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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

Ceasar Enrico

Original and similar lyrics
[INTRO:] "The phone rang, it was a guy that I knew, and he said" "They're guilty.....every fuckin' count" "He says they're done...." [Verse 1:] Tiger, I think ya betta get it right Cause shit goes bump in the night Came up out the gutter, now it's all butter And with my blade I cut like no other The runnin' of the bulls motherfucka it's the matador Peep my new Wu shoes on a marble floor Roll around like a cop-o eatin' on chicken I shoot with my eyes closed hope ain't missing Firin' up weed til the early morn It's a little bit lonely cause my girl is gone To my so called enemies yeh I'm back And you cock sucka fuckas gotta deal with that Cause I'm loose like gun powder hidden in a cannon Fly by me don't think about landin' Think about crashin', cause I'm about to fall But not before I break these laws Motherfucka it's the devil's heart beatin' in ya ear Here go the contract sold my career And I'm chillin' right here motherfucka in the physical form Grew my hair back just so I can hide my horns Nah mean, the fiend of the rhymes' on the scene My raps sound better with crime on the scene Fillmoe down kamikaze of rap Gotta have a weed sack for my party pack It's like that, Sugar Hill like Romello Stir it up til it rocks up and turn yellow Heavenly father it's the god of Khan Witness as my vertigo passes on Knockin' on the pearly gates high of bomb And you can see my life if you read my palm it's like that [HOOK:] "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Is this the end of Rico?" "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Is this the end of Rico?" "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Is this the end of Rico?" "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Caesar Enrico Vandello" [Verse 2:] Check this out don't move I hold ya like a slow groove In my mind and my soul I'ma break rules Get a new crew, we somethin' like the Coyote Gang Comin' down on ya town like black rain Blunts are cut and wrapped up in the indica Rhymes are ripped and hollow tipped when they hittin' ya Man it really ain't a friend ah ya So it ain't no prob in my mind when they gettin' ya Turn like a top spittin' cold begets Tell the record lable die if they hold the cheque Because it's right here homie the fetish for cash You get it then you split it then you hit it and mash You talk like a squirrel, I hope ya ain't a squealer You lookin' at a new improved rap drug dealer Take flight, buckle up like a plane ride Why oh why do I remain high Shootin' at the sky that's over my head Hopin' that the bullets all wake the dead Loud enough that it even shake they bed but Quiet enough that it don't attract the feds Because I fly like a bat outta hell that's for real Think like a prisoner sittin' in jail When it come to these rhymes better get the scale Or act like ya blind fucka read it in brail Nigga crime fell no crime on the rise All in ya eyes is the sign of the times Heavenly father it's the god of Khan Witness as my vertigo passes on Standin' at the pearly gates high of bomb And you can see my life if you read my palm [HOOK:] "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Is this the end of Rico?" "Caesar Enrico Vandello" "Caesar Enrico Vandello"

Supa Emcees

DE LA SOUL "Stakes Is High"
(high on sunshine lightin' my way) [Dove] and yes y'all you are about to build witness from the lands of Long Island takin' you to the sky's survival I am your captain ain't no lie on this endless joruney to invisions to brouden your outer visions to where you never been before it's just a one night trip to love sun shinin' forever and forever sun shines [Pos] yo leaving lasting impressions like cuts to flesh be that crew from the five one six point of view with skills so tight, they the rhymes of a vigina them ----- will turn into a diamond, the level of rhymin' pressure comes from lessor forms than me and my man and we go back like life created from um, specks of sand and there's money to be made 'cause cacaussians are paid only brothers who rhyme, seek bounce and catch balls Plug 1, with them rhymes makin' your heart stall like them girls when you in they room when they man calls it ain't nothin' but the thing Oneder Why can bring as we come to the bring the pain everyone will sing [Chorus] De La is the crew that you must hear, but please don't rush the stage 'cause even though them stakes are realy high, we're really not here to race we're just here to move your mind and soul with propetuated ease it's just about the show until it's time to go, and get with the young ladies [Dove] I'm on travellin' to places that the eye can't see but kinder, cause yo' strife don't mean a thing to me throwin' me criminal looks, y'all need to get in the books and drop some water in your melon, 'stead of actin' like a felon aiyo son, who you tellin'? I'd make a mil if it was up to me but since it ain't I teach my seed to bank hard and than God, I smoke a substance of a different kind catch me trippin' on earth when I'm high off sunshine [Pos] down right to dirt, Oneder Why makes it work with access to talent like cacaussins to yellow cabs with an Arab driver I liven parties with marvelous confiction ain't no fricition when life claims them victims who be ??? some dried up funds best believe that the life is trife 'casue the gun made a man outta pussy's from around my way who usually wouldn't have a ------' thing to say last year's hard rocks are now petrified boulders and L.I.'s finest is movin' yo' necks at shows the anthem of ths guy has a place in yo' eye so you can be blessed to see in 3d double-e [Chorus]


