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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Falcon And The Snowman

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Equipto] I infect the whole set and collect the cash And I'm gon' run game but respect the past Got long range ...(?) into small change Then kick and parlay Exchangin' back to back rhymin' Word play for (?) for the studio timin' And can't wait for the hate and feedback I (?) when I break down the weed in my rap [Verse 2: Andre Nickatina] I was born about eight miles in the city of dope Meanin' my city is the city of dope Weigh the coke, Caddy spokes, you couldn't be saved by John the Pope Money is the bible, couldn't care about a idol If you're goin' for the title than it's kinda suicidal Cause you're gonna have a rival that's bustin' at your door Tryin' to put bullet holes up in your clothes! [Verse 3: Equipto] Oh hoe, fa sho we can blow some mo' While labels fall short to the ocean flo' (suckas) I get pesky (?) like Joe Pesci's I drop hefty rhymes on all MC's Suckas that wanna play too cute, execute the play(?) off loose I execute On site you're too hype, you might get snatched Just like your gold chain and no name raps [Verse 4: Andre Nickatina] Homie don't ask me about that chick Because about any chick I plead the fifth Call me Saint Nick when I spit the gift, real rap cat on a pirate ship Lock and chain like Sid Vicious, I done used my three wishes When it come to swishers, cut the heart Listenin' to Al Green in the dark Jumped in the ride with the leather coat Looked in the rear view, who pops the (?) Just when I thought that I saw a ghost, I realized it was the indo smoke [Verse 5: Equipto] ...(?) Your last hope is shootin' at me like the Pope I campaign the (?) to vote is unanimous Smokin' cannabis, put 'em in a camel clutch(?) Like this, can't trip when I get across Set it off, lay 'em down with no second thoughts Impulsin, indo indulgin, keep blowin, Falcon and the Snowman [Verse 6: Andre Nickatina] Tiga my raps, are just like a diamond heist Cause the way I shine you might lose your sight In my brand new Phat Farm vest, new kango Polo, no less Grab the cream, get your team who ...(?) In ya face, cocksucka, it's a new regime You're out again but it really don't matter Had it with the new improved police scanner Hang the banners, yo cock the hammers Or forever in life you'll wear a Pamper [Verse 7: Equipto] It was pivotal when you (?) pitiful answers Rhymes are avalanchin' the average rapper You're sweatin, then goin' all out representin' You're in and out steppin' like 3-5-7 I kept it honest, promise, no threatin' You're probably (?), if not forgettin' I stepped in the house, throwback with the (?) Excused the fool, but hold back with the hatin' [Verse 8: Andre Nickatina] Check it crack the bottle, then crack the whip Yo here go a slug that'll crack ya hip I'm like an angel, but at an angle And then I start to talk like Marlon Brando, like that Blow back in my crocka sack To the Benz dealer that the Cadillac is back I had to turn (?) Moonshine into yak And then the ATF wanna come raise the track [Verse 9: Equipto] I connive with more drive then multiply chedda I can see the fortune without the teller Cut back the raw rap and release the classic Suckas that jaw jap but I look past 'em I get detailed just (?) and graphic Practice the graph 'till I'm knowin' it backwards Spit it with a passion, ...(?) The I release the masters, study the game [Verse 10: Andre Nickatina] Okay, I hit the night skies with the ruby red eyes The streets are hurtin, I can hear her cries Freaks wear shoes that's not their size And here come Nicky with the felony rhyme And the melody crime, can you crack the case? Like a bat outta hell as I start to race Scars on my face, dictate the hate Get a scale for the rhyme when I push the weight

