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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll


Original and similar lyrics
[Mac Dre:] Backwoods got me congested, ain't rested in 2 days I'm gettin paid been on niggas head like toupes I'm a thug cuz wipe the blood out yo gaze Cutthoat nigga bitch I scam on 'em fo days In school days I blew baze got ripped and fucked up In new jays on 2 ways I scritched and scratched up I beat that bitch up when I found out she lyin Who she think I am? Saving Private Ryan? [Andre Nickatina:] I make the town move just by walkin on your block Take the keys to yo city but I still picked the locks Buy a car and a glock put the cash in my socks put the beat in the trunk so ya hear the shit knock To hell with the law the freeways mines so is yo freak, radios, and alpines Coke wit a little bit of cherry lemon lime Ya think of me ya think of big money everytime Kennel Cole shine like the trigger of a nine Orca was a whale but pisces is the sign [Mac Dre:] I got split personalities I'm bipolar Ya might see me wit my Italion stallion or my chola Rap rock n rolla I'm dope as yola If you dont pimp her, I might like ? I'm ridin in a big boat like Noah Wit 2 women of each races boy I control her A ho a ho stable I'm a Mac and a medic No do ho debt it, thats right I said it [Andre Nickatina:] I treat my dolla bills like my Caddy steering wheel I'm not a chill pill freak do what ya will Heart ticking like a timebomb eatin spicy prawns Man its the God of Khan check it baby right or wrong man look but dont stare its the crime rhyme king wit braids like a juvenile ca na mean? bruce springsteen in my anchor blue jeans o yea im in yo city man whats up wit the weed? man call all the g's and tell em all freeze Andre Nickatina sayin nigga what ya need? hit the corner so narrow in a fly blue camaro a sparrow dodging arrow but not a double barrel [Mac Dre:] We in a 7 series beema its me and nickatina ready to sexually harass a bitch like ? commitin felonies and hella misdameanors a dog in the yard where the grass is hella greener rap singer pimp thatll slap Tina I mack Nina from black to latina clean as noxzema quick to pop the nina got the money from the broad as soon as I seen her Will I meet a Tina and Trina? got dick by the bay on the berkeley marina dont mean to the point the finger but uh (but uh) she got pancake syrup but uh (but uh) [Andre Nickatina:] man the way i smoke weed is like death of a genius reappear roll up rise like a phoenix this is not a remix nino felix put it in a capsule seal it deal it how you want it nicky baby? 4 times 5 a quarter ounce of weed and some cherry pot pies excuse me if Im greedy cuz I'm caught up in the lust Ill lie if ya want but Im a tiga you can crust cuz Im on Fillmoe in a white velour suit in a blue kangol in my wu-tang boots wit a back like a cobra cursed by the mail my manicured nails touch a triple beam scale baby is a athlete body like a star ya talkin real bad freak meet me by the car

Gangsta's Touch

BENZINO "Redemption"
Hangman Three Zino Murder Murder Hangman Three Zino Zino Benzino Cadillac Tah [Chorus]: See it ain't nothin but the gangsta's touch that make em wanna ride with us so come on mami hop on in this truck people runnin leakin like Angel Dust after we fuck blaze one up Gangsta touch that make em wanna ride with us so come on mami hop on in this truck people runnin leakin like Angel Dust after we fuck blaze one up [Cadillac Tah]: Gangsta's get it goin chips and steady growin while haters are steady plottin whatever we told them and poppin Ma I know you love it when we rollin sittin in that baby blue blow this gangsta clean and straight from Queens and I do it for my block huggers niggas can not touch us roadies gotta love us something to bottom borrow choke the fifth you're bones saggin I'm tryin to see what's happenin lil mama what's crackin I ain't with all the yappin and bumpin the gums jump in the boxer you hungry we can go get a lobster sugar listen you dealin with big sippin players who want to be pimps drinkin all that garbage [Chorus] [Benzino]: Baby blue navy blue yellow canary stones she wanna have my baby she like the way I bone she wanna be my lady no wifey's at home black Mercededes Coupe sittin on chrome she whisper to her girl I wanna take Zino home obsessed with the fact she ain't leavin me alone okay mama you want it my dons gonna give it meet Black Cadillac don't rap it we live it up in Mass 21 chicks flock when we huddle my team's so fly we should own a Delta shuttle so stop actin boosie you talkin too much cause you fuckin with a dawg with a gangsta touch [Chorus] [Black Child]: See knowin nothin but a gangsta to pick her up and break her off baby so I hit her up and split a Dutch dud by nature Ma I ain't gon chase ya we make chips major take trips to Vegas sold fits with lazers don't believe everything you hear you heard I play in the Coupe with birds remove the roof and splurge I'm really uncommercial without rehearsal a controversial gangsta but I ain't gonna hurt ya so holla at us we got bottles to bust and models to touch thug life gangstas 'R us plus we them ballas to click with big six fifth shit with God as my witness [Chorus]


