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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

Eye's Of A Child

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[Equipto] Lil lil lil lil homie - When I was lil a child just growing to be We was playing football in the middle of the street I was Mike Brochea Had the coast clear I'd run around the field clown with no fear I'm innocent showin no love Eight years old exposed to drugs Swept under the rug With baseball cards and dirtbikes As young as I was I had to learn life All along everything for me was an experience Sidetrack never take a thang serious A lil homie just wanna run free Live life as long as he can see [Andre Nickatina] Through the eye's of a child I seen my own mother get wild And for me she start a whole crowd My report card foul D's and F's all the time Hustle on my childhood mind Through the eye's of a boy I want to catch Santa Clause creep And scare him when he thought I was sleep So young in the heart, I want to be Billy Ray Valentine Comin with the fly lines, for the ladies all the time Filled with hope, they asked me did I like boats Got sea sick and said nope From the heart of a kid I act just like I live We ain't friends I'm burnin that bridge, that's how it is [Equipto] At school the cops sport teeth and new Jordans Sportin 501's the crease was important It's all in the day pay the principle a visit I never could pass cut class like scissors On the phone cause I'm all that Roam the halls flash my fake hallpass I could get away with anything clown the teachers Or make a new enemies step on sneakers [Andre Nickatina] Through the eye's of a child I don't understand the word no I don't understand stop, I just understand go As a child I used to see little crack vouls And niggaz sayin how you like me now Hair to the sky, what you sayin freak I'm fly Wearin basketball shorts oversized In the eye's of a boy Drug dealers really don't struggle And players go to jail to get muscle Slide down the pole, if I could be a fireman You know cursin like the devil when the choir band No desire man Just a care free boy Throwin fizzy foul get a toy In the eye's of a child, cartoons are just like Jesus If you don't beleive this, man you should see this As a child, a kid is a pout And you put him in your memory voul, but right now

