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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

I'm A Junkie

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Andre Nickatina] Now I, played some hoes in my life But I never played this ho before ANd I swear, if it's cool Ho I only wanna be [Andre Nickatina] Man I speak with percision Money's my religion Freak how you livin I fly like a pigeon This is the mind of a rap cat And get all the money and the hoes yo and never try to hatchback I talk shit in the cadillac It's about two AM my freak is sippin on cognac She love me I love her right back But yo it's a different kind of love Man kill her with the kisses and the hugs Sometime she might cry like a dove She know I got hustle in my blood She know I don't spit no scams I like candy yams I never jepordize who I am I don't have to try to cross her Man I'm her sponsor The word play I display man it'll haunt her Man take these CD's yo and bring the cash back I'm a junkie for the money how you like that And how you like that I bet you like that I spect you like that I think you like that [Equipto] I live life we think we didn't care And leave the scene with my pinky in the air I left my mark with dents in my imprints And chalked it up with Goldie my big friend Discuss the thang like what's the game When all fails it's all hell we trust the game And I'm confident, I spit it like no other on the continent And I ain't lookin for your sympathy or compliments You work regardless put it aside You might feel a little pain that's just your pride Now baby wide open, breakin the rules In the shoes of a prostitude bout to choose I'm chosen all up in the rhyme like a metaphor Promote the Queeze help me go ghetto gold [Andre Nickatina] You're lookin at the culture of the rap culture You stare long enough you might see just move on my poster I might have to ice grill ya If you talk outta line and the god don't feel ya I put your mind in a octagon And you'll devote your whole world tryin to play with Kahn You ride around in the flyest car Your catered at the bar I have you shining like a lucky star And all you gotta do is take this and bring it back Take this and bring it back Take this and bring it back Shit, and now I'm laughin at the money stacks And all your friends and your buddy pack is lookin for this rap cat Man it's the gift boss And get the hot sauce And don't ask what the clothes or the cars cost I like to mad floss Man get my hair did And talk shit to a chick eatin spare ribs She said she love me I make her heart feeze Alright baby, then move these CD's

Oh My My

Uhh...yo! I can't hear myself on the mic! Uhhh....yeah maybe I can! Ugh! [First Verse: SPM] Now take a trip off the trip let me trip you out Cause I'm a trip, I'm a nut, I'm a fool no doubt Y'all boys really trippin on the money I make But I'm trippin wet tryin to kill some I hate Separate all these fake niggas all in my face You a disgrace, you should wish well for your own race Tie your laces and hide your two faces Guess I been lookin for love in all the wrong places Follow in a trail to the land of hell Everybody knows I belong in jail For my Raza, anyone else no tienen chanza Fuck with my click i'll put a hole in your panza I give two fucks, three shits, and one damn Scram you bitch you aint with my fam I don't cut for the jealous Guess where your gal is All on my weenie like mustard and relish [Chorus: Baby Beesh] Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in tha air Fix me a drink and sing me a song But do it quick baby cause I can't stay long Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in the air Man I'm so blowed Man I'm so throwed Somebody grab the wheel I can't see the road [Second Verse: SPM] Mama Mia I wanna put somethin in Aaliyah Sippin Sangria and smokin on Maria I drill a nine milli through your liver arm trilla Lone star state home of the armadilla Blow killa with Priscilla and ganja with Blanca Catch me at the club in my Nike chanclas Vida chueca, my girlfriend's name is La Muñeca Dios around my necka Sangre de Azteca S P M on choppers like men Y'all run and hide while I count to ten I'm a wait till fall then I'll cut my grass Stop and make my girlfriend pump the gas I got enough birds to have a snowball fight My dream is to keep the world up all night I done sold you a dub sack Used to chase a hub cap Now I'm in this game tryin to see where my love at [Chorus] [Third Verse: Baby Beesh] Its the return of that nut, Baby Beeshie Love my chicken greasy Shittin on them haters that love to taste the feces I'm a fool I'm a nutta Gone off the butta I'm from Vallejo, California Houston to Calcutta Gone wacko off tobacco mixed with the dough dough You squares aint ready for the modern day cholo Used to be a player but now I'm an official Doin big things like Shine and Pen & Pixel The only nigga with a Benz still on welfare No insurance, no license, and no health care Computer illiterate Smoke dank like a cigarette A straight fuckin idiot You think that I give a shit I need a hearing aid for some handicap parking Damn Baby Bash your so damn retarded [Chorus]