[Intro: ASAP Rocky] Yo, ASAP here We 'bout to kill a fucking game You know who the fuck we are You know my motherfucking name I fucked your dame And she bought me a chain And a ring And a pinky ring, bling, bling And all my niggas here, they about to kill this shit What you say Nast? [Verse 1: ASAP Nast] Hold up dog, Nast in this bitch again Sipping Hen, I got that white girl from Michigan She was with a friend, fat ass fly ho I went in for the kill, ASAP, prime tone So wait boo, 'fore we hit your condo Got another letter from Whiney in Chicago Whitney love ta model? I'm thinkin' Minaj With a truck out front in a Chevy getting Tahoe Haters all in my face, can't see, blindfold Hoes at my feet, blew right by folks Nuttin' on sucker niggas is what I was designed for That fresh, fresh to death, I should have designed clothes But I'm blessing these tracks, sick flow, swine flu Y'all ain't fucking with Nast, I been nice, y'all knew Haha, nigga that shit times two I'm who your bitches wanna kick it with, kung-fu But what, dog? What is you saying? Nast in this bitch, ho, why is you playing Like I won't slay this stage on some gang shit? Ten-and-two I made him, beat hard, flow hurt ya Cali swag bitch, snapback, no jerkin' Fuck work, fuck money in hands, hoes know this Fast forward, past focus, I'm that on it One of the best to do, I think not, you bet on it Giant ass you be lumberjack Paul Bunyon Hoes love it, lover never put none above it Wanna hug me tighter than jeans ass sportin' Carry corpses to cemetaries, that's very often Sport fortune, Matchboxes, that awesome [Verse 2: SPACEGHOSTPURRP] So what I say, motherfucker Already know I never been a sucker See I lust ya, I bought ya Baby come home, babygirl, what's your name, Wanda? Do you wanna get up on me? Do you wanna bend over? Do you feel horny? Do you wanna feel the stroke? It's kind of like Facebook when you feel a poke ASAP, no joke Raider Clan, all back and we aiming at your throat [Verse 3: ASAP Rocky] I wanna rap but the bitches want me, though D&G briefs fit a nigga like a Speedo Skinny nudie jeans, though Boots before they be low He flow, 100 degrees, the jewels zero Rockstar rap, he reps Guitar Hero Leopard Louboutins like Speedo on Steve-O Charge me on the game, couldn't pause me on Tivo Beyonce, the Kanye, I got a big ego On to that next shit, you looking at the bestest Married to the game, treat you niggas like my stepkids Pull up in a Porsche, niggas get nausea Didn't write the rules but my status like the author Just crashed the range, so I pulled the Bent out Probably getting brains, chilling in the penthouse Swagging on you maggot and I'm about to lay the pimp down Christian Louboutin red bottoms come in blends now On to the next ones, skinny jeans fit in Pull up to the shows and these hoes know to get in Said they like my fitted clothes down to my split ends Little do she know, I got a big ego Automatic weapon need an order of protection Feeling all these records so my charges is molesting Assault with deadly weapons, got these rappers feeling threatened A hip-hop veteran, I'm a hip-hop felon [Verse 4: ASAP Twelvy] It's a war going on outside and we started it Believe that or die, nigga, on some martyr shit All my niggas on the scene like some Sparta shit And we came to double up on that Harlem shit We all eating, this is how it's supposed to go Stop speaking, this is how you supposed to flow The ins and out, never win this route I never lose again, it's like every day I lose a friend To some dumb shit, whore and dumb bitch So a hating nigga, whore cuff wrists I know a lot of niggas sitting in a cell now For the shit I've done, I'm probably even hell-bound But it's cool with me, jacking niggas' jewelry I don't give a fuck about your foolery Nigga keep a tool with me just to blast at you bitches Marvelous at the top and our rags to the riches ASAP, nigga [Verse 5: ASAP Ferg] On my Pokemon shit, you already know... I said, I said, I said I swear to God I want it all He gon' give it to me back And get on top [?] Purple label sweats, I swear to God I'm rich And once I get these many bitches, swear to God I'm in I be on my fucking shit, tell that shit to God, tell me what God sipping now Henny, and I'm out here and my dad was in bed So I down a whole bottle on that bitch with the mink I go haaaaaaaard I'm sorry, Mama Ferg, for all of these curse words But I'm so fucking serious Shit I'm street, like a curb And I'm tweaked, like a nerve And I'm smart, like a nerd Guess that's why my last name Ferg Herb, okay I've died in the fucking berg Yeah my name is Ferg but I'm a fucking terror, ya heard? Now I'm on some writing shit You done got yourself in beef Now you on some Gaga shit Red line on some Prada shit Now you want to know the deadline on some Project shit Black bitch an actor, put em in some toddler shit Pu-ray you buried then hair dyed like that Robyn bitch This ain't no bullshit, I ain't letting no fools in See my bitch ride that big thing, you on that little shit Trying to make noise, you squeaking like a little bit Put her into that dog, my attitude's a little Vick [Verse 6: ASAP Rocky] Next time my niggas fall back ASAP Raider Clan and we all blacked out Tell that bitch get it mapped out And I fuck a bitch, now she flat out Chest out, on the fucking floor, never hit it raw Got a condom and I got a towel by the door Just in case the smoke go into the hallways Cause I be smoking weed and fucking all day This is off the top of the dome, let me introduce my niggas before a nigga go home We got Ty Beats, the illest producer in the streets You know he come through with that motherfucking heat Got Twelvy, motherfucking Twelvy, got a bad bitch, Jewish named Shelby Got my nigga Nast in the back Got a snapback to the back, he don't even know how to act Got my nigga named Purrp, Spaceghostpurrp, do your bitch real dirt That's dirty, little flirty, fucked a bitch named Purdy, did her dirty Got my nigga named Ferg, what's the word And you know he fucking know these verbs, give them to the curb Got nerve in the bitch, got swerve, better get mine nigga, bitches got nerve Wait your turn Peace out, or kiss my ass! [ASAP Ferg:] Yeah, kiss my ass too! [ASAP Nast:] Suck a nigga dick! [ASAP Twelvy:] Kiss my ASAP, nigga!