These fly rhymes and high times are brought to you by Suburban Noize. Dloc, Saint vicious, DJ Bobby B, Pakelika. The bakers man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Polish up the crown then watch it shine. The Kottonmouth kings are on the frontline. Fly Rhymes, high times suburban noize gotta be on the frontline. Zig Zags, chronic sacks,tell the girls they been riding with some big macs. Gettin, burnt smokin herbs, just an everyday thing in suburbs Bass high, treble low, nothin but some big west coast jugalos, jugalos. Now I take 10 steps turn and break out the hoop. Grip my sack tightly cause I'm about to shoot. Wind in my ear the I can see Voices whisper clear, 'Smoke another ST.' So I do I fire it up, round 1, round 2, now I'm lifted up 3,4 can I stand and handle 1 more. I'm in the sky am I knockin on heavens door Now I'm loading up the clip and I'm pullin through, I see the little black hole that says I missed you. I can feel the expansion in my chest, I let go I'm stress free there's no worries left. my mind travels and my eyes gloss, I reminisce about the days I hung with big hoss. An even though he's locked down many still knows that Saint Dog's got love for his big bro. Going, going gone, that's it just blazed my last sack. Case to the head so I can see black. So yo, that's that, pack me another rip so I can lay back and let my mind start to trip. (Why me) Dloc, call me stoner of the krew. If you fuckin with my stash then I'm fuckin with you. Saint Dog's got my back. 'Man I thought ya knew!' Fly rhymes, high times, suburban noize comin through. Now MaryJane, she's my girl, nowdays seems like the bitch rules my world. And everytime our lips meet, she's got me loungin like a leaf on a bud tree. You know I like to stay high. I got the old school ride. 77' bug and it's white on the outside. But on the inside it's full of bitches, and ounce of erb and 17 switches. Who's that drunk that slurs and spits 'Saint!' Who gets trashed and likes to talk some shit'Saint!' Get me on the skate and I bosut a heelflip, speak with dirt slang and I just can't quit. I'm D-LOC-er the late night toker. Royal flush gots you bluffin like a game of poker. 66 stylee, face goes smiley, I like to live the life of riley Now I'm saint dog but ya already know, that sick fly, still high, dope style flow. When my clock strikes 12 ask me where I'm gonna go, p-town baby suburban jugalo. Well, I'm DLOC steady blazin grass, got the phunky green buds and the transparent glass. If I had you a 20 then my sack you pass. If it comes up short I'm gonna bust that ass. saint dog I'm the hog I'm the leader of the krew. Stunt man hittin hard on the avenue. Or is it all because I drank too many brws Porn Star lifestyle so I say fuck you! I got 2 skateboards I eat hash and spam. My uncle, my pops aint buyin me a I got a girlish girl I call her Tiki doll. I like to get high and play dunkball I like to get high aint a punk yall!! kottonmouth kings's in the house so pack ya bowl & we aint nothin but some big west coast jugalos!! Yeah!! kottonmouth kings! Bringing ya more suburban noize for ya speakers. Ya tweakers! The pimp daddies, laying the track down, O.C. underground sound. When ya come to P-Town... Bye bye... Bye bye.