Glamour Life

BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
(feat. Fat Joe, Terror Squad) [Intro] [Cuban Link] Glamour life style baby, bottle the rocks Lose the ice, 100 mil kid, money, money, money, mo Platinium status, yeah, what up, what up [Big Punisher] Stick around [Cuban Link] Yo, I plan to live a life a-glamour Like my man Tony Montana Stand and pose in front of cameras With my golden silk pajamas on Smoking havanas, drinking Don P Thinking beyond deeper than Ghandi, while I'm in the Diamante Counting my G's, I'm out to be a millionare Dipped in gear, flickin' hundred dollar bills in the air Oh yeah, Cuban Link is into getting benjamins Cuz if doesn't make dollars, then it doesn't make sense I represent, I'm in to be the king of New York Went from living in tenements to up in house resorts I'm the latino, that'll take you to war like Al Pacino Even De Niro know not to gamble in my casino Vino wanna rock, slaps, to dinners with mobsters I got shit locked from Prospect Ave. to the tropics Sitting on top of the world like the sun A living legend from the Bronx, second to none, unless it's Pun [Big Punisher - Chorus:] It's the glamour life, blow up the kids and the wife Players who ain't half as nice swear to, but they sacrifice Bottle the rock, freeze the ice, stash the dope and rice And get ready for the glamour life [Triple Seis] Ripped off from the Infiniti Dump the body an' the shottie down the lake, leaving no identity Just the memory, a casualty as I casually make move on my rivalries All eyes I be, on the quest for loot Pushing a Lexus coupe, to pursuit them troops, against the big-joker Sipping alimoca, playing poker with some chocha Heard an approacher, must be fam, but damn I had to smoke Pun ([Big Punisher:] Get the motherfucking gun) Since become the one wanted for a lump sum of G's Dirty rats pack gats for cheese Bullets of breeze at light speed Taking your pretty wife life and sacrificing your seeds Indeed, we let him bleed for 50 G's Ship his body to the states, filled with 50 keys Please, no remorse for your two face Inside a symbol, my life throughout the motherfucking suitcase You about to take who's place Not Seis... Your body'll be laced, and left without a trace [Big Punisher] The glamour life, the glamour life, yo [Big Punisher - Chorus] [Fat Joe] Yo, I'ts the motherfucking Don Cartagena The leader, Terror Squad cleaner Leave your family crying for you like Argentina, mira Sweet dreamer like Nas, my entourage is thick Camouflaging this bitch, so God forbid you start some shit My squad's equipped with an arsenal of ammunition Hollow tips an', cop killers with the Accounts in Switzerland for rainy days Nigga I'm staying paid, you's a joke Always broke with your lazy ways Anyway, back to the subject, in the bub-Lex In the back seat, having rough sex I love this glamorous life I live, having the ice and shit Think twice, I give Christ your kids I live life for gifts, keep the five burning while the tires turning I blaze an L and seek a higher learning Kaiser's learnin' everything illegally We could de friend for years, cross me once that's theivity [Big Punisher - Chorus] [Armaggedon] Yo, the dough, the rap, the audience, party heavy till the 40's in Ill like the Yakuza run the Orient Take all the rent, and no man wept the path his daughter went Dicks with the fallopian, wide as auditorium She fuck for dough for opium, prostitute emporium 500 Benz, 500 friends sell Cambodian 8's cup of vodka, 4 cup of juice for sodium Money, money, sweet as the smell of magnolia It's get you down, but you spitting image of Appalonia Now how can I go broke, pumping twenties of coke Plus songs I wrote, milkin' dumb honeys I poke The young blood sat on the bench in Vant Courtland, slingin' Singing how he trying to get cash for Jordans Another cat toss his Beamer to get the insurance Currency's gonna murder me... It's never enough Breakin' my ass gettin' it, just as fast as I spend the stuff Calling Uncle Sam's bluff dun, taxes don't bite us, bite us.... [Big Punisher] My life... [CHORUS] [Big Punisher] The glamour life, play precise, defense is tight I'm out to settle the score, let's do it right Enough for looking at grave, It's paying back tonight Yo Twin pass the lah, pass the light The glamour life, this life I live is trife as shit Least my wife and kid got somewhere nice to live I used to live in the gutter, me and my mother Now she's fifty years old, pushing a hummer The glamour life, hand me a knife I'll slice and dice Mini-mize, send them to Christ in the after life Pass the mic down the line, let them hear it Let them fear it, send it screaming to the Holy Spirit Glamour life, the glamour life, the glamour life It's the glamour life, yo it's the glamour, it's the glamour life Glamour life, glamour life, glamour life Cock the hammer, in this motherfucking life, bitch

