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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Ayo For Yayo

Original and similar lyrics
OK.. got some for me? [San Quinn] Yeah, yeah, listen to the story I'm about to tell Another tale about that yayo Little girl once innocent and sweet 14 introduced to the street Started from weed, big smoke outs before you could exhale, blunt in your mouth Sham, Nay, blew you blew now you need something else to do A new high to try, a new place to go introduced to the yay to the yo House full of girls, old and young playin it on the table takin one on ones Use dollar bills just to snort the lines you see the big girls do it so of course it's fine Cocaine enforced on your mind Now blow, then they blowin ya time Let's go [Chorus: Andre Nickatina] Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo, all in my nasal I must have been craze yo [x2] [San Quinn] Chompin and compin kicks Supplyin people with they fix Where you fit? Fillmore Street is where you sit Don't go in the house till you move a zip Worked a day and night shift To stay awake, a nigga might sniff not too much cuz you might slip Instead of 28, you cookin 26 Keep a gat in the pack in the sock take a couple of tubes, then its back to the block Back to the service out the sack experimentin with that salt, what about that crack, huh? One try, another try without a doubt papered out, always at the Powder house Day time, night time, nigga part it out couldn't been papered a power house [Chorus x2] [San Quinn] Like you and I, super high, like superfly one more line, one more rhyme like Peruvian Fine I can keep you down, and get you high You like to blow? like Boston George you want some more, for you and your whores? I kick off wars, and get behind walls and corporate doors, executive nose sore Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters they call me, placin they orders Bring me across the border, buyin the case before I'm sold, they take the case Snortin habit, not with affordin some use me, strictly out of boredom I hooked people before man, I warned them I took many people out before them Doin my job, connected wit the mob got President Bush, Whitney, and Bob Many others all walks of life have one on ones with me every night [Chorus x4] That's some good coke

Lonely Is The Night

Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone Your demons come to light and your mind is not your own Lonely is the night when there's no one left to call You feel the time is right--(say) the writin's on the wall It's a high time to fight when the walls are closin' in Call it what you like--It's time you got to win Lonely, lonely, lonely--your spirit's sinkin' down You find you're not the only stranger in this town Red lights, green lights, stop 'n go jive Headlines, deadlines jammin' your mind You been stealin' shots from the side Let your feelin's go for a ride There's danger out tonight..the man is on the prowl Get the dynamite...the boys are set to prowl Lonely is the night when you hear the voices call Are you ready for a fight--do you wanna take it all Slowdown, showdown--waitin' on line Showtime, no time for changin' your mind Streets are ringin', march to the sound Let your secrets follow you down Somebody's watchin' you baby--so much you can do Nobody's stoppin' you baby, from makin' it too One glimpse'll show you now baby, what the music can do One kiss'll show you now baby--it can happen to you No more sleepin', wastin' our time Midnight creepin's first on our minds No more lazin' 'round the tv You'll go crazy--come out with me

