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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes"

Original and similar lyrics
Boss dreams and everything on a triple beam It's like a holiday scheme ... In a car I lean, money infatuated ...(?) intimidated, illegally motivated Revvin' like a cutty that bang on the block Baby can I have your keys, I hate to pick your lock Snappin' like a gator, never waitin' like a waiter Cherry is my flavor when it comes to now and laters When it comes to gettin' greedy, man I get green eyes And I gotta get it like Muslims slang pies Cuttin' in line just to get mine Tiga I feel that waitin' is a crime Arrest me, cuff me, bail me Rap is money baby it'll never fail me I'm like an antique that zip through the streets Flickin' my tongue at little kids The lucky motivator when it comes to makin' paper Man you can keep your money 'cause I really need a fader Hot like potatoes, hair in your gators Waves that make ya sick like a sailor Don't ask about my woman 'cause I'm married to the rap Don't have to say "I love you", and we love it like that And I'm chillin like the number one chiller I round some cats that shoot more thangs than Ricky Miller Nicky you a real rap dealer I dranks my drank, hit the dank, and I'm bound to say "My nigga" The situation make me quiver The hotter the cap for the rap, cold steel will make a nigga shiver And like pizza I deliver Cop your rocks, hit the block, and mothafucka don't short stop Do you know where you go in life, it's like I reminisce till I die and I've lost track You know I gotta floss dat, boss dat, cross dat See the eye of the devil if I lost dat Yeeuh, it gets hot in the room Like a wicked witch I gotta jump the broom Screamin' "Fuck you" by the light of the moon Custom fit like a brand new bra I hate to break the rules but I love to break the law Get caught, gotta lie like a veteran In the bathtub screamin' "Flyyy pelicans!"

Can I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) Da Stripper's Anthem

Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69"
(Juicy J, DJ Paul) Hypnotize Minds Entertainment presents... Gangsta Boo baby, once again its on Yeah we in a shake joint We gone show ya how she do it in a shake too boy Get'cha, get'cha, get'cha, get'cha broke ass out boy [Gangsta Boo] Why you up in the club wit no money, trying to see a little ass Muthafucker give me sumethin' to see me twerk Make my butt cheeks clap to the beat Give ya girl a nice fee I take ya to the VIP We can shake, smoke, and roll, out of control Oops I feel ya hard, licking in ya ear Ya hear me moaning for it, taking charge If ya be the broke ones, you can leave the fucking club If ya be the baller spending money show a lady love See you at the bar looking at another nigga dance (ooh-wee) Hell naw boy get ya own dance DJ play my song, -Where dem dollars at- by Gangsta Boo Plus another southern diva Mia X is coming too We don't like dem boys who be all up in our face brah We don't like dem boys who ain't spending no money brah We ain't got no time for y'all muthafucking broke ass niggas in the club If ya ain't tipping get the fuck out bitch [Hook: repeat 2X] Get ya broke ass out the club if ya ain't gone tip (2x) Can I get paid nigga, can I get paid (2x) I be rapping for my lady's in the club get ya money It be funny how a nigga acting stingy wit they money Why do you be in the club, you make it harder for a thug That be spending all they money, popping bottles, smoking bud You know how it is in the spot, everbody pussy high If you talking big cheese, meet me in the parking lot I will turn you niggas out, they call me, Chocolate Melt in yo Mouth Bring ya rollies, its our family, come on in, I'm up on the house Fuck what you other hoes say, you be dykin' anyway You just mad cause I didn't let you eat my pussy yesterday If you bitches wanna pay that's all good wit me I ain't scared to dance for nobody spending they cheese It be those coming at my job nigga just to look If you wanna stare you need to get a muthafucking Playboy book You really need to tip or get you broke ass out I ain't dancing for free, fuck what you talking bout [Hook] Can I get paid playa, can I get paid I know that's you on twenty's who I saw up in the Escalade Ask ya boy do he want a dance, ohh he look hi' (Female): Ay you wanna dance baby? (Nigga): Naw, naw I'm cool baby Ain't no money in the club, damn that shit is fucked up I got bills to pay, but a sista gonna suck it up If its a good night, I can easy make a thousand daily If they bring the bustas they proverted keep ya mouth away Hit the, hit the stage, bring it, bring it on to the flo' Stick the money in my lace strap if you want a show I'm a private dancer, be yo love slave for a while Most niggas trip, when you diss, tip 'em wit they eyes Flawging ass niggas really muthafuck'n kill me How you gonna disrespect a muthafuck'n lady Why you in the club when you ain't spending no cheese Get yo ass out till you ready to spend some money [Hook]