Do You Like Criminals?

(WC) Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas rolling your lexos No punk ass Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beard Quick to get the pussy dripping so quit tripping Like you got a nigga resembling Donnie Simpson Hoe I'm from the wild wild west fuck them preppy niggas You need to get with this malt Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never How ya figure I'll be crying over yo ass like a Baby face nigga bitch you better be glad I got 3 strikes because back in '85 I'd been done gave your ass a black eye See I been waving at your ass all week but all You do is roll your eyes like your shit don't stink So now it's time for a nigga clown your ass Because i can tell from the tattoos you's a high class hood rat Don't want to fuck with niggas in khakis But hoe i bet for the dough You quick to jack that ass like a 4 So quit fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch hit the road with your fucked up weave....... (Ice Cube) How would you like to get a nigga rugged and raw Outlaw rollin' down the shaw Don't you want a mothafucka that's hard Or a bitch-made cute as El Debarge Do you like negros Him and those Individuals called criminals How'd you figure a West Coast nigga Drinking liquor got to know how to dig you When we dated straight fade it Penetrated, Ms. sasfisacated No daddy hate it Never met a nigga quite as fly as me All bottled up in your high society You want to chech my mental Cause how could a nigga from South Central rollin' in a Benzo Spice in ya life is what you need you intreigued by the smell of my weed I represent reality in your world full of lies And i can see it in your eyes You worried sick and I'm chillin' (Westside) Tell your family to fuck off and roll with this villian (chorus) Do you like negros, him and those, individuals called criminals(2x) (Mack 10) Who wanna fuck wit it I put it down for real tho It's Mack 10 and let you niggas know I'm gun ho Baby i guess maybe i can get with your program With hunnit spode tonas on my front and back Broham hit a lick or two make your whole life a thriller Make you wanna shake the nerd and come ride with a killa Hot as sauce out the floss no need to be discreet I swing the fuck out this bitch til my bumper touch the street On switches and I'm workin jerkin hot ya nigga smirkin Jack the ass up and down til my back wheels is chirpin You need to be with me bitch you too fucking bombay To be on the Shaw with a nigga with a Hyundai I take you through my neighborgood raise where crime pays No girbauds no fades just cacky's and French braids And my friends is niggas that know what ends is In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benz' With hoochy hoes groopy hoes You know those with a gang of money lolo' and penitintiary fo do's So shake him now no need of waitin of debatin Slam the door on them five stars and hop on these Daytons (K-Dee) Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day I come from the crew I thought you knew we don't play I see your frowning but I'm clownin' anyway Can't nobody fade K-Dee baby, baby I know you're Catholic But can you have you have dick up in them guts all the way to These nuts Your a rich girl far from skeezer I'm playing at the mall with your Visa You wanna swang with K-Swinger (When the West is in the houseoh my God! danger) But take a hit you'll live But when you hit it hoe you got to puff, puff give Now i see you giggling But all I wanna see is ass wiggling and titties jiggling So what you wanna do Don't go chasing waterfalls Stick to them dicks and balls your use to Go ahead and take a big lick Cause girls look so good on the end of My dick That right is it tight I know you ain't a dike What type of nigga do you like Bitch! (chorus) (chorus II) Bitch I'm from the wild, wild west Can't you tell buy the S on my chest We got hoes for days Plus we claiming no stress no mothafuckin' dress (chorus) (chorus II) Do you like criminals

Gotta Get It

