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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

Heaven Thru The Backdoor

Original and similar lyrics
You can see it in my eyes god I'm on the way out Man What's the last words comin out my mouth I get you in my Clutches it's lunches tigas twistin dutches Lookin at my bank roll bunches Pitbull leavin to rush your room like a cartoon In to soon now we scrap like some racoons Ain't no secret about the candy yams I like the candy yams greens and candy yams Twirl the rope like tha lasso or let it pop yo And heres your vision of a pinzo Picasso The Cheetha Chicky nail that mix the nina with the reefa Smile like a Jackal, shoot you in the ankle Don't like spider web, you only get tangles And here I come running, trying to spit more ammo Ride out the shadows, Homey close the gap I hold hold money like a ball player hold a cramp, oh Tight with money and pain, over and over again And we can do it with cane, and we can do it the same At your ass like a Scorpio. Set to go Tiga let me know Ya dig? A new version of the four four I'm a hit heaven like I hit the club - baby through the back door A new version of the four four I'm a hit heaven like I hit the club - baby through the back door A magical conversation I cut your ass down Like a block nigga hit by a 4-pound-right-now I swing the sticky like a golf ball Ready itll pop ya'll Aimin at me gun And don't stop ya'll If I could turn back the hands of time Id sell coke in Miami say "the world is mine" Sometimes my job expectations or court accusations Hit the car with the weed and the navigation I keep a lolipop like Cojack I take a hoe nap UP in ya lap tell ya hold that Yea! The Fillmoe King of the ryme, it's like I'm feeling for time Man you can wait but I'm scheming for mine Cu cu cu gotta get the cabbage I'm living way mad and get the ke lup for the freak cause she speak spanish Man I ain't never been a copy cat I throw raps at any disc jockey back Tennessee- call me little Denny, cause I'm ryhme ready The big homies came and got me in a blue Chevy It's like this, yea I gotta rattle the cage, If you wonder what I do-bitch I party for days I keep it hot like a heat wave, rollin around Stand you up like some pins then I'm bowling you down Said it before, yea I'm rhyme ready And when the suns down- Jamacian drug posse see me sayin "come down" Drank a little bit, me and vacko Once again it's the pinzo Picasso

Do Me Right

SALT 'N' PEPA "Brand New"
Cuz I need a man S'alright, yeah, oh [Deidra 'Spinderella' Roper:] Hold up, wait, let me get this straight You want your cake and eat it Brother, you can beat it, uh Unless you're willing to drown me in passion Romance the cat, better make it last (Forever) Ain't lookin' for no quickies Brothers be like Tricky Tryin' to get me, hit me, and run, but me I'm picky I like it sentimental Stimulate the mentals, I I like a gentle man, with a gentle hand I want the baby carriage And the marriage and the whole thing Diamond ring, treat you like a king I'll be your queen bee Better keep it real with me Or the be the ex-man, I'm with the next man [Chorus:] If you're lookin' for do you right Hold me tight lover I'll do anything you want me to do I need you to do me right Hold me tight, brother Baby, all I've got is all for you [Sandra 'Pepa' Denton:] You call yourself the best When you put hickeys on my chest Nevertheless, I'm not impressed, I want the rest I'm talkin' 'bout the quan baby, the vagabond I got it goin' on, that's right, that's how I see it So what you got the cheese Brother, I'm not pleased Want the striptease (Take it to another level, uh) You'll be a homely lover, friend, sexy pushin' my Benz Dividends stacked, you got it By the way, don't bother me Unless you are attracted to the God in me Pardon me to talk to, borish Shit is tired, and you'll be fired If you can't have one, can't have none son [Chorus] Call on me (Call on me) When you need me (When you need me) I need a man (I'll be your man) That can please me (Oh yeah) In the middle of the night (In the middle of the night) Hold me tight (Hold you tight) I'll do it right, if ya, bring me right [Cheryl 'Salt' James:] You put me onto the next level Fool don't be trippin' Your whip-appeal hit me in my heart, skippin' Your ways got me singing your praise with the next phase I count the days, you're so amazin', I'm cravin' your skills My temperature's blazin', show me how it feels, uh-huh I'm savin', my secret sauce for the course (That's right) You gotta hit me off with that God kinda love That work it out through the hard times kinda love You know how I broke it In the Lexus, the Benz coupe Yesterday, I should never leave you or deceive you Uh-huh, I wanna please you [Chorus (4x)]

