. if there were no police, look at what you'd be doing to yourselves! You'd be killing each other if there were no police! But the reality is.. the police become necessary in human society only at that junction in human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got [Dead Prez] I throw a Molotov cocktail at the precinct, you know how we think Organize the hood under I Ching banners Red, Black and Green instead of gang bandanas F.B.I. spyin on us through the radio antennas And them hidden cameras in the streetlight watchin society With no respect for the people's right to privacy I'll take a slug for the cause like Huey P. while all you fake niggaz {*UNNNGH*} try to copy Master P I want to be free to live, able to have what I need to live Bring the power back to the street, where the people live We sick of workin for crumbs and fillin up the prisons Dyin over money and relyin on religion for help We do for self like ants in a colony Organize the wealth into a socialist economy A way of life based off the common need And all my comrades is ready, we just spreadin the seed (Chorus: Dead Prez) The average Black male Live a third of his life in a jail cell Cause the world is controlled by the white male And the people don't never get justice And the women don't never get respected And the problems don't never get solved And the jobs don't never pay enough So the rent always be late; can you relate? We livin in a police state [Dead Prez] No more bondage, no more political monsters No more secret space launchers Government departments started it in the projects Material objects, thousands up in the closets Could've been invested in a future for my comrades Battle contacts, primitive weapons out in combat Many never come back Pretty niggaz be runnin with gats Rather get shot in they back than fire back We tired of that - corporations hirin blacks Denyin the facts, exploitin us all over the map That's why I write the shit I write in my raps It's documented, I meant it Every day of the week, I live in it; breathin it It's more than just fuckin believin it I'm holdin them ones, rollin up my sleeves an' shit It's cee-lo for push-ups now, many headed for one conclusion Niggaz ain't ready for revolution (Chorus: Dead Prez) {*police siren wails*} [speaker unknown] I am.. a revolutionary and you're gonna have to keep on sayin that You're gonna have to say that I am a proletariat I am the people, I'm not the pig [another speaker] Guiliani you are full of shit! And anybody that's down with you! You could man-make things better for us and you cuttin the welfare Knowin damn well when you cut the welfare, a person gon' do crime..

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