.357-Break It On Down

LL COOL J "Bigger & Deffer"
[LL Cool J] That's right y'all this is the LL Cool J party Move it, move it, move it, get on the floor baby That's right, don't try to front like your fly GET OUT THERE! [LL Cool J] To rappers I'm a nightmare on Elm Street Hellafied hotter than heat, guess why the other's can't eat Cause I'm a carnivore and I can eat much more than a fat man after a pack-a-jam L.L.'s thicker than butter, well-known throw cutter When I'm involved all the amateurs stutter There's scared and can't believe that their whole crews Ain't a rapper alive that can fill my shoes I'm dope on a rope () water elope I do the hustle and the shuffle and the roper dope Cause I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock town I gotta .357 and I break it on down [LL Cool J] Three hundred and fifty seven reasons why you gotta get your butt on the floor right now We ain't playin, we came here to get ill Iller than ill, LL youknowI'msayin [LL Cool J] Just like Ali Baba and the 40 thevz So nasty you don't know whether to stay or leave More fear then Evan Bluebeard I serve primrose A picture of me is like a part of Michaelango's I don't play the banjo will you ever understand yo Servin I mean the matter how old I go Rambo Cocks strong half a block wrong Illy ill fire starter hittin harder than King Kong Not a battle axe not one of the mill Not easily knocked out or easily killed Cause I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock town I gotta .357 and I break it on down [LL Cool J] A hundred and ninety five pounds punk More bounce to the ounce and I say what counts KnowI'msayin Now get yourself on the floor Stop actin like a sissy [LL Cool J] Boy, I'm better than better is, badder than badder is I won't scare em or dare em I'll just splatter his guts kick his butt while Bob is rockin the cuts Wanna step in the ring with me you must be mushed Now ices in a crisis afraid when he's ready or chasin when he's chasin But filling when the scene I mean I'm icin and acin Amateurs who like it can't hack it I attack it that's why I'm gonna crack it The shell and the soul of little kids who can't roll I told em, scold em, teach em and mold em get paid ten knots at a time and then I fold em I remember the blood and I remember what told em I can, can't cause I'm down with E yet you have the audacity to try and mess with him and me Hypersonic is weak and Supersonic is wack Sneak around at the minute like a Siamese cat Pellum (1, 2, 3) catch twenty-two I'm H-A-R-D I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock town I gotta .357 and I break it on down [LL Cool J] Rock the beat now that can be arranged Yo baby you look fine spread em Yo homeboy get up against the wall put this in your pocket Who is this Move it, move it, move it [LL Cool J] I'm a nappy, sappy crappy imitator of who If I ever imitated it wouldn't be you, ooooh You don't know so many have died when the LL growl was amplified Get back better yet step back get dat Like shaft in the Mack cause I'm mad and I'm black I'm a perfect plan a good boyfriend I'm the reason rap rules and the country out Cool J-A-M-E-S Fresh as a cliche but so is my forte This goes out whether the blues is old news P's and Q's keep me in your shoes and you're dissin me because I'm young and I'm strong And cause I'm capable of makin a platinum LP Wrong you was, you assumed I was all in But boy is for ballin they'll never say I'm fallin Callin all cars for the brother in black L-E-L the Mack back bone of this track I'm force full of force to put you on your back Makin hit after hit while you sent for a contract Hotter than hot now watch how hot I can get Leavin rappers fee's dried and skimmer's dimmer's wet I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock town I gotta .357 and I break it on down [LL Cool J] Now the LL posse is now handin out speed knots to all those who don't want to get busy That's right baby get your body on the floor Move it, move it .357 at point blank range ain't nothin strange you're havin a heart attack is at your back Now listen to me bring it, bring it on, on down, down, down, down, down, down