Dear Diary

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
Fuck throwin joints I throw incinerators at rappers that talk garbage about the Ak, they don't know me from a tree in the forest My name's not summer so I don't sweat it Most y'all niggaz know I cut ya like cheese that's cheddared I been around the world like Lisa Stansfield tour bus Tearin niggaz up from here to West Bubblefuck So don't front like you don't know what my name is Before I start diving up in that ass like Greg Louganis That's not my number one AMOS You take my style and squeeze your lips like probably you see your life stopped, you're freakin FAMOUS I dare another rapper try to TAME THIS I hit you in the ANUS Once y'all reach for the damn A-LIST still, this ain't the pretty boy Fear sex-appeal it's Ak, a.k.a. the real deal I make punk rappers stutter, y-yoyoy-yoyoy-yoyo I bring out the Das EFX in a motherfucker I livin larger than a mansion, you hear me? You fear me, you're just a Little House on the Praerie Leave 'fore Hurricane Ak come blowin in All you motherfuckers best to breeze like the wind Check the news forecast I place a con niggaz'll stick ya on your butt If you're light in the ass Close your eyes, and concentrate it's time to recognize The Ak keep brothers on checkmate Check over there, and then check over here Just lend me your ear, c'mon listen Nigga you just can't defeat me Child abusers walk around, knowin they just can't beat me So don't try to take the winner's belt Aiyyo this ain't April 1st so don't dare fool yourself It don't get no liver, I'm hittin harder than a chastiser I flip rhymes like saliva, poundin on your BRAIN With the sick shit I'm SAYING I got more GAME than a panhandler on a TRAIN Huh, it's rare if I don't catch props I'm the Ak I tear that ass out the frame like a benzie box You know the rules if you ain't ruff Stay on the hush and get played like Sunday school shoes and get scuffed, I put heads to bed like newlyweds Sing your rap eulogy Cuz now you're good as dead Hit the deck, once I round it off like a Tec I play you like a game of chess and keep your ass in check Checkmate Check all around, and then check for them clowns Check the fuckin real sound, break down In English, MC's can't last Similar to a car crash, I got rap in a smash Whenever you wanna get loose and hang out Remember I done turned enough troops into The Last Boy Scout Think you'll last? Then come try Otherwise make like a librarian and keep your ass quiet I'm out to catch the winner's cup All you number one contenders just got knocked to the runner's up What nigga what? I'm blowin up the spot with dynamite rhymes by the Ak Airports they amazed to me Shit cuz I fly so much heads yah have my own travel agency Rap's are fat like SUMO, slammin like JUDO I won't get abused like numbers, I'm MENUDO I got the art down pat, pass the courderoy this bad boy about to start to slack Fuck how I could just kill a maaaan I'm slick and puttin brothers out with these Edward Niggahands Ten fingers of death, grippin micraphones Holdin my own, sparkin rhymes up like grindstones Rippin up challengers Creating a mess on stage out of comedian rappers like Gallagher My mind is filthier than a HAMPER Dirty like a CAMPER On top of that I've been through more shit than PAMPERS Fake is what I ain't But Constantine the Great, don't know me from a can of paint Listen to how the soundwaves vibrate You can't relate, I got your whole brain on checkmate Rob Swift is his name, with Akineyle in the game You're best to maintain, as we aim for your brain as we aim for your brain (3x)


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
[Slug] Yo yo yo... I wish that I had something to say That could wipe that smile right off of your face Here take my hand pretend you know my man Blame it all on the game, blame it all on the game [Sample] ?? is a thing that we love So here's another one to get jealous it Ja!(?) [Slug] So put your hand up if you remember the Juice Crew They don't make em' like they used to This supposed to be the new school? Your guns are aimless, songs are nameless How long you been famous? I claim this region 200 hundred-mile radius Twin Cities' flavors RhymeSayers got the tastiest And you can hate me, it's part of the territory As long as you know it's impossible to ignore me >From middle fingers to hugs, tofu to the drugs The fights fist(?), might as well just take pictures of Slug And live out your own life to the fullest Why you starin' at my feet when you're standin' in this bullshit? You could never learn how to ride a bike without balance So what's the point of trying to grab the mic without talent Go get your brakes looked at, you fuckin' fake hood rat Wanna be the basement's greatest? Too late, already took that! Father knows best, but Father knows stress But Father needs love, a back rub, and some rest Damn he could use a good home cooked meal Been burnin' both ends since he broke the seal Up, up and away, watch him take off Give himself a little hell and quit the day job And ignite the sunlight, tryin' to write about life About face(?), break the fear, and you're here till the plight(?) [Chorus] And I wish that I had something to say That could wipe that smile right off of your face Here take my hand pretend you know my name And blame it all on the game, blame it all on the game [Slug] Cat's be walkin' into the spot like they own it Wearin' a face that they should save for they opponents With the shoelaces tied, you're(?yet?) too wasted to drive Either way I've arrived to bless this place with my vibe Yeah right, my vibe ain't even cool I sit in the corner and drink until I slur and drool The t-shirt says shoot pool, not people Kill time, not life, grab the mic and let the beat go (Beat go beat go beat go) But that's good for me, It's hard to hide a magic card when you wear a short sleeve Force feed what I've got when they not hungry Tryin' to replace everything that they ripped off from me Below the tummy, and choke the dummy theory Beat the point dead until these folks hear me clearly Keep it all simple, a simplistic intricate(?) Rebuild the robots with little hands and finger tips Reprogram, a world full of slow jams Grab the prize and clutch it tight with both hands Why go ?? talk Anyone that calls this fall off(?) can suck my balls off I ain't goin' nowhere, I'm still here, right here Same spot that I stood when you first woke up The same guy that grabbed the mic and made your girl wanna fuck The same MC still runnin' on an empty tank of luck [Chorus] And I wish that I had something to say That could wipe that smile right off of your face Here take my hand, pretend you know my name And blame it all on the game, blame it all on the game And I wish that I had something to say That could wipe that smile right off of your face Come here take my hand, pretend you know..know..know Blame it all on the game (Blame it all on the game) [x10] [Sample] Because of the beats other rhymes, when in fact it did (?whole line?)

