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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

God Gimme G's

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook 2X] Hold the ball cause you just might fumble Goin about ninety baby comin out the Bay Bridge tunnel God gimme G's on the double, prime time trouble Love to watch dope when it bubbles You must be dreamin, get a dictionary for the meanin All up in the game like Willy Deamon Straight up schemin, threx do a Motorolla celly Make sure the weed bag is heavy I never seen a vision of somethin so rare It was right there and I stil had to stare Two paint brushes for a masterpiece If stake's on the plate then I have to eat Own it like a Leopard ought to chewy on you It's such a bizarre when you see me come through Vogues and trues, Chuck Taylor shoes Don't ask me for no money cause it really ain't cool [Hook 2X] Street love is crazy, sucka don't slip in the game Turn around baby, what's your name? Spark like a flame, do the Jesse James Hit you with somethin that'll give you that pain But anyway, do what you got the young friendly way It's like livin and dyin like J.F. Kennedy Did you know if you control the chrome Then you control the dome that, controls the home Certified like a bank check, but take a rain check And what's next, the angel smells like sex And it's fun, livin my life on the run Shootin at fuckers with a Black & Decker nail gun [Hook 2X] I represent it like a sinner, eat a breakfast meal at dinner Cheat just so I can be the winner Who cares if you're mad, run and tell your dad I do a wrestle move then put him in the crab, huh Put me in the deck when you commit that crime If you get away best believe you'll shine Bo general, repose on your soul And then you start to talk in the brag and the hoes In the Cadillac with the beat on hip 'Quipto sips on Hennessy fifth Disrespect Khan never, Nicky in new or leather Forever man, gotta get the cheddar, whatever [Hook 2X]


LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Lil Wayne] Got a early call from Kisha Kisha wanted me to meet her She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper Said cool then l'm gone be there What would be a good time to reach ya She said what about ten but l thought eleven would be sweeter Cuz she wanted me to see her Said l needed a teaser But shit who got the keys to my Beamer I rolled me up a blunt and got the Crystal out the freezer I hopped in the two seater And playin with Macita Vroooom speed up run faster than a cheetah Only thing on my mind is how l'm gone get all in this cheap slut Should I use a rubber cuz I heard she was a freak They say she But I don't want HIV Her name's on my beeper I called her on the Nokia And told her come pick me up As soon as I got in the house she got on her knees and grabbed my penis Ate it up like some peanuts I said oooohhhh Kisha This what I got to meet her She drunk it like a 2 liter She blow like a pro Oh no I got to keep her Told her l'd be back about eleven I'm gone creep her But don't go to sleep I got some more meat to feed ya [Turk] Now I'm hot I wonder was up with Kisha tonight I'm gone give her a call See if it's alright For me to dip through She said it's all gravy First I got to get somebody to watch my baby Baby it's all good I'll be there in a minute But I didn't know Lil Wayne was already hittin it Soon as I pull up I see my dog runnin out He saw me dippin in but he didn't know Soon as he pulled off I knocked on the door Sayin to myself look at this dog ass hoe Its cool what you do You know I like my shit sucked For you to swallow the cum and put ice on my nuts Call my nut now I'm up I'm gone holla at ya Kittie I got through lil tonight me and the H-Beezey I can't be late I'm gone see ya when I could Here's Juve on the hip Let 'em know it was all good [Juvenile] Ooohh Oooh there she go On the way to the corner store Lil Turk let me know He done fucked the same bitch before Say lil mama where you headed She told me for Danny Hop in the back seat of my car and she spread it Say baby slow down I don't wanna fuck ya first I want you to suck on my dick until my nuts will burst She was a fool with it She said she had a good teacher she went to school with it Cuz she knew what to do with it I didn't want the bitch to have my car smellin So I took her in the alley with some K Y Jelly Pull your shorts and your draws down to your knees Put the rubber on the dick handle that please I hit it she sucked it Hit it she sucked it and sucked it I got tired of the pussy and now I said fuck it Say boo I gotta ride My baby moma beepin me and she stay way on the other side I hit B.G. on the celly And told him that the bitch was all good and you have it not to telly [B.G.] Bitch hold on do I know she fucked three of my dogs I caught her walkin out the alley down by the mall She fucked Wayne, Juve, Turk I know she ain't got no wores But she told me she'd do a damn job on them boys She provided the number later on gave her a call Told her what I was thinkin and she was down with it all Can't deny it she was a fool kept that dick standin tall What she'll do to a nigga she'll be against the law That's how Hot Boys play it when we finish we toss Baby when you finish Manny Fresh down the hall After this episode that hoe won't be able to walk After two or three steps that hoe might fall Now you know then Hot Boys sad ha Get in the bitch head End up doing somethin bad ha Kisha got did right yeah Fucked the whole Cash Money click all in one night yeah

Rock Me

GREAT WHITE "Once Bitten"
(Kendall, Russell, Niven, Lardie) Sweet little baby, you don't have to go Little baby, tell me you won't go We'd be so good together if we had the time Bein' alone's a nowhere state of mind Lovin' ain't no crime, oh no I see your man ain't here. He don't care The way of the night has gone. We'll move on Got to find a way to face another day I search the world for someone I'll never find Someone who ain't the hurtin' kind If you stay the night. We'll make the wrong seem right So come on now... Rock me Rock me Roll me through the night We'll burn in love tonight Sweet little baby, oh don't you go You ain't so innocent, I know I know your heart's like mine, oh yeah And I will find the time to make you mine And if your love goes bad, if it makes you sad I'll be back for more at your door Before the mornin' light, we'll burn with love tonight And when your man don't care, I will be there Still be lovin' real good love... There's nothing left to do, but make sweet love to you