KARDINAL OFFISHALL "Quest For Fire: Firestarter Vol. 1"
[INTRO: Kardinal Offishall] It's a Kardi Kardi party, what! What, yeah Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what! [Saukrates] Anybody coming through here, gotta expect The hottest, hottest, hottest hottest The hottest hottest shit for real [Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates} Yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Niggas know [Saukrates] I ain't spittin', I hock a luggy This ain't no motherfu- verse, I write movies Picture this, how a nigga get sicker than itchy syphilis Burn radio waves 'til I hit your bitch Christmas list Ha, I drop rocks like a fifty cent piece from Terror's twenty Aimed at your Bentley son Number one when my shard be blast Mix with hash, made your heart beat fast [Kardinal Offishall] Back at your ass in full flash Come to mash every last class of (emcee) Pass the baton when I get on And go on until I got it on Spark it up and inhale this (emcee) Masterly, masterfully I be the (emcee) So many can't rock the mic, so they hold the glock tight And I give thanks I wasn't born a sucker Pucker for this hard fist lyricist 'Nuff butter like BBJ's grocery list [Saukrates] Yo, hoes be this hoes be that Bet if I flash this watch my nigga, that hoe be back And I ain't even rocking a Rolly or fronting with cash I'm at the bar with George Costanza arguing for tax The first to let you know, get some flood insurance It ain't a rare occurrence when I overflow You'll be backstrokin' from Alaska to Oakland When me and my Circle be in a yacht... (floating) [echo] [CHORUS: YLook {Saukrates} (Kardinal)] You know this money man Got us acting funny man We sick of living crummy man We got to get this money man (New houses), {got, got to get it} (Real figures by the thousands), {got, got to get it} (Big stacks for the family), {got, got to get it} (Big tunes playing annually), {got, got to get it} [Kardinal Offishall {Saukrates}] Yo, easy rude bwoy, give me a little second to breeze through We make the track jump, so it's hard to roll trees to No matter give me no daps nigga, I ain't trying to please you Want to flow with me, can't afford the fees duke Claiming street raps when Jeff Healey could see through Your wonder bra rah rah, {garbage like bad pot} Go ahead like punk trick and watch where you land I'm a shady black slim, you a nigga I can't stand Move! kid, this some celebrity next shit Step up and watch the next celebrity hanging by they necklace Peasants! Think about what you getting into We hardcore, bump those little fist fights we've been through We done did it, never mind can or can do We trying to make it easier for our fam to Land Cruise You sell the same weed at the same spot We graduated to the high grade lyrics pon cock [Saukrates {Kardinal}] I've been autobahn rhyme ever since primetime Saw George and Wheezy sipping on fine wine The ghetto scream {rewind} like daylight savings time Bring it back, firing legal hollows out the Ac' {Who's that?} MC's of leisure, Sauk and Kardinal We bring the ebony stone, now watch me carve it out Bump my shit in tenement housing It's a vocal revolution for 2000... "1!" [CHORUS] [KO] Ayo, you better come strapped when we attack [S] 'Cause only strapped cats have a shot at the rap [KO] Bullet holes in the map leave a trail to where we at But stop short of we [S] We got them sucking the bowl like they speaking Portuguese So bitch freeze, your motivation evident Rhymes milky, chocolate has heaven sent [KO] Ayo, I'm older now, arguing with back clerks And presidents and crack heads smoking too close to the residence What! [Kardinal Offishall (Saukrates)] Yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} [YLook] You know this money man Got us acting funny man We sick of living crummy man We got to get this money man [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, big Sox, Kardinal Offishall Circle IV, big YLook, cousin Spoke Let the motherfu- beat ride Don't sleep niggas