Obsessed With Childhood

BIF NAKED "Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mommy"
I have to tell you I am obsessed with my childhood. I never pooped. I'm serious, I hated pooing, I never did it. I refused to poo as child. Mostly, I couldn't. It wasn't meat loaf, it wasn't chicken and rice, it wasn't six hot-dogs at lunch with Kraft Dinner on top, it wasn't Sloppy Joe's, it wasn't inactivity, I just never ever pooped. My parents had this house on Milinocket Court that had a bathroom upstairs. It had a door in the hallway and a door in the master bedroom. They used to close the hallway door, open the bedroom door, sit me on the potty and pull the t.v. in there you know, so I'd sit and watch and …wait. I mean hours. I must have been rotting insdie1 It would be like a week in between. You know, I discussed this at length with my mom, and she was concerned thinking she fed me too much meat and stuff. But you know what I say, my two sisters had no problem pooping, and they ate the same suppers. It was just me. I was sick as a child, I mean I was always sick. If I fell off my bike and got a scrape, it would be infected. When I had the chicken pox, I was hospitalized because each pock was infected. Each one! In my eyelids, everywhere. The nurses had to dab each pock with a medicated cotton ball. My dad used to take us camping, and this one time I stepped on a dirty nail, you know, like rusty, with my barefoot. My whole hell became infected (laughs). It was hug! My heel was the size of a volleyball! I had to go to the doctor and get it drained. I was so ticklish all the time it took 5 or 6 doctors and nurses to hold me down and then the feeling of the lanced hell, and I was screaming. My older sister was laughing her head off, right there. I had scarletina this one time, and was quarantined. I had a tonsillectomy. I even remember one time in the hospital, of course for you know the reason. A nurse was trying to put a suppository in my rear end. I was squirming and wrigglin' and gigglin'. You know, cause I was getting tickled. Then I'd cry, c ause I was all tense, you know, and it hurt. Sooner or later, I had to make a run for it to the bathroom. Boy, those nurses sure got mad at me for leavin' a trail. Someone's always mad, hey? You know, I took lots of things as a kid; ballet and jazz, dance, soccer, piano. I was always in trouble, always bein' a ham. When I was 5 we were all on the stage with these cardboard clocks like, you know, two feet across, tied around us with string, like a sandwich board. We were all moving our arms back and forth, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock . I was wearing red buckle shoes, that I know. Well, my string broke and the clock fell off, night there on stage, I just stood there, frozen, and bawling. The teacher had to walk on to the stage and carry me off. You know, I reacted the same way when that stagedivin' crowd surfer kicked my microphone into my teeth. Hey, the more things change. I quit all of it eventually. Dance class cause I got lazy, soccer cause I grew boobs, and piano cause my teac her, Mrs. Davies, got mad at me and called me a stupid girl and banged my hands on the keys. You know I was even a cheerleader. Hey, in grade 6 in Kentucky it was a cool thing. ‘S-U-C-C-E-S-S, that's the way we spell success!'. I can't believe it. (laughs) ‘V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, victory, victory is our cry gotta go'. That's how it went. I don't really remember the hand movements. But, uh, I was never one of the popular cheerleaders. I remember this girl April was very popular, and this other girl Jennifer was very popular. There were like, we were all in grade 6, but they had, like, bodies of 17year old people. And, and hey looked like Farrah Fawcett, you know all blond with feathered hair and endless teeth. I didn't look like that. I wonder if my dad wouldn't have moved us around so much, what if I woulda turn out different? You know, normal? Or am I? I, I'm obsessed with my childhood. Cause I dont' think I'm fully grown up. Are you? I mean really? I am my inner child. I had to search for my inner adult. And I'm still lookin'. I still eat 6 hot dogs for lunch, they're just vegetarian now.