Don't Touch My Money

DO OR DIE "Back 2 The Game"
[Chorus 4X] Don't touch my money man Don't touch my money man Don't touch my mothafuckin money man [N.A.R.D] Welcome to the city of big ballers and players and hustlers where players be gettin paper from all these customers even from touchin drugs y'all still aint touchin us we be the low key playaz in the back with all that dust see I keep my iced up while y'all gettin viced up niggaz buyin nice trucks still get set right up wrong move, cus see we check hoes with long spoons It's a must we gotta check 'em before they leave the room I'm all about my money deniero fetti and cheeseay don't nothing please me unless my pockets gettin griezed playa [Belo-Zero] Don't touch my M O N E why all you voltures at me tryin to plot for the dough on the low key but when it come to the dust you provoke me got silly hands out for a sawbuck but runnin off at the mouth get your jaw stuck who that young boy got knocked out little poopy lil brother with the big mouth see a pimp make move and sessions and get the money when its there no questions if he slip then he do it for the lesson hush hush when I'm askin a question cus if he new about hustle he'd be paid cop land take flight in the light shade and a brother run up then he get sprayed otherwise at the mall wanna get laid B E L O gone be paid B E L O gone be paid BE LO ZE RO don't touch [Chorus 4X] [AK-47] see I'ma hollar at my muhfucka I don't fuck wit the bloodsucker smoke a dub of love wit the city gettin gritty for fitty itty bitty puttin it down like P. Diddy do or die just be rollin up like P's steppin outta the car and lil J runnin and slippin like Clyde Davis get it like I spit it, spit it like I get it for cheesey better yet if its easy now get the paper-paper see they really wanna fade it fade it had to get crossed tossed or lost in the cement 2 double 0 1 Escalade and I ride like a veteran had it been you touchin on the paper get you left in a dumpster thats what you get for playin punkster when we come to pump ya [N.A. Sean] want me to tell you bout ice you can keep that wanna reach I'ma show you where the heat at on the side of the seat did you peep that 6 left in the clip here keep that don't owe me show me that dust them boys on the block is dangerous everywhere we go we got them thangs with us we some big cats they don't wanna bang with us, (uh uh) thats right, never let them tell you Na Sean aint tight I be on the paperchase day and night I been tryin to make a million all my life ready to ride with do or die its no lie we be tippin hard on the city's westside and yea its kinda windy in the city called Chi but we don't hesitate to let the bullets fly look him in the eye it's you and I [Chorus]