[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] This goes out to you (you, you) This goes out to you (you, you) This goes out to you and you and you You know who you are This goes out to you (you, you) Ta ha, this goes out to you (you, you) And you (and you) [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Check it, baby, sweetie, lady, darling It don't (what?), get no better than this And I know, guys'll go to any measure to hit But I hope, you don't use that as a measurin stick (uh) They priorities is off, busy treasurin whips I just like the opportunity of pleasurin miss Since I never met another that get wetter than this Anytime I'm on tour, you'll forever be missed (talk to her) 'Cause I knew she was a fantasy dream Every Sunday all she worried about is her fantasy team And anytime shorty speed past, in that E-Class Body so sick, that I always want a tea bag So I spend, hit a mall, maybe SoHo 'Cause how she blessed me, swore her jaw broke though Her sex to me's like a midnight ecstasy So the bar could be closed as long as she next to me [Chorus - Emanny & Jay Townsend w/ ad libs] Baby I'm tipsy, so let's stay love drunk Baby I'm tipsy, so let's stay love drunk Ooh baby I'm tipsy, so let's stay love drunk Let's stay love drunk, let's stay love drunk See baby I'm tipsy, so let's stay love drunk Baby I'm tipsy, so let's stay love drunk Ooh baby I'm tipsy for you, yeah, so let's stay love drunk Let's stay love drunk, let's stay love drunk [Verse 2 - Joe Budden] Check me out now, check it, see the beauty of it all is (what?) We could both have whoever we please but um We'd only be foolin ourselves (why?) 'Cause it seems without each other we would never be pleased It's much more than her body though I value her waist See shorty knows the value of space, she don't crowd me (nah) Open-minded, know she don't got all the answers When we hit the strip club, she tippin all the dancers I'm tryin to show you things that you ain't used to (uh) Talkin waterfront villas out in Saint Lucia (uh) Turn our cells off, nothin else matters Took it slow but it couldn't of happened any faster (faster) See she don't go through the phone (uh) She say if that's necessary than she'd rather be alone Can tell she for real by the sound of her tone Shorty grown, no chaser, she got me in the zone [Chorus w/ ad libs] [Verse 3 - Joe Budden] Uh, best part about it all, it's not difficult You such a standout, nowhere near typical Plus you let me be my own individual You know if you support me, you'll get every residual And when girls try to tell you that I'm cheatin (what?) You agree sayin they don't know the half (why?) 'Cause how I got shorty, it ain't even fair Know it all adds up, they can't seem to do the math (nah) [Break - Emanny] No Henn' or glass of Rosé (Rosé) Could make my world spin around just like you do They just don't taste the same Got me buzzed off the love you gave (ya gave) No way I see straight after one sip from you, oh [Chorus w/ ad libs until the end]

Can't Explain It

LL COOL J "The DEFinition"
[LL Cool J] Yeah, uh-huh Uh-huh, I can't explain it ... You know it's that moment It's just that moment Y'knahmsayin? I can't explain it [Chorus: singers w/ ad libs] Can't explain it My love when we're together You're the greatest, nobody does it better When you hold me I wish that I could be your, one and only Nobody does it better [Verse One] I understand you want canaries on your hand Masterpiece Roley, gold tri-color band Cute wedding pictures sittin on the nightstand You don't wanna make it happen unless it's the right man I know you won't touch me unless you trust me You kiss me and hug me but still won't crush me I'm kissin on your neck real tender Gentle as can be, but you still won't surrender Let me kiss your eyes Let the smell of the incense enhance the vibe I pull back to stare at your eyes Sittin there quiet like I'm hypnotized We kiss a little more, laugh and smile Might even share a lollipop, you know my style Kick your Charles Davids off, relax for a while Let's pretend that we're walkin down the aisle I can't explain it [Chorus] [Verse Two] Straight up, you beautiful B I don't think you understand what you doin to me On the couch witcha legs crossed, watchin TV Shoe hangin off the tip of your foot, you killin me Uhh.. then we kiss for real I'm fully prepared, I'm already steel You go to the bathroom for a second I understand baby, I know what you checkin (a-heh-heh) That's when you come back and walk to me slow That's when you change up and let it all flow I'm kissin on your belly ring nice and slow I love to take my time, love to give you a show Get the warm chocolate syrup to travel below Use my ears like handlebars, take control Ain't no sense in stayin calm and playin the role Baby relax, let me touch your soul I can't explain it [Chorus] [Verse Three] My turn to get rocked, lifted out my socks with sound effects and whatnot (mmm) A little perfume above the right spot, just a touch Never too much, I lick it like a Dutch Two of my favorite numbers, you know what I mean Add 'em up and they equal fifteen You the 6... I needed you like a fix I can see it my mind, I knew we was gon' click I pick up the pace You feel the stubble from my beard on your face I look at your lips and take a taste Switch it up I got my hands on your waist We whylin out, we all over the place I'm holdin on with a strong embrace You holdin on and tryin to keep the faith Together we blast to outer space, I can't explain it [Chorus]

Give A Little

Long time ago Knew a sweet little lassy Hair like fire And a walk kinda sassy She had ruby lips And sleazy eyes Jungle hips And Lucy Lucy thighs Chorus Baby baby take my hand Baby baby understand Give a little love 2 your baby Give a little love 2 your man She had a reputation And a cruel smile Give her an inch and she'll take a mile Holy waters only make believe Betty Boop what u doing to me Chorus Now I'm driving all night In a limousine She's showing me things I've never seen There's a place in the world 4 a woman like u Doing all the things that u getta do Chorus ------------------

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