Just Rhyme With Proof

Eminem Are we supposed to shut up or talk...I'll cut your butt up and walk... Around with my ass showing all over the fuckin town Proof Eminem ft. Proof ....Then You get done up in chalk Yo.... Eminem We ready...we ready .. we ready.. we ready ? Ready to hold it steady....Speakin of hold it steady.... You can hold my nuts steady and then.... I can stick my dick in you like a machette...If you're a girl... If you're a girl then you're my world...And I will kill anybody... That means... you, her or him It doesnt matter cuz I'm Eminem And I'm Slim...I'm also slim and your future's Whim Proof Ha ha....don't stop D-12 y'all...yea we bust it off the top We get in that ass Preparation-H style Knock more boots than that group H-Town (Booo!) Everybody tryina tell us to wait now You look dumb as fuck...Like Puffy in his video on that breakdown (hahaha) Tryin to dance around How the fuck it feel lock in hand set now Sever your style .. Divide and Parish Part ish...when my cart is bustin thru this... Wassup to Bizzare Kid Targets get hit and liftoff Here it is we bout to rip off Lick time...we gettin dick snot Emzy... Eminem Speakin of lift off.... I'm blastin off...your ass is I'm startin to jack off Cuz I'm so horny...and your lyrics are so corny That they bore me and I woke up too late this morning Or too early...wait a minute there goes Shirley... The girly I fucked last year when her hair was curly Couldnt remember it cuz I was Infinite And I met ken Kaniff in Connecticut He said his predicits and pronouns and wanted to throw down And he said I like you...and then he walked up and said let me snake bite you And I said hell no...kicked him with my shell toe... Gave him a elbow...Ayo Proof ...go.... Proof Yo it's the D to the 1 - 2 What you wanna get done to... Your chest plate...eradicate Get your flesh ate...easily done..Here it is... need to write shit...cuz when we write shit Y'all like to bite shit...that why street light up when we write stuff It's time to be the champions at's D-12 1-2 True crew...Slim Shady and Big proof Knockin over Igloos in Alaska when we blast ya A massacre creator, one time for data Darker than Vader...go anybody hot as the equator It's time to get down one time for those that dont know us Girls wanna blow us like Monica....Lewinsky Come against me... Eminem Go and see I'm an invincible Mc If you dont believe it then you wanna try to convince me That you're doper than me...which we'll hope You would hope to be....but hopefully I will rock globaly And nationwide...thats why my ass is wide (wide, wide) Thats why your ass just died on the passanger side... Like a fuckin ride...when it got shot up by a drive by When I drove by 5 times and gave it five tries And still missed it I got a fuckin mental illness a gentle stillness... Violence...complete silence is what I need in the room while I freestyle What I need is to do...what is need is smoke weed and brew And......smoke brew ? You don't smoke brew... If you do I'll choke you and then I garauntee I'll out smoke you You're crew's a joke too and i can stick my dick in a bitch and poke you.... Proof Stick it in there....rock with my cock on sky rock Knock ya eye out the sock...(sock) Get..(get) yeah we come to rock....(it) So don't get in the way cuz we gon drop....(shit) Now how you feel right now we bust yo..op....(tic)....(tock) We lunatics with mics and we dont stop we come to rock The dirty dozen is non-stop.. To the top from tree tops to ewoks that pop Reeboks And men with pre-ops Yo now there is 3-Pac's Master P....Thug Life and now it'

Harlem World

OL' DIRTY BASTARD "The Return To The 36 Chambers"
[Intro: Ol Dirty Bastard, Shorty Shit Stain, and others] [the first line originally ended 'Dirty Dancin' on Jerky Boys sountrack] Shit that makes me high (one two, one two) Yo, we gonna bring it down, to Harlem World Bust your fuckin chops Yo I remember when niggaz was lookin at themselves On Farmers, motherfuckers was wearin double goose Motherfuckers actin all rowdy I'm sayin though (one two, one two) The whole trip that was never shown I'm sayin though See cause the knife, is the knife, of all knives Most people gather around To hear the show, that is comin through your town (I was playin) See my name (what what?) Is somethin, that you won't know Unless you're dowwwwwwwwn, with the Brooklyn Zoo Other brothers come But never... come back (Introducing) So basically, what the Ol motherfuckin Dirty Bastard is sayin Is that if you fuck around (one two, one two) You're gonna get yo' ass fucked up So don't fuck around just lay down [Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard] I remember (dnnah-dah) (dnh, duh, dnh, dnnah-dah) Not too long ago ' ' I went to a city ' ' And I saw a Wu-Tang show ' ' Now I always wanted ' ' To get, with, the band ' ' But niggaz was singin they own songs Bein in they own worlds So I guess I, I guess I, RARAARRRRAAHHH!!! The terminology, the psychology You still expect me to accept Do what I say off of TV, kay With the button on record and the other on Thus I press pause for a serious cause To respect an intellect with this gratifying Now that I'm ready let the music begin As I detect what I wrote with my Through the time that I spent, money that I lent Rap records went up just to bounce Then became a new way to get paid They said 'Rhymin on the mic is the number one' Then a brother get the feeling that he want to play cool You discombumberated diabolical fool Hog-flesh MC, go play in the mud Another 20th century, modern day Cannibal, humanoid, underground Chud broke loose from the god damn Dope-fiend addict why you walk with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome When the MC's came, to live out their name Roast rockin rhymes that was always When I elevated, and mastered the time You was stimulated from the high post You got shot cause you knew you were rot [Verse Two:] You're not the king of the diss Youse a queen of a bitch And like a homosexual Your ass always switch Niggaz wake up in the morning You're ugly-ass Gods Got slob around your mouth Blue code in your eye You can't smile your teeth too gritty Can't even move, drawers too shitty (you know what else) You're shaped like a thistle The holes in your drawers when you fuck been there since YOU DUCKIN SUCKIN MOTHERFUCKIN COLD-HEARTED FAGGOT Sperm germs on your worm DISINTEGRATED MAGGOTS Repeat your rhymes all the time like a FUCKIN parrot Phony gold chains only rated two carats You tell your friends that your home is like heaven Livin in the gutter sewer seven pipe eleven You wear your socks twelve days in a row Turn them on the other side so the dirt won't show Go to school, take a shit, don't wipe your ass Claimin on another sucka nigga in your class YOU WANNA BATTLE? Is it the pork on your fork, or the swine on your mind Make you rap against a brother with a weak-ass rhyme Swine on your mind, pork on your fork Make you imitate the brother in the state of New York Chain on your BRAIN, that drove you inSANE When you tried to CLAIM, for the talent and the FAME Not in the GAME, yet and still you CAME Suffer the PAIN, as I demolish your NAME Not like Betty Crocker, baking cake in the OV Sayin this is dedicated to the one I love Not a swine or dove, from the heaven's up above When I rap, people CLAP, so the pushers they shove When I rhyme I get LOOSE, better than Mother Goose Rock the mic day and NIGHT, so you see I'm the JUICE Like the two-six-EIGHT, politicians demonstrate [Outro:] Now hold up hold up hold up hold up What y'all niggaz don't seem to hear Is y'all can not FUCK with me I saiiiiiiiiiid ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Can't FUCK with me I wanna give a shout out to my nigga Door, Door, Door Buddah Monk, Buddah Monk, Buddah Monk Yo, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack For the niggaz who's here And the girls who's out there Throw your hands in the air Cause this one is more fly Fly, fly Flyyyyy, flyyyy Flyyyyyyyyahhahayhahhhha BZZZZT Wooo! Get your ass in the house boy, I told you Get your ass in the house! Get, get, in the god damn house boy! Last fuckin time I'm gonna talk to you you hard-headed motherfucker C'mon daddy? I didn't mean nothin by it But when it come to... FUCKIN with you MC's