Play IV Keeps

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Inspectah Deck, Street Life & Mobb Deep) [Method Man] Ha, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah One time.. yo Never liked son from day one, bring you tool That nigga stick you and play dumb, hate a bitch-ass Who care where you came from, you ain't prepared for when the pain come, this nigga scared, shook to death from a cold stare, stuntin, knowin my brothers fiend to do you somethin over here, we head huntin in the function I smell fear, adrenaline start pumpin I Smash Pumpkins, Hard Rock be in the Cafe Tear the club up, and anyone that try to judge us The last days, makin sure I get the last say In the food chain, is you predator or prey If you featherweight, lyrics blow your back crack your vertabrae, lookin for a better way to get my point across, thoughts accelerate at the same speed, of the muder rate Lord, never perpetrate a fraud, til my nigga Carlton Fisk see the boss, truly yours, Mr. Meth [Street Life] Life's a snippet, one way ticket Time tickin fast, blink you might miss it Semen on Street shit, you might catch fifty stitches Body bag sprayed up, buried in muddy ditches I play for keeps, bust heat you catch cold feet My rap sheet, speak for itself, concrete Evident, Killa Hill, resident, double dart agent Secret intelligent my rap style's flagrant [Chorus One: all] Feel the sting of a killa bee, Johnny Blaze Street Life, Deck and Mobb Deep, Play IV Keeps In the city that you never sleep, pay attention Ain't no shittin when you gotta eat, we hold it down [Inspectah Deck] I move like Mad Max 'cross the wasteland One hand holds the head of the last brave man Made man, Cuban Link chain of command Authorized fam', hot like Sahara sand My live team turn the club to a crime scene High beams flash, promoters die behind CREAM Get your face blown, might face the chrome We take this more serious than just a poem [Havoc] I think about a lot of shit, especially when I'm bent About the foul shit goin on in my life, current event It's evident I smoke ciggarette down to Brownsville Thinkin to myself -- how many lives must my pound kill Hopefully none, ain't the one to give chase Hemmed by Jake, worryin who might turn state's So I chill, put my killa niggaz on the battlefield On the low plottin silent murderer, never doubt still never follow beef hey beef follow me Wanna settle in the court I say settle in the streets like our pops did it, you got gats get hot with it Now you dry snitchin, because you got knocked with it I just rock with it, go with the flow, think for a hot minute Stash my dough secure the funds of profit [Prodigy] Yo, extreme rhyme niggaz, you wastin your time Fuckin with my niggaz, extrordinary line swishin your mind out position, tryin to figure this shit Rewind it and listen quick, you might miss this Olympic, rap jave-lon, travel beyond, your weak song Doin this for too long, to not come strong You're only a pawn of Viet Dong Tryin to form against mines, you musta just been born Secluded on a distant farm This is the real world, where niggaz get shot and shanked Where there's tremendous pain, you get your frame inflamed Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.. [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, what [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, peace

Young And Lovely

Friday´s child is planning to go out for the first time Says Don´t worry mum I won´t be out that late Done me playing those passive games right now they´re out of date You´re awfully sweet Haven´t got the time growing up so fast Got better things to do You can get what you want you´re so young and lovely ah,ah,ah,la,la,la (2) Kicking around in the centre of the town looking in shop windows Those mannequins look far too real at night Friday´s child doesn´t know if it´s awake or if it´s dreaming Says Don´t worry dad I´ll do my bit, I´ll raise the flag, I´ll be just like you You can get what you want you´re so young and lovely ah,ah,ah,la,la,la(2) Don´t worry mum I´m not that dumb, I´ll be just like you. You can get what you want You´re so young and lovely ah,ah,ah,la,la,la Oh,no, why Why´d you do it? Why you´re so la,la,la

No Need

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "The Wild, the Innocent and The E-street shuffle"
She's a broken winged angel Refugee from things her mama knew And she's done everything the Bible say not to do Well I don't know if she believes in Jesus The good book, or even Satan you see I'm just trying to get her to believe in me Oh, 'cause when I see her face No matter where I am I'm in the right place And the girls I left behind Oh, they never satisfied me, it's so true But baby, baby, you do She's the belle of Eighth Street High society's midnight vamp Oh, she's my queen and I'm her tramp Yes she's a free falling flyer And she flows whichever way that the wind blows And she's the only woman I never knew Who could teach me more about me, bind me in chains And still let me be free My heart swells up inside Starts beating like I'm gonna die And my body breaks in pain As she falls down on me like the rain It's only her and my songs that keep me from going insane And I guess I'm one of those people Who measures love in pain You see, I never had too much personal success And to me there's nothing sweeter Than a teardrop of rain I just love that feeling of sadness Oh and it worries me so ... She's my West Side angel She looks so funky in her Hollywood wing And she knows how I stumble when I talk So she says: 'Don't talk, babe, just sing' And I have seen her body in candle glow In the deep heart of the night When you finally let loose of everything Oh, and she loves me like such a good woman And still, oh, she's just a sweet young thing And I know this might sound crazy or just the words of a young fool But I swear I'd be on the floor And she ever walked out the door I swear I'd wish that she would shoot me first And I know that sounds insane but sometimes I believe it's true And that's what scares me worst 'Cause I dance for her Take any chance for her And I play for her Lord God knows I play for her And I need for her And I bleed for her

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