The ruggedness, the ruggedness (4X) Lyrical terrorists [Iriscience] I bring High-towers like Ron til my powers are drawn then let raw surges like cubes of Energon Which Judas emcee ??? double-cross like Exxon I put a hex on, science needed to catch wrecks gone The mic's a wand so when I rap you see stars Kicking lines in your face that'll make you see bars incarcerated, increasin' heart rate like a novice gettin' faded and today's your start date The stage is getting flooded and your ass is shark bait cuz you're bleeding You are transmitting but I'm not receiving I used to be in 3D now I'm 4D like ?fairlane? Iristyle be high and pressurized like an airplane Trained I'm precise to make the crowd tingle You finally get to kick it and miss like Ray Finkle All righty then, spin emcees like frisbees and got verbal animation on lock like Walt Disney The ruggedness, the ruggedness (8X) [Evidence] Yo, my rhymes are always up to par with the chorus Chop rappers down like trees in the rain forest If hip-hop was baseball I'd win the Cy Young for throwing raps more harder than pitches by Nolan Ryan Right down the center I enter like The Dragon with fire in my eyes watch the thermometer rise Intellectual battle rhymer in cadence to the millisecond in consecutive(s) victories with ease (back to back) [Iriscience] Hey, you aint Ultramag - seckle with the Ego Trippin' and you aint De La - seckle with the Ego Trippin' Two (too) Dilated People ripping crew kids students that are truant I get up in minds like Xavier's in mutants While you should get smart about chaos and *control* your style is *old* with no *soul* like Bob *Dole* Even seeming simpletons like Clinton are rhoades scholars My style is seldom seen like the ??? on the ??? [Evidence] Yes, I swarm like insects, I get wreck when in sex My rhymes shine like windex from index to-uh glossary (glossary) front to back cover to cover When the snare cracks over the phat track, I hover on hydroplane like tires on ice Yo I break it down to the raw elements like rice My 4-4 hits lethal to your jaw, without one flaw I represent ????? like ????? I roll like Nyquil put heads to bed (good night) No lead, straight up gems in my toolshed (thats right) I grab a few and a couple more for backup some slow raps for new jacks for when they speed the track up Don't let me pull the pin at the sport your in you better play the opposite of a terrapin The air we in's too thin for the both of us to win You test me the in the day and then I eat you up for dinner Ruggedness Yes Dilated, Dilated nothing less Dilated, Dilated yes, yes soulbrothers, mad sweet yes, yes nothing less ... The ruggedness, the ruggedness

Scientifical Madness

Jeru the Damaja "Wrath Of The Math"
electromagnetic beam, I get charged rhymes I run right thru em like a big box of Trojan large Mc's tried to hang but its a Brooklyn thang poison slang, poison fang poison pen let me begin, tryin to rhyme up in my cipher is gambilin freestylin me g, I be buckwilin you cant even challenge a nigga in my position technician, renditions more freaky than Rick James fly like airplanes thru all it remain the same my cuts like Freddy Krueger dont need a German Luger but shoot more shit than Stern-ruger dirty rottens comin thru punks cling to their guns dont start none, there wont be none cuz ahh...fuck around and it'll be tragic Chorus and I could rock a rhyme with just statik devastating, I gotcha heart pulsating ool-age, you need aid, ejaculating rhymes like semen, Mc's is scheming tryin to bag me baby black you must be beemin... feenin, I dont know who gased ya head up Im straight up, for less niggas have got wet up Im on a mission, scrambling my enemies transmission when he least expect it, run up in his h-q hi I.Q., every verse is e-q ued sliver like a snake, still you cant elued the neba, but not caneza its the toucha, no gun or God can protect ya neither the scripture, choke like a boa constrictor this is my house and I'll evict ya big respect is Chorus I'll snatch up your girlfriend, her friend and their friends I got the game fame shake out the condoms she's a victim, you shouldnt have that mouth dirty rotten and for the longest we knew you were plotten on the down fall, who stands tall, lick the balls Im not like that, so I smash out pussy walls on the low, oh no, on the high I get high, praise to the most high tried to battle me, step up die like the arc of the covenant I electrify petrify, intelligence I glorify so devils are horrified sprayin like pecticide, con commit suicide step into my realm and be fried by the statik.........