Make Room

Tha Alkaholiks "21 and Over"
Verse One: J-Ro I knock em knock em out the park when other rappers are hitting bunts I'm a togger not a fogger step on hunts and don't do stunts I got SOUL POWER never took a cold shower Never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flour You can call me sleazy cuz my rhymes are kinda greasy Some brothers wear curls, cuz it ain't easy being peasy Like a Kung-Fu flick, I stick you in the dick, with my toothpick Tell em Rick ( You hit them harder than a fuckin brick ) I like clothes and hoes but like em better in the sheets I rock more beats than Jesse Owens ran track meets] Amazing feets move, they happen everyday When the Ro to the J bring his ass out to play I weight one-eighty but I'm, fat I ki-uh-kick up dust when I bust like a cap Tha Alkaholik crew, and what we're here to do Is rock a show, knock a hoe, and crack another brew Chorus: Make room, for the crew with beats that thump (3x) Tunes hittin hard enough to ditch your trunk It's the Liks baby, it's the Liks (4x) Verse Two: Tash The super, duper, gets it poppin with the quickness King Tee and the Alkies straight gettin down to business It's all about the Liks cause we're heavy on the kicks But we're easy on the treble (adjust my mic level) So fools can here me mic checkin all the way in China The skills you can't front on, Tha Alkaholik rhymer Could rip a show up to' up so I always flex my talents but my words don't be slurrin, I never lose my balance But that's cause I'm slick tossin bottles like a discus The Liks could rock a party from Halloween to Christmas That's why I'm screamin on MC's like I'm Onyx I'm hooked on gin and tonics like your momma's Hooked on Phonics So when we steppin through, with the thirty-two of brew Niggaz better make way for the Alkaholik crew When we're steppin through, with the thirty-two of brew Niggaz better make way for the Alkaholik crew Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro First you gotta have respect, money comes next After you get THOSE, come the hoes and the sex Girl you keep askin bout the niggaz in my crew Yeah I'm down with Pooh, but what's up with me and you Cause I don't give a fuck whose your cousin who could fuck Cause I just wanna fuck, damn I wanna fuck So unlock the gate and MAKE ROOM for the heavyweight rapper The slim light skinned coochie slapper Pull over to the side so I can roll up the indo Got the bitch head bumpin on the front window Wham, bam, I spanked you ma'am I wonder how they make these rubbers from the skin of a lamb I blow into the mic when I check it Had hoes gettin naked way before I made a record I smoked a gang of liquor, I drink a gang of boom Like Ted, I gotta zoom zoom so make room Chorus Outro: Tash, J-Ro Ah yeah, ah yeah, Tha Alkaholiks Yo, before we bail We gotta give a shout out to the crew that gets the party poppin Tha Alkaholik crew Old English is in the house, and uhh What about Mickey's is in the house, and uhh St. Ide's is in the house, and uhh Crazy Horse is in the house, and uhh Genuine Draft is in the house, and uhh What about Red Bull is in the house, and uhh Colt .45 is in the house, and uhh King Cobra ain't in the house, and uhh *bottle smashes*

Burn It Out

Arsonists "Date of Birth"
[Bridge: Swel Boogie] Not it's about that time It's time to wild out, it's time to wild out Nigga is you out your mine? Comin' up in my house, runnin' up in my house I'm about to stop and go and if you want beef, come on, we knockin' out teeth I'm about to drop my flow and if you want beef, come on, we knockin' out teeth [Verse One: Swel Boogie] Arsonists' next shit, ya gots to accept it Wannabes get hit and get thrown out the exit with a kick in the ass, rugged Timberland boots In this game you won't last, you ask veteran troops They got stories to tell, the battle legends of Swel Climbin' to the top, never made it and FELLLL Oh well, not a happy ending, what you was expectin'? Every man for themself so it's my own that I'm protectin' Get lost bro! the boss told, you, if you cross roads you end up at the +crossroad+ with Bone Thugs You bone thugs heard you flame on That's the closest you gettin' to fire just to stay warm Hot shot but not so hot, ayo Money, (this is me) and you ain't claimin' no spots I'm holdin' it down and I know exactly what to give 'em Dope beats, dope rhymes, dope cuts and dope rhythm [Chorus 2x: Swel Boogie] Now when you put us in your system, we goin' burn it out Now when we get up on the stage, we goin' turn it out Now what we want y'all to do is just scream and shout First you scream WHAT! , the you shout PYRO! [Verse Two: Swel Boogie] I ain't tryin' to hear the third that and this, catchin' fits Shakin' breakin' backs-n-ribs, now choose one, smack or fist You soft, snap your wrist (Swel you fool), nah understand I'm amped and pissed So place your bets 'cause them garbage kids ain't passin' me And I don't make threats or promises, I'm guaranteed or your album's back and watch my styles attack I got new friends, some of the old pals was wack They didn't know how to act, they sayin' shit that's uncalled for And gettin' gased up, knocked and opened the wrong door Unlike my crew and I on top bookin' them strong tours You underhand sort of like pitchin' them softballs Get outta here with your baby league and watch me blaze the beat My sense of reflex is at a crazy speed, even fast for light time Blast raw of them hype rhymes cause these short 16 bars will last more than a lifetime (Chorus 2x)