Take Me Away

JANET JACKSON "Unbreakable"
Once upon a time was a dream that sounded crazy baby If fairytales are mine, you would be the one that saved me oh baby Any time I visualize you, I'm in paradise It's you and me, thought you don't even know it So even with a million miles distance between us I know you'll be there to help me escape Take me away from here To somewhere the air is clear Take me away from here To somewhere that love has no fear Go! You'll always be that spy that was sent to save me From intimate danger The world's playin' my mind When I'm 'bout to lose it Boy you're the game changer Oh this silly heart of mine lost to a cutie pie He so turns me on, it keeps getting stronger Ooh I get a natural high just looking in his eyes So just hold me close, I'm waiting for you Take me away from here To somewhere the air is clear Take me away from here To somewhere that love has no fear Go!

Things I've Been Through

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
Uh huh. I just wanna thank yall for taking the time to listen Ah-ha I appreciate that [Jadakiss] Yo, from regular TV to cable; from bouncing label to label Just trying to get the horse out of the stable Was once part of the dynasty, at least I was trying to be Think it was the time of my life when I was fine to me Sitting in the spot with the dimes Willing to do anything just to be a Bad Boy at the time (That's right) Then I rolled the dices, naw the money didn't add up But just that whole experience, it was priceless No free rides to the bank, on top of that Was the untimely demise of Frank (B.I.) Then the 'No Way Out' tour, we was smoking outdoor Me and 80 stacks off cee-lo, that's without tour Videotaped it all, I still watch it now Travel the world, learned how to rock a crowd It ain't much but it beats poor Things that I've been through is all I can speak for [Chorus: Luther Vandross samples from "Promise Me"] I can only speak for The things that I've been through [Repeat 2x] [Jadakiss] Now I'm on Ruff Ryders/Interscope, same shit Partnership, joint venture, fifty-fifty, same split Jimmy put the money up, two singles off of 'We Are the Streets' Then after that, seem like he was done with us But it wasn't over yet, Stout had a plan from the jump Which was to come out with my solo next Things a little better, these the niggas that I've been doing it with forever So I'm like whatever First album dropped, promotions was hella Every stage I rocked, the performance was stella Had the whole world ready to Ryde or Die for me And I wasn't even platinum, I was just side money X was bringing in the moolah I was in the hood in the kitchen with the digital ruler Can't tell you about the evil that men do I can only speak for the things that I've been through [Chorus: Repeat] [Jadakiss] As far as The LOX, we all fine, seller is all wine Selfish for me to say that Roc-A-Fella is all mine Cause it ain't, I'm just another employee that's on line Trying to get my act together and do it one more time Twenty-one gun salute with all 9's And I know it's on me to make sure we all shine Fall back, let the weed contact your mind Define bullshit in any contract you sign If you from the streets though, there's plenty of loopholes to eat yo Once they let you in, you suppose to keep dough But I can't give you the formula, I'm on it though Expect the worst, the outcome is enormous though Stay humble, still keep your heat for insurance though Things that I been through to get it weren't normal yo Yeah, this is what my heart beats for yo Things that I've been through is all I can speak for [Chorus til fade]

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