Coming Of Age

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
(feat. Memphis Bleek) [Jay-Z] Yeah... Come experience... life as we know it As some of you should know it, yeah, yeah Place, Marcy, Brooklyn Actions... well, y'all know the actions Uhh, I got this shorty on my block always clockin my rocks He likes the style and profile I think he wanna mock He likes the way I walk, he sees my money talkin to honies hawkin I'm the hottest nigga in New York and I see his hunger pains, I know his blood boils He wanna, run with me, I know this kid'll be loyal I watched him make a few ends, to cop his little sneakers and gear then it's just enough for re-up again I see myself in his eyes, I moved from Levi's to Guess to Versace, now it's diamonds like Liberace That's just the natural cycle, nobody wanna be like Michael where I'm from, just them niggaz who banned from a gun We out here trying to make hard white into cohhhhld green I can help shorty blow out like Afro-Sheen Plus I can relive my days of youth which is gone That little nigga's peeps, it's time to put him on [Chorus: Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek] It's time to come up (and hold my own weight, defend my crown) Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand my ground) It's time to come up (stick up my chest, and make some loot) Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand on my own two) [Memphis Bleek] I'm out here slingin bringin the drama, tryin to come up in the game and add a couple of dollar signs to my name I'm out here servin disturbin the peace, life could be better like my man reclined in plush leather seats He's sellin weight, I'm sellin eight... balls sixteen tryin to graduate to pushin quarters y'all I ain't gon' sweat him I'ma let him come to me If he give me the nod then these niggaz gon' see I'm tired of bein out here round the clock and breakin day, and chasin crackers up the block for my pay I'm stayin fresh, so chickens check I'm tryin to step up to the next level, pushin Vettes to the Jets Diamonds reflect from the sun, directly in your equilibirum and stunned I'm waitin for my day to come I got the urge, to splurge, I don't wanna lifetime sentence just give me the word [Chorus] [JZ] Hey fella I been watchin you clockin [MB] Who me holdin down this block it ain't nothin You the man nigga now stop frontin [JZ] Hahahh I like your style [MB] Nah, I like YO' style [JZ] Let's drive around awhile [MB] Cool nigga [JZ] Here's a thou' [MB] A G I ride witchu for free I want the longterm riches and bitches [JZ] Have it all; now listen to me You let them other niggaz get the name, skip the fame Ten thou' or a hundred G keep yo' shit the same [MB] On the low [JZ] Yeah, the only way to blow You let your shit bubble quietly [MB] AND THEN YOU BLOW! [JZ] Hey keep your cool The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand Then you play your cards [MB] Then he through dealin I understand [JZ] Don't blow your dough on hotties [MB] The only thing I got in this world is my word and my nuts and won't break em for nobody! [JZ] Hah, I like resume, pick a day, you can start [MB] From now until death do us part... [Chorus 2X]

Always Wanted To Be A Ho

ICE-T "The Seventh Deadly Sin"
[Intro] This goes out to all you ladies out there. A lot of you won't grow up to be lawyers or doctors, but you have a dream. And I think you should follow your dream. When you was just a little girl, you used to love nice things Pretty party dresses, candy and rings You was your Momma's little angel, Daddy's little girl They used to fix your hair up in pretty ribbons and curls Your sex drive was much deeper than the rest of the girls You used to freak your boyfriends, take them 'round the world As a teen, you didn't like school that much Your moms drank, your daddy likes to cuddle and touch Too much, so you hit the street looking for love Affection and devotion, met none of the above Met me in the club working your fake id Looked me in the face like a slave set free I said walk into my eyes baby, come with me I can show you things that you dream to see Take you off the street get you something to eat Something nice to wear and a place to sleep My name is Ice, I'm the nicest guy you're ever gonna meet Tell me what you want, I'll make your life complete She said, I always wanted to be a ho I always wanted to be a ho You just had to find the player that was right for you, Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true The first thing we're gonna do is buy yourself a new dress Take some pictures, put you in the LA Express Teach you how to walk in some high heeled shoes Let you strut your stuff by the House of Blues Or farther down Sunset where the tricks all cruise 'Are you my pimp' Oh dear God don't say that I'm your manager, your boyfriend, you're agent, your mack Now I'm a do my hair baby, I'll be right back Because we gotta look good when we hits the track Now your real name 'Shirl' Yeah, we gotta change that I think I'll call you Apple, cause your ass is kinda fat How old are you '16' Well that's just right But you're 18 if anybody asks tonight I'm a teach you how to get this long paper right Catch a trick, suck his dick, break his ass for life Cause I love you, that's all you really need to know I'm 'bout to miss my hair appointment, girl I got to go She said, I always wanted to be a ho I always wanted to be a ho You just had to find the player that was right for you, Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true 'Now what if I meet a trick that got long cash' That's when I call the crew with the black ski masks But right now we'll only worry 'bout the basic stroll Hooking up my Cadillac, and upping my gold A hundred for a full hit, 50 for a hand Throw in a blow job, they'll fuck off grands I may even put you where the real johns at Some call the strip club, I call the indoor track They got lap dancers, table dancers, mad back rooms And you can double up your profit if you take them home 'I wanna be the best' Well this game's the test G-string bikinis and silicone breasts Suckas break themselves just to sniff your nest And if you get tired, I got crystal meth 'I think I'm in love...' Baby doll it's on You were made for me baby, since the day you were born You just had to find the player that was right for you Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true [Outro] Yeah baby, we gonna do a lot of beautiful things for each other You know what I'm saying We gonna get me a new car We gonna get me some better jewelry Some nicer rags, you know what I'm saying We gonna help each other out, you know what I'm saying We gonna get me a new pad, you know Maybe get me a Rolex We gonna do a lot of things for each other, it's gonna be beautiful Me and you I love you baby We gonna put a whole lot of money in my pocket That's what we gonna do. You are so cute in that dress That's right Damn, go on, get your ass out there and do something right quick for a player Yeah I love you, get your fucking ass out there I love you, get the fuck out.. aiite..


AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
Just like bums, we used to stay in the slums of LA by the way Gang-bangers killin' each other for rep, sellin' rock cocaine on my doorstep Had a ball to bounce plus a bike to ride, but my mamma never would let me play outside. But when I got enrolled in elementary school, started bangin' like a fuckin' fool. So cool, throwin' up gang signs to the gangster (), shot an enemy from across the street Mamma came home, said she got a good job. Daddy did too. Now they don't squab. Financially, we improvin'. 2 months later, son, we movin'. No more duckin' from shotgun shells. Bought a two-story house in East Palmdale. (give it to me now.) Palmdale, come back to me. I need you and I love you, baby. Palmdale, come back to me. (Check it out, check it out, check it out.) No more rats and no more roaches, livin' next door ito football coaches. Now I got a new place to sell me crack. Now I got little white kids to jack. I stopped wearin' blue, wasn't trippin' on red. Too busy squabbin' with the skinheads. Stupid questions, distract the class. Rubbin' little white girls on the ass. I didn't really care if I passed or failed, I knew I was headed for the NFL, Until the playoff game, shoulder got hurt. I thought about my future, layin' in the dirt. I can't jump, I can't flinch. Superstar player, ridin' the bench. Graduate from school Don't make me laugh. I got an F+ in basic math. (give it to me now.) Palmdale, (Hell, yeah.) come back to me. I gotta do one song for my neighborhood. Bucccoooc! Palmdale, come back to me. (check it out.) I knew I couldn't make it in the white man's world, so I bought me some khakis and a Geri curl. I knew I couldn't make it to the NFL, so I went to East Palmdale and started slingin' yell. Fo' sho'! I was makin' crazy dough. Shoulda dropped outta school a long time ago. Bought a cell phone, like a nut. Now I deliver like Pizza Hut. I drunk whisky and Bacardi. I sold dope to anybody. Me and my homies sold dubs and dimes, took turns bustin' rhymes just to pass the time. A white man drove up to my spot. He said, Hey, homeboy, what you got I put a fat rock inside his hand. About 25 sheriffs jumped out the van. (Get down, punk.) Palmdale, (Hell, yeah) come back to me. I need you and I love you, baby. Palmdale, come back to me. (check it out, check it out, check it out.) Can't get drunk. Can't get blunted. LA County, 95 hundred. Crips wanna take my All-stars. Bloods wanna eat my Snicker bars. Them peckerwoods don't want none, but the Mexican's straight own one. Them Essays, () that Essays always try to test me, So I jumped off the bed, cause I ain't no punk. Jammed his head up against the bunk. Socked that Cholo in his chin. Black mutha-fuckas scared to jump in. Sheriff broke it up when we hit the floor. I kept talkin' shit cause I want some more. Back in town, we get along with the brown. Now I'm in jail, they tryin' to beat me down. Jail is hell, but I'll adapt. Won't hesitate to get in a scrap. 'Cause I'm down for mine, and that's for certain, sittin' in the hole with my knuckles hurtin'. (Palmdale) Palmdale, (Hell, yeah.) come back to me. I need you and I love you, baby. Palmdale, come back to me. (check it out, homeboy.) Now I got a fucked up life. Two bad kids and a naggin' wife. Dead end job at the airport. Check too short to pay the house note. Turn on the TV, then I see different homeboys that went to school with me Playin' in the NFL. We used to kick back in East Palmdale. Rodney Williams. Lorenz Tate. Zeno plays for Colorado State. I wish my homeboys much success, but at the same time, I still get depressed. Walkin' through the wind with a cup full of gin thinkin' 'bout things that coulda, woulda, shoulda been. I wipe my tears, sip my beers, wish good luck to my peers. (Palmdale.) Palmdale, come back to me. I need you and I love you, baby. Palmdale, come back to me. Cause that's where my heartache began, heartache began. Palmdale, come back to me. I need you and I love you, baby. Palmdale, come back to me. Cause that's where my heartache began, heartache began. Palmdale, come back to me. (Hey, all the homeboys on the football team, where y'all at) Palmdale, come back to me. (Hey, wherever you at in the world, I don't care if you in Japan, Africa hey, you know how we used to do it, man. Hey, hey, hey.) Yo, let me get a Palm (Palm!) Yo, let me get a Dale (Dale!) Yo, what do we sell (Yell!) Yo, where we fittin' to go (We fittin' to go back to jail!) [x4] Dale. Palmdale. (Hey, everybody just clap your hands.) Dale. Palmdale. (C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. Buci-buci-bucccoooc!) Dale. Palmdale. Dale. (Where them Falcons at) Palmdale. (It ain't over 'til the fat man sings.) Dale. (Little Rock can't get none. What, what) Palmdale. Dale. Palmdale. [fade out.]

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