Population Control

Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[El-P] You and your whole fuckin canned groove it'll end tepid So when I Pearl Harbor don't let me catch you intrepid I'm tellin you the wishbone been broke in my favor, crumbcake your mistake Enterprise and see Indelible, the number one feel-bad crew of the season Just give me one reason to splash I shall lower the flag half mast, take time to wallow Company Flow the toughest penis sucky sucky So of course in an attempt to defend you end up unkempt Plus this Agent get Orange E-L-P-F-C-F rock for you First cousin to sleep, red dye number five be the potion Enter subterrean water from gem of fate like stop motion Best to get ak-a-nickulous Our masks aren't intangible Auto man verse mandible We answer to no one, we 911 Silent alarm this is harm fear the duck of learning El-P phase through these walls like vision Choked in the shallow water, a bad executive decision Release the crack and please put down your skin flutes How could ya... motherfuckers think ya... To this mercenary sunblock 2000 burner All of your knowledge is truant Unlearn all of the shit Then in overtime you become fluent, sell the fuckin store After I present enter the spectrum your career's never no more Enter the rectum And at twilight we'll skip stones and laugh about your poems But a blood-red book when the others got funcrushed is a spot The terror fabulously gets hot Co Flow mossie, Walt Disney meets Kaiser Soze There will be no grand comebacks unless Lazarus or Kotter Inflicted bitch styles indicate with stigmata when locked in a box but you can't say Jack Trying to paint them fucking red doors black Like that spilled milk spoiled While Bill Gates and Ted Turner rub each other down with olive oils Company Flow, fuck please Bitch put away the fuckin piteous punchlines Blue Blockers break under the red light, belittled by my design I don't try to be different I am So inevitably my style will survive when your now turns to then El-P, vastly crapaphobic 3-2-1 Contact, never no more that's the promise You hold toast, well I hold Thomas Golden nooks and crannies Win my ticket raffled off the recycled thought shoppin spree winner Congratu-fucking-lations, I dropped it now you got it But it's only a matter of time before Waldo gets spotted Pulled out of the crowd and martyred, a good old fashioned stonin My children, the professional has left the fuckin buildin Check check check check check one two Until but for now You can't get run at night Curfews is issued in the daylight (repeat 3X) [R.A. the Rugged Man] * [speaks over chorus vocals] Yo yo, who the FUCK think they know about this hip-hop shit These motherfuckin kids LIVE this shit Live they fuckin LIVES Who the fuck you think you are Talkin bout this rap shit These are the REAL motherfuckers (Population Control) This IS the real hip-hop shit Some shit that none of y'all faggot motherfuckers know about That's word life! [Bigg Jus] The daylight goblin, even in the nights we rip shit up ( Bless my soul! ) The two franchise players that make your whole squad look butt Who brought the March Madness competition til October Got you thinking that shit became a bit little harder These niggaz is fucking soldiers Indelible mercenaries that's why ballin gets me on the nutsack For the murderous intellect highly infections on contact You need to come quicker than that to snatch the cheddar from the mousetrap Small timer, it takes crazy engineering To fuck with anything from quantum physics to thought transmitters Next up be that over .400 switch hitter Out the park kingpin Dave couldn't do Justice ( Bless my soul! ) Pound for pound, it be these 2000 rap slugfests Hardcore when future emcees fight future wars But for now, I'm fightin a squad of super-whores Butt-fucking invincible CoFlow skills for take-out Where you can get the beef broccoli with extra duck sauce The quick draw, intend to keep cops reachin for the bearclaws Come meet the Coney Island intruder hit the arts way after midnight Had a scheme for a burner etched out tonight in graphite Apply the same ideology of b-boys demented to the mic And scratch the sounds like a quarter inch bolt broken off CoFlow, coming at you from every verse payola shit Got stations blessin me off two thousand for every song minute Secretly teach background vocals in R amp;B clinics Until but for now You can't get run at night Curfews is issued in the daylight (repeat 3X) [R.A. the Rugged Man] * [speaks over all other vocals] Yo yo, this that MC shit That shit talkin bout, every MC in this fuckin room is broke Every one of em We do this shit for the love of the music That's word up, yo yo yo Check this, backers When's the last time you battled somebody you faggot motherfucker Yo yo, yo Company Flow in the house Yo, yo yo, yeah, eh-heh, a-hah, Rugged Man, hah [El-P] Population Control.. Population Control.. [Bigg Jus] CoFlow, 1997, Population Control, servin niggaz [El-P] Population Control.. Population Control.. ( Bless my soul! ) Population Control.. Population Control.. Population Control.. ( Bless my soul! ) ( Hello, what's this )