Arsonists "As the World Burns"
BACKDRAFT! We ain't tryin to make you cats laugh So talk that, we stack cash (BLAST) how long will rap last if it only had corny MC's Arsonists settin fires three-sixty degrees, BACKDRAFT! Who wanna start a trend, when it shouldn't even be a trend to be reckoned with, I think too many MC's are forgettin I gather your whole crew, pull your pupils out your nostrils Bad, raise my staff like witchcraft, takin em out for talkin back BACKDRAFT! My arch enemies I'm fire fightin So if you think of takin us out your lucky ? expire you may retire MC's get passed out like flyers, more dope rhymes than Scarface got coke lines You couldn't jerk me if you soaked mine You get broke nine, in ten different ways, start at your armpiece Then we continue Plus I won't stop til your whole frame is deceased Aiyyo man all your firestations cause these rappers burn through molecules It's possible rockin you from your pores to your follicles Droppin true skills (WORLDWIDE) We rip it unrestricted, my ends terrific Label this here, a pyroglyphic Got you addicted now you wanna get (high) but you ain't takin flight And since you're out, sleepin, sweet dreams, cause we be breakin night Creatin tight songs One style, is never necessary I'm magnificent, better word, would be extrodinary We toured through every fort and many thought we couldn't motivate So hold your weight, ain't nuttin personal, it's just your flow we hate Four-five, ? off, like inferanl Damn it's he that makes the minimals that's now bein depleted How you sounded is repeated, witcha ? rap that flows to see the rhymin as the planet soul of providence.. So what so MC's know that I go nuts cause I bring hernia pain Female MC's always treat me like a vericose vein Cause they don't want it Plain and simple I break it down like enzymes and still got lyrical microbiologists decodin my rhymes DNA structure Flucuate, great dictation with them cross and fadin's and them Krylon illustrations We'll head out, it's amazin what be comin out the projects like suburban families, cleanin out they hallway closets Deposit right into sockets of wannabe model prophets And I curse if you don't jock it, I'm stop you doo doo poppin You floppin you coppin please, ease up to be the sharpest Got you suckers on deez, external my ? is slobbin BACKDRAFT! Burning all those, who wannabe copycatters That's right Trying to score runs on a slam, but they sloppy batters Your rhyme bein chopped ? when you're surrounded by lyricists I keep my flow difficult, so they're puzzled, when they be hearin this I rock it now, so reminisce later, check your data then skate a search around the world like the equator So get your BluBlocker my knocka, the sun is here to shine Swingin a Bat-man, and Rob-in those that are fine BACKDRAFT! Engine engine number seventeen Mic the gasoline to pass the team and lead us to the finish line On a domination tip, cause you tried livin mine Give it time When you get sprayed with muderous rhymes I burn the world Like rims on cars, rooftoppin with Tupac My havoc jam traffic leavin thoughts gridlocked, for two blocks For twenty-two blocks, stomp a mile in those shoes I step in walkin on lava, and STILL runnin through crews Bashin crews and fools Get summoned to hear my sermon Servin love slaves, til the mind blur flutter flows, the giz be squirtin merchants with the force of my mathematics advatange Too drastic, it's flowin enormous like the ? BACKDRAFT! MC's try to mess with deez Talk they yack around my farm and shakin up my trees Human please, I sneeze on your props and cheese It's the dirty rat's trap with raps that ease Pussycats leave! With coordination like masturbation Givin birth to styles and flows, with artificial insemination Crew penetration, I make you climax You see me, comin in 3-D, like you in Imax Now this be rated PG, for Perfect Grammar I be sentencin Street speakin, incredible heat-seakin Disintegratin rap groups in high priced attired (AHH) Extinguisher, fireman now puttin out the fire We takes it higher BACKDRAFT!

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