Turn It Up

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Verse 1:] We grind ya'll Bounce back, open your mind ya'll Grind your whole ass till you twist your waistline Ya'll know the time Hey yo feel the base line Stack the overdrive Bounce, baby feel the incline So geniune, everytime, Busta redefine The wicked knew the dime Makin ya'll press rewind Hope you feelin fine Watch me combine and intertwine The bounce rock skates make you cross the foul line Shine a nickel nine On all kinds of little swine Stick the worst of porcupine If you tryin to take mine Yo, pick up my nigga Splif In the blue 5S's Sportin out tan, interior blue head restses Move, baby no time for second guesses Been articulate the right bounce as the flow finesses Yo we gettin papers spreadin love and happiness's Shit blazin so hot DJ's scratch the test presses Like make it mo hot baby *chorus comes in* [Chorus:] Turn it up, I wanna hear it real loud, just Turn it up, so we can party in the loft, baby Turn it up, we need to tear the roof off, so just Turn it up, I need to make it mo hot, baby (repeat first three lines, finish with 'Turn it up') [Verse 2:] Yo, word is bond Baby let's get it on I never say it wrong Yo baby girl take off your thong Let me put it in your spirit like the holy Kyron Got the mega song Sweet like honey chicken dijon Movin along Yo, honey body look real strong Watch your ass swing Hangin like a medallion Exercise baby let me see you spread on the floor What you askin for Relax, I'm bout to give you some more Where the liquor store Hit you with some more metaphor The raw, hot to def shit you never seen it before Hit the deck, on your mark, get set, we bout to jet Spark it like ingelet, chickens breakin their neck Yo we play to win Such a shame, shit is a sin So hot baby body heat bubble your skin Everytime I flow speak I caress the whole beach Just like the body guard Les straight walkin the street We get down [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Yo, come on baby just feel my heat wave A lot of hot ones ready for niggas that act brave Chill son, you better off if you behave Flip money while broke niggas tryin to save Lay low, I say so, my pesos Import my cheese stack by the castros Make clothes Or stay fly a chase hoes Equatorians soft lips and straight nose Makin dough When we rippin the paid show Get the money and dip, we in the Range Rove Now we makin grands We name brand We make plans, change plans Then we expand across land Do it properly Yo, I said open sesame The recipe, be the hot shit, it's got to be Yo, landscape We arrange a whole shape Rock the fly tape Then I continue to skyscrape Like blah!!!!!!!!!!! So hot [Chorus]

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