All Black

BIG L "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous"
[Big L] Yo once again it's the Big L, that kid who got much props from killin corrupt cops, with motherfuckin buck shots So don't step to this, cause I got a live crew You might be kinda big but they make coffins yo' size too I was taught wise, I'm known to extort guys This ain't Cali, it's Harlem nigga we do walkbys No one can match me, tax me or wax me If you want me to write you some raps G just ask me Cause on the shelf is where your LP cold stood Because it was no good, that shit ain't even go wood I'm not the type to take sluts out, I just fuck they guts out Get my nuts out, then break the fuck out Me being a virgin, that's idiotic Cause if Big L got the AIDS every cutie in the city got it Once a nigga tried to stick me for six G's and I put more holes in his ass than swiss cheese Chorus: Big L (repeat 2X) (Ducks better scat when the gat goes click-clack) Or I'ma have your family dressed in all black [Big L] I steal lives like a stone thief, so leave me alone chief or catch a buck shot to your domepiece I must warn, I got it goin on, word is bond Ducks be gettin thrown off platforms like P.M. Dawn I'm catchin bodies like a villain's supposed to And I squeeze triggers, not just on niggaz but hoes too So don't try to test me, cause I can't stand test-es Fuck around, I'll introduce you to your ancestors Step to this and get left with a face full of tears, pal but man you've been rappin for years now and ain't made a hit yet, you flop in a split sec In the shower's the only time you get your dick wet I roll with scary crews, I come out of wars barely bruised I'm puttin motherfuckers on the Daily News I was a gangsta from the git-go Leavin fags in bodybags with tags on they big toe Chorus 2X [Big L] Yo ever since I was young, I ripped mics and I killed beats And I'm known to milk freaks and hit em on silk sheets No dame can give me a bad name, I got mad fame I'm quick to put a slug in a fag brain I be placin snitches inside lakes and ditches And if I catch AIDS, then I'ma start rapin bitches I'm all about makin papes kid I killed my mother with a shovel just like Norman Bates did My old man in the past, stuck me up without a mask Then his ass cold dashed with my cash fast Fifty G's is what the creep stole; so the next day knocked on his door and shot his granny through the peephole That's the type of shit I'm on, word is bond Got it goin on, from the break of dawns to the early morn' You know my style I'm wild, comin straight out of Harlem pal It's Big L, the motherfuckin Problem Child Chorus 2X [Big L] This goes out to all y'all bitch-ass niggaz So if your mother ain't ready for a funeral, don't FUCK with me Cause I know a good way to get your family together and I ain't talkin bout a reunion motherfucker Yo, I'm bout to sign out, but before I go I gotta say peace to the NFL crew, you know who you are And all y'all niggaz talkin that gun shit and won't bust a rhyme, stop fakin the funk! Word, I'm bout to get up out of here Yo I'm out B, yo peace man I gotta get this money So all y'all niggaz on my hitlist get your suits ready Hahahaha!