If You Ain't From My Hood

PROJECT PAT "Mista Don't Play"
(feat. DJ Paul & Juicy 'J') [CHORUS] If you ain't from my hood you can get from round here [X4] I don't know them niggas [X2] I don't fuck with them niggas I don't know them hoes I don't fuck with them hoes [Project Pat] I know this sucka from the suburbs Cool with this other motherfucker on the outskirts Tried to get Project Pat caught up in this shizurb Since you niggaz hate then your plan didn't wizork On that ATL tattle tale to my bizurbs Say you saw me with anotha gal now don't be scared Man you might as well throw in your towel youse a fake thug Face to face I shoot you in your mouth Cuz ain't no love say you from the north memphis ten but I doubt that Stick ya'lls noze in others folks affairs we ain't bout that Weak motherfucker wanna stare when you see me Couldn't wait to snitch punk Bitch you wanna be me Gotta pay some dues but my shoes to big for ya Don't be out here trying to claim my hood I don't know ya Turn state niggas ask if you was a roller Police ass nigga watch your mouth I done told ya Weak ass boy [CHORUS] Still out to get paid down for lucha leray Fuck all the bullshit and he say she say Those who oppose me shall get no leway Lying on real niggas end up in gun play Punk mutherfucker you gonna hear this and feel me Smile in my face really wanna kill me Thats if you had heart to pull the trigga Catcha murda charge I don't think so my nigga Weak ass hoes play games like they killas Always runnin mouth braggin on they niggas Cyper Gardens did and I did not have no dough No fresh clothes cuz a playa was real poor I was locked up 2-0-1 wearing bo bo's Playin dominos shooting dice big ol afros Now I'm on the town and I'm layin the smack down Nigga I ain't you best to check my background [CHORUS] [DJ Paul] Man I'm tired of playing with cha boyz Think its time I kill you boyz Wanna run and grab them toys Fuckin round with real McCoys Coward boys that bring the noise Rollin' round in SUV's, DVD's Man fuck some 20's I'm lo key Lookin for y'all cowards cuz y'all talking out the side of your mouth Knowin that the Triple 6 is one of the hardest rappers out DJ Paul and Juicy J, best producers in the town I've been got the crown those that ain't down get run down [Juicy J] Man if one of you bitches wanna step up to the juice Talking bout that nigga wrong talkin bout what cha gonna do Man its on if you rappers wanna bring it to the door To you crosses in my click i'm treat you like a hoe I'm a tell you like this if you talkin in my face You gonna start a major war be prepared to hit the floor Everytime you see me coming you be speakin like we cool Ain't your motherfucking nigga and ain't no motherfucking fool

I'm No Russian

JIMMY BUFFETT "Songs From St. Somewhere"
I'm no Russian Not even Prussian Doorman at the yacht club Was my one claim to fame Some say I'm nervy Hell, I'm from Jersey This chasin' money Can do things to your brain How does a shore boy like me Wind up out on the Black Sea Dropped out of Harvard Then joined the Coast Guard Manned a faithful 50 On a boat in Gitmo Did my duty But missed the boo-tay I heard that St. Barth Was the place I should go How could a coastie like me Sail off into infamy I couldn't surf or sing or play the guitar All I ever did was steal an oligarch's car My million dollar joy ride was not the perfect crime And those bad boys from Little Odessa Don't believe in wasting time A Lamborghini Elemento Ain't your average island car “park it close” the driver told me Sounding like some kind of czar With a bucket of Cristal And devil weed inside I thought it would be crazy Not to take a ride Flying through Gustavia Passing Mini Mokes Gendarmes at the roundabout Didn't get the joke Speeding down the hill Like a Dassault Mirage Parked it on the runway And headed for la plage Bar on fire Din of desire Dancing on a table She was waving me in Her name was Kira She knew no fear-a Then introduced me to Her vampirish friends I'd never seen such a girl Was she from some future world? Over thousand dollar vodka and kilos of caviar I told them how I'd commandeered the oligarch's car They were laughing, speaking Russian and getting over served When Kira looked at me and said “Could you take us round some curves?” A chick drone strike Is a lethal attack You never see it comin' And you can't fight back They feel entitled to all access From clubs to army camp-as If you don't believe it Ask those generals down in Tampa The KGB and coppers Soon joined in the chase Spectators lined the roads Like a grand prix race Dropped the girls at Ti St. Barth To get them out of the commotion Then I missed the curve at Toiny And drove into the ocean Underwater My world is sinking Will I wind up like Pussy Riot That's what I'm thinking? Feeling foolish My fate's a mystery Don't want polonium Rolled up in my sushi Oh baby Jesus come through I am in need of rescue Now we can't leave this white boy Drowning in the dark What the hell was he thinkin'? You don't fuck around with sharks Turns out the lovely Kira Held a most important tool It was her daddy's Lamborghini And she saved that crazy fool No he couldn't surf or sing or play the guitar They made an artificial reef out of the oligarch's car It was Kira lovely Kira who got him off the hook Then they took her yacht to Istanbul Just to take a look No, I couldn't surf or sing or play the guitar All I ever did was steal an oligarch's car My million dollar joy ride, was not the perfect crime but I'm not dead, still have my head This margarita needs more lime

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