Second Sermon

Extra Prolific
Chorus When you hoes is lonely in the night All you need is the one who can make it right Just get back and page me I will find a way Baby girl its me time Lets do it like the dogs by the street sign Combine with the beast that's bout the shiekin' Sweet is the wine I sip off your thigh Reeking the smell of the cream that just slipped in your eye Peeking at you fannie Swing back and forth in your panties Smoke a tenny, pop the remy Its another Annie Heartbreak, if your smart take of your tennies Throw on them red heels tender Remember me not being sober I hit the curb when I pulled over You was cool cause I was riding that toyoter Since I'm the kind who macking for sex I hit the pedal then came back in the lex Why did it take all that For you to fall flat, on your face While my balls slap the pace Of your cushor Japanese or African sisters Laughin' at bustas Because you back with the hustler Chorus x2 You said your man went to jail Wanna give me that tail His ATU at nine Time will reveal I showed up with my sex motor over your quota Little ginny in my glass of soda its over I'm givin' all my sex Your man called collect To give y'all respect I withdraw the bed Hung up ensured him that the pussy's untouched But you keep telling me in person how you love it so much And probably Keep the lights on just to see my body A hobby is what we call it But can't live without it I'm noddin' fast asleep In the nasty sheets Pass my glass of tea So the wrath in me, can blossom Everynight a different way to toss'em is awesome Takin' flicks of all the naked shit you see the boss is Tellin you to tell your man that your girlfriend took'em So he can smile when he lookin' Chorus x2

While You're Sleeping

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Hatchet Warrior"
[Verse 1] Now I lay me down to sleep I pray my dreams don't slowly creep Caught up in a web with no escape Something the mind can't break unless you wide awake Have you ever had a nightmare, and been scared? Then woke up in the morning and forgot it was there Then the shit really happens like deja-vu But you sit back and act like you never knew The same situation happened in my life And I feel that I sould tell it cause the timing is right Now the only reason that I'm speakin' is cause I'm teachin' Thinkin' if I let it out my head'll stop tweakin' Mixed emotions caused from stress That reunite when you lay your head down to rest It's like creatures of the night leavin nothing but bad news And things about the future that might make you confused [Verse 2] I remember way back in the day At the age of 13 before moms passed away The dreams that I had people said weren't right Like the evilness of afterlife lurkin' in the night Candlelight blew out, bed stops shakin' Down on my knees prayin', askin' to be taken To another life where it's safer than this Not a dream but reality I hope for this wish But it never came true so I'm stuck in this place Just a native actin' crazy that keeps changin' his face Searchin' for the final answer so I can spread the word Now that you really see me I'm just askin' to be heard We all in this together, so they call us night crawlers Think the world's feelin' weary because we gettin' smarter Silohettes in the hallway, dead men holla Can't sleep at night cause the spirits won't allow ya [Blaze Ya Dead Homie Talking] You know bein' dead I remember thinkin' death would be horrible and terrifying Shit, I mean that's what everybody thinks But now, having died and shit I can now see everything Like every question the living have, I now know the answers to It's like I'm awake now, and living was just a dream [Verse 3] Call me the dream catcher, mother earth smoker Peyote pack piece pipes hallucinatin' toker Blessed with the wisdom that you see in my eyes Don't be surprised if you ever think you caught up inside Like the awakaning of life, or the passion of death That keeps you jumpin' up in shivers from ice cold breath Now you swear you're being followed everytime that you rest Or you feel sharp pains drillin' deep in your chest I don't expect anyone to believe if they don't want to But don't expect yourself to rest in peace when spirits haunt you Make your choice people dream it or not It's time to look into the situation we got Pinpoint the whole problem, get rid of all the anger Release all the stress before the world becomes a stranger Medicine man above your headboard with a dream catcher In the blood of the boogie man the warrior'll protect ya

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