Still A Regular Nigga

AB-SOUL "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost"
Longterm is defined as...Fuck it y'all already know Chyeaa, the long awaited, highly anticipated (L-T-2) Haha it's human music; nothing more, nothing less You know what type of nigga I am, I just borrowed a dollar from the homie I'm back...I know you missed me Long Term the sequel, my swisher sweet is equal My cup is full of brown like the skin color of Hebrews, And this is not a test, no I'm nothing to mess With, just find a cliff, and please don't watch your step You know just what I rep, Top notch to the fullest And TDE's my fam, for each of them I catch a bullet. I'm strolling on Del-Amo Boulevard towards the Arco To get another Black & Mild, my lungs look like charcoal, Yea I know- Your whip is like one of those in car shows, I still got '09 tags on my Mitsubishi mirage No gas, need new break pads, new tires to inspire to get money like Arabs. Jewish lawyers, NASDAQ stock holders But for now I'm broke, I need a fix, I be borrowin' the homie's clothes to go to events Just so I'm camera ready when they be takin' flicks, I admit [Hook:] I'm still a regular nigga, doin' regular shit Got my regular car, got my regular bitch Still dressin' the part, in my regular fit Like being regular is some irregular shit I ain't changed for shit (no) Still walking 'round with a pocket full of motherfuckin' change (I'm on my regular shit!) Homie! [x4] No chain, no watch No diamonds, no Glock No rap sheet, no new drop whip, no top No Gucci, no Louis, no shopping on Melrose I asked for the bitch number, she looking like "Hell naw" No record, no street credit, I'm probably in debt No work, Herb never move right off his step No G-4s, no clearports, none of that I got a standby ticket As for the flight, I just missed it I'm trying to stay optimistic In the midst of the struggle Cause y'all make it rain, but I just slipped in a puddle See my life is simple: I rap and smoke weed Eat when I can, have sex when I need Grab a fifth of E- And J and I'm straight I don't meant to be vane but hey I must be the savior And if you're playing this tape, you're playing it safe But I'm getting escorted by the armed forces to home plate (Soul!) I am only the antonym of fake, if you're antenna is up, then you may feel the same I see your 24's and them motherfuckers great I even like the green and red stiches on your J's The LV on your belt buckle, Audemar arm Purple label, VIP table, Chandon Black car, model braud always on the scene 5 Star continental breakfast, presidential suite But to be the best, do I gotta have those things? Is that the only way that I'mma make these hoes sing? Make these niggas feel me and put on my whole team Shit, that'll compromise my own dreams A fortune cookie read; I had a future in music I wonder how many people got that very same message An A&R told me that I look like a star And before I let it get to my head, it's best I confess it [Hook] [JaVonte:] Just doing what I do Just doing what I do Just doing what I do [Ab-Soul:] And this is Long Term 2 nigga (I'm doing what I do) Lifestyles of the broke and almost famous (Just doing what I do)

U Make Me Wanna

JADAKISS "Kiss Of Death"
[chorus] K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love (i love it when you say) K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love [verse 1] ayo the crib got your friends workin we drivin to france for french curtains you was there when i was on the bench hurtin now that i own my team its only right that can show my queen try to show her my dream and i cant let her get lost now she carries the money, the hammers and material across town and understand shes fine and understand shes mine she understands the grind cooks, cleans and irons and whatever she wanna push, ima co-sign and if i aint got it already then ima go find it i guess im a lucky don and shes a lucky queen cuz her jewlery box looks like lucky charms all color stones and she know im in the hood but she also knows that im comin home mr. raspy thought i was in love with money til the first time we did the nasty [chorus] K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love (i love it when you say) K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love [verse 2] whatever the road to paradise is, we on it gave you income tax checks so i could get on wit it those were the days these are the times you held me down with nearly damn near everything even my rhymes i would play a song for you and you would let me know exactly how the ladies would respond from a womans point of view and thats why my girl is wit me i love it wen shes layin in the bed with the the next best thing to a soldier go hard wit a fat ass and a head full of rollers just look in her eyes and tell shes real just imagine the way she smell, the way she feel and the sex was crazy then, its crazy still and you kno im from the street so its crazy ill and we waitin on a new island we been to all of them 4 or 5 times com'on mami we wilin' [chorus] K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love (i love it when you say) K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love [verse 3] when things were rough the only person i could call was you now everything i do, i do it all for you (come touch me, come kiss me, come love me anyway you want to boy) and im good as long as im close to you and we doin what grown folks is supposed to do (come hold me, come feel me, come take me anyway you want to boy) yo money is great, but what we got is more better we got the 4 letters when it comes from the heart its more pleasure and the fact that you trust me still thus far, i appreciate what we've built all the minks that i bought you that drag on the floor all the nights that you sat up and bagged the raw damn im thinkin you gotta hate it but yet still you tolerate it thats why mami we gotta make it [chorus] K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love (i love it when you say) K-I-S-S me (and i just wanna make) love, love, love [repeat] [mariah singing pause]

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